New survey suggests support for Corbyn has risen among members

Survey by site read mostly by right-leaning members suggests larger majority in support than in 2015 or 2016
Jeremy Corbyn meeting supporters


A new poll of almost ten thousand readers and members published by LabourList has surveyed the opinion of Labour members and a wider selection of its readers for their opinion on whether there should be new leadership and deputy leadership elections in the party.

A clear majority of both members and readers said they did not believe there should be a new election for Corbyn’s position. Among readers, 59.4% opposed a new contest – but it’s among members that the number is most interesting.

63.3% of members opposed a new election:

Corbyn’s original leadership victory in saw him take 59.5% of the of the overall vote – but among members, 49.6%, with higher support among union affiliates pushing up the overall result.

In the 2016 contest against Owen Smith, Corbyn polled 61.8% overall – and 59% among members.

With the turmoil of Brexit and Corbyn’s attempt to bring the country together, some MPs and commentators trying to push Labour to side only with remainers by committing to a new referendum or annulling Article 50 have claimed that support for Corbyn among the party’s membership has been dwindling.

But the LabourList result suggests support for Corbyn has in fact risen, in spite of the constant media barrage and the efforts of the party’s right to undermine him and commandeer Labour’s direction.

The poll, however, did not reflect so kindly on deputy leader Tom Watson. A similarly large majority of Labour members – 63.1% – do want a contest to replace him.

Both of these results need to be interpreted in the context of LabourList’s positioning, which means that its readers tend to lean right in Labour terms. If the survey’s results are skewed, it’s likely that they understate Corbyn’s support.


In spite of the best efforts of Corbyn’s opponents to exploit the Brexit issue to drive a wedge between Labour members and the party’s leader – and the panic of a small number of left-wing remain MPs – the solidarity of the left does not simply appear undiminished.

It has grown.

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  1. So not only has Corbyn’s support from members increased, Tom Watson’s support as deputy leader has collapsed.

    It is clearly time for a new deputy leader. Has anyone got a favourite?

      1. Third’ed ooops yes I know I can’t ,,,, BUT STEP UP CHRIS WILLIAMSON

      1. They would need to be an MP as they’d take over if the PM was… I don’t know… mysteriously murdered or something…

        But either way, no to Paul Mason

      2. Paul Mason, pro EU fanatic and pro Nato rearmament and “let’s confront the Russians and kick off WW3” advocate ? That Paul Mason ? Or is there another one, a genuine socialist one, we haven’t noticed ? Interesting choice, qwertboi !

        Yep, Chris Williamson. But presumably his role in anything LP is frozen as long as his unwarranted suspension on trumped up charges continues.

  2. And fairs fair
    Both Emily Thornberry and Sadiq Khan have been absolutely brilliant today on Sky news,
    Which makes me think what the hell is the problem, I
    refuse to believe we disagree a Labour government is the answer, no matter what the question is

    1. Sadiq Kahn just gave an appalling interview on the BBC just now. When asked about Jeremy speaking at the demonstration he said
      ’Jeremy can speak for himself’ of course it’s all about Sadiq but really just say he agrees with Jeremy for once!

    2. Emily Thornberry and Sadiq Khan have repeatedly demonstrated their treachery towards Jeremy, and hence the entire Left. They are currently active participants in the fast-running PV/Remain Brexit-based coup against Jeremy . No-one denies they are both good media bullshitters though. That’s “the problem” Doug. But you knew that didn’t you, you little tinker.

      1. JPenny (visiting ‘socialist’) continues his sage-like pronouncements (see ‘NHS and Trump’) that aims to exclude the possibility of Labour from goverment. The dark echoing room with no other occupants is sooooo attractive when you want to hear your own voice!

        That child of ‘socialist theory’ is always more in step than the masses who want a Labour government.

      2. Tony Benn’s “weathervane” description was coined for people just like Emily

    1. Does it have to be an MP
      If not the its Geordie Galloway for me,
      Sadiq Khan single handedly lost the referendum for Remain by calling 17.4 million people a bunch of racists at the Wembley gig

      1. If not an MP, then definitely Galloway. I hear he’s got some spare time on his hands now. The greatest leader we never had. He could put a spine where Corbyn has one missing. Plus he’s the greatest orator of the age.

