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Starmer betrays vulnerable and low-paid by abandoning promise to scrap Universal Credit

Yet another promise shredded as Starmer maintains 100% weasel record

Keir Starmer has broken yet another promise – maintaining his perfect betrayal record – by abandoning his pledge to scrap the hateful and cruel Universal Credit system through which the Tories have inflicted years of misery and poverty on the UK’s lowest earning and most vulnerable.

Starmer’s Work and Pensions spokesman Jon Ashworth, challenged directly whether Starmer – who has already been mocked this week for claiming he will ‘renew’ the UK after thirteen years of Tory cuts without spending more – would honour his promise to scrap the system that has pushed huge numbers into abject poverty, responded that:

We’re going to reform universal credit … it’s a computer system. We’re not going to go back to the six different benefits that I think it brought together but we are going to reform it.

The lumping together of benefits that were previously tailored to the needs and circumstances of different types of claimant is one of the fundamentally damaging aspects of Universal Credit – and Labour had unequivocally promised to get rid of the whole system and ‘replace’ it with something fit for purpose, to show that ‘Labour is on the side of working people’, millions of whom rely on benefits to top up low pay they are forced to accept while employers fatten profits:

Starmer has already shredded every one of the promises he made to Labour members, including his promise to renationalise the NHS and utilities, a plan that is hugely popular with voters across the political spectrum. Now – after he and his health spokesman accepted large donations from private health interests – he has said that he intends to use more private providers behind the NHS badge and refuses to commit to increasing public sector pay or the services they provide.

Starmer was asked this week by an interviewer what the point is of voting Labour when he will be no different to the Tories. If there is any difference, it’s an even lower level of trustworthiness. A Starmer promise is not fit to wipe your backside with.

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    1. Just watched Oksana Boyko’s interview with Dimitris Konstantakopoulos, former adviser to Andreas Papandreou, on RT’S Swentr platform. The contrast with the imperialist war-mongering lackey, who’s conned his way into Labour leadership, couldn’t be greater.

      An adviser who values the emerging multipolar world is a breath of wonderful fresh air after Starmer’s craven propagandising for war in Ukraine with his war-cry “our commitment to NATO is unshakable “.

    2. The writing was on the wall when the genius reynolds told us his grand scheme was merely to ‘rename’ UC. Then, of course, there was liam byrne…The pretend hard-man but in reality thick-as-mince note-leaving gobshite who actually wanted to ASSIST dummkopf-schmitt implement UC.

      And let us NEVER forget the reeves creature, and it’s attitude towards the unemployed, the sick, and welfare claimants.

      How they must miss the reeves-encouraging snide frankenfield and his genial idealogy. Had he still been an MP (Thank your stars he ain’t, the decrepit arld bastard) then it’d be kids up chimneys…Gotta get value for their free school meal, eh, keef?

  1. He and Reeves have got George Osborne’s vote.

    Probably half the parliamentary Conservative party’s too, given the way they all express absolute confidence the next govt will ‘fully reform’ the NHS.

    One term, one big Labour majority and a fully privatised NHS. What have Starmer, Reeves and Wes Streeting secretly got planned?

    Depressing as hell, ain’t it. But what are the unions doing about it?

    1. But what are the unions doing about it?

      Well I haven’t seen the PCS do a dickybird to put a stop to their JCP members being ordered to sanction claimants for the most spurious of reasons, under threat of disciplinary measures/dismissal.

      What to gather from that? I mean, we’ve already heard how they once threatened to tear up their £25 M&S vouchers because: ‘ the carrot is a small one.’

  2. Guardian – Former Tory minister quits party and lavishes praise on Starmer

    It’s Claire Perry. Since leaving the government, she has held senior advisory positions – including at the consultancy firm McKinsey & Co, as well as Scottish Power. Before entering politics she worked for Bank of America, McKinsey & Company and Credit Suisse.

    These are the sorts of ‘converts’ he’s winning over. Fair to say they aren’t coming because they’ve discovered his mislaid 10 Pledges.

    Another great privatisation carve-up beckons.

