Streeting wants to be PM. Here’s his ‘disgusting, disgraceful’ tirade at UK’s 1st Black woman MP

Streeting’s ‘true colours’ have shown themselves on repeated occasions

Blairite Labour MP Wes Streeting, the Shadow Health Secretary who has accepted large sums from donors with private health interests, has stated publicly that he would like to be PM – a confession that will surprise very few people in a newspaper puff piece that will surprise no one, given the frequent attempts of the media to talk up the archetype of right-wing, visionless vacuity into a future Labour leader.

But Streeting’s record reveals a nature very different from the persona his media fans present. In 2018, Streeting launched a tirade in the face of Britain’s first Black woman MP, Diane Abbott, after she talked in the Commons chamber about support she had received from Jewish constituents – a tirade that eye-witnesses said was ‘disgraceful’ and ‘disgusting’, leaving Abbott ‘shell-shocked’.

Streeting denied Skwawkbox’s exclusive revelations of his conduct at tried to use legal threats to force Skwawkbox to retract the article. Instead, this site stood its ground and the legal threat came to nothing.

An image posted by Christine Dawson in response to the report of Streeting’s ambition listed other worrying comments:

Streeting has also been slammed previously for a slur against dementia sufferers. Quite apart from his character deficiencies, his readiness to accept cash from private health industries and his expressed determination to increase NHS privatisation make him deeply dangerous to ordinary people as a potential Health Secretary, let alone as Prime MInister.

But Streeting’s wrongs are anything but out of line with his faction: like Streeting, party leader Keir Starmer has accepted substantial donations from private health interests, is committed to the use of private providers in the NHS – despite promising the opposite to con Labour members into voting for him to be party leader. Starmer has covered up abuse of women while welcoming back into the party MPs, staff and candidates with records of racism and sexual harassment, while his regime has blocked Black members from selection as parliamentary candidates and even deselected Black and Muslim councillors en masse in areas with high numbers of Black and Muslim residents.

When are the ‘mainstream’ media going to start doing their actual job?

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    Takes no shit, does our smeller…Or so she reckons #noshittakingmp – L.O.FOOKING.L.

    Anyhoo, I’ll just leave this here. Enjoy.

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  3. I think he might challenge heir Starmer before the next G/E i hope he wins because he is one slimy fucking piece of shite

  4. This has to be a joke – Streeting makes the late Bernard Manning seem sophisticated.
    On second thoughts he is a boor and a bully and a deeply unpleasant piece of work and therefore just the sort of person who Starmers Labour will choose to run the party when Starmer takes himself off to the House of Lords.

      1. Toffee,

        I suspect that the Chief Turd Polisher in an InflammaTORY trolling mole.

    1. Who cares about what Paul Mason thinks? I don’t.
      I am not a teenager, I was a member of the Labour Party for nearly 30 years until I couldn’t stand the stench of fascism emanating from it after Starmer became leader.
      I have watched the film and it makes a lot of sense to me. No sure Starmer is a CIA’s agent or similar but, I buy that he sabotaged Corbyn’s project 100%.
      The only thing that I agree with Mason is: that ultimately it was Corbyn inability to defend himself from the PLP’s constant attacks that defeated his project.

      1. See my response to your falsehood down the page. I posted it as a reply to your 4.42pm comment, but it somehow mysteriously ended up at the bottom of the comments. But this is my main message to you Maria:


        **THAT** is a TOTALLY fascist thing to do in my book!!

      2. And WHERE precisely in his article does Mason say that it was Jeremy’s inability to defend himself etc that defeated his project Maria?

        Would you mind copying it and posting it in a reply to this post. The only thing Mason says that I recall is the following:

        But there is no evidence Corbynism failed because of state conspiracy, either by Israel or the British government. On the contrary – and the film [Oh Jeremy Corbyn: The Big Lie] completely ignores this – Corbynism destroyed itself.

