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Exclusive: whistleblower publishes complaint to Labour about Starmer’s abuse cover-up

Elaina Cohen tells Skwawkbox, ‘Is Keir Starmer running from the truth? This will be as big an issue for him as antisemitism was for Jeremy Corbyn’

Whistleblower Elaina Cohen has published the complaint she has submitted to the Labour party about Keir Starmer’s role in the cover-up of reported abuse of vulnerable domestic violence victims.

Earlier this month Cohen, a former parliamentary staffer for Labour right-winger Khalid Mahmood, won a tribunal case against Mahmood for unfair dismissal in which Mahmood and his legal team accepted, without challenge, evidence from one of the victims that Mahmood’s employee and alleged lover:

  • used a domestic violence charity she ran to blackmail domestic violence victims into shoplifting and giving her their social security benefits
  • made victims take speeding points on their licence that they did not incur
  • sadistically abused victims
  • made the chief executive of the charity suicidal by blackmailing her and taunting her
  • targeted Victim A on social media
  • revealed details of the charity’s vulnerable ‘service users’ to others
  • used her and other women from the now-defunct charity ‘for the private entertainment of important people’
  • introduced one victim to a male friend who hurt the woman, ‘but she didn’t care’
  • berated two victims for stealing the wrong jacket from a local department store
  • made victims fund meals for local Labour politicians
  • made victims ‘stalk’ Mahmood and report back on him
  • mocked Mahmood as an ‘ugly fat pig’
  • must have been in control of Mahmood for him to take no action

Now Cohen, who turned down a six-figure offer from Mahmood to settle the case before the tribunal’s verdict because she said it would have gagged her from speaking out, has published her complaint to the party about Starmer’s refusal to take any action against Mahmood or even speak to victims, despite her repeated reports of the alleged abuse:

If you are unable to view the above embedded post, view a screenshot here.

Ms Cohen told Skwawkbox:

I thought long and hard about making a complaint against the leader of the Labour party, but the central issue of my tribunal case was about vulnerable women who were victims of serial abuse by a Labour member.

I believe this will be as big an issue for Keir Starmer as antisemitism was for Jeremy Corbyn, because this country will not vote for anyone who condones the abuse of vulnerable women.

I’m surprised as Keir Starmer used to be a human rights lawyer, I cannot fathom why he’s not even asking the questions or even speaking to me or any of the victims. Is he scared of the truth and if so is he running away from it? As a Labour member, I’m worried about where the party is going.

Turning to the equally prolonged inaction of Labour’s general secretary, Cohen added:

It takes nearly two years for the Labour party to deal with any complaint. How long is David Evans going to kick this one into the long grass?

Starmer and his regime have repeatedly been embroiled in scandals after abandoning their duty of care toward women, particularly women of colour and Muslims of any gender and has done nothing to oppose ‘spycops’ legislation to protect state agents from prosecution for crimes, yet he recently boasted of his supposed history of protecting them at the same time as appearing with Khalid Mahmood in photo opportunities.

Mr Starmer and the Labour party have repeatedly failed to respond to requests for comment.

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  1. “I would recommend that the above is read in conjunction with the published verdict of the Employment Tribunal”, because:
    “I” feel it would do, what exactly for the reader?
    What was the verdict?
    Is reading the tribunal going to change the verdict?
    Why don’t you tell us what you are thinking, why it benefitted you, then we will decide if we want to waste our time reading, what we already know, the verdict! The verdict is guilty or innocent it is not 70, 60, 50, 40% guilty because x, y or z!

    1. nellyskelly – I’m simply encouraging people to read the verdict of the Employment Tribunal so that they are aware of all the facts before reaching a well informed conclusion. What’s not to like, is there a reason why they shouldn’t read the Tribunal’s findings.🤔

      1. So, no point in waisting your time, it is there if you have any interest whatsoever, but the verdict remains the same, so pretty much a futile exercise.

      2. nellyskelly – Is there a reason why you appear to be trying to discourage people from informing themselves about the facts of the case.

