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Starmer completes another campaign betrayal as Streeting commits to more private ‘NHS’

Starmer conned Labour members into voting for his leadership with promise to put public services in public hands, now promises more private provision

Wes Streeting, Keir Starmer’s mini-me in Labour’s health team, has announced the completion of yet another u-turn on the promises he used to persuade – many would say ‘con’ – members to vote him in as leader.

Speaking to the BBC, Starmer has committed Labour to using private firms ‘to cut NHS waiting lists’ – a common Tory excuse for more privatisation. And he included it in his top 3 items to enact if Labour gets into power:

Keir Starmer, of course, promised Labour members that he would ensure the NHS and other public services were renationalised back into public hands – and explicitly not ‘making profits for shareholders’:

Starmer had already shredded that promise when he told the BBC that he would not privatise the grossly-inefficient and expensive energy sector, of course – but in committing to NHS privatisation the Labour right has shown just how indistinguishable it is from the Tories and has betrayed Labour members and the public in one of the most fundamental and unforgivable ways.

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  1. This is not surprising when you see who financially backed Starmer for his leadership campaign. When will people wake up and see this corrupt chancer for what he is?

    1. They admitted at the Leadership contest and at the TWO coups in which Sir Keith Starmer was a main collaborator / plotter. He and his nest of parasites admitted they had no policies for the many, and they lied that they accepted those proposed by Jeremy & us.
      In numerous additional ways they showed that they were never Labour. They will never be honest, nor for the many, nor for Labour. They will sell their mothers for profit with 1/666 of a chance.
      They serve the perverted heartless one percent🚨🚨🚨

  2. So starmers a filthy liar and a con man…nothing new there.move along there..Labour are committed to more private health nothing new there…move along and keep feeding the parasites infesting the Labour party..Now why would you do that?

  3. Can someone give me ANY reason to vote Labour at the next General Eeection?

    1. Depends who’s leading the party by then.

      Labour face a difficult by-election test in Birmingham Erdington, after today’s breaking news. The majority was just 3,601 over the Tories

    2. Well, I’m sure the Chief Turd Polisher will make his entrance soon and post something totally off subject.

      1. Baz2001, I’ll save you a wait. 100,000 people joined the party this morning.

    3. If you’re a Likudist, neoliberal, neocon/demon, pro-censorship racist, would help you decide to vote for the Blair/headroom cult. I

  4. Just in case anyone asks, this is wrong for these reasons: staff is short, so private forms will add pressure in dividing a small workforce. Staff will move where the pay is better (the only positive is that pay *might* go up a bit) and not necessarily where the need is, increasing staff shortages. This would leave the NHS with the younger inexperienced staff which would in turn have detrimental effects on quality of care.

    Finally, when people will complain about declining care, uncaring MPs on 80k/year + expenses will struggle to understand why the “poorer” (AKA the majority) can’t just pay for better services. The end of the NHS.

  5. At this point it’d be better for interviewers to sarcastically ask which, if any, of his 10 pledges weren’t a lie?

    And to think high profile guardian journos like Zoe Williams and Polly Toynbee are writing columns praising Starmer’s ‘honesty’ and ‘integrity’; contrasting it with Johnson’s. What planet are these people on?

    1. Andy
      Perhaps Zoe Williams sees herself as some sort of influencer in Politics. Anyway I’m shocked at her praising Starmer for his honesty and integrity. Are you sure she didn’t say lack of?

      1. BackofBeyond

        Williams’ conversion to Starmerite is strange because she was quite left-wing and even pro-Corbyn iirc.

        As for Polly Toynbee, she’s terribly inconsistent. She was an arch critic of Blair’s govt, slamming New Labour’s triangulation, timidity and its embrace of PFI etc. She gave every impression 2000-2015 of being solidly in the left-wing camp. But as soon as the things she’d previously called for became a realistic possibility under Corbyn’s leadership in 2015, she went cold on socialism. Maybe she likes to protest inequality, but only when there is no realistic chance of it being fixed politically?

        Roy Hattersley is another guardian contributor who lambasted New Labour for redistributive timidity, only to turn attack dog against the left under Corbyn.

        Do guardian columnists even know what they want?

    2. @Andy

      It may have something to do with the columnists you mention spent their previous time knifing Corbyn.

      I gave up on the gruniad after Cohen told us to “F@*+ off!”

      On the surface, it’s birds of a feather…deeper you find the Fabian’s and other shady groups.

      Interestingly, the founder of the Fabian’s was into euthanasia. Justify your existence. Do you make more than you cost the master? No? Bye bye…

      1. Spot on my friend, all one has to do is scratch the surface of a scab and the filthy puss drips out Streeting U (C)

      2. No but I am bloody proud I will not be voting for a right wing fucking party of betrayal! Is that clear enough for you???

