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Labour selects candidate for Rother Valley who quit over child sexual exploitation scandal

Dominic Beck quit post in 2015 over scandal of 1,600 children abused on council’s watch – but shooed in as Labour’s parliamentary candidate

During its relentless, democracy-shredding purge of the left in its selection of parliamentary candidates, the Labour right’s excuse – to colluding media all too happy to amplify it without scrutiny – has been that it is not a factional purge, but instead some drive toward the anodyne purity of ‘competent’ candidates who are free of skeletons in their closets and will not bring the party into disrepute.

That excuse has always been a heap of manure, of course – and repeatedly exposed as such, with the right protecting and promoting favoured candidates accused of such horrors as serious sexual assault, or a campaign of hate speech and bullying toward a young disabled woman.

And in Rother Valley, Labour has selected Dominic Beck – who in early 2015 resigned from the local council’s cabinet over the infamous Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal, in which the council ‘abandoned its own children’:

Dominic Beck, bottom right corner of those pictured

One ‘name withheld’ resident wrote to the local press of the ‘shame’ of the whole selection process and its outcome, accusing Rotherham councillors of putting ‘their own grubby careers before showing any real empathy or concern’ for more than 1,600 children [1,400 according to some reports] ‘raped, molested and abused for years’ and the party of ‘a further betrayal’ of the victims:

‘How was Beck every allowed to go forward to the shortlist? The Labour party were all too aware of the sordid child sexual exploitation cover-ups’

Party leader Keir Starmer has also been accused by a whistleblower of covering up criminal and ‘sadistic’ abuse of domestic violence victims by the alleged lover of a right-wing MP.

Cllr Beck was contacted for comment.

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