Wes Streeting has betrayed the NHS. And in 2018, he launched ‘disgusting’ tirade in predecessor Abbott’s face

Starmer’s sidekick promoted despite his history – by boss accused of covering up ‘criminal’, ‘sadistic’ abuse of domestic violence victims. Both have taken money from donors with private health interests and Starmer has attacked immigrants working in the NHS

Wes Streeting has today betrayed the NHS, all who work in it and the millions who rely on it. Speaking to yet another Tory rag, he has said today that he was willing to fight the health unions desperately battling for the jobs, pay and working conditions of their members, in order to push through ‘reforms’ – that word so loved of Tories as cover for cuts and privatisation – rather than restore the NHS to the true, comprehensive public service it is meant to be.

And there is no reason to think Streeting means it any differently to the Tories. Despite receiving successful cancer treatment, he has already pledged more of the NHS privatisation that has crippled the health service and sucks away huge sums of money and resources that could be used to provide treatment and he supports the ‘Americanisation’ of the NHS through the mis-named ‘Accountable (or Integrated, depending which buzzphrase is in favour) Care Organisations’ that will slash hospitals and incentivise those that remain for withholding treatment and spending less.

The reaction of a BMA council member

And for more of a measure of the kind of person that currently inhabits the supposed ‘opposition’ health brief, lest anyone should forget, in 2018 Streeting launched a ‘disgusting’ and ‘disgraceful’ tirade in the face of Diane Abbott – herself a former Shadow Health Secretary – that left the veteran parliamentarian and first Black female MP ‘shell-shocked’, because she had said something in the Commons chamber that he didn’t like.

Streeting tried to use libel lawyers to force Skwawkbox to remove the article. It remains online and he has never attempted to take the matter to court, where his actions would have been the subject of sworn testimony by eyewitnesses.

Despite this and other wrongs, such as his recent foul use of dementia as an attack on Jeremy Corbyn – supposedly ‘in jest’ – Keir Starmer promoted him to and still keeps him as his Shadow Cabinet health spokesman.

This is unsurprising, since both Streeting and Starmer have accepted large amounts of cash from the same donor with huge private health interests. Starmer has attacked the number of immigrants working in the NHS – who are vital to it – has reneged on his leadership campaign promise (along with all his others) to fully renationalise the service, and gives Streeting free rein to talk the kind of treacherous nonsense he has come out with today.

And where Streeting’s tirade left Diane Abbott shell-shocked, Starmer has been accused by a whistleblowing former parliamentary staffer of repeatedly ignoring and covering up alleged sadistic and criminal abuse and exploitation of vulnerable domestic violence victims by a right-wing MP’s reported lover. Even the right-wing MP confirmed, under oath, that Starmer had been fully aware of what whistleblower Elaina Cohen said was happening to the frightened women.

Starmer is not fit to run a country and Streeting is not fit to be anywhere near the running of the NHS – so they’re a perfect fit for each other.

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  1. Disgusting piece of work. On Thursday we had this : “I don’t want workingclass people in pain: so I’d use private hospitals to bolster the NHS”. Spare us the bloody crocodile tears.

      1. Reply to Steve H
        If Streeting really means that then he is a fool as well as a bully.

  2. Streeting is an uncouth and loud mouthed bully as his behaviour towards Diane Abbott and others who have upset him shows.
    His recent comments leave us in no doubt that New Labour has been reborn as Starmers Labour and there are no depths to which he and the rest of them will not sink in order to out-Tory the Tories.
    Well, its up to the electorate in Ilford North now. People in Ilford North like those throughout the country want a caring and fully functioning NHS. As there is no chance of Starmer allowing Streeting to be deselected they will have to opportunity to express their disgust with this repellent individual and his hard right views at the ballot box.

  3. SteveH11/12/2022 AT 6:13 PM
    “Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting defended his plan to use the private sector to bring down NHS waiting times and accused the government of being “quite happy to see paramedics and nurses go on strike” to shift the blame for a winter crisis.”

    And you’ve been demanding people tell you what’s tory about keef and his party…

    Gonna shut the fuck up and go away now?

    Fat fucking chance. Therefore, defend it – like you do everything else.

  4. By sucking up to the right wing of the Tory Party, Starmer and Streeting are destroying any possibility of a majority Labour Government, the latest polls show Labour with no overall majority. This is compounded by Starmer’s stated intention to ‘make Brexit work’. When will the fool admit, as do 65% of the population, that Brexit is a dead horse, which CANNOT be made to work.

    1. Screw the party o0f betrayal! Join the workers party or any other truly left wing party, the only way to force these wankers back into line or build something new

      1. Andrew – How many candidates will the ‘Worker’s Party’ be fielding at the next General Election?🤔

      2. Andrew – How many candidates will the ‘Worker’s Party’ be fielding at the next General Election

        How many more pledges will keef welch on?

        Oh…There’s none left for him to do that.

        Ok then – how many more votes will keef whip his MPs/lords to abstain on?

    2. Reply to Jack T
      In my opinion getting a Labour majority was never on the agenda. Starmers remit is to neuter the Labour party.- get rid of all Socialists, Anti Zionists and anyone capable of independent thought. Once this has been achieved Labour will be a Zionist right wing party of nodding dogs politically indistinguishable from the Tories ( you can see it heading that way already)and only then will the powers that be permit it to win a majority -probably in 2030 or thereabouts.

  5. What we should all be asking is why haven’t any of the so called good ones not walked out of this shitfest of a Party???

  6. ‘Smartboy’, As you know, Starmer said he supports Zionism without qualification. Does he really know what Zionism is? He and all the other ignorant Zionists who flank him should read Tony Greenstein’s latest book ‘Zionism During the Holocaust’. (get it direct from Tony at a reduced price).

    Much of the information in the book has been obtained from Zionist sources and shows that Zionists cared little or nothing about Jews who did not toe the Zionist line and were therefore prepared to let them be slaughtered by the Nazis. These are the people who Starmer and his gang support and who want Israel to remain a ZIONIST, racist, apartheid State and not a democratic State for all those who live there.

    Socialists know this to be true and as you say, Starmer wants Socialists out of the Labour Party.

  7. Good to listen to someone who knows how to make an honest assessment:

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