      3. Kettle to pot. Come in.

        The lack of self awareness with that comment is off the scale.

        It’s a wonder Mr Heep has any forelock left to tug.

      4. This might come as a shock. I believe, deeply and truly, that very few working-class people give a ha’porth of manure for anything that elitist thing writes or proposes. A lot of Trots start their day digesting it and as we see in our comments a lot of Skwawkies couldn’t do without it. I understand comrades. I was an alcoholic for decades. I hoped that everyday things would get better. It didn’t. I stopped, after many failures, now after 15 years without a sniff I neither need not desire it. It’s not easy. I understand, but it must be done. There is nothing to be gained by continuing to read it. You will be better people for it. The first stage is admitting ones powerlessness over what is on the page you are reading. Try it.

  6. People who lie like this with no compunction or remorse are actually quite dangerous.

    Do you think they wouldn’t just as easily lie us into a war to maintain their precious special relationship? New Labour, Grown up politics the ‘greater good’ and all that.

  7. Labour MP Jack Dromey, who was serving as shadow immigration minister on Keir Starmer’s frontbench and had represented Birmingham Erdington since 2010, has died today aged 73.
    The family of Dromey, husband of veteran Labour politician Harriet Harman, said the “much loved husband, father and grandfather” and “dedicated” MP who would be “greatly missed” died on Friday morning.

    1. Condolences to his family.

      But the by-election this creates can and should be used as Batley and Spen almost was (be it not for Galloway) with a loss triggering a Rayner leadership challenge.

      A by-election loss to the Tories would destroy Starmer’s leadership. Even if it means the left holding their nose to vote tactically.

      1. SteveH – I think Angela Rayner may have the necessary votes to challenge. Not ideal, but better than Starmer. Virtually anyone is better than Starmer tbh, and with OMOV still in place they’ll have to commit to REAL promises on-record in the hustings. None of the crap Starmer pulled with his 10 Pledges.

        And those who wonder how anyone could countenance voting Tory. Johnson has a 79(?) seat majority presently, one more seat will make not a jot of difference. But a by-election loss could function to force Starmer out. The left need to consider their limited options.

      2. No Andy Angela Rayner is not better than Starmer – they are two sides of the one coin.
        In 2016 when the NEC were trying to keep Jeremy off the leadership ballot following the challenge fiasco, Angela Rayner stood beside Joanne Baxter an NEC member who was telling the MSM that she had been “threatened” at the NEC meeting.
        What had actually happened was that one of Jeremy’s supporters had threatened legal action if the NEC failed to abide by the Constitution and the legal advice that Jeremy had an automatic right to be on the ballot paper. Rayner stood silently and allowed Baxter to create the impression she had been physically threatened – remember at this time Jeremy and his supporters were vilified by the MSM on a daily basis. We weren’t portrayed as antisemites then – that smear hadn’t been thought of yet – we were just referred to as Thugs, bullies and vandals etc then. So Rayner by supporting Baxter helped further this false narrative about us.
        Then more recently (2019?) she went with Starmer to a LFI event on the day designated by the UN as Palestinian Solidarity day and promised these bigots that she would expel thousands of “antisemites” from the party which, given the numbers, meant she was referring to anti Zionists. That promise has been kept and every day we hear of some anti racist activist ( usually Jewish) who has been expelled from Labour.
        Angela Rayner is no better than Starmer she is just a bit (not much) cleverer which given his level of incompetence and stupidity is not difficult.

      3. It’s the only way, we need the Neo-Labour Party TORIES OUT! With them Sabotaging, smearing, lying about Socialists, we will never make headway for a Party that Stands For The PEOPLE, and not The Elites/Establishment etc, like the Neo-Labour TORIES!
        If it is a Neo-Labour Parasite TORY vote for their strongest candidate to boot them from their seat and block Candidates from taking seats!
        IF The MP/Candidate is UK Labour Party VOTE THEM IN!
        We’ll be a smaller PLP, but a damn side louder than the Neo-Labour TORIES, We’ll have CLPs as is and New Democratic Socialist Candidates, Members, Unions, Welcome all Democratic Socialist and select Socialist Parties all under one umbrella. We’re already biting the bullet with a NON-CHOICE of Thatcher’s Neoliberal Conservative Party TORIES OR Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORIES, our Choice was removed 2019, whether Robbed by The Criminal Elite, or enough people went loopy and voted Brexit.

      4. Steve H Hall…. “To be replaced by who” ..Well its not difficult to see that it will be another misfit and when they loose the “save ourselves” will kick in and dear Angela Raynure will have a punt “…the emphasis being on the manure to choose amongst the glittering talant on offer.Have you lot started inbreeding yet amongst the mutant Labour party.?

