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Since the last Skwawkbox update, here is a selection of the information we’ve either brought to our readers exclusively, or helped to force the mainstream media to acknowledge in their narrative:

  • the fact that the Novichok poison used in Salisbury can be made by other countries and even by non-state actors was finally acknowledged on the BBC
  • the real story about the supposed ousting of a right-wing secretary to the parliamentary Labour party was revealed
  • a second BBC attempt to cover up Boris Johnson’s lie about Porton Down’s supposed identification of a source of the Novichok toxin was exposed
  • the flimsiness of the case presented by a government letter to NATO about the Salisbury attack was analysed and laid bare
  • when the ‘MSM’ was using the OPCW’s report on the Salisbury poisoning to claim the government’s position was justified, the Skwawkbox showed that it in fact just underlined Boris Johnson’s dishonesty
  • the ‘MSM’ ignored Theresa May’s refusal to answer a question from Jeremy Corbyn about what she would do to bring back thousands of wrongly-deported Commonwealth citizens. The Skwawkbox brought its readers the video footage
  • when May lied to Parliament and nation that Labour had ordered the destruction of documents that would have proven the citizenship of ‘Windrush generation’ citizens, mainstream media repeated the lie unchallenged – but the SKWAWKBOX revealed it, as well as the documentary proof of its falsehood and a Labour front-bencher’s Commons statement and letter challenging the lie, which the BBC ignored
  • the fact of strong Labour gains in local by-elections – in spite of relentless media attacks – was ignored by mainstream news and politics outlets, but highlighted here
  • ‘semi-detached’ Labour MP John Woodcock’s ‘secret’ visit to Saudi Arabia was exclusively revealed – and his allegedly-coincidental presence at a missile strike site in Saudi Arabia was highlighted
  • as political opponents in Parliament and the media attempted to portray Corbyn’s sensible caution about the supposed gas-attack in Douma as friendliness to the Syrian government, we highlighted ten times Corbyn has been one of only a few voices in Parliament to oppose Assad
  • when politically bankrupt Cabinet minister Sajid Javid tried to add to the misleading claims about Labour and Douma, we pointed out Labour’s full response – and his own clear hypocrisy in sounding off when he had never signed any motion condemning Syrian abuses
  • US mainstream news footage was used by the BBC after the Syrian bombing raids, but the BBC ignored the obvious indications that there were no toxic chemicals at the site, as reporters and rescuers moved around without protective equipment – but Skwawkbox video highlighted it
  • when German state media started to admit there is a significant likelihood that the Douma chemical attack was staged, the UK’s media ignored it but the Skwawkbox covered it, including translation and subtitles
  • when Labour MP Laura Smith shamed May by challenging her to reveal when Trump had instructed her to order the bombing raids, the video footage was proudly displayed here
  • the fury of Scottish MSPs at DWP Secretary Esther McVey’s flippant, callous response to the suffering of their unfairly-sanctioned constituents was shown
  • when Amber Rudd tried to pretend police cuts had not contributed to increases in violent crime, we highlighted that she knew full well – because her own department’s report said so. Even the BBC had to admit she was ignoring her own evidence
  • previous US/UK use of false ‘atrocity propaganda’ was highlighted as the government prepared to use the Douma incident to justify bombing raids in Syria
  • Unite head Len McCluskey’s intervention to overturn the suspension of Welsh Unite officers for supporting a Welsh Labour deputy leader candidate was exclusively revealed
  • the coincidence of the BBC using footage of the same two women in alleged Russian ‘ballot-stuffing’ eighteen months apart was revealed

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