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Uxbridge & Ruislip Labour chair quits post and party over ‘unprincipled politics’

David Williams tweets his disgust with Starmer and co – and right desperately tries to blame him for abysmal performance

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David Williams, Labour constituency party (CLP) chair, has resigned both his elected post and his party membership in disgust at Labour’s lack of principle, after a week in which Keir Starmer and his drones promised to continue starving 1.5 million children – when it would be massively cheaper to end the two-child benefit cap that pushes them into poverty, misery, illness and stigma.

Williams tweeted news of his resignation earlier today, adding for good measure a reminder of the boost to the country and to UK politics that Corbyn’s principled politics – a stark contrast to Starmer and his abetters:

Starmer’s contemptible (and repeated) betrayal of children after originally promising he would end the cap is, of course, far from the only confirmation of his dishonesty and lack of moral and political principle; He has broken every promise he made to con Labour members into voting him into his position, aided and abetted the Tories at every turn in their assault on UK democracy, civic rights and protest and in their new laws to protect criminal police and their agents and perpetrators of apartheid.

Among a string of other wrongs, he has said not a word to support either wrongly-jailed journalist Julian Assange or abused women MPs, has covered up criminal and sadistic exploitation of vulnerable women by members of his front bench and hangers-on, attacked Black Lives Matter protesters and environmental campaigners, promised more NHS privatisation and excused paedophiles, racists and sex pests.

And in a sign of their desperation to excuse Labour’s abysmal performance in two out of three of yesterday’s parliamentary by-elections, Starmer’s shills have even attempted to blame Williams – who played no role in organising a campaign entirely run by Labour’s London region for their rigged candidate – for the party’s failure to win the seat at the epicentre of the Johnson-Tory scandal:

The lack of principle on the Labour right is endemic and not limited to Keir Starmer’s cruel, incompetent and Tory-fetishising front bench.

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  1. The Malcolm Tuckers deserve everything they get, the sky is black with the wings of chickens coming home to roost

    1. Doug, Tucker had flair, dash and panache. Unscrupulous certainly but when the GE was called he was totally committed to victory. This shower of liars, perverts and thugs just want to defeat socialism and really couldn’t care less about the people.

  2. David Williams said Jeremy Corbyn gave a huge boost to the Labour party – just as well he resigned otherwise they would have had to expel him for “antisemitism”
    I also see the Oracle aka Lee Harpin has put his tuppence worth in as usual. I don’t imagine David will lose much sleep over Lee’s comments. I think he, like the rest of us, is probably bored stiff with Lee and his obsession with Jeremy Corbyn.

  3. The Morning Star reported on this selection process in mid June
    Interestingly it reports that their source stated that they “still believed Labour will take the seat as Mr Liberty has thrown his weight behind the candidate.”
    “One presumes that all the people that voted for Connor, and it was a majority, will come out and back Mr Beales,” she said.”

    1. The key point is the headline: ‘Starmer-backed neoliberal’ replaces Uxbridge CLP’s preferred candidate. He lost. He wasn’t just a “Starmer-backed neoliberal,” Beales had been a Corbyn-critical Camden councillor. Sir Keir obviously saw that as his strongest advantage.

      BUT the candidate who had been discarded to make-way for Beales’ parachute, Connor Liberty, would easily have won. As the MS article points out:
      “The left-wing Twitter account, Frank Owen’s Legendary Paintbrush, has told its 50,000 followers: “The members of Uxbridge & South Ruislip CLP wanted Connor Liberty as their candidate.

      “Sadly, Connor was too left-wing for Starmer’s liking, so they’ve been lumbered with this Keith-approved [Sir Keir] neoliberal.”

      A member of Uxbridge Constituency Labour Party (CLP) last night confirmed to the Morning Star the majority of its branches had voted for Mr Liberty to be their parliamentary candidate.

      She branded the selection “undemocratic” and said it had sparked anger among her CLP members.

      The source said: “That was the choice from various branches, the nomination was for Connor Liberty.”

      Pro-Corbyn, CLP-backed Connor Liberty would have won! Massively.

      Another defeat from the mind and undemocratic actions of Sir Keir Child-Starver Starmer.

