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Breaking: Apsana Begum ‘triggered’ after Labour campaign of misogyny and racism

Party’s shameful pursuit of Muslim woman MP and domestic abuse victim reaches threshold for selection contest

Labour’s shameful pursuit of left-wing Poplar and Limehouse MP Apsana Begum has come to fruition this evening. Skwawkbox understands that the party’s campaign to ‘trigger’ Ms Begum, despite the abuse she has and continues to face, her serious ill health and the intervention of a domestic violence specialist has reached the threshold required to trigger a selection contest. Begum is automatically entitled to be on the ballot, assuming the party does not again completely disregard its own rules as it has in the past.

Begum defeated one attempt to remove her in a stitched-up prosecution that was rightly thrown out of court, sending party officials scurrying away disappointed who had been waiting outside the court to announce a contest to replace her. But the party allowed the same allies of her ex-husband, whom she told the court had been abusive toward her, who managed the failed prosecution to run the ‘trigger ballot’ process – and locals have said publicly that the trigger meetings were characterised by abuse, intimidation and threats, especially toward ethnic minority women.

Labour Black Socialists, women Labour members in the neighbouring Bethnal Green and Bow constituency and other groups have condemned Labour’s outrageous, racist and misogynistic treatment of the MP, who has been unsupported throughout by the party and has recently been hospitalised. Affiliated unions, even those leaning right, have voiced their support for her and there have been numerous calls for the trigger process to be halted because of the scale of the abuse and her ill health.

But Labour’s right-wing regime has shamelessly continued its harrying, including smearing her job performance and dismissing the abuse she has faced in the very same comment to the press in which it claimed that it ‘takes all complaints of abuse very seriously’.

Shame on Labour. If Ms Begum can stomach the selection process and wishes to stand for reselection, Labour members in the constituency owe her their support, but fears continue to be raised that the party will ensure the result it so clearly wants. The party has been contacted for comment.

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    1. Who was it that instituted ‘trigger ballots’?
      I suppose her future now depends on whether her supporters and ‘the left’ (those that haven’t left the party) can get their act together or not.

      1. Who was it who instigated open abuse and misogyny, as part of the selection process? Trigger ballot, or not.

        Trigger ballots aren’t the issue. It’s the behaviour surrounding this particular one. Couple that with the cowardice of UK Labour, and we have, yet, another disgraceful political scandal, to shame the party.

        Funnily enough, I’m not surprised you can’t see that.

        Solidarity, with Apsana Begum!

      2. There is a fundamental difference between the management of Corbyn and the tyranny of BlueKeef. Corbyn never idolated the “Right”/TORIES with a culture of fear, abuse and nastiness. He foolishly expected the Party to act as the Democratic and Equal Party that it’s members expected. All decissions were made unanimously before implementation. However the hate and fear driven TORY/”Right” then as they do now raped every opportunity to bring disrepute and shame to the Party.
        The continuation of raping everything the Movement stands for, or shall we say once stood for, only now ramped up under the Tyranic TORY leadership of BlueKeef, MrBlobby and the Nasties/Neo-Labour Party TORIES.
        So to ask this question millions of times over is idiotic as you know as well as anyone else that a) It was not Corbyn’s decision alone, it was a decission made based on a vote, unlike what can be expected from BlueKeef who demands implementation without so much as a whisper. b) Even under Corbyn’s leadership the Party was 80% Neo-Labour Party TORIES vs 20% UK Labour Party Democratic Socialists.
        Move on BlueSteveH you look just a bit desperate and sad to keep blaming Corbyn for YOUR Neo-Labour Party TORIES’ Nastiness, Racism, Misogyny, Inadequacies, Incompetence, etc, etc, etc. Own it your TORY party is shit nasty, and that’s to our benefit. From that car crash of a Pseudo Labour TORY Party’s failings will rise the Movement once again, FOR The PEOPLE!
        Remember the saying ‘the harder they come’?

      3. Stating facts and opinions are not rants, you TORIES are such flowers. What was it? Did I use caps or exclamations? Awww bwess.
        You’re getting slow dear, that was two days ago.

      4. nellyskelly – What facts would they be, could you point them out..
        It is a fact and a matter of public record that all the rule changes that were implemented at the 2021 conference were democratically voted on and no amount of attempts at silly distractions is going to change that.

  1. Starmers Labour discriminates against Muslim women. I hope Muslims and women discriminate against Starmers Labour at the ballot box at the next election.

