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New ‘Labour’ MP Mather worked as former Tory MP’s staffer – but few want to talk about it

Mather’s Linkedin omits mention and Times columnist and former Tory MP Matthew Parris’s latest column eulogises Mather and mentions knowing him but leaves employment out too

Times columnist Matthew Parris (r) and right-winger Keir Mather skulking unhappily in the background of a Corbyn photo

New right-wing ‘Labour’ MP Keir Mather has already disgusted huge numbers of people by parroting support, immediately after his election, for Keir Starmer’s determination to keep 1.5 million poor children in hunger and poverty.

But Mather’s credentials as a right-wing drone go back a long way and not just in smearing Ken Livingstone and other Labour left-wingers in an article. As Evolve Politics has revealed, Mather used to work as a researcher for former Tory MP Matthew Parris.

Curiously (or not), this little fact is missing from Mather’s Linkedin profile. Even more interestingly, Parris immediately wrote a column for the Murdoch rag claiming that Labour needs more ‘Keirs like this one’ – and while that article admits that Parris knows Mather and was aware of his ‘rough time’ at Oxford university, supposedly because of Momentum, it claims the association was only as the result of a chance meeting outside a Labour conference and Parris’s article also leaves out the fact that Mather worked for him, instead claiming that they simply “exchanged contact details and have been friends ever since“.

Mather then went on to work for another Tory MP, Wes Streeting, but as Streeting is a Tory with a red rosette, presumably there doesn’t need to be secrecy about it.

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    1. Yes, but neither Keir Mather, nor Matthew Parris admitted i), the existence, or ii), the nature of their previous professional relationship.
      I wonder why. Sneaky is as sneaky does.

    1. So Mather was the co-chair of Oxford’s Labour Club? So young and already cossiying up to both sides and assessing where his best interest lied.
      I would argue that giving his reported ambitions of became one day PM, he is looking after number 1 and at this moment in time with the Tories losing public favour a move to Labour was the most convenient.
      No wonder he won the seat, the conservatives voters at Selby & Ainsty recognised him as a fellow Tory never mind the red rosette.
      Any chance Skwawkbox of looking at his propaganda? It would be interesting to see how “Labour” he presented himself to be to the electorate.

    2. Hidden in plain sight…Not dissimilar to a high-profile pederast 😙🎵

    3. That’s very sweet. Socialists want everyone to be comfortable and happy in themselves. It’s when they go on to bother younger more innocent members that we get qualms about.

  1. It screens carerist and opportunist. I am not going to be surprised if at sometimes in the future should Labour’s fortunes change that Mather will cross the floor and become a Tory MP.

      1. Maria – Oh for goodness sake listen to yourself, so what if whilst a student he did some research work for a journalist who once upon a time used to be a Tory MP 20 years ago. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

      2. SteveH

        If you associate with Tories at uni, it’s a fairly good indicator that that’s where your true political allegiances lie. I mean, if you aren’t radical when young, you never will be. I think Maria is absolutely correct in saying if Labour ever returns to the left, this guy could well switch sides.

        If Keir Mather had been an outspoken Corbyn defender, he most certainly wouldn’t be in this party now. Let alone be being picked to be a candidate in a winnable seat. Does anyone doubt that?

        All the people Labour have parachuted in have been a bit ‘off’ in some way, Starmer wants RW oddballs over anyone remotely left-leaning. Starmer, like Blair, would rather see the party destroyed than implementing anything resembling socialism.

      3. Andy – Oh for goodness sake get a grip, KM was the co-chair of the Oxford Labour Club.

      4. Back in the day there used to be two students’ organisations at universities with similar names.
        There was the Labour Society, which was a democratic socialist organisation. These societies usually had significant memberships.
        Then there was the Labour Club which was a right wing organisation. These societies were usually fairly small and well to the right of the Liberal Clubs when Jo Grimond was leader.
        Do the Labour Clubs survive? I had thought that they had been superseded by the revolting “Labour Student” group. Whichever, if Kier Mk2 was in one, he is certainly a would be career politician – with a strong emphasis on “career”.
        Incidentally, I recall watching a programme on the Beeb about Blair shortly after he quit parliament. One person who was interviewed was a contemporary at Fettes College who ha know Blair reasonably well. He said that Blair had told him he’d given up the idea of becoming a pop star and thought he might go into politics. The man said he was very surprised because Blair had never before shown the he had any interest in politics, so he asked which party he would join. Blair’s response was that he wasn’t sure. He needed to work out where the best opportunities lay.
        Bet your boots Kier Mk2 is no different.

      5. SteveH22/07/2023 AT 10:49 PM
        Maria – Oh for goodness sake

        SteveH23/07/2023 AT 2:54 AM
        Andy – Oh for goodness sake

        WTF would you know about for goodness sake?

        Nothing good about trying to mitigate for someone who will allow children to go without, so they can be as shite as the toerags they’re trying to emulate.

  2. He’s the antithesis of everything Starmer promised in his leadership campaign.

    A campaign in which he promised greater local democracy and ending the practice of constituencies having candidates imposed. This is as far from the promise of ‘open selection’ as you can get and it’s bringing politics into total disrepute. Voters are sick of PPE grads who become SpAds then get gifted seats with no life experience. £82k + expenses at 25, is hardly going to teach him about hardship, is it.

