Vid: Butler challenges May’s lie to MPs, country. Bercow confirms May personally responsible

bd order
Labour MP Dawn Butler

During yesterday’s ‘Prime Minister’s Questions’, Theresa May told MPs and the nation that the decision to destroy landing cards that could have proven the citizenship of thousands of ‘Windrush generation’ people was taken in 2009 under a Labour government and not in 2010 under the Tories.

That claim was a lie, as has been demonstrated amply since – but the ‘MSM’ have persisted in covering for May by treating her claim as fact.

Labour front-bencher Dawn Butler yesterday wrote a withering letter to May, asking her seven direct and very pointed questions about the honesty and accuracy of her claim.

But she also raised the matter in the House as an urgent ‘point of order’ – a fact that the BBC and other media appear to have ignored in their eagerness to perpetuate May’s lying jibe:

Parliamentary language means that Bercow is never going to directly accuse May of an outright lie – but he made perfectly clear that she is personally responsible for coming to the House to admit her ‘inadvertent error’.


Of course, it’s plain to anyone watching the theatrical, triumphant way she delivered the lie that there was nothing inadvertent about it.

May should resign, rather than apologise. Such is the dishonourable nature of the politicians on the Tory front benches – and the mainstream media all too happy to cover for May, Johnson and others – that she is unlikely to do either.

But Ms Butler appears ready to harry her until she does.

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  1. We have the disgusting spectacle of innocent UK citizens being locked up for no other reason than the government’s mendacity and our PM deceiving both parliament and the people just to score a cheap debating point.

    Theresa May and the Tory government have trashed our country’s reputation for fairness and justice.

    1. Unless you are a tory, of course!
      They lie through their teeth so much that they appear to have lost the ability to feel shame, or remorse, or sorrow, for the horrors they inflict – not only to their own people, but to civilians all around the world 🙁

  2. Personally I want “Parliamentary language” banned and plain speaking enforced.
    No more “honourable member” for this or that constituency or any of the other mediaeval bollocks.
    There’s no reason for faux-politeness when MPs don’t carry swords, no reason not to call a liar a liar or a Tory anything you like.
    Shut the place, sell it to Trump on condition he ships it to Florida and build something more appropriate to this millennium.
    Sick of people hankering after the days of empire – we should apologise for screwing up the world and get on with building humanity 2.0
    end of rant…………………………………………………………………………………….

  3. How hard would it be for the comment box to be formatted as the post appears ffs?

  4. You expect nothing else from a print media which is 75-80 per cent right wing and is going to do the Tory bidding no matter what.
    As I have stated before,look who owns the media it is just a handful of billionaires who can be relied upon to divert millions with their daily doses of trivia.
    Richard Dennis

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