Watch: Fury in Scottish Parliament as McVey brushes off sanction of heart attack victim

DWP Secretary Esther McVey has long been reviled among disabled people and other benefit claimants, even when she was junior to Iain Duncan Smith, for the measures she pushed through that caused misery and hardship among some of our most vulnerable citizens, including hundreds of thousands of children pushed into poverty.

Now, as the head of the Work and Pensions department, she is no less a figure of horror and revulsion – and not only among claimants.

This morning, Ms McVey was in the Scottish Parliament to answer questions from MSPs about the devastating effect of DWP policies on their constituents – and the arrogant, even flippant manner of her response caused a rarely-seen level of outrage among listening MSPs:


If there’s a better representative of the Tories’ callous disregard for the suffering they inflict on the many than Esther McVey, you’d be hard-pressed to find one.

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  1. Words could never do justice to the ‘poetic justice’ I sincerely wish is meted out to that.

    I, for one, would shrug my shoulders and say: ‘So what?!’

    Modern day ‘oberaufseherin’ , that.

  2. Well I don’t normally have ill feeling. however I make a exception to the rule in this case, if she ever had a heart attack I would wait until at least six minutes before I had the heart to call a ambulance and as for CPR forget it, she hates vunerable adults and as a vunerable adult I dislike her and her parties policies, I hope that in may they get the trouncing they deserve, lying horrible nasty tory trash

    1. Gotta have a heart to have a heart attack.

      I wouldn’t be able to get a mobile signal, in that instance. My first aid’s not up to much, neither. Can you restart someone’s heart by pointing and laughing almost uncontrollably at them?

  3. And funny are 1,000 plus tax reliefs for the rich and better off and corporations get £120b tax subsidies per year and we could mention the billions in tax avoidance and New Internationalist estimates trillions stashed by the rich in illicit offshore accounts globally.
    The first thing the Tories (and Lib Dems) did was to give tax cuts to millionaires, corporations, and private landlords with multiple properties and they gave hedge funds £145m in tax cuts who then donated £50m to the Tories!
    We need to change the narrative on welfare – it should not be working class welfare bad, upper class welfare good?
    Solidarity with citizens who are being hammered by the Tories!

  4. All the more reason for millions to come out and vote tomorrow.
    She should just say that what she really thinks that the poor are a burden on society and that benefits should be removed from them.
    After all,billions have given in tax cuts to the wealthy instead of public services and pensioners and child benefits, etc.

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