      3. I am not, people can do what they want! I want to know why you think they should, as you state no reason other than “I think”, are you suggesting Skwawkbox is misreporting the facts?

      4. nellyskelly – You can think what you like, I’m simply encouraging people to inform themselves so they can reach an informed decision.

      5. What informed decision is there to be reached, other than Skwawkbox’s reporting here? What has enriched your oppinion on this case? Do you feel the verdict is wrong? I am sure most people here read independant news because we are disillusioned by and found MSM lacking Fact, Reason, Truth, do you think we came to that conclussion because of an “I think” or because we read something suspicious and researched it? We are perfectly capable of deciding whether something Skwawkbox reports is suspect and needs research and we do, and we have albeit rarely, but Skwawkbox has always been a reliable source of reporting, so to be frank you can keep your Patronising “I think’s” to yourself, unless you want to make a challenge to the reporting, we would be happy to oblige!

      6. nellyskelly – I’m not the one who is getting my knickers in a twist, one has to wonder why you are.

      7. No nickers in a twist, just can’t stand your constant tone of Condescendance, but when questioned you have nothing to say!

      8. The Employment Tribunal’s Judgement was about Elaina Cohen and Khalid Mahmood. It was about ‘unfair dismissal’ and a claim of ‘detriment’.

        Starmer condoning the abuse of vulnerable women does not actually require that we re-familiarise ourselves with the details of Mahmood’s abuse.

        I’d say condoning the abuse of vulnerable women, not prosecuting Mrs. Thatcher’s friend, Jimmy Savile, and violating the human rights of journalist Julian Assange all show that Keir Rodney Starmer is a very inadequate person and certainly should not be leader of Labour.

      9. qwertboi – You mean apart from the whole section that specifically deals with these accusations. Can you explain why Savile’s victims, their lawyers and the official report into how the CPS and the police’s actions over the Savile case all disagree with you about Keir Starmer’s involvement. Surely they must all be in a far better position to know what actually happened than you are.

      10. Does “the whole section that specifically deals with these accusations.” Make ANY difference to the verdict or reporting here!?

        Savile’s victims, their lawyers:

        …because Jim and a LONG list of Establishment Pals fixed it ££££££££, maybe!?

        and the official report into how the CPS and the police’s actions over the Savile case all disagree with you about Keir Starmer’s involvement:

        Is that the official report that lead to BlueKeef making a Public Appology

        At least the Assange case seems to be dragging the accomplices out, one by one. Wonder how long before they get to the office who made an ilegal arrest of a foreign national, ilegally in a foreign embassy, based on known lies about fake rape, charges, the bugging & wiring of a foreign embassy for the cia and using spanish spying experts, the vanishing of a lot of case files (AGAIN)!
        OH! Boy it’s like a tropical fruitsalad in the dock!

      11. nellyskelly – I thought you might have shown a little more respect for the opinions of Savile’s victims

      12. Awww bless, there comes the Luntzspeak, please do me a favour! My comment has nothing to do with my feelings for the victims, I answered a question, YOU should not use their suffering as your personal pawn in an argument you lost! SHAME ON YOU!

      13. nellyskelly – I have no reason to feel any shame. I’m not the one publicly disregarding the victims opinions because they don’t tally with your weird political agenda.

      14. Political agenda? Truth agenda, if agenda whatsoever. As I said I answered a question, and based on who and what we are talking about and dealing with, nothing is off the table, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER! Interesting you should jump into Prooaganda guilt trip mode so instantly! That always makes me wonder, when dealing with Luntzspeakers, now therein will lie your agenda if you are really looking for one!

      15. nellyskelly – Besides consulting various conspiracy sites have you actually bothered to read the official enquiry that took place. You may well decide to completely dismiss its detailed findings despite having no credible evidence to the contrary but at the very least you should be aware of its precise content before running around ranting unsubstantiated accusations.