    His background, what there is of it at 25 years of age, hardly suggests a life of struggle. It was probably a toss up as to whether he opted to join the Tories or Labour. How on earth can someone like this possibly identify with ordinary voters’ problems? Everything about Starmer’s leadership stinks of broken promises and diktats, this candidacy included.

    I noticed Starmer paying tribute to Ann Clwyd today, along with Blair. Not surprising from Blair, as I remember Ann Clwyd, being one of the most vocal apologists for his Iraq war.

    1. He can’t but there again it’s better to hate the workers in Maxs Labour Party than to empathise with the unfortunate, who deserve everything that they don’t get.

  3. Reported that Mather, was a campaigner against antisemitism in Labour under Corbyn.

    In a 2017 article, written for Oxford University’s student newspaper Cherwell, Mather condemned former London mayor Ken Livingtone over anti-Jewish racism claims, writing that the fact he had “survived in the party for so long can only point to an institutionalised acceptance of antisemitism over the years.”

    This could go some way towards explaining why this inexperienced 25 year old has been fast-tracked into parliament. Just consider who is vetting candidates.

    1. “Cherwell”, what a wank name for the paper of our more comfortable elites. I’ll bet that the high tables fill their pants every time an issue comes out.

  4. Andy – “£82k + expenses at 25, is hardly going to teach him about hardship, is it.”
    I don’t recall you ever saying anything similar about previous ‘Babies of The House’, is there a particular reason that you have singled out Keir Mather to be the subject of your ire about his youthfulness?

    All the reports that I have read say that Keir Mather was selected by the CLP, do you have any evidence to the contrary?

  5. Keir Mather – the next Mhairi Black – according to one hysterical fool, a couple of days ago.

  6. Keir Mather is very like his namesake Keir Starmer – in fact you could say they are two peas in a pod ( and I don’t mean that as a compliment)

  7. Private school; Oxbridge; CBI; Matthew Parris; Wes Streeting; Hull Kingston Rovers (always one exception to prove the rule – whatever that means)…………..I see the class war is well and truely over; Keir, never having to earn a crust from the sweat of your brow.

    1. Steve Richards – Have you forgotten that Jeremy Corbyn’s parents also paid for him to go to a fee paying ‘public school’?

      1. ……….you forgot to mention Oxbridge; Matthew Parris and Wes Streeting. My final observation remains, when has he ever had to work for a living by having to earn a crust by the fruit of his labour?

      2. Steve Richards – I didn’t forget to mention anything. The point of my post was to highlight things that you had conveniently forgotten to mention, not stuff that you had already clearly stated.

        “My final observation remains, when has he ever had to work for a living by having to earn a crust by the fruit of his labour?”
        Surely you could say the same about Jeremy Corbyn, only he’s been at it for much longer.🤔

      3. SteveH 24/07/2023 at 12:30 pm :

        *Chuckle* By the time JC was 25, he’d worked with VSO in Jamaica, Peru and Bolivia, among some of the poorest people on the planet.

        Before becoming an MP, in1983, he worked as a Union Rep, was elected Councillor in 1974, holding various Council posts, before being elected to Parliament, in 1983.

        If you’re trying to make out, there are similarities between JC and Keir ‘boy’ Starver, you’re an even bigger prat than I’ve always taken you for.

    2. Co chair of some oxbridge labour thing. Can’t see him being half arsed about anything. Who was on the chair with him?

  8. Steve – You also neglected to mention that Keir Mather was also schooled at the South Hunsley School & Sixth Form College and that at Oxford he was a co-chair of the Oxford Labour Club which was “founded in 1919 to promote democratic socialism and is today the home of the Labour Party and of social democracy at Oxford University. OULC is the largest and oldest university Labour club in the country and has a particular reputation as an active campaigning force”

    1. Comparing Keir Mather with Jeremy Corbyn……….Jeremy left school @16 & immediately worked as a reporter in a local newspaper, later spending time working in VSO and later as a Trade Union Rep as opposed to the CBI and right wing politicians. I do not doubt that Jeremy has never worked as a miner, nor in a steelworks nor as a labourer but my observation and comment is directed at Keir Mather and criticism of the direction of travel of Sir Keir Starmer’s ‘New’ Labour.
      My vision of the Labour Party is probably different to yours; I believe that ‘the class struggle’ is the key to understanding the ‘Socialist’ principles of Keir Hardy’s Labour Party and would benefit from ending the endless stream of solicitors and Oxbridge educated priviledged bourgeois ‘toffs’ (as the great Dennis Skinner observed) who become our parliamentary representatives. I believe we need more diverse representation of the ‘working classes’, more MPs who were shop workers; manual labourers; dockers and nurses, people who know poverty, social injustice and deprivation and the consequences of long term austerity in a low waged casualised gig economy, to drive the ideologies of Socialism in a Socialist Labour Party not one that is at best Tory Lite.

    2. Ah, yes, The Oxford Labour Club. That hotbed of Zionist bullying, lies and anti-Palestinian Human Rights.

      The bullying than gave young men and women mental health issues.

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