On the ‘right side of history’ again: ten times Corbyn opposed Assad

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has a long track record of being ‘on the right side of history’.

corbyn statesman

Whether that was in opposing apartheid South Africa, standing against war in Iraq and the bombing of Libya – or fighting austerity when most other politicians were afraid to contradict it – Corbyn has been proven again and again to have a far better grasp of international affairs and consequences than almost any other parliamentarian.

Now, with the news of a fresh gas attack in Syria, Corbyn’s record of integrity in standing against adventurism and for ordinary people has again put him on the right side of a difficult issue.

Here are just the parliamentary motions that Corbyn has signed or sponsored:

  1. Early day motion 1949, which notes with concern the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Syria; is particularly concerned at the brutal crackdown by Bashar alAssads regime on innocent Syrians; expresses its concern at the 1,100 deaths and countless arrests by Syrian security forces
  2. Early day motion 2270notes with the gravest concern the growing escalation of the crisis in Syria and the ruthless repression of anti-government protesters
  3. Early day motion 2855believing that the International Criminal Courts prosecutor should begin investigations into the Syrian regime’s crimes against humanity
  4. Early day motion 453 deplores the chemical weapons attacks and appalling loss of life in Syria
  5. Early day motion 503 appalled that the Russian State Technology Corporation, Rostec, one of the main arms suppliers to President aAssad of Syria, is exhibiting at DSEi 2013; and calls on the Government to end the promotion and export of military equipment to all authoritarian regimes.’
  6. Early day motion 565regrets that the UK is not one of the 17 countries participating in the UN High Commissioner for Refugees {UNHCR) resettlement programme; notes that Germany has agreed to transfer 5,000 Syrian refugees from Lebanon to Germany
  7. Early day motion 855welcomes progress in diplomatic negotiations in the Middle East, both with Iran and Syria, to prevent the future development and eliminate existing stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction
  8. Early day motion 904 condemns the recent bombing of a mosque and school inside Yarmouk camp in southwest Damascus by forces loyal to the Assad regime, and notes the loss of more than 700 Palestinian lives since the uprising began
  9. Early day motion 1034 expresses ‘deep concern over the continued suffering of civilians in towns and suburbs in Syria such as Yarmouk and the Old City of Homs which are besieged by Syrian government
  10. Early day motion 1038 notes the present conflict worsening considerably in Syria with the increasing numbers of people fleeing the country in search of safety now reaching epidemic proportions, 52 per cent of whom are children

When many other MPs were keen to drop bombs that were only likely to worsen the situation in Syria, Jeremy Corbyn was calling on the government to take steps to accelerate an end to the violence and curb the cost in human lives and misery.

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    1. Precisely. Doesn’t mean he didn’t, just that we’re well past the point where Assad is automatically the primary suspect for chemical weapon incidents in Syria.

      There needs to be a concerted and uncompromising effort to uncover and prosecute those responsible for this and related incidents.

      I’m inclined to think that it’ll turn out to be one or more of the UK’s regional “allies”; the sort the Tories are so keen to bow and scrape before.

    2. The reason why Douma was left to the last of the encirclements was because of the 1000+ Syrian soldier hostages that Jaysh al Islam held inside the enclave picked up over the last 7 years of fighting. All the other enclaves accepted an agreement to leave and go to Idlib saving the SA to fight for the territories. The standoff with Douma continued until yesterday when they agreed to go today. This does not seem like a theatre involving chemical weapons being lobbed about. They would have been risking the lives of their own soldiers both in an attack and in revenge. Every time this chemical weapon strategy has been used it has been just as the Syrian army are about to win a large enclave or as in East Damascus when the Russians first entered the war and the rebels wanted the US to enter too.

  1. So the fact that RT reported three weeks ago that a false flag chemical attack is being planned is irrelevant I suppose.

    Cui bono.

  2. Looking at all televised footage from war zones one can’t help but notice the acting that frequently goes on.
    On the other hand pre-accusing the enemy of an atrocity that one has in the planning stages is an obvious and tempting counter-strategy.