      3. Reply to Allan Howard
        In response to your comment about victim blaming at 5.53- I whole heartedly agree. I have posted frequently and at length about what Jeremy Corbyn was up against. This is not me being ” smart” – it is common knowledge so those posters who persistently blame Jeremy for the outcome of hate and vilification campaign that was relentlessly waged against him clearly have their own agenda

      4. I just read Mason’s article AGAIN – and did so knowing that Maria is lying, and Mason said no such thing – and she IS!

        And anyone who clicked on the link and read the article will know that THAT is the case. The whole article – and his reason and purpose in writing it – was to dismiss and deride the claims made in the film. Here are a few passages from it:

        The film presents a full-blown conspiracy theory about Corbyn’s opponents, conflating Zionists, Jews and Israel as part of a force that “orchestrated” his overthrow.

        Seventeen minutes in, after presenting evidence of an “orchestrated campaign” against Corbyn, the narrator, Alexei Sayle asks: “But if it was an orchestrated campaign, who was in the orchestra?” There follows a silent montage showing the Jewish Board of Deputies, the Jewish Labour Movement, Labour Friends of Israel, and the Israel Advocacy Movement.

        But with conspiracy theorists, derision is sometimes not enough.

        If Mason is claiming that all the reasons given in the film are conspiracy theories – which he IS of course – then it is of course totally illogical that he would say that the reason the Corbyn project failed is because he, Jeremy, failed to defend himself against the accusations made by these groups and organisations and Labour Party MPs (right-wing Blairites), AND Maria told a BIG fat lie – a falsehood – so as to have readers believe that Mason said such a thing (which SHE, herself, has said on a number of occasions in the past). In other words, she was trying to deceive readers, and have them believe that Mason thinks the same as her – ie uses Mason to reinforce the falsehood she has dissembled on this site before. Fraudulently uses him that is!


        Needless to say, Mason’s diatribe is one big, long falsehood, and it would be interesting to get his response to THIS, in which Marie van der Zyl – the president of the BoD – tells a whopping great vicious lie about Jeremy on an Israeli news station:

      5. I posted the following on JVLs website last week:

        I think we can be 1000% certain that not a single person on the planet in the past hundred years or so has ever said or claimed that Hitler was a Zionist, but John Mann and Ian Austin and dozens of journalists and columnists supposedly believed that Ken said such a totally absurd thing. Yeah, sure they did! As if!!

        And you can ALSO be 1000% certain that Paul Mason is well aware that this has been said on numerous occasions in the MSM over the past seven years AND that HE knows damn well it’s a malevolent lie and, as such, an abhorrent smear.

        Oh, right, but it’s ALL conspiracy theories, eh! Fuck off Mason you fascist piece of shite!!

      6. I regard the stance by Paul Mason as a ‘reverse endorsement’— Paul Mason’s opposition to it is a recommendation for watching it.
        It is true that Corbyn made some serious mistakes as leader. To his credit, he admits that he got some things wrong. Some of them can be seen in the book The Starmer Project by Oliver Eagleton.

        Given that he had already twice tried to oust Corbyn as leader, Starmer needed to be handled with great care. Unfortunately, he was not and he was put into the ideal position to destroy Corbyn’s leadership.

      7. Allan we are all entitled to our opinions. It doesn’t make a fascist to have a different opinion to yours.
        It doesn’t make me a liar either or that I am blaming Corbyn but, rather accepting that in my opinion Corbyn could have done things differently. We all have options and Corbyn did have other options that he decided not to pursue.
        Ironically, fascists always believe that they are right and everybody else is wrong. They disqualify others by calling them names such as liars, idiots, Trots, fools, senile and other niceties.
        Another aspect of fascism is the cult to the personality of the leader, something that you appear to have when it comes to Corbyn.
        In your eyes Corbyn did nothing wrong and he couldn’t have done anything better. In my eyes he made mistakes out of kindness. Corbyn doesn’t have a back bone in his body. Despite his years in politics he lacks malice and a killer instinct. Corbyn never contemplated that his many opponents within the PLP were acting out of malice, that they were out to get him. As the honourable man that he is, he gave the barracudas the benefit of the doubt, believing they were acting in good faith until his enemies within the PLP with the help of the MSM destroy him and his project.
        I am entitled to bereave what it could have been but never was and analyse what in my opinion Corbyn could have done better so that we can learn from his mistakes.

