Video: BBC covers for Johnson AGAIN as #Marr ‘loses’ Johnson’s Novichok source question

  • Johnson falsely claimed Porton Down had confirmed Russia as the Novichok source
  • FCO originally admitted it but later deleted tweets
  • BBC covered for Johnson by ‘losing’ filmed interview question
  • Marr repeated claim this morning
  • video evidence exposes both the false claim and the cover-up

On Wednesday, with the Foreign Office in disarray over the admission by Porton Down’s CEO that they had not identified the source of the poison used in the Salisbury attack.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had told an interviewer it had – but the BBC started an operation to rehabilitate Johnson’s lie when its news channel claimed that Johnson had only claimed the poison was a Novichok, not that Porton Down had confirmed a source – and even claimed it couldn’t find him being asked the question, when it had voiced over that very question just half an hour earlier.

The video evidence was undeniable – and the cover-up was immediately debunked and discredited.

But that hasn’t prevented the BBC continuing to use it.

This morning on its flagship Marr show, host Andrew Marr repeated an almost identical claim – one that is still shown to be complete nonsense by even a cursory examination of the evidence, as this video demonstrates:

The question is not hard to follow and its meaning is clear. In fact, the Foreign Office initially admitted it to Sky News, before deleting a tweet saying the same thing and changing its story:

aa bj fco.png

 Boris Johnson lied. He was recorded doing it. The Establishment – including the supposedly-impartial BBC – is in overdrive to cover it up while Johnson tries to misdirect with nonsensical accusations against the Labour leader.

His position is untenable – but with the help of the ‘MSM’ he is clinging onto it grimly and Theresa May appears too weak to dare sack him.

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  1. I saw the Andrew Marr Show this morning and simply couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

    Andrew Marr must make a full correction and apologise for making this false statement.

  2. How can this man be taken seriously? He can’t even be bothered to remember the name or position of the person/s with whom he was talking to at Porton Down, merely referring to him as “the guy”. Appalling. He’s a disgrace.

  3. The only ‘complaint’ they’ll listen to is a mass deprivation of funding.

    Withhold your Tv licence fee. Let them harp on about ‘wage inequality’ then…Overpaid propagandists & talentless parasitical gobshites, the lot of them.

  4. But what can you expect from a publicly funded corporation that not only employs pederasts, but protects them?

  5. Well done to Skwawkbox for sticking with this, don’t let it drop. It just shows how completely useless the BBC has become as a reliable and honest news and information service.

    Not that Andrew Adonis is one of my favourite Labour people but judging by his tweets, in many respects he has got the measure of the BBC.

    The irony is that whereas Labour want to support the BBC, as long as it is honest and independent, the Tories want to privatise it.

    A clear out of management is now required at the BBC, a service for which most of us pay and deserve better.

  6. Inevitably one has to wonder how our allies are feeling about all this.
    What lies, exaggerations and half truths have they been told in order to illicit their co-operation?
    Will our allies be as enthusiastic in offering their unqualified support next time we need their help?

  7. Boris Johnson first came to my attention on HIGNFY where his bumbling toffness willingly offered himself up for a little gentle lampooning.
    “Privileged, baffled and befuddled” was an amusing target for the wit of Merton and Hislop until it got stale.

    Not only does he lack the wit to perform his duties this loose-lipped buffoon can’t even think of anything fresher than that old “useful idiot” saw to throw at someone who is worth ten of his kind.

    Piss on him, his privilege and the BBC he rode in on.

    1. And its even harder to believe when Rifkind (the parliamentary crook) considers Corbyn a security risk while this clown is the Foreign Secretary

    1. Not really, happens all around the world, Fox News and other right-wing news organisations cover for Trump all the time.

  8. Hey Swawkbox, Namaste 🙂

    Inept and incompetent the more these pathological liars reveal of themselves the more reviled the public become. But yet the electorate cannot get shot of this chump or the monkey-grinder from power or prohibit them from lying and deceiving whilst continuing to feck-up the UK and the lives of its citizens.

    Quite frankly the entire establishment and everything that it stands for needs pulling down for good: the BBC is just one weeping symptom of a cancerous disease called UK Tory politics.

    Civilization needs true leaders – not straw-haired scarecrows – to transform our world, to progress and advance humanity as a collective. But instead of grand vision and worthy enterprise the establishment serve up their finest dog’s dinner whilst other powerful people piss about poisoning each other. It’s tragic to consider societies and civilization as a whole can be so easily thwarted/influenced by the disturbed psychology and idiosyncratic machinations of dysfunctional people.

    Is it not time for transformative change on a scale never known before – a new world order: people governing people throughout every nation on planet Earth, a true Red Revolution!

    Power to the People! Namaste 🙂


    1. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be ambitious but could we hang fire on the worldwide revolution for a while and put our efforts into Labour winning the next GE first.

      1. Hey Steve, Namaste 🙂

        It’s never too early for a revolution in thinking: winners dream BIG! It’s never too late to envision one world without division.

        Labour’s win is inevitable: but yes indeed, the good-fight must go on!

        Power to the People!

        Namaste 🙂


  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-43699607


    Good to know Ofcom’s holding the BBC’s feet to the fire at last.

    Apparently someone called Steve Allen was a bit mean to gypsies and someone called “presenter” wasn’t mean enough to Nigel Lawson on climate change.

    That’s all, folks, nothing to see here, move along.

    No other complaints, nothing else happened, everything’s fine.

  10. Everyone knows May is in no position to sack Johnson due to the election result,as Lyndon Johnson once remarked:’better to have them on the inside pissing out than outside pissing in’.
    Richard Dennis.

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