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Labour stitches up Bolton West selection for three outsider right-wingers

Assault on democracy is ceaseless under Starmer regime

Keir Starmer’s anti-democratic regime has made a mockery of his leadership campaign promise to empower members and increase democracy ever since he conned his way into the party’s top job. Stitch-ups have become the norm, with no tactic out of bounds as constituency after constituency has seen local favourites excluded and outside drones parachuted in.

And so in Bolton West, where Skwawkbox understands that two left-leaning locals have been excluded from the long-list – and then, for good measure, the party skipped the long-list entirely and imposed a shortlist of three councillors from outside the borough.

Ryan Quick, one of the excluded candidates, has posted his reaction to Facebook:

Local members are said to be set to resign in outrage at the abuse of their democratic rights.

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  1. Another anti-democratic outrage with Starmer’s “Trilateral Commission” fingerprints all over it.
    We deserve better.
    Bolton West deserves better.

    1. Reply to johnsco1
      I agree with you 100% that Bolton West deserves better. I hope the members and supporters in Bolton West and other constituencies where Starmerites candidates have been imposed on the electorate show their anger at what has happened by boycotting Starmers Labour at the next election.

    2. I agree Johnsco1. My objections to this stitch up by Starmer, Mandelson and their cronies on Bolton West CLP are fundamental.I believe that it is a disgrace and it brings shame upon the shoulders of the Labour Party and it shows Starmer, Mandelson & their fellow neoliberal acolytes breathtaking contempt for democracy in the Labour Party.

      Their reasons for excluding good Socialists like Ryan Quick from the list to be candidate in a seat Labour need to win next General Election are intellectually insulting. If anyone on here knows Ryan Quick tell him he should stand as the Independent Labour Party candidate in Bolton West and on a Democratic Socialist programme.

      Bolton West deserves better than having a Blairite throwback imposed on them as Labour candidate which is why Ryan should stand as an Independent Labour Party candidate.

      If anyone on here is looking for an authentic Democratic Socialist alternative to Starmer’s stewardship of Labour I recommend checking out The New Independent Labour Party an authentic Democratic Socialist alternative to Starmer’s stewardship of Labour.

      It has a Facebook page which I recommend you check out, it’s intention is to register with the Electoral Comission soon as it can as a legitimate party. 1600+ and growing every day so join up and help build a Socialist Labour Party!

  2. And the MSM have got his back and mantain radio silence about what he – Starmer – and his buddies are doing, and HAVE been for the past three years or so. And it’s precisely because they DO that Starner et al know they can get away with it. But then THAT is no surprise given that the MSM were complcit in, and conspired in, the smearing and demonisation of Jeremy and the left.

    The left are being persecuted and exorcised from main-stream politics by the fascists running the show, for who else but fascists could do such a thing.

    1. That said, they are first and foremost Psychopaths, and ALL psychopaths are fascistic and sadistic. And – to phrase it another way – the Psychopaths are expunging the Empaths from main-stream politics.

    2. It won’t be just the “left” who will be targeted.

      The message sent out by the oligarchical clique running the Labour Party this week in its cowardly abstention from Braverman’s secondary anti-protest legislation tells you all you need to know about the direction of the Uni-party;

      “The Public Order Bill comes just a year after the government passed the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act, which imposed onerous new restrictions on protests and public assemblies. Under previous legislation, UK police forces had to show that a protest may cause “serious public disorder, serious damage to property or serious disruption to the life of the community” before imposing any restrictions. Under the new act, they can place restrictions on any protests that might constitute an existing offence of public nuisance, including imposing starting and finishing times and noise limits.

      Now, the Rishi Sunak government is trying to redefine the meaning of “serious disruption” in order to give police forces even freer rein to stamp out protests. The ultimate goal, it seems, is to give police in England and Wales new discretionary powers to nip any protests in the bud before any disruption even begins. By broadening the definition of “serious disruption” to mean “anything more than minor,” the bill will mean (in the government’s own words) that “the police will not need to wait for disruption to take place and can shut protests down before chaos erupts”.