    1. Smartboy. I believe they already did in Tower Hamlets during the Local Elections.

      1. Reply to Baz
        Yes Baz Just to add – I think an organised campaign nationwide to highlight the issue and the remedy i.e. don’t vote for discriminators is needed and soon

      2. We need the tiny handful of Socialists to evacuate the rotting parasite infested house so that we can ‘burn it to the ground’ at the next GE, but we need alternatives and a national drive to make people aware who the Socialist Candidates in their constituencies are and most of all that any “Labour” Party is NOT better than a Conservative Party, lets face it BlueKeef and the Neo-Labour Party TORIES, in my books at least, are the worst of the two TORY Options, with their far reaching grubby fingerprints everywhere. However Smartboy, all attempts may be in vain, I fear The PEOPLE have returned to the 43 year slumber that Corbyn so breefly woke them up from. Back to their fluffy comfort blankets of materialist belongings and desires. Give them BlueKeef, give them BoJoke I am sure most of us who were switched on 2015 to 2020 were fully aware of the conveniences of our loss. Suffering was on the cards and here it is as predicted.
        Another 5y another 10y, perhaps even another 43 years of TORY HELL before The PEOPLE awaken, but they will, the breadline is snapping at their feet as it is.

      3. nellyskelly – Has there ever been any more than a tiny handful of ‘socialists’?

      4. Not within “Labour” no.
        Has there been a time since Bevan created the NHS that Socialism was not entirely alienated by The Government, MSM, now MSSM or targeted by MSP and internal saboteurs.
        Done in much the same fashion as the brain deficient yanks’ fanatic and idiotic attack on Communism/Socialism?
        It’s spread all over Europe.
        We’ll see how quickly minds change when medical insurance doesn’t cover their beloved childs urgent oppration/drug, etc, that severely autistic child with severe challenging behaviours has to go back home, care is no more, when the school funds start mounting, when the Bin removal charges mount, when just about every road is mantained by a toll, etc, etc, etc! Fun days ahead, expect tsunamis of tears!

      5. nellyskelly – “Not within “Labour” no.

        Which begs the question – Why are you still obsessing about Labour, where’s your credible alternative?

      6. To be fair the obsession is yours not mine. Why do i want to fight for a Party FOR The PEOPLE, within or without “Labour”?
        I can see the disastrous fly tip, your beloved Neo-Labour Party TORIES and their peers and equals The Conservative Party TORIES are creating, and that is just how we swing, we care about tomorrow’s people, even if we won’t be there, unlike you and your fellow TORIES, who only care about yourselves and your elite masters.

      7. nellyskelly – Isn’t it high time you actually got your finger out and actually did something instead of having endless discussions about having discussions. It is disingenuous to claim that you are for the people when you have SFA to offer as a credible alternative. You can only bleat from the next field for so long before people just dismiss you for what you are.

      8. Careful you sound like you care. You and your TORY chums are doing more, than anything else for The PEOPLE, with your politics of hate, war, poverty, poor education, poor health, poor housing, poor infrastructure, lack of Freedom of Speech, lack of FOI, oh geezis where to begin!
        The harder you push, the uglier your actions the sooner your ‘demise’. It will be a global change it has already stared in South America and Africa. Russia and China are squashing the Dollar and the West like Cockroaches. Someone had to may as well be them.
        Back to Britain it is with the Children of today, where the future lies. The TORY monster is so close to consuming itself, then change will happen. Now would be like a Palestinian David going into battle with a giant ODF. It would be stupid to attempt it. Does that mean Palestine is powerless and not organising themselves against their oppressors? No they just need to rethink warfare.

      9. nellyskelly – I care about all those things which is why I vote Labour, haven’t you noticed that they have all got worse since the Conservative party has been in power. Bleating forlornly that life is unfair won’t change anything, you need to be in power to make change. Whilst you and your ilk seem to wallow in it perpetual opposition doesn’t help anyone, least of all the vulnerable that you profess to care about.

      10. For what it’s worth yes you are right things got worse since the TORIES came into power 43 years ago and things hasn’t improved since. Now that The PEOPLE (apparently fucked up), The PEOPLE have no alternative to The TORIES.
        As I said you umpteen times before there is a lot more to it that just pulling something out of a hat. First there needs to be a spark to set the wheels in motion.

      11. nellyskelly – Your problem is that you have absolutely nothing to offer. After all those years one would have thought that the collective intellect of ‘the left’ would have managed to come up with something, anything?