      2. George Galloway, long term cynical rogue, teflon man despite innumerable personal and financial scandals. Who has made oodles of cash over 40 years by fooling the more gullible on the Left of his faux “anti imperialist”, Leftie credentials . Lovely. Who can forget his open defence of rape , his demand for an “Israeli free Bradford” ( just an accident it deliberately evoked that old “Juden Frei ” meme from WWII Nazi controlled Europe of course) , and his latest delightful “No Israel flags on the cup” tweet – a comment which could only be based on the large local Jewish fan support base of Tottenham ! Interesting choice, Doug and timfrom ! Oswald Mosley was supposedly a good orator too, but, again, the politics were a bit iffy when it came to Jews.

      3. good news just keeps coming, tinge party splits and methinks money is about to run out for dregs
        JP and Geordie Galloway,
        I was taught you don’t have to like someone to work with them, rule no1 is the job comes first and we all have a job to do,
        GG to do job in Scotland and give us as a party more backbone, he would destroy MSM and enemy within very quickly,
        if you feel that strongly hold your nose, its nothing to do with individuals just the job in hand

      4. How on earth was he chosen to stand. Good speech. Eloquent. He’s an idiot. I don’t mean to be unpleasant but he is a moron, who believes identitarianism is more potent than class. Regards

  3. The resignation of an inept PM, a comical Tory squabble for her job and the visit by the clown-in-chief can only lend support to Labour as a party of common sense and in the interest of the ordinary man and woman .

  4. Mmmm – Hardly revelatory. I think most of us would have been incredibly surprised at a majority of members wanting another leadership election. I would also expect a majority do indeed support Corbyn (which is actually *not* the question asked).

    However, if anything, 30% actually wanting the kami-kazi initiative of another leadership election is not exactly encouraging, and I would guess that behind this is a much lower level of endorsement for current Brexit policy.

    Surveys only reveal what they ask about – this is thin gruel indeed in terms of wider concerns.

    1. What skwawky doesn’t mention about the Labourlist polling is that it suggests up to a quarter of party members voted non labour in the European elections and that a huge majority want a ballot about party policy on a CV.
      Can we leave selective reporting to the BBC please.

      1. Labour list is a progress site – why would you expect any other outcome

    2. RH Don’t you get it?
      It is precisely because another leadership election would be a kami-kazi initiative that 30% of those who responded to the Labour List poll want it.

      1. You make an unverifiable assumption. It’s shoe-horning to fit preconceptions.

        So – ‘Labour List’ is a ‘Progress’ site. So what? They’ve paid their subscriptions (I guess) just like you (I guess) and I (I know) even if we profoundly disagree with them on some policy issues.

        That’s life – and politics.

    3. The resuits seem to show that 2/3 of respondents want JC to stay and Watson out, and 1/3 want the opposite. So not a poll stuffed with Watson/Progress loyalists. Which makes the strong support for a ballot by the same respondents more relevant to the arguments we have here about what party members want.
      It seems that the party still strongly supports JC, but it’s despite his Brexit policy not because of it.

  5. Perhaps, to pick up a few threads about focusing on other issues, rather than a not particularly informative questionnaire based on a small sample, some space should be given to the new report “Land for the Many”, which picks up on a key issue often neglected in debate about policy – the centrality of land ownership.


    1. It was actually a quite large response, albeit self selecting, over 7000 members.
      But I agree about land for the many.

  6. The McDonnell plan for large Companies only works it it’s not an underhand tax, turn scheme into a sovereign wealth fund
    Same applies to land
    Allows all entities to invest for the long term future and takes spivs and thieves out of the city

    1. It’s just a plan to impose legitimate taxation on the tax-dodging Big Business sector, not an “underhand tax” . All Sovereign Wealth funds invest in the future capitalist exploitation of workers across the world you liberal wally. There is nothing progressive , never mind socialist, about sovereign wealth funds. Taxation of big corporations is required to invest in our public services , and in paying for long term productive infrastructure development in the UK, to create jobs , particularly Green jobs. You have just demonstrated that you are at best a Lib Dem, Doug. Ooops, a real giveway post, Tory or Lib Dem Troll laddie !

      1. right JP its official you are getting on my tits
        capitalism works on extraction,
        keep profits in house and you can plan long term and invest in people and capital required for that particular business
        how do you think john lewis works or more recently a very good example would be richer sounds, first thing you will see is the return of final salary pensions,
        all you have proved to me JP is your as thick as my doorstep,
        the McDonnell plan takes out more than it leaves in,
        now if you want to make sure everyone pays their fair share of tax, then bobs your aunty, im all ears JP
        WHAT SAY YOU