      Just like the gerrymandered Kangaroo court processes which see LP members thrown out and even right wing Councillors forced out of positions by mafia like enforcers from the center for having the temerity to express anything which deviates from The Official Narrative the rest of the populace will be subject to the same treatment whichever colour rosette is sitting in the Chair when the music stops.

      Left or Right makes no difference. You are either designated an insider or an outsider under this mindset. Self-definition is not confined to self-identity and being in a position to define what constitutes “serious disruption” in order to suit the convenience of sociopaths in power – whatever nominal colour of the rosette – represents merely another example in which due process standards and principles are jettisoned in favour of allegations being defined as self-evident proof.

      Coupled with the Government’s proposed legislation allowing employers in key industries to sue unions and sack employees if minimum levels are not met even the right to strike or take any form of industrial action -overtime bans, work to rule etc – are likely to be defined as beyond the pale disruption by the self-entitled numpties running this dog and pony show.

  3. And to cap it all, cryin’ arse mcgovern has been **selected** as the candidate for Birkonia, replacing Mick Whitley.

    BOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Gets what it deserves, that town. 😒

    1. Toffee, I am not surprised. I have always said that Starmer would do his almost to get ride the LP of SCG members before the next GE.
      The SCG needs to react asap and form a different Party in which Abbot, Corbyn, Tarry, Webbe, Winters and Whitley can stand as candidates with the other members of the SCG.
      I don’t expect John McDonald to like it but, them he is over the age of retirement and was he to lose the Labour’s whip just before the next General Election he would be walking away with a generous pension.

  4. Best way to stop heir starmer is to unseat him so he can not become PM he will still be leader of the LP if they win the G/E but he can’t be pm get behind Laura Alvares and hundreds of us who will be targeting this pricks seat in holburn and st pancras

  5. Off topic, but I came across this a couple of days ago (here’s the headline and a few clips):

    Holocaust survivor’s daughter who confronted Roger Waters with Israeli flag ‘kicked out of O2’

    The daughter of a Holocaust survivor was kicked out of The O2 after confronting Roger Waters with an Israeli flag during his London show over his “disgusting” views.

    Yochy Davis and three other Jewish activists walked from their seats to an area close to the Pink Floyd frontman as he began to fire a prop gun into the air while dressed in a costume resembling that of the SS.

    As the sound of gunfire echoed around The O2, the group unfurled two large Israeli flags.

    “I grew up on Pink Floyd music but he ruined it for me,” Davis said. “The music is great but it’s a shame about [Waters’ political views].”

    Davis’ father and his family were survivors of Bergen Belsen concentration camp. That made Waters’ use of Anne Frank’s name alongside that of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh more painful, she said.

    “Obviously it’s beyond disgusting, and the propaganda and the lies are unbelievable, and we can argue till we are red in the face, he is never going to listen, he is never going to see the other side that’s up to him.

    “He’s got lots of followers [that are] antisemitic. They’re all giving him excuses saying he’s not an antisemite……….”

    Yes, it IS beyond disgusting what the Isaeli lobby are doing to Roger, and the propaganda and the lies ARE unbelievable (psychopathic fascist shite find it hilariously amusing to accuse their victim(s) of precisely what THEY are doing to THEM). Funny thing is that when Roger did The Wall tour back in 2010 to 2013 and, as such, donned the fascist-type garb, no-one said a dickybird about it, and the only thing he was criticised for was the Star of David on the inflatable pig (which was just one of a number of symbols on the pig). And given that Roger is/was re-enacting the fantasy scene that Bob Geldof plays in the 1982 movie, well how come no-one criticised or condemned the movie, either at the time or since!

    Needless to say, we all know why……. because there was absolutely *NOTHING* to criticise or condemn!

    1. Hmm, I just discovered something (well, several things!). Allow me to explain:

      I initially came across the o2 story a few days ago whilst doing some research regards the smear campaign against Roger, and it was an article on LBCs website (and I mentioned it in a comment I posted on Electronic Intifada’s blog), and it doesn’t even mention the person’s name, which I found a bit weird.

