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The Margaret Hodge quote on Corbyn you won’t see the ‘mainstream’ media talking about

Anti-Corbyn MP’s opinion of former Labour leader was rather different in the days before the Labour right wanted him out

Right-wing Labour MP Margaret Hodge is a frequent face in so-called ‘mainstream’ media coverage of Jeremy Corbyn – and of the party when he was leader. The Barking MP, who once screamed abuse in Corbyn’s face while he was leader of the party, this week attacked the unanimous decision of a National Executive Committee panel to end his suspension – which rather backfired when a Jewish former ANC MP highlighted her family’s business interests in South Africa during the apartheid era and questioned her suitability as a Labour MP.

But in the days before the Labour right wanted to end his leadership and influence she expressed a rather different view, as the book ‘Comrade Corbyn‘ notes:

Praising his anti-racism and anti-fascism just a few years ago. Attacking him as a racist now. ‘Go figure’, you might say.

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      1. Joseph When Margaret Hodge was leader of Islington Council, children in Council care were routinely sexually abused and I understand even pimped. Neither she nor anyone else on the Council took any action at the time to protect the children. When it all came out years later she said she had been naïve- she hadn’t understood- the seriousness of what was going on.Tony Blair then made her Minister for Children which provoked outrage but both she and Blair brazened it out.
        One young man who had been a victim of sexual abuse/exploitation while in Council care pursued the issue and she then defamed him by making out he was mentally unstable. He sued her for defamation-as far as I recall he had qualified as a solicitor by this time- and she paid him £30,000 in compensation.
        If you google Margaret Hodge sex abuse Islington council you will be able to read all about it Joseph.

      2. Joseph – I’m surprised by your feigned ignorance. Surely you must be aware of this issue because regional news reports highlight that the abuse of children by European men is an ongoing problem in Cambodia

      3. SH it must be known, even to you that Islington is not in Cambodia. The victim was abused in Islington. Margaret Hodge paid him compensation re her disgraceful failures. AND i presume Margaret Hodge is not a European man…
        However, i give way to your possibly unique knowledge of that particular detail🔺🔺🔺

    1. What is it about the LP that attracts these types of people. Toffee is right. She never, ever gave an acceptable. Account of her time in office. How many of our youngsters were led down dark roads, leading to horrors beyond my imagination. Response, I was busy. People who knew about going on should be brave and speak up. This is someone who has much to be kept hidden. Now she sits, clad in ermine sneering at the working class, passing judgement on people whose boots she is not fit to touch. Her allies and friends see nothing amiss in sniping youngsters, medics, journalists. Bombing hospitals, food centres, illegal wars. There is never enough claret for some of our betters. I had better stop, preaching to the choir achieves little but…. Comrades this could be a blessing but I fear that her powerful puppeteers will form a dome and her protection will be total. Regards ☮️

    2. like harriet harman, who has since made a public apology. no such apology from tom watson, twatson for short, re his enabling of carl beech – pedophile and fantasist.

      ps what is it with all those tories harman, twatson hodge, air-miles a, etc and their entanglement with pedophilia and the others dressing up in nazi costumes like harry and the lady in the big council house down the mall and others giving bazi salutes with her parents and sister??? whats that about??? why are the all so redolently anti-Semitic❓❓❓

  1. She is scum, socialism must flourish outside of this rat shaped shit pit

  2. I also remember Hodge appearing on BBC R4 Woman’s Hour during the row over whether the party was going to accept the IHRA. At the time she clearly stated on-air that of course it would be OK for Labour to leave out or amend some of the examples if there were concerns about free speech etc. She and her cohorts subsequently reneged big time on this.

    1. SteveH, do you think the LP was right to adopt the IHRA definition and it’s examples?

      1. Jack – I have said on a number of occasions that I think that the Labour Party should have a single secular code of conduct that covers everyone.

      2. SteveH o.k. but my question was specifically about the IHRA definition.

      3. Jack – and I’ve answered your question in the way that I chose to answer it. I have quite clearly stated that I don’t think religion has a place. The Labour Party should have a single secular code of conduct that covers everyone.

