Video: uproar in House as Laura Smith asks when Trump ‘instructed’ May to take military action

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As one right-wing Labour MP after another disgraced her- or himself by standing up in the House of Commons this afternoon to give cover to Theresa May for her premature and probably illegal missile attack on Syria – which hit the wrong places anyway – Laura Smith, Labour MP for Crewe and Nantwich, did Labour proud by asking May the question we all wanted to ask.

Well, 78% of us at least, since that’s how many think the bombing was a bad idea, according to polling.

Ms Smith created uproar in the process – and earned a death-stare from the skewered PM, who looked as if she’d happily order a missile strike on the Labour benches, in spite of the ‘innocent’ Blairites who would be ‘collateral damage’:

The question delighted genuine Labour MPs such as the estimable Laura Pidcock as much as it must have stuck in the craw of the centrist ‘poodles’ who had just shown themselves up:

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Plaudits to Ms Smith. As for the bomb-happy ‘moderates’ who appear happy to back dodgy missile strikes as long as it gives them an opportunity to undermine their popular leader, this old and excellent cartoon by Dave Brown seems appropriate:


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  1. Bomb happy Blairites covering May-hem’s arse , Red Tories through and through . God how one hopes their CLPs will hold them to account for their pro bomb , Govt Lapdog , stance . The Blairtes are obviously quite happy to have their relevance as MP’s trashed by May and Co , I’ve actually got more respect for Sturgen and the SNP than the Blairites PLP of Labour . TIME TO GET SHUT OF THE LOT OF EM !!!

  2. I am surprised that throughout today’s debate not one MP seems to have mentioned seeking the support of the UN General Assembly to bypass Russia’s veto.
    There is a way to override Russia’s UN veto

    United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) resolution 377 A,[1] the “Uniting for Peace” resolution, states that in any cases where the Security Council, because of a lack of unanimity amongst its five permanent members, fails to act as required to maintain international peace and security, the General Assembly shall consider the matter immediately and may issue any recommendations it deems necessary in order to restore international peace and security.

  3. That wasn’t a very turn-the-other-cheek kind of a look from a vicar’s daughter, now was it, Tweezer?
    I think it’s “the other place” for you… and I don’t mean the House of Lords.

  4. It is worth noting that a significant number of the right wing pro-war MPs who made interventions from Labour benches today were Cooperative Party MPs.

  5. After having watched a good portion of the debate I am fuming at the way Labour MP after Labour MP stood up to support the Tories and stab Jeremy Corbyn in the back. If anyone dares to tell me that Labour is a broad church and weasels such as Chris Leslie, Mike Gapes, John Woodcock and over a dozen others have any place in it, they too should get the hell out.

    We now need an all out effort to get these wreckers out of the Party and don’t call them ‘moderates’ or ‘centrists’ they are nothing of the sort, they are out and out traitors, nothing less.

    EVERY single Labour MP should have shouted into Theresa May’s face WHAT YOU DID WAS ILLEGAL.

    At the end of the debate, Paul Sweeney, Labour MP for Glasgow, asked one of the most important questions – “did May have any information of which MP’s were not aware, which made our action urgent to prevent an imminent chemical attack?” May blustered and came back with what was in effect NO. This gives the lie to her case that our action was legal. Not withstanding the fact that her “to alleviate the extreme humanitarian suffering” excuse, is only accepted under International Law under exceptional circumstances, if at all.

    May was on the ropes and the wreckers handed her a shield, they are despicable.

    1. The onus is on the relevant CLPs and their membership to now deselect these bomb happy war mongers of red Tory MP’s that infest our party . We have to get rid of them as a matter of urgency or there will be no Labour Govt .

    2. There seems to be something more than politics to my dislike of Woodcock so I looked him up:

      Scientific name: Scolopax rusticola
      Common name: Lesser Spotted Scrotethroat
      UK conservation status: Red, deselection imminent

      No explanation there.
      Shit, is it possible I’m a secret anti-Quislingite?

  6. So was it (a) the Barbarian Saudi backed Islamists who controlled the Doumah area at the time aimed at drawing the Right Wing Twits in the West in?
    Or (b) Assad who is winning but depends on Russia and Iran?
    (c) A third theory is other state secret services but this may carry little traction, very high risk, could bring governments down.
    But we have to ask was it “wisdom” to bomb alleged chemical sites which could have sent toxic fumes out amongst local populations so was this an inadvertant chemical attack by the West on Syrian people because of the fecking stupidity of Western Right Wing political imbecile leaders and their advisors?
    And before these missile attacks Putin had agreed not to give the more effective S 300 missiles defence systems to Syria etc. AND NOW IT IS LIKELY HE WILL – so if Assad is the brute a significant number of people may think he is then he will have a freer hand to do what he wants.
    Such progress from our 4 jets and 8 missiles at a cost of £1.1m?
    Jeremy has done well but the Right Wing simpleton ‘internationalists’ in Labour who voted to invade Iraq, Afghanistan, and bomb Libya, Syria and would have voted to bomb Syria this time should hang their restricted thinking heads in shame but they won’t because they are morons!
    We need to select 630 left wing democratic socialist Labour candidates in the UK and left wing democratic socialist leaders in every country of the World.
    Let’s press for a Peace Conference once again in Syria.
    Some of us have been shedding tears for years and not just at the latest atrocity, “When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?”
    Yours in Peace.

    1. I don’t think Jaysh Al Islam were part of this little conspiracy as they had just negotiated their departure and were leaving the next day. I’m not sure the US admin really wanted this as it put Trump on the spot. Again the only beneficiaries are the Saudis and the Israelis who are desperate to get the US and Europe involved before the final end comes. The hysterical Israeli press in the UK of course were onside. (Look out for the emerging conflict in Deir Ezzor where the Syrians are threatening to take back their oil fields from the Kurds, supported by US planes. The Syrians feel they can bring US planes down now with their new air defence systems!)

    2. Having since spoken to someone with expertise on such things he was adamant that the bombing of a chemical research facility would not result in toxic fumes but it would be pretty unwise for reporters and the local population to clamber all over the bombed site.
      Latest emerging news – it may not have been a gas.
      If true then many competing theories including some of mine may tumble – but as socialists we should not be precious about our thinking and we should be willing to learn plus we should act on what we believe to be the truth and this should be verified by reliable sources.
      What is worrying from the Right outside Labour and in Labour is that some are so certain “Their as blind as they can be, see just what they want to see” are they the Nowhere Men and Women?

  7. We’ve got between now and the next G.E. to ensure that the composition of the PLP is such that a Labour government has a least a fighting chance of implementing the policies this country needs.

    As the PLP now stands, how is that even remotely possible?

    1. Well said Kay I agree 100% , but I see little action so far from those CLPs who’s MP is a Tory in disguise . I am not sure just how much more evidence these CLPS need before they take ACTION. Maybe it will need a Tsunami of protest letters etc from the membership outside of those CLPS to prod them into deselecting those Tory Lite MPs .
      It has to happen or there will be no real change for the many , as we can see here those traitors will never change and just continue to vote with the Tories to destroy a Socialist Labour party .

  8. Those Labour MPs who back May are themselves scared of certain sections of the media,and we know who they are for being seen as ‘scared’and ‘unpatriotic’.
    The last election demonstrated showed that if you stand up to them then you have nothing to fear.
    That does not seem to have resonated with those MPs seemingly.

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