      But then, the following day, it occurred to me to do a search to see how widely – or NOT – it had been reported in the MSM, as one would have thought that they would have regarded it as quite a big story in view of all the so-called controversy recently. But the only thing I found was the JC article (which I quoted from and linked to above). Anyway, I’ve often found that when you do a search about something in the media (to determine who’s covered it, and how), results for the Times and the Telegraph don’t come up in the results for some strange reason, and I have assumed that that’s because they are both behind a paywall.

      Anyway, in the process of trying to determine if either of them covered it I discovered that LBC actually posted a follow-up article in which they named the woman AND interviewed her, and I ALSO discovered that The Times of Israel covered the story, albeit a couple of days later. Phew!

      And the reason I explain all of this is because The ToI says something which none of the other articles do….. something, that is, that SURELY the other outlets would have mentioned were there any truth to it. And here’s what they say (in the very first paragraph):

      Protesters who waved Israeli flags at a Roger Waters concert in London were kicked out of the venue in two separate incidents, while those waving Palestinian flags were reportedly not bothered by security at the performance Wednesday.

      NB THAT probably accounts for why THEIR article wasn’t posted until a couple of days later – ie because they were sitting around trying to think up some way to discredit RW even further; and I think we can be 99.999999% certain that no-one was waiving Palestinian flags at the concert.!

      1. Reply to Allan Howard
        I don’t know much about Roger Waters but I do know a lot about the Israeli lobby and the vicious hate campaign it wages against anyone who supports Palestinian Human rights . I am also aware of the disgusting lies and smears it uses to discredit anyone becomes its target.
        The most notable victim of the Israeli hate campaign was Jeremy Corbyn but there are many others -e.g. Audrey White, Ken Loach Naoimi Wimborne Idrissi etc – who have had their names dragged through the mud by these pro Israeli fanatics who will stop at nothing to silence criticism of Israel for its abuse of Palestinians up to and including the killing of innocent babies and children.
        Roger Waters seems to be the Israeli Lobby’s latest target. I don’t know what heinous crime he is alleged to have committed but experience makes me absolutely certain that pity for and solidarity with Palestinians is in the mix somewhere.
        Additionally the Lobby sets out to isolate its victims and do as much damage as it can to their careers political and otherwise. I see this has started already with Mr Waters as demonstrated by your quote about his fans being alleged antisemites.
        This is the probably the worst part of the Israeli Lobby’s vicious propaganda campaign against its victims.I hope more people start to see what is going on and the Lobby is not able to destroy this man’s reputation or take away his livlihood which is their clear intention.

  6. “they are first and foremost Psychopaths, and ALL psychopaths are fascistic and sadistic….”

    🔴 So true Allan H. It’s not just a sometimes true’ statement, it’s a ALWAYS necessary fact.

    Right Wing thinking only happens when an appropriate person exhibits a chronic mental disorder with (or enabling) extreme or violent social behaviour. Not just the leeches that some call ‘the elite’ and their “Establishment’, also true for your common-or-garden right wing sociopaths like Andrew Pierce, Luke Akehurst, SteveH, Donald Trump.

    1. Their minions, yes, and there are tens, probably hundreds of thousands of them in one guise or another (and that’s just in the UK).

  7. When you have nothing to lose for the Love of God go for it as Independents
    The SRG need to sit tight

      1. qwertboi – I’ve no idea what you are prattling on about, do you?

  8. Every independent will be the beneficiary of a 2017 type JC inspired uprising of like minded democrats crying out to support something decent and positive
    The man himself could go on tour

  9. Maybe the ‘man himself’ could go on tour and maybe those turning out to see him will all enthusiastically chant ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ but I think you are deluding yourself big time if you think those chants will turn into votes. They manifestly failed to in 2019.