    1. Could you post some links that show examples of the Syrian victims ‘acting’ ?

      1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwrldQMjwto&feature=player_embedded

        This is from an article in the OffGuardian. They compared it with a clip from Ukraine pointing out how in this one the camera is racing about, people are hurrying in a very deliberate way. A child is thrown into a car. All the people look more like actors than people in real situations. Of course the backcloth of the devastation is real. Some of this footage could be real but the fast editing and speeded up film makes you very suspicious.

        East Ghouta was the first place to claim a chemical weapons attack after the Russians entered the war and began to win decisively and the rebels were desperate to get the Americans into the war.

      2. pimatters – Thanks for the link. I have watched it several times but I find myself unable to share your assessment or conclusions.
        I was rather hoping that Mr. McNiven would be able to provide something more conclusive but …….. (well read for yourself)

      3. Anyone doubting – or pretending to doubt – that the media are manipulated for propaganda purposes by both sides in modern conflict is either deluded or partisan.

        There is a third possibility – you may think the current crop of Scandi-tat subtitled dramas milking the undeserved popularity of “girl with the dragon tattoo” are well-acted, plotted, characterised and scripted – if so your critical faculties are clearly nonexistent and I forgive you your temerity in asking me to waste my time educating you.
        No offence.

      4. Thanks David for taking the time to craft an 80+ word diatribe in reply to my simple request for you to post a link or two to satisfy my curiosity and support your assertions.

        I do however find it rather perplexing that you should choose to spend so much time and effort steadfastly refusing to waste your time ‘educating’ me when a few seconds posting a couple of links would have quite easily satisfied my request for further information.

        I was looking forward to reviewing your evidence and perhaps ‘educating’ myself but unfortunately as you are either unable or unwilling to fulfill my simple request it looks like I am going to have to forgo that pleasure.

        It would be helpful all round if you could tone down the arrogance a bit in any subsequent dialogue.

      5. You’re welcome.
        Perplexed much?
        Yes, you are.
        In your dreams.

      6. Yet again no evidence, just more bluster, you really should learn when to stop digging. Perhaps you should reflect on the fact that you would have come out of this looking much better if you’d simply ignored my very simple and not unreasonable request
        “Could you post some links that show examples of the Syrian victims ‘acting’ ?”

      7. My last on this so make the most of it.

        The examples you requested – would those be the ones where the “ACTOR” signs on their high-vis jackets are inadvertently in shot?
        The ones where “RECONSTRUCTION” is plastered along the bottom of the screen?

        Grow the fuck up.

      8. “The examples you requested – would those be the ones where the “ACTOR” signs on their high-vis jackets are inadvertently in shot?”
        Could you please post a link to some examples of this happening in Syria?

        “The ones where “RECONSTRUCTION” is plastered along the bottom of the screen?”
        If it is clearly labelled as such then why do you think this is a problem.

        “Grow the fuck up.”
        It is self evident that I’m not the one having a tantrum and throwing my toys out of the pram in response to a reasonable and polite request to provide a link to what you are asserting. Perhaps you should accept your own advice.

      9. The Panorama documentry that the BBC has tried to erase fron the internet after being exposed can be viewed here

  3. Does not mean you have to support military action either unlike some on the Labour right to prove a point.

  4. Fair enough SteveH it certainly isn’t concrete proof. Nevertheless, it seems very odd to me that the Syrian Army (with the Russians) are successfully negotiating the evacuation of all the rebel forces and their own prisoners while at the same time dropping chemical weapons on the same rebel forces. All the other enclaves were successfully evacuated which saved both sides from having to fight for the territory. Why drop chemical weapons (inevitably inviting a US response of cruise missile attacks) when you can and are negotiating a solution?

    “DAMASCUS, SYRIA (4:45 P.M.) – The process of evacuating the last rebel faction in East Ghouta enclave is underway as a new batch of captives is expected to be freed up.

    Up to 25 buses carrying hundreds of militants and their families amassed at al-Wafideen crossing and are expected to leave anytime to the country’s north.

    Meanwhile, a new batch of captives is supposed to be simultaneously released once the rebel convoy take to the road.

    Thousands of military personnel and civilians have been captured kidnapped throughout the past few years and held in a notorious prison inside Douma.”

  5. I you needed a reason to vote for Jeremy Corbyn then this is it.
    I don’t need a reason!
    He’s younger than me and a lot better at “DIPLOMACY”.

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