      12. nellyskelly – Really, when can we expect this spark sometime never?

      1. nellyskelly – You really ought to read Keir Starmer’s CV. Keir has dedicated a good proportion of his working life to saving the lives of people with dark skins.

      2. What is that supposed to mean!? His Wiki Page says he is a “Socialist” and “Left Leaning”, Self Serving, Careerist, TORY more like.
        I wonder what dreadful things happened to him since that turned him into such a whicked, twisted individual.

      3. I have, plenty, rotten to the core. Actions is what exposes the man not waffle, fluff and spinporn.
        If you want evidence simply read the comments section since you started asking for evidence you had it all and more.

      4. nellyskelly – You perplex me, you worship at the feet of a man who despite being the ultimate career politician and having a life long history as an activist has never actually achieved anything tangible throughout his long parliamentary career and yet even though you haven’t a clue what you are talking about (and proud of it) you denigrate Keir’s real life achievements.

      5. 1. I don’t whorship man, beast, gods, fairies, product, brands, artifacts or anything else.
        2. Jeremy Corbyn has done far more good for the cause/plight of The PEOPLE, than you will ever be able to understand. (You have 6y, or however long you’ve posted here, of evidence on your timeline)
        3. BlueKeef is a charlatain and a fraud, there simply is no comparison between BlueKeef and Corbyn, not for their achievements, ACTIONS, FOR The PEOPLE nor for the men ‘they’ are.
        4. It is you pet who are the clueless, your frequency is limited to what you want to believe, your world view is limited to what the MSM tells you, your mind is controlled by billionaire owned Polls and MSM.
        It will never be so just because you want it so. No manner of thinking and imagining it so, will ever make it so.
        Eventually the faux world that the MSM, MSSM, MSP created for you will unravel, the truth will allways trump the lies, ALWAYS.

      6. nellyskelly – You forgot to include any details whatsoever of Jeremy’s achievements. I wonder why. 🤔

      7. No, I said you already have an exhaustive source of replies directly to your comments inbox right here on Skwawkbox. The amount of times you have been inundated with factual replies, since 2015, for that very same question is stupendous.
        Move on BlueSteveH! We have, He has!
        We’re waiting for the spark and he’s fighting the Draconian Tyranny of BlueKeef, MrBlobby and the Neo-Labour Party TORIES for the whip back. Will he get is back? I don’t know, I don’t particularly care, I would be made up for him, but I don’t care either way. I feel he has enough to deal with and his time would be much better spent underneath the radar.
        Ulike your failure of a “leader” dictator more like, who has done everything that he’s done AGAINST The PEOPLE, never spoke up for The PEOPLE, or indeed done Oor succeeded in anything FOR The PEOPLE, perhaps some school student level projejects, for the “Human Rights Barrister”, then he became the head of CPS Human Rights Removal, as “Leader” of the so called “Opposition” he has gone out of his way to harm The PEOPLE who are not WHITE EUROPEAN, ZIONIST, ANTI-SOCIALIST AND WEALTHY.
        Perhaps less focus on Corbyn and more on your dear leader, I find it fascinating that you are like a man possessed over Corbyn, when really he should mean zilch to you. You TORIES are extraordinarily strange.

      8. nellyskelly – Or you could have saved us both some time and just admitted that you couldn’t think of any either

      9. Not at all, once again, your same question has been answered a stupendous amount of times right here, by many different people, including Skwawkbox.
        I pointed out that the answers are in your WordPress Reader inbox already, why do you need the same question answered a stupendous amount of times? Is it that comprehension deficit of yours? You’re probably MSM, MSP programmed by now, to avoid comprehension of anything containing keywords: Jeremy, Corbyn, Socialist, anti-Racist, The PEOPLE, Equality, Justice, etc, etc, etc.

      10. nelllyskelly – or instead of waffling you could just answer the question.
        One could be forgiven for concluding that you are desperately trying to avoid giving an answer because you’re embarrassed to admit that you can’t think of one tangible difference that JC has made.

      11. nellyskelly – Oh dear, all I can see is your repeated excuses.

      12. You are verging on psychotic harassment. I gave you my answer several times, we’re done here, now fuck off and either do as I suggested and look at the many times this exact same question has been answered to you my many commentors and Skwawkbox and move on with your life, FFS!