      16. WOW! You are amazing, you know what doesn’t exist, that never happened or indeed will ever happen! You’re insane!
        Your Self Obsessed Condescending ranting and waffle is losing touch with reality, but then, I am not at all surprised Zombified MSM Sheeple are extremely limited!

      17. nellyskelly – Attempting to project your own shortcomings onto others won’t help you with your issues.

      18. Bless, your playground deflections should be left just there in the playground! Do you think your ignorant, condescending childlike insults have any substance, no pet, nothing but pink fluff like you, your Dear Leader BlueKeef and your party the Thatcher/Reagan flavour of Globalist Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY OnePartyState.

      19. “Can you explain why Savile’s victims, their lawyers and the official report into how the CPS and the police’s actions over the Savile case all disagree with you about Keir Starmer’s involvement. Surely they must all be in a far better position to know what actually happened than you are.”

        Because the golden rule in law (unlike politics) is you never make enemies of people who might be useful to you one day. And possibly Savile had already died by the time the lawyers shut up, given that corpses tend not to be awarded liabilities worth collecting as damages.

        That Starmer is a charlatan, a reprobate and a scoundrel becomes clearer every day SteveH. Stop wasting your time on him.

      20. qwertboi – I’ll take that as a ‘no’ + plus waffle then.

      21. One of the things people will find if they read the judgement is that the Tribunal expressly said that whether or not those allegations were true was irrelevant to the case before it. The evidence was not challenged by the respondent because that was not in issue. All that was relevant for this case was the fact of the allegations having been made, and that was agreed.

        The implication in this article that Mahmood has tacitly accepted the truth of these allegations by not rebutting them is simply not true. Skwawkbox needs to be better than this. It usually is.

        Another thing people will find is that the act of “anti-Semitism” that Cohen raised consisted of someone posting their support for the Maxine Peake article the sharing of which got Rebecca Long-Bailey into trouble. This is not something I would expect to see
        Skwawkbox supporting.

  2. It’s not! Just that Wanker, it’s all of them, every single Labour MP is FAKE Labour. We all need to move on and build up another party like the workers party GB. All this putting the Blame on Wanker is solving nothing! the underlying problem is the Labour Party and it’s complete and utter surrender to right wing policies and greed and fuck the rest of you. Labour is now a meaningless cesspit of Scabs.

      1. Have you seen the state of your Neo-Labour Party TORIES!?
        Or is your head too deep up The SUN in Lambskin’s arse to see reality?

  3. I do believe the 10/15 UK Labour Party MPs within that Cesspit of Thatcher Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORIES are still true, in intention, but in delivering they are scab, they talk UK Labour Party but they Only have Neo-Labour Party TORY OnePartyState to offer. I feel this is a great injustice to The PEOPLE, but even if I’d rather stick white hot pins in my eyeballs, than vote Neo-Labour Party TORY OnePartyState, I would stilll sugest voting for those 10/15 Democratic Socialists ONLY IF we have no Candidates to stand for their seats.
    The REAL Battle is The PEOPLE vs Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal OnePartyState!
    We The PEOPLE have only one option to vote for ANY/ALL Democratic Socialists/Socialists or non-Neoliberal Candidates.
    Vote for your Nanna!
    Vote for the Looney Party!
    Vote for the 10/15 UK Lab MPs!
    But for fucks sake DO NOT Vote for:
    The NeoLabour TORIES!
    The NeoLibDem TORIES!
    The NeoGreen TORIES!
    The NeoCon TORIES!
    Thatcher/Reagan flavour of Globalist Neoliberal OnePartyState!
    We need The PEOPLE in the HoC! ANY PEOPLE!
    PEOPLE connected to The PEOPLE!
    The Middle-Class and Up self-styled celebrity type, untouchables, dodgers and connivers, connected to their Elitist Establishment Masters! Get the fuck rid, from whatever TORY party that occupies your constituency!

    1. nellyskelly – Surely the logical thing to do would be for ‘the left’ to test their level of support by setting up a new political party instead of just talking about it.