  3. Came across the following video recently, which is well worth checking out AND quite astonishing. It’s mostly about John Kennedy’s assassination, but more to the point, it’s about evil people. I’ve read quite a few books on the topic (albeit many years ago), and thought I knew just about everything there was to know about the assassination, but I was wrong! Yes, it’s very long (but you don’t have to watch it all in one go), but it’s so engrossing time just flies by:

    Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick

  4. Starmer’s on a roll! Following on from Soubry, another ex-Tory Minister lavishes praise on him. If that’s not a warning, what do voters for this Labour Party want – a cricket bat around the head?

    Keir Starmer is – not – a socialist, of any kind!

    ‘Former Tory minister quits party and lavishes praise on Starmer.’

    ‘Claire Perry O’Neill, who was part of Theresa May’s cabinet, lauds the Labour leader’s ‘sober’ and ‘competent’ leadership.’

  5. ITs clear to many of us that whats happening around the western world is nothing to do with left or right but about a reset of control politics and little more than slave labour…..Greed on a industrial scale and manufactured wars,disease and scams ..The knights gone to see the WEF to take instruction from a unelected world order and its as simple as that.
    Change cannot happen in this corrupt system and the working class and the unions who have not joined the private club are under threat from the nightmare world order.
    .ITs time to understand that things are not going on as usual and we are all facing a catastrophe from a insane group of desperate and degenerate group of politicians and elites who have sold their souls and their politics and country.for power and money .💰.and a nice life for themselves and their families..
    ..IN years to come people will laugh at the ridiculous situation of a party and senior union figures partaking in the obscenity of pomp and privilege with knights and Barons lords and Ladys representing the “Working class” and not questioning how can you support that piece of “establishment filth “in my humble opinion.

  6. You were told this would happen…But you knew anyway.

    Next shithouse trick is a return to work for your dole.

    But hey!? Keef’s got a green paper!!

    What’s not to like??. 😒

    1. You’ve linked it enough times. Ten pledges. Now this. But of course, keef’s to be trusted, isn’t he?

      Perhaps you’d like to take the liberty of reminding us all… Just like you ALWAYS DO** – what happened to the brexit that wasn’t gonna happen on his watch?

      OH!!!! Silly me – keef’s gonna take back control… isn’t he?

      That green paper and everything in it, will be set in stone, won’t it?

      ‘Cos keef’s NOT the type to wait & see. Oh, no! He’s a real doer is keef.



      1. Take it whatever way you want, soft shite. You don’t even understand what a green paper entails

        We’ll see how much of keef’s green paper he sticks to – in the unlikely event he becomes PM.

        “Nowhere does that say renationalisation” 😒

      2. Toffee – Given that the Green Paper that Labour will enact within 100 days of winning the next general election is about Employment Rights then I would be surprised if it covered renationalisation.

      3. And how long until THIS one becomes the latest example? It was tweeted immediately after the above example…I’m just surprised it hasn’t gone out the window with the last one

        Keir Starmer
        We must scrap the inhuman Work Capability Assessments and private provision of disability assessments (e.g. ATOS), scrap punitive sanctions, two-child limit and benefits cap.
        5:04 PM · Feb 6, 2020

        Say ta-ra to THAT, too.

      4. Toffee – Come back and tell me all about it when you’ve actually got something to say beyond idle speculation.

      5. SteveH10/01/2023 AT 3:49 PM
        Toffee – Given that the Green Paper that Labour will enact within 100 days of winning the next general election is about Employment Rights then I would be surprised if it covered renationalisation.

        Given that keef’s ten broken pledges (Most of which didn’t even last 100 days) were wide ranging to the point of all-embracing, nobody – but NOBODY will be surprised when his miraculous green paper – something that hasn’t even got to the debate stage (probably NEVER will, at least in its current form) – will be ditched partially or, more likely, in it’s entirety.

        SteveH10/01/2023 AT 3:52 PM
        Toffee – ….and your point is?

        That you have to pretend to be so fucking bereft of intelligence inasmuch you you’d have the compulsion to ask is nothing more than ample proof you’re beyond a piss-take

        And don’t bother to proffer the usual tedium of another complaint about a foul-mouthed rant. At least you KNOW what to expect from me**

        Something the nation cannot expect from the object of your unhealthy infatuation.

        **Especially when you provoke the response you’re after.

      6. Toffee – As I said above – Come back and tell me all about it when you’ve actually got something to say beyond idle speculation.