    2. Condolences to Harriet Harman,Jack dromey a union boss and they have made a perfect example of why the former working-class movement the Labour party are in mortal danger of extinction…Sir Anthony Blair and lady Cherie Blair born in Bury Lancashire to a Catholic Labour voting working-class family are a perfect example of why the Labour party are in terminal decline.The struggle for the working-class in Britain has been betrayed by the ones above who are the leaders of a silent revolution that has taken us back more than a century in freedoms fought for and blood spilt.I hope that all will meet their maker soon as we all of that age group soon will do and hopefully they will recieve the punishment for betrayals and actively progressing the evil of greed and corruption…and one of those mass murderer a mortal sin against humanity and life that is precious to most human beings.Arise Sir Anthony Blair and see that death is a great leveller.even for the “anointed”

      1. Joseph, another excellent piece. The response later on about Dumbo the trade unionist was neat too. It is all part of a despicable web that we will destroy and justice will be seen to be done. I won’t be around but it will happen all without the need for a single Labour Party m.p.

    3. Jack Dromey…

      Voted for mass surveillance of people’s communications and activities

      Generally voted against lower taxes on fuel for motor vehicles

      Generally voted against higher taxes on plane tickets

      Generally voted against greater regulation of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract shale gas

      Almost always voted for requiring the mass retention of information about communications

      Voted a mixture of for and against measures to reduce tax avoidance

      Almost always voted against a statutory register of lobbyists

      Had never voted on investigations into the Iraq war

      Voted for replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system

      He did make some great choices though. Flawless record concerning education, and a few other good choices. But nuclear weaponry, lobbyist protection and state spying made him a poor leftie IMO.

      I’ll give him the same respect in his death that he’d have given mine. Ambivalence.

  8. I can see the day when The Brilliant SkwawkBox finally starts supporting a Socialist alternative political party. The party of betrayal is finished for most of us now. We have no time left for our NHS and only Socialists can and will save it.

    1. Andrew – You can bleat all you like but unless Labour is in power you won’t be able to do anything.

      1. Labour will do NOTHING! And you know it. I will then have to see that smerk on your fake wiped away. I have seen all this betrayal before and for me it’s the last time.

      2. I don’t know where to start, so apologies up front.

        Those who don’t have shares (yet) will be getting a cushy number (see Osborne).

        Once again labour actions show their true colours. From their complete disregard for people through to their loyalty to money. Second grade Tories.

        Dunno why people engage with Luke filling up threads. It’s either agitation or condescending. Like some smart arse uncle or aunt. People like Luke get a £1 a line. Don’t pay them. (Yanks will pay you $1000 for anti China articles Like…)

        Say good bye to what’s left of the NHS. It’s already been decimated anyway, and no one with the power to do anything will fix that. The diminishing middle class will think they can afford it and will stay happy in their little bubbles. Silly sheep will not look to America where people lose everything for medical bills.

        Stay safe all, and try to help where you can.

  9. So right on cue, up he pops. Diverting attention away from the topic of the post and some of you fall for it.

    1. baz2001 – I thought that the death of a current Labour MP was newsworthy, you obviously disagree.
      If my comment had been intended to be a distraction then I would owe you a debt of gratitude for perpetuating the distraction by drawing everyone’s attention to it 2hrs after the event and for opening up a new thread, 🤔

    2. I just seen the headline on Teletext.

      Came on here, saw this thread and would’ve mortgaged every one of my vital organs** on the wee shite being the one who wouldn’t mention anything about another example of smarmerite shithousery, but instead would use dromey’s demise to deflect from it.

      Using the death of a fellow smarmerite centrist to push the agenda….I guess it’s what he would’ve wanted – eh, wee rodent?


      **I’d have needed to stake the equivalent of the national debt to have won a single penny, such is the reputation of the smarmer worshipping morally defunct gobshite

      1. Someone please define “Political Whore” for me please.

    1. JulieT, does something that I would like to know too, no only about Wes Streeting, but Keir Starmer, Ellie Reed and the rest of them.
      I would not be surprised if most of the have shares in health companies and properties portfolios too.

      1. SteveH, come on we all know that wifes/husbands/partners don’t have to declare interest don’t they? I don’t believe they have to declare if they have a property portfolio for example.

  10. Unions need to consider also backing a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party, why should Right Wing Labour have a monopoly of Union funding for abysmal returns?
    We would kick the private sector out of the NHS, end private health tax reliefs, plus like Corbyn promised have a new publicly owned Pharma company which would meet human need and research rarer conditions which offer little profit return for Big Pharma.
    We don’t need Right Wing Labour, they have passed their sell by date and unions members deserve value for their money.