      8. Smartboy, aren’t you and I and any single person that supported Corbyn a victim too? You are entitled to believe that Corbyn was powerless to fight the MSM and his many enemies within the PLP. I don’t believe in powerlessness.
        What existentialism has teach me is that every individual even in the most difficult circumstances has choices available to him/her.
        You are entitled to argue that Corbyn made the right choices while, I am entitled to argue that Corbyn could have made different choice, that perhaps could have worked better.
        I am still no sure that has Corbyn chose a different course of action the result would have been a Corbyn’s victory in the GE of 2019. Most probably we will have still had lost since the forces amassed against him/us were formidable.
        But, what I am sure of is that we could have had Open Selections and that probably Starmer wouldn’t be leader of the Labour Party today.
        Corbyn as leader could have pulled Starmer down from the Shadow Cabinet the moment he started supporting The People’s Vote contrary to Labour’s Manifesto commitment in 2017.
        Perhaps naively, I believe that had Corbyn demote Starmer we would have been able to save most of the seats in the “red wall” that we lost thanks to Starmer and his “constructive ambiguity”. We could perhaps had delivered another hung Parliament?

      9. Reply to Maria V
        Maria Jeremy Corbyn is probably the strongest toughest man in the country.Thats why he’s still standing. If he had just had to contend with the PLP, or just a hostile Southside or just the Establishment or just the Jewish Establishment, or just the various pro Israeli/ Zionist groups,or just a hostile MSM or State Broadcaster (BBC) he could have triumphed but he was up against the combined concerted highly organised efforts of all these entities . He could not overcome them- it was an impossible task and no amount of sacking ,withdrawing the whip demotions etc would not have made one hap’orth of difference.
        The electorate were totally taken in by the vile propaganda of these entities and chose to elect a Tory Government with a massive majority. Many are now suffering terrible hardship as a result. Its all very sad but rewriting history and blaming Jeremy for the outcome of the hate campain waged against him doesn’t help. The electorate need to realise what went on so that they aren’t made mugs of in the same way ever again.

    2. Who cares about what Paul Mason thinks? I don’t
      I am not sure as to whatever Starmer is a CIA’s agent or similar. But, I believe that he sabotaged Corbyn’s project and planed to become the next Labour’s leader.
      The only thing that I agree with Mason is that ultimately it was Corbyn inability to stand up to his critics within the PLP that brought him down.
      But, them perhaps he couldn’t; John McDonald stop having his back by deciding to do a U turn and became quite fond on a second referendum on Brexit and spoke against having the Labour’s whip removed from Margaret Beckett.

    3. I wonder if Paul Mason has made any mention of the 4(?) “Labour Files”
      films shown on Al Jazeera ?

      (I have not seen the “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” film so cannot make any
      comment about it.)

      Its a pity that Labour Lists does not have a “Comments” .. for
      his piece needs a response ..

  5. A few years ago the idea this obnoxious RW man-child shop mannequin could be Labour’s leader, would’ve seemed absurd. But after the lack of reaction from CLPs and members to Starmer’s litany of leadership pledge lies, as he veers off to the right; a popular ex-leader’s suspension, and the unions acting as partners in crime to an ongoing purge of anyone displaying the slightest sign of left-wing sympathies, well, anything seems possible in this vile party.
    There is no longer a discernible left-wing in the UK, Starmer and his union co-conspirators are making sure of that. Just two centre-right Tory parties and a sham democracy. And having no choice is the definition of a sham democracy, whatever the likes of John Harris writes in the guardian.

  6. ‘When are the ‘mainstream’ media going to start doing their actual job?’

    But they ARE!

