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Johnson dubbed Maybot2 after campaign descends into chaos from day one

Johnson booed out of hospital after staged PR stunt – and that was just the beginning
Boris ‘Maybot2’ Johnson

Labour wags have dubbed Boris Johnson ‘Maybot2’ after a disastrous start to his general election campaign in which the Tory leader – supposedly more capable in public than his predecessor – fled from a hospital visit to loud jeers and boos from furious staff and patients he had tried to avoid.

Johnson’s campaign descended into chaos from day one as a string of senior Tories said they would not be standing for re-election – and Jeremy Corbyn received the ultimate boost when Donald Trump told Nigel Farage on LBC how bad he thought the Labour leader would be.

The list of Tory MPs not be standing is as long as the proverbial arm – and includes several, such as Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames and former Foreign Office minister Alastair Burt – that Johnson had only just restored to the Conservative ‘whip’ this week in his attempt to win Commons votes:

Corbyn had already made a powerful start to Labour’s campaign with a powerful and widely-praised launch speech packed with policies and vision, while Labour’s huge grassroots have hit the ground both running and buzzing.

But the party has been boosted even further by the sight of Johnson’s chaos, even if the Establishment media are dutifully ignoring it.

A senior Labour insider told the SKWAWKBOX:

We’ve made a fantastic start to our campaign, but of course the media are doing their damndest to give a different impression.

Pundits have been saying this won’t be like 2017 because Johnson is no Theresa May, claiming he’s good with the public.

But on day one he’s already looking like Maybot 2 – and while he’s busy fleeing the public, a lot of his MPs are busy fleeing him. The Trump comments were just the icing on the cake.


The supposedly ‘mainstream’ media as bad and complicit as ever – but even they can’t hide Johnson’s huge personal and political shortcomings, or the strengths of Labour, its leader and its mass support.

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  1. Yes the Neo-Liberal Tory nationalists seem to have crushed the Tory Neo-Liberal globalists though Johnson is probably neither, he is just an opportunist.
    Well we didn’t leave today despite a Tory wasted £110m advertising campaign, I really enjoyed adding under the ads at every opportunity ‘Shame the Tories Aren’t Ready!’ Ha! Ha!
    The Tories are using £8b saved from pushing HS2 back 5 years (only 15% of austerity) to try to CON the electorate that austerity is over but like the Fake 31/10 ads it is only PRETEND then what after 5 years?
    Re Johnson to quote the song: “Oh yes, I’m the great pretender!”
    Imagine the reaction of the Right Wing media if a Labour Govt wasted 3 years on trying to get a deal and WASTED £110m on advertising!
    Saw interesting interview today on BBC, a company manager saying: “If I had 3 years to make a decision and failed I would be out!”

  2. After being suspended for 2 years on the basis of what many regard as false allegations Kelvin Hopkins has decided to step down.

    Will Chris Williamson be reinstated by the NEC when they next meet? From what I’ve heard it looks like the answer will be ‘No’.

    1. Kelvin Hopkins has always said that he would never stand against a Labour candidate and would step down instead. It is a disgrace that such an honourable man has been left suspended for the last 2y, without being given the opportunity to clear his name, and subject to ongoing innuendo and smears from media and online. I feel the same about Chris Williamson.

  3. I’m not sure that repeating 8 names in the list consecutively really does much for your argument, Skwawk.

  4. Over the next 12 months or so it will be interesting to see where many on list end working. In particular the former cabinet ministers

  5. Tory leadership contenders always end up having to sell themselves on being “not a useless, divisive dick like the last one.”
    Johnson’s “Not May,” she wasn’t Cameron, he wasn’t Howard, wasn’t IDS wasn’t Hague wasn’t Major wasn’t Thatcher.

    Every five years they turn into brand new teenagers suddenly understanding what idiots their parents are.

    Strange that a party faithful of old farts that reveres Thatcher like a saint always thinks new, young and untried will save its saggy arse.
    Nobody said you had to be a deep thinker to be a Tory though, just as long as enough of you own newspapers 🙂

  6. Slightly off topic Beth Rigby Sky News stated at the launch of our election campaign that Jeremy had the lowest poll rating of any leader of the opposition since 1977. This is also on the Sky website. For Beth’s information James Callaghan was PM in 1977 and Margaret Thatcher was leader of the opposition. In 1979 she won the General Electionand the Tories remained in power for 18 years.
    No reason to believe Jeremy and Labour won’t do likewise

    1. I see the Torygraph is running with this story too – it shows the level of political (un)awareness among todays alleged political journalists.

  7. The list above is not a list of principled mps,but a list of unprincipled scum that actively collaborated in the murder of over 100,000inocent victims that we know about…How many homeless people will be left to die in the cold this winter.?

    1. Please can you insert our own treacherous scum on that list of collaberators in murder……We need to show unbiased and accurate journalism so as not to be fake news,much as I appreciate Squawk box for the correct veiw

  8. Remember how Cameron kept whipping out that awful MP Liam Byrne letter saying there was no money left ?At any multi leaders of parties debate Jeremy Corbyn should whip out a pre-written affidavit for all leaders to sign their own copy there and then with a solicitor present and on screen stating that as PM or a coalition PM of the UK they swear and declare that they will not allow the NHS to be part of a trade deal.

    This will put Swinson and Johnson right on the spot and allow the public to witness their true intentions.


  9. It was an effective tactic on Cameron’s part.

    I would suggest that Labour canvassers take a few items with them so that they can show them to voters, or quote to them, points that they wish to illustrate.

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