    2. ”She and her cohorts subsequently reneged big time on this.”

      Who else do we know ‘reneged big time’ on denying people their democratically-made choices, hmmm?

      And who thought THAT was ok?

      1. Toffee – On the contrary I have on several occasions highlighted that party members were betrayed when we were fobbed off with Trigger Ballots instead of Mandatory Reselection.

      1. Again, with the ‘On the contrary’

        Change the bastard record, you godawful bore.

        Why, then, did you NOT complain about stammer and the imposed right-wing delegates deciding to renege on the policy of respecting the democratically arrived-at referendum result.

        You were the one always crying about OMOV but you didn’t get a vote… Just the result you were after…and the following results you were always after, i.e. the election humiliation and stammers resultant coronation.

        You’re a shithouse. Burn in the coldest part of hottest hell for an eternity.

    3. Judas H surely you must be aware of the abuse of european men and women by your fishwife steve,most notable is the abuse of an elderly gentleman of the Labour party by a demented fish wife of european descent also.?Could she have been encouraged by another cowardly individual of dubious descent to commit elderly abuse on the frail man of european descent who came to a very sad end at the hands of a bunch of misfits and a thug from Surrey named Rodney the plonker knight ,The police have been called to interview the man of dubious descent known as judas H an unemployed super grass and informer….He is now known be be on the run to the Caribbean island known as the bolt hole in the criminal fraternity.

      1. Joseph – Come back when you’ve grown up enough to write something intelligible.

      1. Jack – You tell me, you’re the one obsessing about it. I don’t really care because I don’t believe that fairy tales of any creed have any place in a Labour Party code of conduct.

      2. SteveH remember when Starmer was asked if he was a Zionist and he said no but he supports Zionism without qualification? THAT’S the way you’ve just answered i.e. in a nonsensical manner and it’s what happens when you follow/support someone who doesn’t have a single principle which they adhere to.

  3. The protection the vile Margaret Hodge and the rest of the racist Israel Lobby give to the racist State of Israel overrides any other loyalties they have or had.

    It was fine to praise Jeremy Corbyn when he his profile was low enough not to matter to them but when he became Leader with a good chance of becoming our next PM, the Israel Lobby was transfixed in horror at the prospect of a PM speaking out against Israeli atrocities, therefore they produced a plan to get rid of him.

    They did exactly the same against Chris Williamson, the ONLY other MP who had the courage and determination to speak out against them.

    1. Jack Chris Williamson a great guy and a real socialist,the other guy 👦 well my memory must be going?I think he failed on the final act,but a brilliant recruitment sergeant for Socialism..!

      1. Thanks Joseph, my edit failure, there was no ‘other’.

    2. Jack T. Neatly put. Trenchant. She’s invulnerable we need some kryptonite. Cheers

  4. Bevin
    Makes it clear nothing but the destruction of the Labour party will be acceptable to Red Tories and Israel lobby
    JC came to close in 2017
    So back to day jjob, how do we get rid of them
    We frame the story as above, call out Conservative Jewish Community, Red Tories and interference by Israel
    Strikes and Picketing
    Target Labour HQ, use JVL to get above message out in a Press Statement, everyone else has to reinforce message at every encounter with MSM and toilet papers ‘its your fraud, you sort it’ this is what a future Labour government will do
    Proscribe JLM, take away CAA charity status, freeze out BOD and full scale BDS against Israel
    Affiliate with JVL
    Million dollar question, who is going to challenge Temporary Embarrassment
    Will unions make him an offer they cannot understand
    Mass resignation
    Have our day in court

  5. A friend of mine has never forgiven themselves for helping out with canvassing for Hodge when she was threatened by the BNP.
    The woman should never have been allowed to represent the party, especially what went on at last years selection meetings in Barking. Yet she’s still the media’s go to person when they want someone to denigrate Corbyn

    1. Has she ever mentioned having seen this video? If yes, does anyone know what her response was. Too busy I expect. Other things on her mind: stocks, shares, t.v interviews. We understand and sympathise. How much does she get a day for being in the opposition at the Lord’s? She won’t know, goes to charity. Yeah, that’ll be it. Pip Pip, yoiks and tally fucking ho. X

  6. What Margaret Hodge is showing us is that she ‘plays’ politics very well. She treats life like a script and she editorialises everything. People are always opportunities or impediments, they make her money or cost her money and her characterisation of otrhers is always strong and gushing!

