Rudd knew police cuts ‘likely’ cause of crime rise – when she said they weren’t

  • Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s ludicrous claim that massive Tory police cuts have nothing to do with crime rise blown apart by leaked Home Office documents
  • Labour asks, ‘is she incompetent or misleading?’
  • exposure of the concealed information adds weight to claims Tories are unfit for office after revelation of Boris Johnson’s dishonesty over Salisbury attack

graun rudd

Leaked Home Office documents show that Amber Rudd was aware that the police cuts imposed by the Tories are ‘likely’ to be responsible at least in part for the rise in serious violent crime – when she stated that they were not.

Rudd had earlier denied police cuts were a cause of the rise in serious crime – and had ludicrously tried to pin the blame on social media:

rudd crime socmed

But the documents leaked to the Guardian show that Ms Rudd was not merely avoiding the obvious when she made her denial – her own department’s documents meant she knew there was a probable connection when she denied it.

Labour’s Shadow Policing and Crime Minister, Louise Haigh, laid out the significance of the leak:

haigh rudd.png

While Boris Johnson is trying to hide from the consequences of making claims for which there was no evidence, Rudd is now in hot water for concealing information she did have, in order to make a false claim.


Neither the misleading statement nor the ‘revelation’ of the connection between the Tories’ enormous police cuts – some fourteen percent of the total number of officers in England and Wales – and the sharp rise in serious and violent crime are likely to surprise many people.

But as an indicator of the ever-deepening chaos, incompetence and dishonesty at the heart of this government – and the Tories’ willingness to sacrifice the safety of our citizens in the pursuit of cuts – it is extremely revealing.

And exactly the kind of ‘hot topic’ issue that will interest voters in the local elections less than a month away.

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  1. Cressida Dick puts an extra 300 police officers on the streets of London and it is reported that there has been a drop-off in the shootings and stabbings over the weekend. The Home Sec can selectively quote statistics as much as she wants but this weekend’s practical proof blows a enormous hole in Rudd’s nonsensical lies that police numbers don’t matter.

  2. They call it ‘scaremongering’ when they were told what WILL happen because of their idiocy.

    Rise in foodbank use – ‘scaremongering’
    Rise in poverty because of universal credit – ‘scaremongering’
    Rise in crime rates/response times/death rates due to emergency service cuts – ‘scaremongering’
    Rise in prison violence – ‘scaremongering’
    Brexit issues – ‘scaremongering’

    And EVERY time we were right. Not just once but EVERY time.

    There’s only so far they can go; so many lies they can tell, before the sh*t REALLY hits the fan…

  3. The only reason this shower of a Government gets away with their lies and incompetence is because they are protected be the right wing media, especially the BBC, who would rather smear Jeremy Corbyn with all the garbage about anti-Semitism than give the public the truth.

  4. Typical print media trying to divert us from the real issues of the day such as massive cuts in police numbers,with no reference to massive cuts in Home Office spending by May and now Rudd.

  5. We, who are enlightened and in the know know RUDD and her cohorts are all liars!
    The right-wing press, “are COMPLICIT”, in all of the Tory BULLSHIT they spout on a daily basis.
    Unlike, those who are not blind and yet, they cannot see, that this BUNCH of Tories are the worst party, that has ever ruled in the past 50 years!

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