      1. qwertboi – Obviously not everyone still worships Corbyn as you do (according to the polls about two thirds of them never did)

  4. If Joe Public as a whole took as much as a 10% interest in politics – and especially smarmerite politics- the slimy bastard and his cronies would be out on their arses,

    Because they’d cotton on that keef is no alternative.

  5. I love it how Jeremy Corbyn still lives 24/7 in the Kid Starver supporter’s miniscule brains.

    Quite hilarious.

  6. The big two are disliked and incredibly vulnerable to a kind of UKIP of the left.

    Really don’t understand what Corbyn will achieve standing as an independent, for even if he retains his seat (likely) he’ll be a lone voice in the HoC, as now. However, if he lent his name recognition to a new party it could become a powerful force. The PLP SCG are clearly walking on eggshells; vindictive, nasty RW bastards have the run of the Labour party’s administration and disciplinary process and they’re looking for any excuse to pounce and remove MPs. As seen recently with Diane Abbott’s unjust treatment.

    The unions know that after 13 years the country deserves better than Reeve’s Osbornomics austerity excuses and reheated Blairite leftover privatisations. Yet they refuse to speak up like a bunch of gutless cowards. Maybe a new party can shake things up?

  7. Starmer, speaking at their National Policy Forum today:

    “Look at our country – the stagnation, the economic pain, the cuts to public services, attacks on working people, legislation that hits to the very core of your democratic rights hard won, over many centuries, by the great men and women of this movement.

    I can stand here and say we will change all that in government. And we will.”

    What an absolute fraud this man is. Starmer and Reeves are at pains to say there will be NO more money to improve public services, while praising George Osborne and sucking up to investment bankers at Davos. At home, failure to oppose the Tories’ assault on the right to protest and another abstention on Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) Bill, also known as the “spy cops bill”. Starmer sacked Labour MP Nadia Whittome for voting against government ‘free pass’ for torture called the Overseas Operations Bill. No promise to repeal any of it. Are there two Starmer’s? Because the one that campaigned for the leadership needs to have words with the other.

    1. Andy. Britain has a fiat currency and is the sole issuer of sterling. So when it spends it creates new money at the flick of a switch. Tax revenue is never used for expenditure. So Starmer and Reeves are either stupid or lying, or maybe both.

      As a sole issuer of sterling there can never be any shortage of money to spend. As testified by the bailout of the banks. Austerity is a political decision not a fiscal one. They are a pair of lying bastards.

      1. But how much that currency would be worth is an entirely different matter. 🤔

      2. baz2001 is correct about fiat currencies.
        There is one caveat, though.
        This works fine as long as the issuing country has the wealth creation capacity to sustain it.
        Wealth is based on the production of food, the production of raw materials and the ability to use these raw materials to manufacture goods; and finally on the possession of adequate sources of energy. We got rid of most of our manufacturing capacity. Our production of raw materials is very limited. Our ability to provide sufficient energy for our needs has gone. Even our food production has declined in relation to our needs. All governments over the past 45 years are at fault here. The nonsensical idea that the “financial sector” was to be our saviour was promoted but now the ridiculous sanctions regime has driven much maritime insurance abroad, and super-wealthy individuals have taken their money and run for fear of it being confiscated (a la Abramovich). We are sinking, along with the EU, shortly to be followed by the US.
        Meanwhile, all our politicians do a respectable imitation of Nero.

  8. Andy, that was great. I think that your last paragraph should be memorised in the unlikely situation of talking to a starmerite and shouted loudly at sod. Thanks.

  9. After watching the recent Channel 4 Andrew Neil Show series with ‘superstar ex-chancellor chums’ George Osbourne and Ed Balls, it again emphasised just how similar ‘New Labour’ and the ‘Tories’ financial policies are and have been for some years. There were some obvious clues when Alistair Darling ‘bailed out’ the banksters in 2008 just after episodes of PPI finance were introduced by Tony Blair.
    For yearts Max Keiser warned of the disasterous consequences of Quantitive Easing and printing ‘Free Money’ to enable banks to re-capitalise without payment and stock market companies to re-invest in themselves in a ponzi process that would have been illegal until recently. The stock market is still flourishing in the cost of living economic crisis, despite economic predictions of a recession.
    Der Starmer is popular with billionaire media precisely because the elites are confident that Neo-Liberal Capitalism is safe in his hands and Socialism will never be allowed a platform.

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