    Did any of them bring it to their readers or viewers or listeners attention that both Streeting and Starmer have received donations from private health interests? I don’t actually know, but I very much doubt it. And we are talking about the *Corporate* mainstream media after all (and the semi-corporate BBC)!

    I wonder what the average person who generally votes Labour would think if they were told that’s the case??!

  7. Paul Mason comments about Starmer:
    ” As for the idea that Keir Starmer was a spycop planted by “the state” to sabotage the project, it deserves derision ”
    Wrong Paul !
    My first question is – WHICH STATE ??
    Starmer (and his mentor Mandelson) are members of the USA’s Trilateral Commission.
    This is the international arm of America’s foreign policy for the domination of the World Order.
    Starmer is a fifth columnist in the Labour Party to subvert its role as a voice for working class people in a Capitalist State.
    His aim is to maintain our position as a vassal state in the USA’s hegemony.

    1. I really don’t care as to whatever Starmer is a spycop or no, I doesn’t interest me.
      What I care is that Starmer sabotaged the Corbyn’s project from the inside in his quest to become Labour’s leader. We know for a fact that Starmer is a member of the Trilateral Commission as an old Spanish adage goes:
      ” to the dance of traders and merchants tell me with who you associate and I will tell who you are”
      We are well aware with whom Starmer’s associates: private medical companies, billionaires and similar.
      We also know that the man has not qualms about “changing his mind” (lying) so we cannot trust anything that comes out of his mouth.
      Plus, Starmer behaves like a fascists and we know he has a soft spot for Israel despite sponsoring state apartheid and terrorism.
      I have read the latest Avi Shlaim’s book. I must admit that I was socket to discover that the State of Israel in 1950-1951 carried out attacks against Jewish citizens in Egypt and Iraq under a false flag in order to persuade them to immigrate to Israel by persuading them that they were under attack in their home countries.
      The attacks were carried out by Israeli agents pretending to be Arab extremists. It resulted in the deaths of innocent Jews, but the Jews abandoned Egypt and Iraq in last numbers believing that they were under attack.

      1. Starmer shares nothing in common with Labour or its values. That much is obvious to all.

        He’s like the antithesis of a natural Labour man. Against redistribution, pro business especially corporations, prefers Davos company to Westminster. Won’t back unions in industrial disputes. Won’t support Palestinian rights. Is as regressive on law and order as he is on economics. Doesn’t support constitutional reform or voting reform, adores the British class system and monarchy. Adores national security people, believing them to be near infallible. Worships the army and is pro-war over diplomacy, as a means of settling disputes.

        Basically he lied like Pinocchio to get the leadership.

        I DO think he is something far more sinister than someone merely or accidentally in the wrong party. This isn’t wild conjecture fanned by conspiracy theorists of foreign states, it’s based on an ever increasing mountain of evidence. And many,many hold the same view.

      2. Thanks for the Avi Schlaim insight, Maria. Profound wider point too, but I’d disagree on one aspect: We need to document evidence of Starmer’s loyalties and commitments. They are the proof that he is an ‘entryist’ intentionally denaturing democratic socialism in Labour.

  8. Funny how you throw this falsehood in practically every chance you get Maria. So I REPEAT: There is no way on this planet you can defend yourself when your enemies own and/or control the MSM and, as such, have total control of the narrative. Jeremy was in a no-win situation.

    Although the A/S black op began with the Oxford University Labour Club episode and the resignation of Alex Chalmers in February 2016, what really kicked it off big time was the Naz Shah/Ken Livingstone episode, and when a journalist (I think it was John Pinaar) put it to jeremy that the party had an antisemitism crisis, Jeremy refuted the claim, and THIS was the response (and not just in the DM of course, but the WHOLE of the MSM):

    ‘Labour in crisis over ‘anti-semitic’ scandal: MPs demand Corbyn gets his ‘head out of the sand’ after Red Ken is SUSPENDED….’

    Jeremy Corbyn tonight denied Labour was facing an anti-Semitism crisis despite being forced to suspend his old friend Ken Livingstone for claiming Hitler was a ‘Zionist’.