  7. Let’s be quite clear Hodge is always given a spot on any BBC News programme for one reason only…..Her daughter is a Chief Editor in the BBC News Dept. And shamefully, they allow free rein for her to continually slander and defame Corbyn. Mind you, Corbyn is partly to blame because he just lets her get away with it and doesn’t fight back. He needs to stop it once and for all and sue her arse off in court. He wouldn’t have a problem raising the cash. Unfortunately his current fighting fund is for defence litigation only.

    1. I am sure that a fundraising to support pro-Corbyn litigation would be very successful.

      1. I never liked them old bangers,but Vauxhall Corsa and Astra were a more popular car.Pity we havnt a car industry anymore .British Leyland developed some good engines especially Diesel engines but put them into what quickly deteriorated into “old bangers” like the Alegra

    2. It’s still there on her Wikipedia page under Personal Life. Her daughter Lizzi Watson was made deputy editor of BBC 1’s 6pm & 10pm news in Feb 2018.

  8. Joseph and Steve, thinly-veiled vague insinuations of paedophilia cross a new line here on Skwawkbox I think, in that they’re nothing to do with political positions.
    I see little difference between them and false antisemitism allegations.
    I’m ready to be corrected and have my own comments picked over by anyone who can be bothered though.

    1. David – I agree and I was simply responding to Joseph’s thinly veiled accusations. I could have responded as you have but I have found from past experience that a reasonable approach seldom works with Joseph and in fact seems to encourage him and his cohorts so I thought that on this occasion that my response would hopefully act as a deterrent to him and others continuing down this path.

      1. I think your speculation as to my intention is just that.I only asked toffee if Steve H would have a link?.I believe that any reasonable jury would find me not guilty of anything malicious.I cannot be held responsible for my lack of knowledge of modern day perversions and I “only asked guv”

      2. Joseph – In which case I trust you found the article informative.
        If nothing else, now that you are aware of the threat, you will be more alert to spotting any danger signs. We all have a duty to protect the vulnerable.

      3. Steve H I must bow to your extensive interest in what I am told is Pederast enablers.and therfore congratulate you on your links to such depraved individuals…I have led a sheltered life and value family tradition,but a little knowledge especially from comrades such as Toffee is my continued education.and learning…I do hope that my lack of knowledge and learning as not offended your sensibilities…yours comrade Joe

  9. Joseph, what in the name of God are you suggesting. Toffee is a good comrade and you know what a pederast enabler is. Extensive interest, links to such depraved individuals, vile hints. Any socialist worthy of the name is well aware of the dangers our youth face, not least from children’s homes. Aren’t we supposed to protect the vulnerable, isn’t that in Labour DNA? Do some extensive research and you will discover that all roads lead to the upper classes including the Lord’s. Yours truly, wobbly.

    1. Alexanderscotish…dont be silly get over yourself,nobodys suggesting anything other than the workings of your thought process…not mine.

  10. Margret Hodge: how dare Jeremy Corbyn say the scale of anti-Semitism within labour was exaggerated by people within the party who opposed him.
    Also Margret hodge submits 200 complaints against 111 individuals 91 of those aren’t actually members of the party.

    1. Can we see the evidence? Will the EHRC allow us to see what the complaints were & who made them….in the name of glasnost & perestroika! The McPherson Report states that all complaints are racist if the complainant says it is….a self fulfilling prophecy. Could it be that the complainant has an agenda or will we never be allowed to see for ourselves & make our own judgement. NO! Must be kept secret & anonymous.

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