      1. Again you are blind to the world! Good, you stay there with your head up the MSM, we have no need for you and your Middle-Class Chums!

      2. Normally, maybe. But given FPTP and the ability of the MSM to affect voters’ choices, the logical thing to do is wait until the entryists-in-Labour render that once-attractive political party ineffective and unattractive (thus unelectable), then either start a ‘new party’ or fix the old one.

      3. qwertboi – Given that all the big affiliated Unions have now changed their policy to support Proportional Representation and that 83% of Labour’s membership support PR which party do you think is more likely to change the voting system.

      4. It’s also about leaving The PEOPLE to experience The Suffering for long enough so that it wakes them up!
        Magic happens in times of oppression in politics, art, music, as revolting as the times may be.
        The PEOPLE had a CHOICE, we may not be the Middle-Class & UP of the Sabotaging Neo-Labour Party TORIES, who instigated the VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Sabotage Campaign, but we were aware of them and we were aware that they were going to be the Parasites who prop up the remains of the the DEAD thing that once was The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 DEC’19). We let them, because of our lack of unity and our lack of self-control when it comes to MSM divission Propaganda!
        Socialism in the UK has become WEAK, NAIVE & GULLIBLE! Sadly for that there is only one cure suffering, unless we pull a hat trick, the next GE will ensure that! Whether people vote Neo-Labour TORIES, NeoLibDem TORIES, NeoGreen TORIES or NeoCon TORIES, with Thatcher Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal OnePartyState being the order of ‘The West’s’ day, suffer we will!
        Some very interesting albeit self induced hard times ahead. It will be good to see The PEOPLE wake up FINALLY, if we can survive the onslaught on the Sick, Disabled, Elderly, Poor, Unemployed aka UNDESERVING POOR, for that long!

      5. “Given that all the big affiliated Unions have now changed their policy to support Proportional Representation and that 83% of Labour’s membership support PR which party do you think is more likely to change the voting system.”

        Neither – for as long as a Starmer or a Reeves or a Cooper or a Streeting (and their ilk) is leader of Labour.

    2. If the alleged good ones were any use at all they would be speaking out!! instead all we get are those fake lefties spewing all the nice words and all they do is build a prophylactic shield around a party of money grabbing bastards,

      1. Yup, I am not going to argue because it seems like there is a lot more talking about what’s wrong than fixing what’s wrong going on, we know what is wrong, it’s happening to us FFS! Something needs to give polite and nice won’t get us very far at all! We need a teal Badass rough around the edges docker & bar brawler or a Gypsy King to start making the right noises! Too much politeness going on for my liking!

      2. nellyskelly – ….and there was I thinking you were a ‘sweet little old lady’ with a penchant for polka dots 😏

  4. Whoopido!!

    Give a gold medal to that woman!

    It appears to be the wimmin’ that are
    in the fore-front of the fight-back.

    So we have first Audrey and now Elaina
    and there is another who has asked for
    financial support via Jewish Voice for
    Labour for legal advice. The “case”
    against the latter woman is so ludicrous
    it reads like a Monty Python sketch.

      1. Lets help these Women and take that entire rug away!
        This is UK 2020!
        This is the supposed “llabour party”!
        We can’t allow our comrades to be treated like this!
        For EXACTLY 4y3m was Antisemitism, while Black, Muslim, Fringe Jewish MPs and Members, mostly women, were abused day in day out and on many occasions by the same people screaming Antisemitism!
        NO race/culture are superior to any other obviously “Labour” does not know this! They NEED to be educated @skwawkbox it may be good for you to draw attention to this and promote their petition.

  5. I’d say condoning the abuse of vulnerable women, not prosecuting Mrs. Thatcher’s friend, Jimmy Savile, and violating the human rights of journalist Julian Assange all show that Keir Rodney Starmer is a very inadequate person and certainly should not be leader of Labour

    Don’t forget the refusal to prosecute damien grope (for the same things as he wants assange to swing for)

    And grant shafts – even though the met police said shapps’ dealings may have constituted fraud.