    Mr Livingstone made the incendiary comments as he waded into the row over anti-Semitic Facebook posts by Labour MP Naz Shah, who was suspended by Mr Corbyn yesterday after hours of pressure.

    Senior Labour MPs tonight expressed horror at the attempt to play down the explosive row, which has rocked the party just a week before crucial elections.

    Former minister Ian Austin told MailOnline: ‘Just seven days from polling day and instead of knocking on doors like the rest of us, Ken Livingstone is treating us to his weird views on Adolf Hitler and his offensive views on Jewish people.

    ‘The media are talking about nothing else, the party is having to suspend people on almost a daily basis and Jeremy thinks there’s no problem?’

    Mr Austin continued: ‘It looks like a pretty big problem to everyone else. Labour’s reputation is being destroyed and instead of pretending there’s no problem Jeremy needs to act and he needs to act now.’

    John Woodcock, a senior backbencher, told MailOnline: ‘Many thousands of Labour members will be bewildered by the hideous remarks of Ken Livingstone and are looking to Jeremy Corbyn to swipe the moment and tackle Labour’s anti-Semitism problem.

    ‘He must not bury his head in the sand in the face of this madness.’

    So Jeremy denies that there’s a crisis and gets slaughtered for doing so, and yet YOU claim that he didn’t defend himself. Yeah Maria, he DID, and got vilified and condemned for doing so. And if you don’t get THAT – and I’m using just ONE example – then you are a liar, and a smearer, and a phoney (and there’s plenty of THOSE posting regularly on this site!)

    You mention the stench of fascism Maria, and yet WHAT but a totally corrupt and fascist media could conceal all Starmer has been doing for the past three years or so – ie persecuting and expunging the left from main-stream politics.


    **THAT** is a TOTALLY fascist thing to do in my book!!

    1. Allan, do you agree that Corbyn failed to stand up to his critics within the PLP?
      – Despite the MSM negative headlines, Corbyn managed to almost make impossible a Tory government after the GE in 2017.
      – Corbyn managed to generate the level of enthusiasm among the youth no other Party leader has managed before of since (remember Glastombury 2017?) He managed with the MSM reporting against him on a daily basis.
      Corbyn couldn’t change the MSM opinion’s on him or the negative narratives the MSM was spinning on his leadership. However, what Corbyn could have done was to change his response to the MSM and more importantly his response towards his enemies within the PLP. Rather than placate them he could have fight them. The membership was there ready to support him.
      -Corbyn could have withdraw the Labour’s whip from Chuka Ummuna the moment he tabled a motion in support to remain in the EU straight after the 2017 GE and warm every single Labour MP that anyone supporting Ummuna’s motion would have the Labour’s whip withdraw.
      -Corbyn could have refused the PLP when he was asked to stop Open Selection, he has secured the support of Unite for Open Selections and could have ignored the PLP’s pleas. Instead he gave to the PLP demands. He put the PLP’s interest before the best interest of the members that have always stood by him, never mind the PLP was trying to sabotage him at any chance.
      – Corbyn went out of his way to placate his enemies and in the process failed to support those that stood by him, the members that were fighting the antisemitic smears on his behalf were thrown to the wolves. Even Chris Williamson MP the man that was happy to take the heat from Corbyn was suspended from the Party and Corbyn failed to support him.
      I know that Corbyn is Corbyn and that part of his charm is that he doesn’t have a killer instinct. He promised us a new kinder type of politics and he delivered on his promise. He is a man of integrity and a man with the almost respect for democracy.
      However, what Corbyn has proved too is that the kinder type of politics don’t work when within the PLP you have barracudas that are after your blood and placating them doesn’t work.
      I am happy to agree with you that the MSM was against Corbyn from the start and that the same MSM is protecting Starmer by ignoring what is going on.
      However, to say that Corbyn couldn’t have done anything different is part of “learning helplessness” something that many old lefties within the Labour Party suffer from in my opinion, that of course you can disagree with.

