SKWAWKBOX response to Streeting’s ‘lie’ claim over Abbott abuse article

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Just over a week ago, the SKWAWKBOX published an article revealing allegations of dire behaviour by Ilford North Labour MP Wes Streeting toward Diane Abbott, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary.

The SKWAWKBOX reported that, according to multiple witnesses, Mr Streeting had screamed in Ms Abbott’s face in a Commons corridor, behaved aggressively and had to be steered away from her to end the incident.

Mr Streeting tweeted, as shown above that this was ‘lies’ from a ‘fake news site with no sources’ and subsequently that his ‘libel lawyer’ had written to the blog, in a tweet which repeated the claim that the article was untrue:

streeting 1a.png

The SKWAWKBOX did indeed receive a letter from Streeting’s lawyer, demanding an apology and retraction.

The article remains online. If Mr Streeting cares to test its accuracy in court, we will be ready to see him there – and will bring the nature of his tweeted accusations and innuendo to the judge’s attention. A letter from this blog’s legal team will be with Mr Streeting’s lawyers on Monday to that effect.

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    1. me too #
      happy to generously contribute . Galling that his costs will no doubt possibly come from Party funds , ie US !

      What a state of a party when some of it’s RW MPs put in place by the membership ( CLPS) , then take the membership to court over alleged truthful criticism .
      When his court action fails would this not be ” bringing the party into disrepute ” and hence expulsion follows ?
      Or is that a different set of rules for the RW MPs

      This is classic arrogant behaviour exhibited by RW MPs who believe they are entitled to do just what they want and say what they want and you the pleb membership shut up and pay your dues .
      NOT fit to be a Labour MP and exhibits NONE of the qualities that holding such an office commands.
      DE_SELECT is the only way

      1. I will happily commit a few bob to such a course and I expect my circle will contribute. Is there not an offence for terrifying a woman colleague? What constitutes barracking and harassment? Isn’t it so that Mr Screeching is making a fellow worker’s place of work a place of insecurity and by no means a place of safety? I live up in North Yorkshire and Labour support is not haemorrhageing but growing, this in a Tory town.Best wishes to all.

  1. As above. I had the misfortune to meet Mr Streeting some time ago,before Mr Corbyn became leader and found him pompous and,it seemed to me,not very bright.

  2. Just a thought , as his comments appear to be made via Twitter and not subject to Parliamentary privilege , when the case fails in court is there not a case for counter suing him for Liable when the truth is proved re this article ?

  3. Hahaha!

    ANOTHER blag merchant; just like that other self-styled ”Champion of antisemitism” quack, john mann, you’re all mouth*, wesley boy.

    Come back when your balls drop.

    *Or should that be ‘tweet’?

  4. ‘Ere wesley…

    Which one of you & yer mate john mann is ‘threats’ and which one’s ‘abuse’?

    And what will you be going to the police for? I thought LIBEL was a CIVIL matter, and our friends the police don’t touch civil cases…’Tis SLANDER that’s CRIMINAL; and I don’t think anyone on here would waste their breath on a beaut like you in person.

    Other than to laugh at you and your faux elton john-style tizzies at your perceived ‘injustices’, that is.

    So go on – Off you pop, little fella. 🙂

  5. Oh, and by: You perceived injustices’ , I mean injustices you perceive are against YOU personally; because YOU, your image and your career are the ONLY things that matter when it comes down to the nitty-gritty.

    People like me don’t matter to the likes of you & mann and the rest of your lot. People who are becoming sick themselves from caring for people who are themselves sick, and being harrassed by Govt programmes designed specifically to remove the safety net from beneath us. Or the modern day slavery of the ‘workfare’ programme and the sanctioning regime

    This government’s ‘financial final solution’… That YOU”RE MEANT TO BE OPPOSING.

    Oh, sorry, I’m not allowed to use that term that because I’m not a jew, am I? That’a your perceived antisemitism coming to the fore again.

    News for you – the nazis started their Govt programme of wholesale slaughter with the disabled before they started en masse on the jews. It stared with ‘eugenics’ and it’s already started HERE & NOW albeit under a different method.