    (Keef resigned as DPP that very day)

    1. Toffee – Some on here may value your opinion, there’s no accounting for some peoples gullibility.

      1. Gullibility

        Coming from you, of all smarmer-worshipping mugs.

        Yeah, ok then, soft ollies. 🤫

      2. And as for ‘valuing opinions’….

        When was the last time one of your posts wasn’t met with almost universal derision?


  6. Having read the verdict of the Employment Tribunal I have to concur that this is not as clear as the article purports. It is not the case that “the central issue of my tribunal case was about vulnerable women who were victims of serial abuse by a Labour member” .
    This was reported to West Midlands Police on 21st Jan 2020 and then shared more widely with Jennie Formby, the then General Secretary of the Labour Party and Mahmood on 21st Feb 2020.
    Following this (from the Tribunal):

    Conclusion of Police investigation
    69. On 9 March 2020 DCI Pearson and DS Simpson of the West Midlands Police Constabulary had a meeting with the Claimant at Perry Barr. They explained that the investigation (Operation Aureus) was complete and there was no criminal investigation to progress. Four out of five alleged victims had withdrawn and the fifth alleged victim was refusing to engage.
    70. The Police asked the Claimant if they had any further information to support the investigation. She said that there were a number of WhatsApp messages but admitted that these would not add any additional value. It was arranged however that these would be supplied to the police.
    71. The Claimant thanked the Police for their work on this investigation. This thanks was reiterated by her in an email dated 11 March 2020.

    There then follows a series of emails from the Claimant to Starmer
    An April 2020 email concerning alleged anti-semitism (not upheld by the tribunal)
    23rd Sep 2020 email concerning an Occupational Health dispute with Mahmood
    11 October email regarding a trading of insults between the Claimant and Mahmood
    25th November email regarding anti-semitism
    13 Jan 2021 email where the issue of criminality is raised

    As the investigation had been concluded by 9th March 2020 (though Formby had been notified on 21st Feb), Starmer being informed of it is 10 months later after a series of other matters being brought to his attention by the Claimant. This does not seem the basis for a an accusation of a cover-up nor does it validate the notion that the abuse claims were central to the tribunal. As p7 notes

    According to the Claimant “A” made serious allegations about sexual exploitation, bullying and blackmail into criminal actions. We have received a witness statement from A, which was not challenged by the Respondent with the result that we did not hear any live evidence. The Tribunal did not understand that this means that the Respondent accepts the truth of this statement, but rather that none of the content of this statement which is relevant to the list of issues is disputed.

    You may read the report and come to a different conclusion: I have no enthusiasm for Starmer, nor reason to take against Cohen, but the evidence of the report, as I read it, does not tally with an accusation of cover-up on Starmer’s part.

    1. Not a cover-up, a failure to acknowledge and act on.

      The ‘forensic’ leader is choosing what to acknowledge and respond to. Nothing Starmer or Labour has said verifies that the Tribunal even occurred. Holocaust-deniers are no worse than Sir Reprobate Starmer on this.

      1. qwertboi, Starmer’s responses are not within the remit of the Tribunal so I don’t know whether he acknowledged the email on 13th Jan 2021 or any previous. Those previous emails seem to attest to the unhealthy working relationship of Cohen and Mahmood (which prompted me to remark earlier that reinstatement would be the worst possible resolution of this) and the one informing him of the allegations of criminality is 10 months after it was determined that there was no criminal investigation to progress. Starmer should have concluded that Mahmood was a liability and dropped him from the front bench though as Mahmood did this in April (for not entirely coherent reasons) I suspect he knew his time was up.