  9. paul mason is a fucking slimy piece of shit I went to wigan casino with this prick he’s been trying to get the grey zone banned with max blumenthal and Aarron Mate 2 very good journalists unlike this fucking RAT TURNCOAT

    1. The funny thing is, all those he wishes to ban using his sinister connections and the overreaching officialdom, is the fact these outlets would be more than happy to allow him a platform to speak freely and debate with any of Max, Aaron or Kit. Debate calmly in a civilised respectful manner, no shouting or excitement. He’s terrified of defending his own positions. He seems to think ideas themselves are dangerous, what sort of society does that thinking lead to?

      He prefers not to engage and uses underhand behaviour to get opinions he doesn’t like banned. He’s very suited to Starmer’s Labour in that regard. In that they live a lie, don’t believe in fair hearings and allowing open debate, wanting to overrule and domineer and plot in secret.

    2. I always worried about ‘Northern Soul’ & latter day psuedo ‘mods’ whose musical enjoyment depended on the obscurity of the song, preferably a Tamla Motown ‘b’ side is.

  10. The whole thing about Livingstone was distorted ..

    He did make foolish comments about a real incident which took
    place in Germany in the 1930s and these comments
    were subsequently distorted. Naturally his critics never referred
    to the real incident for then a rational argument would have ensued
    and that is one thing Corbyn’s critics hate – rational argument and

    The incident in question (in the 1930s) took place because of the
    antisemitism in both the US and Europe where quotas were put
    on the emigration of Jewish people fleeing persecution in
    Nazi Germany. As a result of this – money was extorted from
    Jewish organisations by the Nazis and some Jewish people
    were allowed to emigrate to Palestine.

    By these means the Nazis got rid of some Jewish people
    who they hated and at the same time enriched themselves.
    By the late 1930s this policy rebounded on them because
    they saw the danger – to them – of the emergence of a
    Jewish State – and they hated this most of all.

    The irony is that Livingstone used the word “support” when it
    was unjustified – the same word now used against anyone the
    Labour party want to get rid of and they also use this word
    without justification.

    Really Corbyn did not have a cat in hells chance of getting
    through the distortions by the media. They NEVER used rational
    argument or discussion – only smear and distortion. Not only
    that but I do not think that Corbyn properly understood the nature of the
    Jewish Community – that it held differing views just as for other
    Communities. I do not in any way blame Corbyn for this for he was
    unwilling to usr the dirty tricks of his enemies

    1. Reply to Holby
      Yes Holby Jeremy Corbyn refused to descend into the gutter with his detractors. That is one of the reasons why he is a great statesman and is held in such high esteem by decent and fair minded people at home and abroad.

    2. Holby: Why do you say that KL made some foolish comments? What was foolish about them? He simply alluded to The Haavara Agreement, which is of course an historical fact. And I don’t know about all this stuff you mention about ‘both the US and Europe where quotas were put on the emigration of Jewish people fleeing persecution in Nazi Germany’ being a factor. The agreement was as a consequence of a Jewish boycott of Nazi Germany. The following are a coupe of passages from the wikipedia entry for The Haavara Agreement:

      The Haavara Agreement was an agreement between Nazi Germany and Zionist German Jews signed on 25 August 1933. The agreement was finalized after three months of talks by the Zionist Federation of Germany, the Anglo-Palestine Bank (under the directive of the Jewish Agency) and the economic authorities of Nazi Germany. It was a major factor in making possible the migration of approximately 60,000 German Jews to Palestine in 1933–1939.

      For German Jews, the agreement offered a way to leave an increasingly hostile environment in Germany; for the Yishuv, the Jewish community in Palestine, it offered access to both immigrant labour and economic support; for the Germans it facilitated the emigration of German Jews while breaking the anti-Nazi boycott of 1933, which had mass support among European and American Jews and was thought by the German state to be a potential threat to the German economy.

      1. Funny, Allan that I agree with you on this one after reading the excellent book by Tony Greenstein: Zionism during the Holocaust.