      13. nellyskelly – The choice is yours, you could stop digging.🤔
        One could be forgiven for concluding that you are desperately trying to avoid giving an answer because you’re too embarrassed to admit that you can’t think of one tangible difference that JC has made.

  2. Almost inevitably the knife goes in.Left wing working class guilty has charged.
    The fascists labour party…continue.and they will be funded by well meaning people who are ignorant of just how parasites have infected the labour party top to bottom with extremists.And of course they will not realise that not so well meaning people will hope for government in a Bizzare neo liberal roundabout with the establishment labour leader in waiting for the keys to downing street…….I wonder if the “well meaning people should think again about the morality of funding such a organisation as the labour party.

    1. Exactly, an old House that becomes infested with parasites must be burnt to the ground, before it can be rebuilt.
      This is where we will see who are the true Democratic Socialists surely this will be the last straw and they will come out of that Shithole TORY Party, so that we can ‘burn it down to the ground’ at the next GE!
      Even with 10 Socialists speaking up, for The PEOPLE, without fear of persecution, we’d have a louder and stronger voice in Parliament, than all ~180 Neo-Labour Party TORIES multiplied and combined!

  3. As an aside…..Yesterday’s By Election in Bridlington….

    Labour being re-energised by a re-energised Kieth.

    Bridlington North (East Riding of Yorkshire) council by-election result:

    LDEM: 57.1% (+57.1)
    CON: 31.5% (-39.5)
    LAB: 5.0% (-23.9)
    SDP: 3.7% (+3.7)
    YRK: 2.7% (+2.7)

    Votes cast: 3,416

    Liberal Democrat GAIN from Conservative.

    1. baz2001, that is a staggering result. As I’ve suggested earlier, a coalition of change around Davey that wins power expressly and solely to introduce PR and to then hold an election under this system seems the best way forward. Lammy made it clear the other day that he’d much prefer a winner takes it all system and there would be little trust if Labour did say it was committed to PR whereas the LDs must know that they could only ever hope to hold a balance of power under FPTP and so would have little to sacrifice by seeing the move to PR through. Previous desperate coalitions that have come together to ‘kick the Tories out’ have offered nothing but the expectation of the other lot screwing it up and to persist with out current system, that places the interests of parties above that of the country, is to the detriment of all of us.

      1. Tim White, the trouble is most politicians seem to have a history of breaking pledges. Particularly Starmer and the LibDems. So I would never trust them if their platform was a PR one. And I agree I would very much favour PR voting.

        Westminster voting intention:

        LAB: 36% (-3)
        CON: 33% (-1)
        LDEM: 13% (+4)
        GRN: 6% (-2)

        , 28 – 29 Jun

  4. Tim White, I can see your point but I rather vote for a left alternative that for the LibDems.
    As you correctly say neither the Labour or Tory establishment wants PR and prefer FPTP. The problem with FPTP as demonstrated by the collapse of the Liberal Party around 100 years ago is that once you have a Party able to mount an effective challenge it loses dramatically.
    Thus, it is time for the Trade Unions to stop funding the Labour Party and support a Socialist Democratic Party. UKIP brought the Tories to the ropes and got its main goal Brexit. It is not reason that a new Political Party well funded by the Trade Unions cannot do the same thing to Labour.
    With the difference that Labour doesn’t have the wealthy backers the Tories do, that allowed the Tories to fight the challenges from UKIP.

    1. I see a LD vote as purely one of facilitation – the coalition platform they stand on is explicitly about conducting one piece of business – introducing PR – and then dissolving parliament.

  5. If the affiliated Trade Unions branches didn’t trigger Apsana, which were the affiliated Socialist Societies branches that voted in favour of triggering her?
    Under the Labour Party Rules 50% of CLP’s branches and 50% of Affiliates Branches need to trigger her to be a successful trigger.
    From the top of my head: Did the Co-operative Party vote to trigger Apsana? Did the Labour Party Irish Society? Did the Jewish Labour Movement? Who else? Because it must have been a held of a lot of Affiliated Socialist Societies branches to manage a 50% trigger threshold among affiliates, when the Trade Unions affiliated branches were supporting her.
    How many CLP’s branches trigger her? I checked on line and it appears that Poplar and Limehouse CLP has 8 wards (branches) so at least 4 have been needed to trigger Apsana.
    Looking at the future Trade Unions need to affiliate as many of their branches as possible in all the CLPs with a member of the SCG as each branch counts as 1 vote. I hope to be wrong but I am afraid this is just the start.