  11. I have a hard time not swearing seeing how Starmer is taking the once great Labour party and making it a vile Tory-lite right-wing scumbag paradise.

    It’s these endless betrayals I see again and again to my socialist ideology that demonstrates I have no home in Labour and I will NEVER vote for or help a Tory scumbag. I don’t care about your Label or rosette if you’re right-wing then your Tory.

    If I ever see my socialist parents and grandparents I never want to let them see me complete the ultimate betrayal of our beliefs and vote for scum such as this.

    Until we finally have a socialist ONLY Labour movement will I ever lift a finger for this lot? This is NOT my Labour never my beliefs and ideology and NEVER EVER WILL BE!!!!

    1. A lot of us knew bloody well he was a con artist from the start. He was nothing at all like our Corbyn. We have to remember the majority of filthy right wing labour MPs/Tories back Starmer. We must stop as many people as possible voting Labour.

      1. Andrew – But you don’t have anything to offer to anyone. Enabling another Tory government who will use another term in office to finish off dismantling our public services won’t help the many and will be catastrophic for the vulnerable and disadvantaged. Sacrificing the vulnerable on the alter of your political dogma is a very selfish thing to do.

      2. I am waiting for you to list everything your Starmers right wing Labour is offering me Steven.

      3. Good for you am glad everyone knows your standing now. cheers.

      4. Andrew – You are more than welcome to try and prove it. Please feel free to quote me directly and provide a link to your evidence.

      5. Andrew – I’m still waiting for your list, does your silence confirm that in reality you and your ilk have nothing credible to offer

      1. I feel proud I will never vote for a party that worked to deliberately lose us 2 general elections. That enough for me. Now list all the benefits of voting for a party that will do anything to con people to vote for it even to the depths of guilt tripping people. Go on tell me a party of betrayal is on our side!

      2. Now your talking even more garbage, cut it out Steven. You should be ashamed backing a seine like stamer and his right wing thugs, what happened to you?

      3. SteveH from my perspective it was Starmer and Co the ones making the mess of the 2019GE with their support for the constructive ambiguity over Brexit and their demands for a People’s Vote.
        As a EU citizen that couldn’t vote on the Referendum but campaigned against Brexit and cry the next day when the result came, we should have honoured the result of the Referendum, we should have respected the democratic will of the majority.
        Have we respected the result and keep to the 2017GE Manifesto to enact Brexit, we will have been able to enact a softer Brexit that would have kept us in the Custom Union and could have probably have a Labour Government that would have not introduce some appalling anti Trade Union legislation that the Tories already have.

      4. Maria – Jeremy was the one who decided to piss all over his own USP by hiding behind ‘constructive ambiguity’ for month after bloody month. By the time he’d finished neither side trusted him.
        He was the architect of his own downfall.

  12. Will Right Wing Labour scrap the Tory trade union laws?
    Corbyn’s Labour said it would.
    All these policies mentioned above are ok but modest and won’t challenge Neo-Liberal capitalism which once it has hegemony can live with crumbs for workers!
    Right Wing Labour in Govt (it won’t win) but not in Power.
    Why should unions let Right Wing Labour have a monopoly of its funds for mediocre returns?
    Let them fund too a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist party which will challenge Neo-Liberal capitalism and fight for diverse working people!
    And I’m trying to bring unions, Breakthrough, and Resist, together to explore this.
    Otherwise at the next General Election the choice will be – which Neo-Liberal capitalist colour wallpaper would you prefer?
    Blue, Pink, Yellow or Green?

      1. Thanks to Keir Starmer and Co that when all the way to sabotage him. What about the Forde Enquiry SteveH, when it is going to be published?

  13. Oh and am I the only one?
    Unless he has a medical exemption:
    No Vac Novak Feck Off Back!

  14. Want to know why Starmer has been so quiet on the NHS Privatisation bill?

    Hedge Fund Manager, Martin Taylor, was Starmer’s largest funder for his leadership campaign. He has a £10m stake in United Health- a US private healthcare company currently seeking £1bn worth of contracts from the NHS.

    Taylor donated £95,000 to Starmer’s leadership campaign- something Starmer hid while the rest of the candidates revealed where their funding came from.

    Taylor also gave Labour £600,000 when Miliband was party leader. Following Jeremy Corbyn’s election to the leadership in September 2015, Taylor began funding anti-Corbyn groups like Labour Together, Saving Labour and Labour Tomorrow.

  15. If the Tories had a decent leader, a reasonable Conservative, John Major for example, I could vote Tory before New New Labour.

  16. Should be
    “…told the BBC he would not NATIONALISE the grossly inefficiency, expensive energy sector”.

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