      2. When I accused Starmer of failure to acknowledge the Tribunal and failing to censure the behaviour of Khalid Mahmood, I meant it as a political failing. There might be very important legalistic points here, but I’m not a lawyer and wasn’t alluding to any. Your points on the ‘remit’ of the Tribunal might well be pertinent and serious, but, alas, are over my head Tim

        No, I’m speaking as an ethical agent who is disgusted that a supposed leader of Labour can choose to disregard and ignore a serious judgement of abuse by one of his former shadow ministers and MPs. I’m noting ,as well, how inconsistent the MSM is in how they report this. If Jeremy Corbyn were still leader of Labour, Mahmood’s abusive, misogynistic behaviour would be front-page for months and probably cited as evidence of the leader’s moral dilapidation and a cause of SADS (sudden adult death syndrome).

      3. qwertboi – Really, have you forgotten that JC reinstated Mike Hill?

        Hill was suspended from the Labour Party in September 2019 over allegations of sexual harassment, but reinstated in October 2019. In January 2020, his request for anonymity was turned down in an upcoming employment tribunal related to the accusations. The alleged victim stated that she had also made a report to the Metropolitan Police at the time of the original accusations.
        On 16 March 2021, Hill announced his resignation with immediate effect ,,,,,,,,,,,This was after the Independent Expert Panel (IEP) had found that Hill breached Parliament’s sexual misconduct policy.

      4. qwertboi – Really, have you forgotten that JC reinstated Mike Hill?

        Jeremy reinstated him to the Labour Whip once the case against him was dropped, Starmer hasn’t treated the case against Mahmood with similar openness and integrity.

        Also, Starmer and Mandelson’s anti-socialist , factionalism made sure that Mike Hill’s seat (Hartlepool) went to Jill Mortimer and the Conservative party – a trend that will surely continue no-matter how much the synchronised-MSM tell us Sir Keir of the Billionaires’ is a hero and a saint.

      5. qwertboi – “Once the case against him was dropped” Not according to the victim

        This is what Hill’s victim said
        THE woman who has accused Hartlepool Labour candidate Mike Hill of sexual assault spoke out for the first time last night after party leader Jeremy Corbyn was seen with his arm around the would-be MP.
        In her first ever media interview, the woman told The Northern Echo that she wanted people voting in Hartlepool to know that she had not dropped her complaint against Mr Hill, and he had not been exonerated, as some people believe.
        Mr Corbyn was seen with his arm around Mr Hill on a stage in Middlesbrough yesterday as he visited the North-East on a whistle-stop tour of the country on the eve of the election, something seen by Labour insiders as a disastrous lapse of judgement.
        Mr Hill has “completely rejected” the allegations. But The Northern Echo has learned that he has tried to stop his name being revealed as part of legal proceedings being brought by the woman in the New Year. A decision is pending on the matter.
        The woman has also complained about one of Mr Corbyn’s inner circle, whom she said advised her not to make it an issue, because “a lot of complaints go into the Labour Party, and nothing was ever done about them”.
        However the woman went ahead and a complaint about alleged sexual assault, harassment and victimisation was lodged earlier this year both with Labour and with Parliament’s Independent Complaints and Grievance Process (ICGS). The woman also said she reported the matter to the Metropolitan Police in London.
        Mr Hill was suspended from the party, had the Labour whip withdrawn, and was standing as an independent MP while the inquiry was ongoing.
        The woman then asked the Labour Party to “park” the complaint until the ICGS investigation was complete, as she had “lost faith” in the process when details of her complaint were leaked to the national press.
        Mr Hill then had the whip restored while suggesting publicly that the allegation had been withdrawn.
        However, the woman said she had never withdrawn the complaint and had just asked it to be on hold while the ICGS inquiry was ongoing. “

        Please read the full article

    2. The case is a complex one I agree. However
      the women who had previously complained
      subsequently withdrew these. This was probably because Elaina, against police advice, foolishly
      told Mahmud about the police investigation.

      Am confused about when Starmer was told about
      the women’s alleged abuse? However what I
      want to know is – did he at any time ask to speak
      to any of these women given that the abuse concerned one of his MPs ? One would have
      thought this the minimum he could do. Presumably with his legal hat on this would not have been been
      “sub- judice”.