    1. Silly man SteveH. The ‘O Jeremy Corbyn’ choruses happened largely because our wonderful former leader was actually the leader of Labour, the Establishment- permitted “second choice’ in the atrociously anti-democratic FPTP voting system.
      He did massively increase the number of votes that Labour wo uld otherwise have received simply because the 5+million votes that NooLabour1 (Blair &. Brown) caused to entropyse away from voting actually returned and started voting again. Sadly some of those formerly-hopeless non-voters loaned their new votes to despicable entities like Nigel Farage, Nicola Sturgeon, Boris J, etc.,), but that’s a benefit of relevance – something a starmer-lead labor party will never achieve.

      1. qwertboi – You mean that they abandoned Corbyn to vote for a Tory Wet Dream. 🙄

      2. qwertboi – You mean that they abandoned Corbyn to vote for a Tory Wet Dream. 🙄?

        Sadly yes – and it was all facilitated by Starmer with the help of the billionaires’ leech MSM. 9 but GE19 gave Labour a better percentage vote than the billionaires’ ass-wipe, sirKeir will get for Labor inc. ™

      3. qwertboi – Don’t be silly. The Labour Party led by Corbyn lost 60 seats in the 19GE whilst a Starmer led Labour Party will win the 24GE with a substantial majority.

      4. You mean that they abandoned Corbyn to vote for a Tory Wet Dream

        The one that Keef’s gonna make work despite mugging off mugs like you that it wasn’t gonna happen on his watch.

        But he was best of a bad bunch weren’t he?

        And of course, you always knew he’d stick to his pledges; voting for him on his continuity Corbyn platform.

        Fool you once, shame on you
        Fool you twice, shame on you.

        You’ve been had over twice by the same dullard who has convinced nobody that he’s fit to run a feckin whelk stall. And STILL you extol the blert while sneering at the policies he weaseled his way to the fuhrership with then ditched within weeks.

        Now he’s ditching his own policies and you’re still creamin yerself about him.


      5. Toffee – Have you not seen the polls? ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

      6. SteveH

        The polls aren’t result of anything Labour have offered or wowed the electorate with policy wise. Labour’s support is very soft. Sometimes they are 22% ahead, then a week later 13%.

        The Tories seem to be gift wrapping the election for Starmer’s Labour, as he faces near no hostile media questioning, no real questioning at all. It’s as if a secret agreement has been reach to allow Labour a stint in power? Maybe Reeves promised to privatise the NHS or push through workfare on her recent trip to the US? The BBC wants a Labour majority to prevent the outdated licence fee being scrapped.

        Corbyn had the whole media(incl BBC), large parts of the PLP and establishment fighting tooth and nail to stop him, there really is no comparison. And the incredibly large postal vote (40% of all votes cast iirc) in 2019, which still seems iffy. Not that the PLP are or were concerned about that. Johnson won, and most of the PLP were pleased with the result they didn’t want to question that.

      7. 246
        Meanwhile back in the Real World, you are on course for a hung parliament

      8. Doug – You’re more than welcome to come back and tell me ‘I told you so’ in the very unlikely event that you are proved right
        Did you predict the 2019 results. The polls got the national vote share more or less spot on, did you?

  10. Toffee – Have you not seen the polls?

    Did you see the local election results? Gobshite.

    ‘Not another one!’🥱

    Oh – you remember that, do ya?

    Because YOU and keef were telling anyone who’d listen that it was absolutely necessary, bordering on nigh-on compulsory to have the referendum again…and again, and again until you got the result YOU wanted.

    People just didn’t wanna know (Hence the ‘not another one reference – and yes, I’m WELL AWARE of the context of WHEN it was used, knobhead)

    So keef decided to shit on democracy, make policy ‘on the fly’ (For which he’s sacked an MP because he’s a hypocritical oaf) and TELL the nation that they WERE gonna have a second referendum (plus a third and fourth and fifth and so on) if labour were elected in ’19.

    …So all those ‘Not another one(s)’ fucked labour off. As you were repeatedly warned they would.

    NOT because of Corbyn. But because of the slimy prick wanting his own way….The way that duly flew right out the friggin’ window, once he shithoused his way to the leadership by lying through his bastard teeth about sticking to the 2019 manifesto.