    3. Holby, I was very much with your opinion: that Livingstone shouldn’t have used the word “support” until I read the excellent book of Tony Greenstein: Zionist during the Holocaust.
      It is true that money was extorted from German Jews as a result of the Havara Agreement. But Greenstein’s book exposed a very uncomfortable fact: that some within the Zionist leadership in Germany saw Nazism as an opportunity to persuade German Jews to immigrate to British Palestine Protectorate and were happy to support and collaborate with the Nazis.
      I couldn’t believe my eyes at one illustration in Greenstein’s book: a German coin with the swastika on one side and the Start of David on the other. Also the fact that Nazis visited kibbutz in British Palestine and that some senior Zionist were very good friends with some high up Nazis.
      Hence, while I still believe that the great majority of Jews (including Zionists) never supported the Nazis. Still, a few high up Zionists perceived the Nazis as the greatest opportunity to build up a future Israel. Hence they supported and collaborated with them fully aware of the Nazi horror’s.
      Please read the book. Also the one recently published by Avi Shlaim: Three words: Memoirs of an Arab-Jew. I found both essential reading.

    4. So why wasn’t Mann arrested for a physical assault on Ken Livingstone?

  11. If Mason thinks he is threading a line that affects concern for impressionable young minds then where was he when MSM where having a field day with Corbyn? Films critical of Starmer, Corbyn or any other politician should be screened and people permitted to draw their own conclusions.

    1. The irony is that Mason’s article is a propaganda piece contrived, concocted and produced to convince people that the film is a propaganda piece. Oh, right, and his concern is for young impressionable minds of course, and NOT that people will be enlightened and learn the truth. That said, I would imagine that the vast majority of people who have gone to see the film so far ALREADY knew the truth anyway. But then maybe a few hundred youngish people at the Glastonbury Festival (where it’s being screened early Sunday afternoon) – who know little or nothing about what happened to Jeremy and the forces that brought him down – might go along to watch it just out of interest And needless to say, Michael Eavis obviously thinks the film tells it like it is!

      NB I just checked out the Somerset Live article that Mason links to in the first paragraph of his piece, and it’s quite interesting and well worth a read.

      1. Just read the latest article posted by Steve Walker (skwawkbox) which finishes by saying the following:

        The evening has also seen the Glastonbury festival cancel its planned showing of the excellent film exposing the sabotage of Corbyn’s Labour and the smear campaign against him – many are presuming that his principled stand and the cowardly Glastonbury decision are not unconnected.

        I didn’t see that one coming!

      2. Just a couple of quick points, for your information. I didn’t actually look at the date the Mason black propagada piece was posted, but assumed that it hadn’t long been posted when Tony came across it and posted a link to it. Anyway, I just checked, and it was in fact posted at 6.50 yesterday morning. I then checked to see when the Somerset Live article that he links to was posted, and was somewhat surprised to learn it was over three weeks ago on May 27th (and updated June 15th??!).

        Anyway, towards the end of the Somerset Live article it says ‘A listing on the Pilton Palais pages of the Glastonbury Festival website states: “Love Corbyn or hate him, it is probably a film worth spending 80 minutes watching on a Sunday afternoon at Glastonbury……’, so I just this minute went on the GF website and found the Pilton Palais section, and there’s the following message

        Statement from Glastonbury Festival re Pilton Palais screening of Oh Jeremy Corbyn – The Big Lie
        Although we believe that the Pilton Palais booked this film in good faith, in the hope of provoking political debate, it’s become clear that it is not appropriate for us to screen it at the Festival. Glastonbury is about unity and not division, and we stand against all forms of discrimination.

        So this is turning out to be somewhat longer than I thought it would, and all I really wanted to draw attention to was the timeline:

        1. On May 27th Somerset Live posts an article about the film being shown at the GF.

        2. On June 19th a Paul Mason article is posted on the LabourList website early in the morning about the film.

        3. Yesterday evening (the 19th) SB posts an article headlined ‘Tories announce pro-apartheid bill’, at the end of which it says that the GF screening of the film has been cancelled (just a day and a bit before the festival kicks off tomorrow morning).

