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Corbyn speech bumps Watson from agenda as leader heads back to Parliament

Labour leader gets ahead of events following Supreme Court decision against Johnson’s unlawful proroguing of Parliament

Deputy leader Tom Watson’s speech has been removed from the Labour Party’s conference agenda so that leader Jeremy Corbyn can make his closing speech today and return to Parliament.

Labour sources say Corbyn is determined to be ahead of events following the Supreme Court’s decision this morning that Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament was unlawful.

Speaker John Bercow has called for Parliament to resume from tomorrow.

The developments mean that a mass walk-out from Watson’s speech this afternoon planned by conference delegates disgusted with Watson’s conduct will not now take place.

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  1. Saved from humiliation by Corbyn yet again – twatson’ll be thinking he’s made of teflon.
    Still, it’ll be far more satisfying when the shitstorm Karma’s saving up for him falls out of a clear blue sky.

    1. Saved from humiliation? I think this is even better! Kicked unceremoniously off the podium (and all the attention he’d be getting), kerbwards!

      1. I agree, better to be irrelevant for real reasons than for him to play the victim. Brilliant.

  2. Perhaps now is the time to not keep banging on about Watson but spend more time on ways of winning a GE without tripping over organisational shoe-laces.

    Have no doubt, Mr Toad will be rolling out all the ‘Peeple Swill’ crap that Ha’Penny and Danny like writing.

  3. I wonder if his skin’s thick enough to go back to Betty for another try – and whether Pip’ll tell him to fuck off and never come back?

    Ten years ago who’d have bet that a Tory PM would drag the monarchy into a scandal like this?
    Instead of the other way round?
    For the record I’m not accusing Boris or anyone else of having sex with children – I meant the proroguing scandal.

  4. R H people swill crap that Ha penny and Danny like writing….Not very nice They are Socialists with a different argument…not traitors show some respect

    1. You have a fascinating categorisation of ‘traitors’ and ‘socialists’

      Still – even Hitler claimed to be a ‘socialist’ – albeit a ‘national’ one. I can think of a few others that I wouldn’t want to break bread with, let alone ‘show respect’ to.

      I certainly have no respect for those who adopt the policies of the extreme right neoliberals – which rather confirms my earlier comments about the term ‘socialist’ being stretched and drained of meaning without a number of other specifications being made.

      One of those specifications of *democratic* ‘socialism’ is the rule of law, not claiming that any old fake majority is the last word.

  5. watson’s been bumped, eh?

    Best keep any pets well clear of him then.

  6. Yes JK I generally disagree with Desperate Danny but he is entitled to his view (though I find it a broken record and dull) and JP makes some good points and draws on socialist analysis but never seems to suggest possible solutions to comrades.
    But life can be poetic and this now means if you watch Conference this evening (Parliament Channel, Freeview 81) you will see all the drama and now won’t have to switch over when Watson comes on Ha! Ha!
    It is really good to see and hear the grassroots delegates speak.
    So come on comrades, now let’s focus on promoting Labour’s great policies and getting Jeremy in!

    1. Bazza, as an ancient old socialist, who was in the Labour Party (and many other Left parties and organisations over the years) once before, in the 1990’s, before re-joining in 2015 , along with hundreds of thousands of other people from a broad , socialist to Left Liberal spectrum, I had hoped that the utter fluke of Corbyn getting on the Leadership ballot (thanks to an error of judgement by Margaret Beckett !) , and then WINNING, just might open up the possibility of a at least mildly reforming Labour government. I have campaigned and worked solidly in my local CLP to try and be part of this effort.

      The tragic situation we are in today, Bazza, is that the relentless sabotage of the overwhelmingly Right/centrist PLP, the extraordinary poor political and personal quality of the supposed ‘old Lefties’ around Jeremy (Abbott and McDonnell have quite simply betrayed Jeremy and the socialist Left with their recent ‘Remain no matter what’ declarations) , AND the Lansman gutting of Momentum as a potential socialist ginger group within Labour , has led us today to Labour adopting a ludicrous , unsellable, slippery, Brexit policy which will lose us many, many, vital Labour seats in our Leave -voting Labour heartlands. The additional, final disaster leading to this current looming electoral defeat, is the now very evident major problem that most of the 2015 onwards ‘Corbyn membership wave’ are not socialists in any way, but merely well-meaning Left Liberals, with no coherent political perspective at all, besotted with individualist identity politics, and able to believe many completely contradictory things at once. ( eg, that we can re-nationalise the railways and utilities whilst still inside the EU ).