      Also – if the women who Elaina says were
      abused were willing to give evidence to this
      effect – would it be allowed to stand
      regarding her complaint about Starmer?***

      A side issue here which came out in the tribunal
      papers is that Elaina reported an individual (I can’t
      remember who!) for anti semitism where the issue
      was exactly that which got Rebecca Long-Bailey
      sacked from the shadow Cabinet:

      The result – the individual was not judged

      Elaina made something of this in her
      presentation to the Employment Tribunal,
      but I do not think it is mentioned in her
      complaint about Starmer.

      *** This is all rather complicated for a
      scientist ..
      What I mean is are people who withdraw
      their statements to the police allowed to
      un-withdraw them?

      1. HFM – My understanding is that Mahmood had no direct involvement whatsoever in this alleged abuse other than Cohen (against specific police advise) reporting these allegations to him about one of her fellow CLP staff colleagues.

  7. It takes nearly two years for the Labour party to deal with anycomplaint. How long is David Evans going to kick this one into the long grass?

    Unless of course it’s an antisemitic complaint, or one of having the most spurious of links to a proscribed organisation – even when it wasn’t proscribed.

    But the question is will keef & fat Dave still be there in two years?

    I sincerely hope not.

  8. More Labour hypocrisy? Selective outrage. This from Rachel Reeves:

    Today, we stand with all Ukrainians on their national day, and in their struggle for peace and freedom.

    Against Russian aggression, your courage and defiance is an inspiration.

    Slava Ukraini!

    …Unthinkable however:

    Today, we stand with all Palestinians on their national day, and in their struggle for peace and freedom.

    Against Israeli aggression, your courage and defiance is an inspiration.

    Glory to Palestine!

    You don’t hear much on Palestine from Paul Mason either.

  9. Quite Andy

    And the sad thing is that in recognising the
    similarity of their situations –

    The Palestinians SUPPORT the Ukrainians
    in their plight and fight for justice.

    But Zelenski does not support the
    Palestinians – or did not ?

    There is a lot of ignorance of the history
    of Palestine and what happened after WW1
    and the fall of
    The Russian Empire
    The Ottoman Empire
    The German Empire
    The Austro-Hungarian .

    The actor Maureen Lipman tried to
    define Jewish Identity in her statement that
    Jewish characters should only be played
    by Jewish actors. However she appeared
    not to have heard of the role of
    the mandate as in ‘The British Mandate for
    Palestine’ in Israel’s history ..

  10. Also, Starmer and Mandelson’s anti-socialist , factionalism made sure that Mike Hill’s seat (Hartlepool) went to Jill Mortimer and the Conservative party

    For the first time in its history! No coincidence it was a 70% leave seat, but 70% of labour voters wanted to remain, apparently.

    And it went blue three months after brexit was done & dusted.

    And absolutely nowt to do with keef again imposing yet another (remainist) flunkey on another seat…

    ..Oh and the toerags made more gains there in last May’s locals than smarmerism did.

    …But keefs’ doing a great job…He’s ahead in the polls, dontcha know? 😙🎶

  11. I thought you might have shown a little more respect for the opinions of Savile’s victims

    Yeah, because having the files on savile deleted was a touch of fucking genius, wasn’t it?

    But then again, there was I thinking keef might’ve shown a little more respect for the opinion of the families of Hillsborough victims.


    1. Tofffee – Perhaps you should inform yourself by doing some research and at the very least read the official enquiry before commenting further.

      1. Done it, bellend.

        It’s up there ^^^^ in black n white.

        And as you seem to be so concerned with victims…It’s been noted you’ve made ZERO mention for the victims of keefs’ shithousery – those kids who will go to school and come home, hungry, because keef didn’t want to make known any sort of dissent about it?


      2. Toffee – Oh dear, you’re retreating to that load of rubbish again.

  12. MSM will not touch this with a barge pole. The anti-Semitism accusations against Jeremy were part of a conspiracy by the establishment to provide the ‘Final Solution’ & eliminate Socialism, with every part being carefully orchestrated & everyone from Murdoch News Corp to Branson’s Virgin; from BBC to the Guardian; from………all being part of a big Media stick designed to keep on beating, no questions asked & no defence allowed NO PLATFORM!

