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Video: Starmer attacks number of immigrants in NHS – but wants more to work in factories

Dog-whistle Labour leader criticises immigrants in NHS and wants numbers down – but wants more immigrants making money for companies

Keir Starmer attacked the number of immigrants working in the NHS on the BBC this morning, in another shameful example of dog-whistle politics as he continues his attempts to pander to the far right.

And the interview exposed both the paucity of political ideas and his fundamental anti-worker position. The NHS is short of 100,000 workers or more, yet Starmer’s ‘solution’ is to train a mere 7,500 – a process that would take years and be a drop in the ocean of the scale of the problem.

And he revealed that while he wants immigrant workers out of the NHS where they save lives, he wants immigrant workers in factories and tech industries, where they can help make money for the already-wealthy and huge corporations:

The pronouncement was described as putting ‘a target on the back’ of immigrant NHS workers:

With no significant difference between the two main parties, there is no functioning parliamentary opposition. The people need to take matters into their own hands and reject the racist flag-waving of them both..

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  1. The FIRST interview I have seen that asks questions a bit harder than “…and your second disc would be?” and it was a total car crash that exposed his incompetence.

  2. One of the many reason’s why people in the North changed allegiance in GE19 was disillusionment in the political landscape and anti-establishmentarism, that the Tories used with aplomb,the Red Knight is part of the establishment and London -centric.

  3. One could pity the Trilateral Commission.
    On one hand, they picked a lackey who could follow orders.
    On the other hand, their man is so-easily shown up to be a dud …. Completely devoid of any serious vision or forward-looking thinking.
    Anyone can see thru his shallow and dysfunctional thinking..

    1. And he his building a Party filled with hand picked candidates made in his own image:

      “Sir Keir Starmer defers to a coterie of Blairite greybeards on nearly all things, but this mistake of theirs is one he will not repeat. His parliamentary party will be kind to him, for he intends to fix it. Or, rather, his aides are busy doing so: ruthlessly, shamelessly and, unfortunately for the Corbynite left, competently. They know exactly who their MPs will be. Much more important to the Labour leader’s future than either of the parliamentary by-elections this year are the selection battles unfolding in each of the party’s longer-than-usual list of target seats for 2024. Mainly because the latter are the sorts of elections you can rig.

      Rishi Sunak’s modest progress in the polls has not yet changed the fact that the victors of these contests, most of which will be wrapped up by the end of the year, are set to make up the Labour majority of tomorrow. Funnily enough, Starmer is winning every one of them. Of the 39 candidates so far selected by local parties to the seats that must turn red if Labour is to win the next election, none — not one — are what you could call a Corbynite or even of the left. Instead, as the journalist Michael Crick has chronicled in tweets that have shone a light on the skullduggery of Labour high command, they are Starmer people to a man and woman. Progressive professionals, more often than not competent local councillors, they wear their politics lightly and are unlikely to frighten horses of even the weakest disposition.”

      Unlike the situation in 1997 – which saw Labour MP’s elected who would hold the Party leadership in Government to account – the Blairite parasites are busy ensuring that not only any candidates at any level are sufficiently sycophantic to the neo-liberal feudalist project but also Party members.

      The Continuity Conservatives posing as a ‘Labour’ Party are committed to completing the WEF project of waging total war on those they consider to be useless eaters and deplorables. Much like their counterparts in the US Democratic Party.

  4. Dear Skwawkbox,
    I’m Admin of Grey Swans pension group, in amongst the1950s ladies thieved half a decade of our state pension. In amongst us are retired nurses and paid carers.

    Because of our expertise in state pension system, learned by our suffering, I was able to put together Grey Vote policies omitted from all other Left wing parties (or any elected or unelected party), when it is us Grey Vote who sufficiently turn out the most at elections. We are the bulk of voters, by age group, for any and all parties at elections.

    Because of the ageist sexism of society and the political class, the potential political party has been called Over 50s, but us Over 50s ladies never even consider not having policies as well, for our children and grandchildren, so Over 50s party are policies from ages 1 to 100 plus.

    But where could those policies be gained, to draw up a formal election manifesto? Well, we know from whom, the Man who is always right. Jeremy Corbyn’s never to be used manifestos of 2017 and 2019. I’ve updated the manifestos, as the Tories keep nicking chunks, but never to help us, the people.

    Might you care, please, to do a blog article on Skwawkbox please, about Over 50s party?

    So as to gain the knowledgeable people to be the handful of volunteer admin to bring the party into reality by their existence and by them getting just petty cash donations from trade unions (Mick Lynch?) for the small cost of the legal fees (I’ve found a specialist law firm) and registration, so the party can run in next general election.

    Election manifestos need a large membership, so by Over 50s party already having published manifesto, the party is oven ready for its volunteer admin and them selecting MP candidates. As Admin Grey Swans I own this website domain name til next summer: www dot over50sparty dot org dot uk

    As I won’t be a party member, then that spending is not within the Elections Bill as electioneering. I will be a free state pension consultant for life.

    There is also a mistake made by the Left about how the public perceive the political class, parliament, and politics in general, about which people have confided in this sympathetic old lady, that they would not dream to say to you.

    Please help me to get for us all Corbyn’s legacy, so we get the Clement Attlee government we need. www dot over50sparty dot org dot uk

      1. Does keef know you’re voluntarily assisting someone who has been expelled from the party?

        And who appears to be campaigning for policies keef does not (necessarily) agree with??

        I think he should be told 😏

        Any labour party here with the means to file a complaint about wee Stevie’s egregious and treacherous behaviour?

        Please do so.

      2. Hahaha…Do you know who I’m referring to?


        Bet you’re shitting bricks now, aren’t ya?

      3. Toffee – Or maybe I don’t really care much one way or t’other what you think. Why would I?

      4. You don’t care? Why bother to answer me, then? 😏

        Gotta have the last word…Well I’m not allowing you to have it.

        People have been expelled from smarmerite kabour for less than what you’ve done on this thread.

        You haven’t looked a tweet from someone affiliated to another party – you’ve actively assisted in promoting something that isn’t smarmerite, and indeed is anti-smarmerite and has a member who was expelled from the party for being openly anti-smarmer.

        Not only does that offence constitute a summary dismissal from your party…

  5. Thank God for ‘foreign’ workers, not only in the NHS but also those employed in ‘private’care homes, who (according to Enoch Powell) do the jobs that ‘White people don’t want to do’, as it was he who first invited nurses into the NHS from the Carribbean. As Liz Truss recently said “British workers need more graft to get richer”. 70% of our doctors are trained abroad. Cheap labour is the key.

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