      You say, correctly, that I can critique using socialist analysis, but offer no solutions, Quite true, Bazza . I see the now ever nearing end of my life , political and personal, as one where the one chance we ever had of a genuine Left government has been lost – defeated by the overwhelming power of the MSM, and the corrupt, careerist , Labour Right, at both Parliamentary and local government levels. But also lost because of the self-serving politics and practice of the Old Labour Left, like Lansman – and the extraordinarily weak, liberal politics of what passes for most of the ‘Left ‘ today. If , as I confidently predict, Labour is smashed electorally and organisationally in only a few months time, those still-optimistic socialists like you , Bazza, and many others, will have to think again about the need to build a socialist party outside of the rotting carcase of Labour. I’m not optimistic on that either.

      My short experience with the stillborn Ken Loach initiative of ‘Left Unity’ strongly suggests that the combination of the divisive poisonous entryist sectarianism of the tiny disruptive ultraleft sects, and the Left Liberalism which infests the entire UK, middle class, Left, totally cut off from the working class in it’s tiny bubble, makes the building of a socialist party nigh on impossible , So I aint got a ‘solution’ Bazza – but that doesn’t make my, or Danny’s, warnings about the disaster our Party is rapidly heading onwards any less true, sadly.

      1. If , as I confidently predict, Labour is smashed electorally and organisationally in only a few months time…

        You’re determined to go out with a song /dirge in your heart aren’t you, ya miserable old sod. I hope you live to eat your words. The rest of us will not be ground down by your miserablism.

      2. Thanks. Chilling, I had hoped to see socialism but, alas, I won’t. Your piece about a new party got to me, ILP, and all that. Good luck.

      3. JP, More than once I have at least partly agreed with what you analyse and identify here on SB, even if my lack of political/economic acumen, means I have no choice but to follow my intuitions and reserve my judgement about some of your conclusions. Your comment above certainly speaks to me about the astonishing lack of discipline and lack of support for Corbyn and for Corbyn’s strategy, even from “old Lefties” amongst others (I still haven’t quite forgiven McDonnell for his failure to defend JC in the media against Hodge).

        Please consider taking a approachHope we both live long enough to see your darkest forecasts proved wrong.

      4. Bloody ‘ell having decided my draft comment above didn’t merit pushing the “post comment” button, it has escaped and arrived on this page. Anyway, please delete the “Please consider taking a approach..” garbage line – now that it’s in print.

      5. Right, so someone feels disheartened AND goes to some length to explain WHY they are disheartened, and what does timfrom do? Does he offer them some words of hope, No, he attacks them and calls them a miserable old sod. I’m a bit late in responding (this page was still up when I restored my previous session), but just fuck off timfrom you nasty, poisonous piece of work. How the fuck can an r-sole like you be a genuine supporter of a man who is the epitome of caring politics!

        Oooh, I’m really having to restrain myself from using THAT word!!! Only a psychopath wouldn’t be able to pick up on the fact that jpenny has waited all their life…… Huh, why the fuck am I bothering when you’re incapable of understanding. Anyway, I hope you’re a little fascist shill as I have believed for a couple of months or so now that you ARE, cos the thought that there are r-soles like you in JC’s Labour Party really is disconcerting!

  7. (and many other Left parties and organisations over the years)

    Would you say you’ve belonged to more parties than Chuka – or fewer?

    “Many” sounds like more. Were you always a Quisling?

  8. And what a speech! Sticking it to big pharma’ who are taking the NHS fir a ride. Superb speech. His best so far, bringing people together. Bring it on!! JC4PM!

  9. Overall a good result on the TWatson issue , the bastards in the MSM have been denied their juicy salacious titbit , and TWatson has been denied yet another platform. Most of all the we get to hear JC speech a day early.And what a cracking speech full of great policies not just Brexit and outlines what Labour will do .

  10. i wonder if Watson will be wheeled out tomorrow and then the 99% have the excuse to leave early

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