Woodcock uses Easter recess to visit Saudi Arabia

John Woodcock MP

Barrow and Furness MP John Woodcock has been at the centre of controversy recently for attempts to undermine his party leader. His local Labour party (CLP) has reported him to the party’s National Executive Committee for his behaviour.

Mr Woodcock was also taken to task last week by former ‘Children’s Laureate’ Michael Rosen for attacking – as a non-Jew – Jeremy Corbyn’s choice of which Jewish group to celebrate a Passover Seder with:

rosen woodcock.png

Now Woodcock appears to be risking further contention by making use of the Easter parliamentary recess – a period used by many MPs for constituency matters – to visit Saudi Arabia.

The Labour Party cancelled Saudi representatives’ passes to its annual conference in Brighton last September over the country’s actions in Yemen, where thousands of civilians have been killed or suffered famine and a cholera epidemic because of Saudi military action.

When asked about his local members’ report to the NEC about him, Mr Woodcock said:

Nothing will distract me from standing up for our community or speaking out when I am concerned for the country’s security.

It’s not clear how his community in Cumbria is served by a trip to Saudi Arabia, but Mr Woodcock has defended the UK’s support for Saudi Arabia and argued against a 2016 Labour motion to withdraw assistance for the Saudi intervention in Yemen.

Mr Woodcock’s office was unable to provide any comment as to the reasons for the visit and the MP has not yet responded to an email requesting clarification. Unlike a previous SKWAWKBOX email, he does not yet appear to have posted this question on Twitter.

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  1. Of course , he’s got his mates to see and visit , needs to make sure there is a lucrative job lined up by his buddies ready for when he gets KICKED OUT of the party

  2. At least eighteen young men are waiting to be executed in Saudi Arabia for the ‘crime’ of demonstrating against the Saudi Government. Let’s hope John Woodcock makes good use of his time over there to make direct representation to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their release.

  3. By making this visit, John Woodcock is endorsing the anti-Semitic, homophobic, heading chopping Saudi regime, which is responsible for exporting Wahhabism terrorists around the globe.

    There is no place in the Labour Party for apologists for terrorism, anti-Semitism and homophobia like John Woodcock.

  4. Hasn’t he got his bank account there? So he’s just visiting his money

  5. So let me get this straight. Woodcock thinks; –

    Rubbing shoulders with dissident British Jews observing a Seder is unacceptable.

    Using Parliamentary recess time, which should be reserved for constituency matters, to mix with representatives of one of the most brutal regimes on the face of the Earth, is “standing up for [his] community”.

    Er… right?

  6. Given that Saudi Arabia is building a big shipbuilding facility on its east coast I don’t see Barrow gaining from his visit.
    Wild guess but could it be something CCHQ asked for to ensure the good faith of someone who wishes to cross the floor with the promise of selection for a safe seat in 2022?

  7. With Woodcock, experience alone tells you it’s going to be bad but how can you prepare yourself for something like this?

    Perhaps the “centrists” realise the game’s up so they may as well sort out a cushy exit plans, regardless of how much their actions end up being the very reason for their deselection.

  8. I recently signed a petition to try to stop the execution of 8 peaceful
    demonstrators in the grotesque unelected Theifdom of Saudi Arabia.
    And the vile Tory UK Govt. seems to have taken sides in a Sunni-Shia intercenine war inYemen when Labour would call for peace and a political solution for its diverse citizens.
    Right Wing political imbeciles like Woodcock it could be suggested give succour to Barbarians.
    Time perhaps for some to leave the stage and for GENUINE left wing democratic socialist stars to shine.
    Working people in all countries are our friends.

  9. What promises did he make to his CLP at his Hustings?
    Could it be, he promised to uphold the Labour Values of ordinary Voters in his constituency of Barrow?
    In doing so, you can bet he had his fingers crossed at the time!
    What a Toadying Rightwing Scumbag Skunk, no person of value would do what he’s done against the Leader and the Labour Party!

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