  7. Support for Jeremy Corbyn among the grassroots members like me has never wavered. We know he a totally committed Socialist, principled and steadfast in his beliefs.
    Those who seek to prevent a Socialist government have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at him but he has gained our respect and admiration by always sticking to the issues and never descending into the gutter politics so loved by his critics.
    If there was a leadership contest tomorrow he’d win hands down which is why, as I mentioned in an earlier post, the malcontents won’t risk a direct challenge to his leadership. Instead they are focusing on trying to remove people such as Karie Murphy who form his support structures within the party machine in the vain hope that without these supports he will fall.
    It really makes me despair of the right wing of our party. All they have to do is look around them to see the poverty and deprivation in our towns and cities, the hurt being inflicted on the old and the sick, at the people with no hope. Yet these so called “Labour” MPs and activists are moving heaven and earth to prevent a Corbyn led government which will end austerity and all the unnecessary suffering that goes with it. What kind of people are they? Have they no conscience, no shame? We need a clear out and soon.

    1. Do give up on the paranoid stuff, smatboy.

      Corbyn certainly inherited a PLP that had a large antagonistic element. They were cowed by the membership, although many are still there and exploiting the ‘antisemitism’ trope.

      But this coup scenario is not the major problem now. That lies in a major policy failure that, ironically, has handed the internal opposition a weapon.

      What needs sorting at present is the crash-dive of genuine Labour support. Sentimental hero-worship isn’t a solution – this is about the Labour Party not individuals.

      1. Don’t know why you always feel the need to be patronising in your replies. If you are a labour member and keen to see a Labour government try for a little fraternalism eh?

      2. It’s alright, he wasn’t talking to you. He was talking to someone called smatboy!

      3. smatboy – I’m sorry you feel patronised. I confess to bluntness and sometimes irascibility – but not to being ‘patronising’ even if I do call ordure ‘shit’.

        (The one exception, where the accusation of being ‘patronising’ is a justified identification is in response knuckle-dragging dolts who mistake foaming at the mouth and the chanting of slogans as political debate)

        I take it you’re referring to the phrase ‘paranoid stuff, since everything else is a totally anodyne and simply descriptive of the scene as I see it.

        I used the word ‘paranoid’ not as a personal attack, but as purely descriptive of a thread of victimhood that I sometimes see on this site. I just take it for granted that political opponents will be disagreeable and, in some cases, outright nefarious and devious – but I don’t accept the notion of being the victim in the constant antagonism of political interests.

        Perhaps another reason for my sensitivity to this is seeing – in other contexts, such as the ‘antisemitism’ scam, the concept of victimhood being dishonestly exploited when argument fails.

      4. Christ!- timfrom got something right – my ‘r’ is playing up, smartboy. Apologies.

      1. Whoops! Just noticed. “Have they no conscience…”, sorry!

        Spellcheck works it’s magic again!

      1. Including personal assault. That old bugger is made of strong stuff. How many Tory leaders has he seen off. Don’t worry about JC he will die a socialist. They are producing shed loads of hot conkers thinking of a new attack. Something juicy our traitors can talk to the media about. Err.. unnamed sources claim to have seen JC eating chidren whilst being draped with swastikas and ISIS flags. That should do it. Cheers.

    1. Tony What makes this article even worse is that the Independent knows that most of these people are not left wing e.g Wes Streeting Lucy Powell Lisa Nandy- they may be to the left of the Anne Widdecombe or the DUP but thats about all.
      Totally pathetic and more evidence that the silent coup is well underway.

      1. They have wes stressing as a rising star in the party!! More like a rising turd that won t flush, the lot of them need cleared out once and for all or they will just try and keep wrecking.

    2. Whining does not a Party make. The counter to this is to rectify the fault, not light candles and moan.

  8. Off topic – See that Change UK – the Funny Tinge party, Squatters, quitters or whatever you call them – is meeting today to discuss a major crisis – around half the MPs will leaving the party and sitting as Independents while the rest will stick with the party in the hope of eventual world domination. LOL!
    Looking forward to a Skwawkbox article on this but not to any by-elections – that would require integrity which unfortunately none of them possess.

  9. Must admit I’m surprised Labour List came up with those results. It normally is a hotbed for the Centrists and normally purports Corbyn negatively.

  10. From Strengh to Strengh, everything, Jeremy Corbin has said and done is now taking its toll on the Right!
    They’re running around like headless chickens not knowing how they deal with the truth of his popularity and his bid to bring us all together as one nation!
    The abysmal attempt of T Watson to undermine his stance on Brexit along with others pushing for a second referendum know now after this election for the MEP Parliament, they don’t have a snowball in hell chance of overturning the last one!
    Jeremy Corbyn holds all the cards, his way is the only way!
    They’ve tried the rest, let’s stick with the best JC4PM.

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