        Go figure!

      3. GFB, there’s MORE! It would appear the many MSM outlets have covered the film being cancelled, AND, are making a meal of it. The Telegraph posted an article about it at 7.04 yesterday evening:

        Glastonbury pulls ‘hateful’ Corbyn film

        Jewish group says documentary defending former Labour leader against anti-Semitism ‘promotes conspiracy theories’

        Glastonbury has pulled a screening of a controversial film defending Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism allegations after Jewish leaders warned that the festival was being “hijacked” by “conspiracy theorists”….

        The article is behind a paywall, and the above is all that’s visible.

        But in the Somerset Live article (posted at 14.12 today) it says the following, which is no doubt in the Telegraph article, and more-than-likely in all the other MSM coverage:

        A number of Jewish groups have condemned the cancelled film. The Community Security Trust said : “Jeremy Corbyn’s diehard supporters are determined to peddle the false myth that the only reason he is not the Prime Minister is that a conspiracy orchestrated by the Israeli Embassy supposedly invented a load of stories about antisemitism in the Labour Party.

        “It is this claim that is a big lie, and it denies and insults the very real harassment and abuse suffered by many Jewish Labour Party members during that period, while itself reinforcing antisemitic stereotypes.”

        Meanwhile, the Board of Deputies of British Jews penned a letter to the Glastonbury organisers, with president Marie van der Byl [Zyl] demanding they not show the film: “It is profoundly sinister for your festival to be providing a platform to a film which clearly seeks to indoctrinate people into believing a conspiracy theory effectively aimed at Jewish organisations.

        “We would request that you not allow your festival to be hijacked by those seeking hate with no basis of fact.”

        It doesn’t say WHEN van der Zyl sent her letter (and there’s nothing about it on the BoDs website), but given that the decision to cancel the screening was only being reported in the media yesterday evening, it would appear that she only sent her letter in the last day or so – ie left it until just a couple of days before the festival starts, and deliberately so, no doubt – and I expect the BoD and the other Jewish groups learnt about the screening several weeks ago.

  12. Meanwhile the Government are proceeding with anti boycott legislation.

    Doubtless Herr Starmer, along with the rest of his clique and followers will be supporting this.

    On the present trajectory and velocity it can’t be too long before any criticism, private as well as public, of The Official Narrative is outlawed in the traditional sense.

  13. Getting back to the hostility of the MSM – they are repeating the four
    TV programs about the Windrush Generation.

    The cold hearted indifference to the Deptford fire which killed 14
    resulted in a huge march of protest and this was reported in a way
    that totally misrepresented by the MSM. Thus a peaceful march
    where there was a single incident of a raid of a jewellers shop and an
    injured police officer resulted in a report of a violent mob rampaging
    through the stress of London.

    In a different program of the series we saw the election of Diane Abbott
    and two other black candidates to the HoC ..

    PS I do not think Corbyn should use dirty tricks and distortion for that
    is not his way – thank goodness. However if he had realised that there
    were differences in the Jewish Community just as there were differences
    in the Christian and other Communities that might have helped. There is some discussion about these differences on the JVL site:

    1. Forgive me Holby, but I don’t follow. What did JC do or say that led you to believe that he DIDN’T realise there were differences in the Jewish community?

      Could you elaborate. Thanks

      1. I meant to say that the JVL article is absolutely brilliant (I read it this morning) and although it’s pretty long, everyone should take the time to read it, AND share it far and wide.

        The article that JVL reposted, that is.

      2. Good Jews who support JC and Socilism
        Bad Jews who support Zionism and Nazis
        It has always been thus
        Who said ‘The Holocaust is Israels get out gaol card’
        Time to stop treating the ‘Jewish Community’ with Kit gloves, one part of it needs to sort the other part out
        Think Monty Pythons ‘Life of Brian’

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