      7. SteveH10/01/2023 AT 3:55 PM
        Toffee – Come back and tell me all about it when you’ve actually got something to say beyond idle speculation.

        Idle speculation??

        Oh, ok plums. Getting brexit done, is keef. Taking back control… Just as was ‘Idly speculated’ 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

        Ten pledges that went south in as many weeks…or, to be fair, months…As “Idly speculated”

        The gift that just keeps giving.

  7. According to the Independent Starmer has accepted £752,000 THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION POUNDS!!!! in “personal” donations. Now what is the word I am looking for … starts with a “C” …. no not that one … though I can see the justification!

    1. “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” – Tacitus, The Annals of Imperial Rome .

      Blair’s 13,000+ new laws and regulations will surely be outdone by the corrupt charlatan currently leading Labour.

  8. Abandoning a promise to decommission and replace Universal Credit confirms not only Starmer’s support for and espousal of Duncan Smith and Osborne’s neoliberal, means-tested benefits, it shows that he is an economically hard-right extremist by current Conservative party standards and that he endorses the belief that people have no unquestionable right to basic anti-poverty and mental health protection from their Government.

    Sir Keir and Rachel Reeves out-blair Tony Blair and has probably re-lost Labour the 5m+ votes that Blair and Iraq cost from 1997 until Jeremy Corbyn.

  9. Starmer, Reeves and Streeting, the true ideological heirs to Gordon Gekko’s, “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good” mantra.

    The last true believers in ‘trickle-down’ economic theory.

  10. Sanctions don’t work, they end up costing the taxpayer 10 times what they take away from claimants
    What would you do if you had nothing to live on
    There is ample evidence that a decent safety net pays for itself, how many of our musicians, actors and entrepreneurs lived on benefits whilst in pursuit of their dreams
    This country earns billions from its Creatives
    Universal Credit is a good system in cheap and nasty hands, nothing more money and time can’t fix

  11. Crapita maximus atos and all those Doug states are leaching billions out of the benefits system costing the tax payers more better to pay and had more working in the DWP JCP but would it change under stammer nope

    1. Spot-on, Jeffrey.

      Workfare was more expensive than if the DWP had left people alone instead of outsourcing to poverty pimps like the woeful a4e (Who criticised my CV then proceeded to put the wrong mobile number on it, as well as jobs I’d never had AND sent me for a job that didn’t exist!!), and even the sally army – Who I read reports of being extremely vindictive in theiralmost free-for-all money-grubbing, poverty-pimping endeavours.

      Then there’s been the £££(Hundreds of) millions – IIRC – spunked on faulty/useless IT systems. UC was one on the verge of being ‘Called in’ (Again IIRC)

      And still the same shower cop all these contracts for being worse than useless – even fraudulent on occasion.

      It’s time to bring a load of things back in-house instead of governments (Of whatever colour) boxing off their bent-as-buggery mates.

  12. “I want to be clear. For people who can’t work, they deserve security with inclusion, not fear or threats. A Labour government will always guarantee that.

    Blairism introduced the WCA’s, so that’s a crock of shit.

    “But when we know there are hundreds of thousands of people currently out of work and economically inactive who may want to participate in employment with the right support, then we owe it to them and their families to give them a fair chance to participate in decent employment.”

    “With the right SUPPORT”…Almost EXACTLY the same language used by dummkopf-schitt and fester mcvile.

    Code for: “You’re not really ill/disabled….If Johnny Peacock can win several gold medals at the paralympics then you’re f***ing SUPERMAN”

    I mean, who the absolute F would trust anything from the gob of that fat-tongued meff ashworth? Who allowed him out of his school uniform? Every time I have to look at the beaut on TV or in the paper I’m reminded of just william ffs×200/j/just_william_1977.jpg

    I wont be going out for a drink with him again….Or will I?”

    … And: “I’m not telling…It’s confidential”

    What a fat-tongued meff. 🤬

    1. Oh looky here, wee fella….

      In the address to the Centre for Social Justice, a think tank founded by former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith, he said “hundreds of thousands” could be helped back into work with better support.

      Hmmm….Addressing neo-nazi toerag think tanks with (what is essentially) the same plan as the Hitler moustache-eyebrowed neo-nazi toerag imbecile himself 😙🎵

      But I suppose I’m guilty of idle speculation again, eh? 😕

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