  13. Oh dear, you’re retreating to that load of rubbish again.

    I see….The files WEREN’T deleted?

    Keef NEVER apologised?

    He NEVER said in the commons last year that: Leadership is about taking responsibility, and if there is an apology to be made, that apology should come from the top’. ?

    He DIDNT promise not to speak to THAT rag? (In Liverpool?)

    And you tell us that keefs’ shithousery on making children hungry is: ‘“A load of rubbish” is it?

    Know what that makes you?

    You come across as exactly the snivelling type that’d keep quiet and hide under the bedclothes if you woke up to find yer missus & daughter being gangraped – because there’d be too many of them to make any difference

    Sickening, miserable nonce-excusing rodent that y’are. May all your teeth fall out except one – and may that plague you with toothache for the rest of your unjustifiable existence.

    I’m done with it.

    1. Toffee – You really should read the report and the follow up actions that were instigated as a result before commenting further,

      1. Actions that should’ve been taken by keef when he – lest we EVER forget – was DPP.

        NOT after his shithousery and when he thinks he’s been absolved of ANY blame.

        You’re a shithouse AND a nonce enabler. You should NEVER be allowed near children…Or humans…Or animals.

        Now fuck off and molest your livestock.

      2. Toffee – Your response tells me all I need to know about the veracity of your inane uninformed rhetoric.

      3. Blow it outta yer arse, as per,
        you godawful, disgusting nonce-enabling, nonce apologist.

        According to you the only victimsare keef and smarmerists. Anyone else – especially anyone with a left-leaning tendency – brings it upon themselves.

        That’s exactly the mindset of the pederast.

        That tells ME all I need know about you. You’re of NO use to society. You are a case on point for the eugenicists.

        If they ever got their way, I’d make damn bleedin’ sure you was at the top of the list.

        After all, the case is compelling.

      4. Toffee – You really do need to get a grip of yourself, before you blow a fuse.

  14. According to you the only victimsare keef and smarmerists. Anyone else – especially anyone with a left-leaning tendency – brings it upon themselves.

    I should’ve mentioned that applies especially when they happen to be dark-skinned females of a left-leaning tendency.

    So you can add misogynistic racistto your list of opprobrium.

    1. Toffee – Where have I said that.
      As for your racist slurs, I’m not the one with the hang-ups about race. You are the one that constantly refers to peoples ethnicity and tries to make a big deal about it, not me.
      My wife of over a quarter of a century is Afro Caribbean and surprise, surprise our daughter is dark skinned and mixed race, all my neighbours are black, nearly all my friends here are black and I have chosen to live in the country country where where my wife grew up where nearly everyone happens to be dark skinned.
      Unlike you I judge people by their character, their skin colour simply doesn’t come into the equation.
      I do wonder why you keep doing this to yourself whenever you stupidly back yourself into a corner.

      1. SteveH – have you watched the evidence
        on the “Not the Andrew Marr Show” and
        from the Forde report?

        If so do you deny that Labour Party members
        have exhibited disgraceful examples of
        racism and these have not been sanctioned
        or even admitted?

        In this case their VICTIMS have complained
        – and noone else so are you saying they
        should just take it on the chin and ignore?

      2. HFM – I’ve read the Forde Report. I wasn’t aware that I had denied anything. If you can clarify what you mean I’ll do what I can to respond.

  15. I could not give less of a fuck about you, your family or your neighbours – so don’t bore me with your life story because I’m not interested. .

    I know what I see…And I see a racist, misogynist,anti-social,cultist, nonce excuser and apologist with a predilection for annoying the fuck out of people, seeking attention and nothing else.

    Got that?

    If not, then you best get it.

    1. Toffee – Oooh what a big strong and forceful man you are 😨
      I’m sure that somewhere out there someone will be suitably impressed.

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