Where Skwawkbox goes, the ‘mainstream’ media follow again

‘MSM’ get to the matter late – and uncredited, as usual

Last week, Skwawkbox was the first media outlet to report on the selection as Rother Valley parliamentary candidate of Dominic Beck, a Rotherham councillor who had to resign from Rotherham council’s cabinet over the scandal of some 1,400 children being groomed, raped and abused, by Keir Starmer’s Labour party.

This week, the so-called ‘mainstream’ media are catching up, with the Times, Spectator and the Guido Fawkes site running the same story – and even the foul S*n, which of course will not be shown here:

Of course, Skwawkbox was not credited, although Fawkes gave a ‘hat tip’ to a social media poster who had mentioned the issue.

It’s not the first time that the ‘MSM’ have followed where Skwawkbox led – or even plagiarised Skwawkbox exclusives without credit, for example revelations the identity of the white-shirted Rees-Mogg supporter who struck a woman twice in the face, the fact that the same man had worn nazi uniform, right-wing Labour councillors’ links to a dodgy cash company, or details of the right’s selection abuses in Enfield, along with many others.

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  1. It would be interesting to see how the people of Rother Valley are going to react to the candidate. The seat used to be solid Labour but, Sophie Wilson lost it on 2019 for failing to understand that most traditional Labour voters, are socially conservative.
    Sophie openly supporting a picket of lap dancers and being reported in the local newspaper as saying that working as a prostitute was just a job like any other, didn’t do her any favours. A real pity because Sophie is a socialist.
    I canvassed for her a couple of times and door after door, previous labour voters were saying no thank you, I cannot vote for a candidate that sees nothing wrong with women working as prostitutes.
    I tried to explain that Sophie didn’t want to discriminate against sex workers to no avail. I wasn’t surprise when she failed to retain the seat. A real pity because she is a lovely young woman, only too naive to play the political game.

  2. Prostitution is a difficult subject – as displayed on Politics Live
    today. Nicky Adams, a spoke-person for a Prostitutes
    organisation (?) said that women found themselves having
    to work on the Streets to make ends meet and it was an
    absolutely disgraceful situation .

    A Tory advisor was very prim faced and said prostitution
    was wrong – full stop… which is begging the point ..

  3. British voters are conservative in outlook because the majority are working class and generally do not follow the London trends.Theres a world of difference between child exploitation for sex and desperate women being exploited for sex to survive or feed a habitt.The fact that a labour party candidate can be excused from blame for ignoring depravity in the exploitation of children is a new low and signaled a party with no longer any moral compass.or belief other than winning for the sake of “winning” .Now the media are becoming increasingly aware of just how depraved and unfit for government the labour party and.

    1. Reply to Joseph O’Keefe
      It isn’t a new low for Dominic Beck to be selected as a PPC for Starmers Labour. The low came many years ago and has yet to be equalled or surpassed.
      I am referring to the situation with Margaret Hodge who led Islington Council in 1970s and who claimed that her failure to listen to complaints from/about children in council care who were pimped and prostituted and horribly used was due to her being “naive”. She followed this some years later by claiming that one of the children who had been subjected to horrific abuse was mentally ill thereby inferring that his word could not be taken. She had to pay this man £30,000 for slandering him.
      But to cap it all , after she had ” naively” presided over the wholesale exploitation of children Tony Blair appointed her Minister for Children so no, Starmer’s Labour selecting Dominic Beck for Rother Valley is not a new low. Starmer is just following in the footsteps of Tony Blair who had the bare faced cheek and arrogance to appoint his friend and ally Hodge to this important post despite her proven unsuitability – that is just about as low as anyone could go.

      1. Correction -I should have said that appointing Hodge Children’s Minister was apart from illegally invading Iraq, causing approx 1 million deaths and the rise of ISIS, just about as low as anyone could go

  4. The point that Nicky Adams on Politics Live failed to make
    (or maybe she did?) was that prostitution is an illegal abuse
    – but those who have governed for the past 12 years are
    complicit in this. evil. After all they have governed in a
    way that made this terrible choice HAVE to be made.

  5. Changing the subject here – Ive been reading about G Browns reforms that
    Govt should not be top down – but the reverse. His comments about energising
    and giving voice to local Communities do NOT sit well – and are frankly the
    opposite to – elbowing them aside when the powers that be do not agree
    with their choice of candidate either at local or national level.

  6. Apart from Squawkbox I source much of my news across a international network and its apalling how little truth actually comes through the British media.IN times of war its not surprising to encounter propoganda even in democracys.Are we at “War” and whos the enemy?……Look no further than the House of commons and you have your answers!..Forget the MSM who are active only for a small section of society and never forget the words of the enemy “Theres no society only individuals” which is the endgame for the neo liberals society of the one percent.Remember this winter when our elderly and disabled,our children and grandchildren suffer that politics is not a game of musical chairs or theatre but lives destroyed and children suffering for what?.Sir keir starmer and your labour party…Why?.I don’t even mention the torys who are beyond redemption but what of the” struggle “and the working class you once represented keef?….A deadly silence!

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