    So go on – Bollocks to the history lesson and instead of fighting MY corner, why not report me for antisemitism? Got to maintain your self-proclaimed ‘champion of antisemitism’ persona haven’t you?

    …To the detriment of the financially downtrodden and ALREADY destitute – of which there are more pressing and more cases overall than antisemitism cases. Oh they’re important enough, but you’re obsession with making a mountain out of a molehill is playing right into this govt’s hands you f**ing stupid oaf.

    Or why not just sue me for pointing out these home truths that must have hurt your feelings, eh, wesley? I’m skint but I’ve NO PROBLEM with you having it out in court with me where I’ll make MY case

    And you think you’re ‘abused’? There are MILLIONS being abused AND exploited by the state and you and your lot have done f**k all but assist them with your diatribe. Like a frog down a well you only see the part of the sky the hole at the top lets you.

    I hope you & your shower are proud of yourselves.

  6. “you’re obsession with making a mountain out of a molehill is playing right into this govt’s hands you f**ing stupid oaf.”

    Should read: “you’re (sic) obsession with making a mountain out of a molehill – while you’ve made a molehill out of a mountain – is playing right into this govt’s hands you f**ing stupid oaf”

    For clarity…

  7. If Streeting goes to the Police with that bollox, they might keep him in until the men in white coats turn-up. Sounds like to me, someone has got right under skin and he’s lost his manual somewhere.

  8. Thank you so much for all these comments. They have really cheered me up. Last week John Mann was threatening to sue, seemed to hold Momentum members (of which I am one) responsible for a dead bird being sent through the post to his wife. It turned out this happened some years ago before Momentum was ever thought of. ” You have been warned” he tweeted. I am quite old and live alone and I was scared of being sued. I wish they wouldn’t do it, it feels like bullying to me. I have supported the Labour Party all my life and to have a leader like Jeremy Corbyn, a man of peace, is wonderful. Thank you. The Toffee particularly made me smile but he/she also seem to care deeply for those suffering so much under this cruel so called government aided and abetted by right wing Labour MPs.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, MR.

      I just can’t abide the mindset of these duplicitous imbeciles, whose first & foremost interest is themselves. Just HOW do they get (s)elected?

      And NEVER be even remotely worried by these rats and their hollow threats. If you have the courage of your convictions you’re already an exponentially better person (As if that was hard anyway!) than any of the rodents; and they KNOW it.

      I’ve just sent a reminder email to john mann about his wanting examples of racism to get people expelled from the party. Last month I sent him stella greay’s example, but he hasn’t deigned to reply as yet.

      Not that he has any intention of doing so anyway. I’ve seen his type everywhere, I fear none of them.

      They’re naught but a self-serving clique and have less place in society than measles, as far as I’m concerned.

  9. This sullen resentment from the blairites at finding their entitlement draining away belittles them and gifts the Tories time and space to regroup. Every fucking time.

    Imagine it – grown MPs sending little notes to their classmates asking them to gang up so that this one’s friends outnumber that one’s friends on the way to see the headmaster.
    It’s as puke-making as a Haribo advert.

    It’s not like these self-professed ‘centrists’ even have a fresh idea between them.
    Which middle-of-the-road policies exactly do they think will fix this moribund economy, the NHS, the benefits system? Anything?
    Do they propose half-austerity? Tiny tax rises for the rich instead of giveaways? Nudge this, tickle that? What?
    Given that they don’t like radical will somebody please ask them just how long they think it will take to fix ten years of Tory breakages a nip here and a tuck there?

    Just finding it hard to reconcile this crap with my understanding of the left is what I’m saying.
    Maybe this always happens when yesterday’s bright young careerists see youth, opportunity and the argument slipping through their fingers.

    Yeah, I woke up grumpy. What’s your point? 🙂

  10. That ilk of MPs during Blairs era with a majority bigger than Thatcher and Attlee could not even effect a massive house building programme,nor could they remove trade union legislation viewed by the United Nations as the most repressive in the Western World,and nor could they take back the tax cuts to the wealthy given by the Tories,by way of robbing the Pensioners,the unemployed and public services.
    So just forgive us for electing the leader that we now,because the sooner you recognise the social and economic dynamic we are in now the better.

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