    Well NOW he’s ditched all those pledges. And HE will be the one to Make brexit WORK (As fucking IF he’s capable)

    And YOU elected him. Which makes YOU the gobshite you’re universally regarded as from all quarters. .

    1. This is what Jeremy said about a second referendum in his interview with Middle East Eye

      They [Brexiteers] were not in favour of the offer we’d put forward of a referendum between an agreement with the EU and Remain. I was faced with a problem after 2016 from the referendum then, that the vast majority of Labour members, Labour Party members, were for Remain. The majority supported a concept of a second referendum, which was a huge issue, as you know, up until… well, for a long way through all this it’s been a huge issue. And a majority of Labour voters were in favour of Remain, but a substantial minority, probably 40 percent, 35, 40 percent, something like that, were… were for Leave. And the Labour Party Conference of last year had this very difficult chasm it had to cross. And they came to a compromise that was agreed by, put forward by all of the unions, both those very strongly Remain unions like TSSA Unison and those very strongly Leave unions like ASLEF and Bakers [Food and Allied Workers’] Union. And the bigger unions were reflective of their membership on this. And so, it was a compromise that, clearly didn’t find favour with Labour voters in those areas. But had we gone in any other direction, I’m quite clear we would have lost support in London and the south-east. And there are, what, nearly 57… I think it is… Labour MPs in London, for example.

      Is Brexit living up to your expectations?

  11. It is, perhaps, somewhat suspicious that Alison McGovern has defeated Mick Whitley in the selection for the re-drawn Birkenhead constituency.

    As I understand it, only one ward from McGovern’s current constituency, Bebington, goes into the new Birkenhead constituency. That being the case, the fact that she beat Whitley by 250 to 186 does seem highly surprising.

    1. That being the case, the fact that she beat Whitley by 250 to 186 does seem highly surprising.

      Indeed, Tony. While it may be the biggest ward in the new constituency (only by a few hundred) it did cause me to raise my eyebrows at the size of the ‘majority’.

      That said, Birkenhead clung on to frankenfield for far too long instead of getting shut many years ago. They seem to be suffering the ‘steve h’ syndrome (as long as it wears a red rosette).

      As said, they’ll get what they deserve (If there’s any such thing as justice).

      1. It’s weird is what it is.

        Massive suppression, missing votes or just plain old rigging and corruption? just how are the RW beating the left in left-wing constituencies? The tallies often seem very low.

        Are these things properly audited? And if so, by whom?

        Even those that remain in Labour aren’t natural right-wingers to suggest this should be happening.

        As for Starmer’s claims of wanting ‘quality candidates,’ basically anyone on the right or once of the Tory party are accepted as the being of the right quality. It’s a purge in plain sight, a hatred of the left drives it, highly prejudiced discriminatory behaviour against anyone with left-wing views. And worse, the unions are complicit in this hounding and discrimination.

        Where do they think disappointing everyone will lead? Another 20 years of the Tories after a disappointing one term, hated Labour govt? For Starmer ,Reeves and Streeting that’d be ideal, based on the type of candidates they’re selecting.

      2. The CLP made their choice and Whitley obviously wasn’t as popular in his constituency as you thought he was. It’s not the first time that you have overestimated the influence of the left, is it?

  12. Sometimes I struggle to understand what kind of person would agree to be parachuted in to a constituency, knowing the leadership are hoofing out good local candidates, who know the area and have local roots, what kind of dead eyed, anti democratic, soul less, power hungry glory hunter would put aside democracy, fair play and any morals they may possess just for a few years in a council where they don’t know anyone, then I see the S#1t SteveH posts and I understand, morals, truth and democracy are a foreign language to these parasites and its all a game, ‘you lose we win nah nah’, its not that they want to help these councils provide services that are vital for the community, its a payday to them and another foot on the golden ladder to the gravy train of being an MP.
    I am ashamed of them and I don’t even know their names if one of them turned up on my doorstep I would make their ears bleed with the tirade i would unleash. Shameful times.

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