    1. I have no contacts in that part of London, and those in London with whom I do have contact don’t have any info. regarding the voting. We can only hope that there is a sufficient number of decent people in the CLP who will stand out against this persecution of Apsana. You don’t have to be on the left to understand that the political process is no place for settling scores in failed relationships.

    2. According to private eye, 7 of 9 branches have/had triggered begum.

      Eye is rolling out the lazy/shit constituency MP palaver, and making a fair whack of the fact her (ex?) husband hasn’t been charged with anything.

      As I made out in a previous thread, begum’d be best off spewing a party where she’s obviously not wanted, and contesting the seat as an aspire candidate at the next election.

      He’ll be along with his deposit soon, I s’pose 😴

      1. Agree Toffee, Apsana could consider exploring if she will be able to stand as Aspire candidate for the next GE, providing her ex-husband doesn’t have his tentacles in Aspire too. Or to stand for another left Party.
        I have just checked online the list of Cllr in Tower Hamlets and they are 11 women Cllrs in total: 10 representing the Labour Party and 1 representing the Greens. Only 5 men elected to represent the Labour Party 3 Asian and 2 White British. Every single Cllr representing Aspire is an Asian man.
        Nothing wrong with been Asian since almost 40% of Tower’s Hamlets population is Asian and only 31% white British and it never has stopped white people representing BAMEs, However, surprised by the lack of women representing Aspire. Hence, no sure Apsana will fit in Aspire.
        Meanwhile, the LP has not intention of investigating the complaints that women were intimidated at their branch’s meetings for supporting Apsana.
        It is an absolute disgrace!!

    3. Maria – An easy mistake to make but your summation of the trigger ballot process is incorrect, this is what the new rules on ‘trigger ballots’ actually says.

      “If more than 50% of an electoral college consisting of party branches voting with a weight of 50% and affiliated branches voting with a weight of 50% indicate that they wish a selection to take place, a selection shall proceed. The MP shall automatically be included in the shortlist of candidates from whom the selection shall be made. Where 50% or less of an electoral college consisting of party branches voting with a weight of 50% and affiliated branches voting with a weight of 50% indicate that they do not wish a selection to take place, the MP will, 71 subject to NEC endorsement, be selected as that CLP’s prospective parliamentary candidate.”

      In practise this works out as follows eg
      Collective results for Branches 45% for
      Collective results for Affiliates 60% for

      The 50/50 electoral college system would modify this to
      Branches 22.5% for
      Affiliates 30% for
      Therefore the effective electoral college vote would be 52.5% for and the trigger ballot process would be activated and move forward to the OMOV stage.

  6. As an aside, here is some information from a few questions asked in parliament in the past few months.
    Information from answers given to questions in Parliament
    1. 23 March 2022 (question by Claudia Webbe)
    Q – Boris Johnson’s government says it will defend #Ukraine at all costs. So how much public money is it spending?
    A – Defence minister tells parliament we should wait until the MOD has published its annual accounts!
    2. 18 March 2022 (?)
    A – It is “highly likely” the UK is arming a “white nationalist and ultra-nationalist”, “antisemitic” force in #Ukraine, and has no plans to later recover the thousands of weapons it is supplying to the country.
    3. 2 February 2022 (Kenny MacAskill)
    Q – Will UK anti-tank weapons sent to #Ukraine end up in the hands of its neo-Nazi Azov Battalion?
    A – The UK government gives a cautious answer, not ruling this out, but saying it doesn’t train or assist the National Guard.
    4. 17 June 2022 (?)
    A – Truss says foreign office has “established a negotiations cell” to support Ukraine “in any negotiations”.
    She dismisses Minsk agreements which may have held the best previous prospects for avoiding war: “We are clear that we cannot have a repeat of Minsk”.
    5. 1 July 2022 (James Heappy – PU-SS for Armed Forces stated)
    “The Ministry of Defence has 97 troops deployed in Ukraine“

    1. Theres some good questions in there Goldbach and I hope that someone anyone will ask how can Johnson whistle up another billion in arms for Ukraine when he knows better than most that the ordinary people in his country are in for a protracted period of poverty and hunger.Where will these weapons end up …auctioned off to the highest bidder when the Ukraine junta leggit.?..Why are UK special forces in Ukraine under the pretext of weapons instruction and how long before Nato start WW,3 .And last but not least Why is a strictly European \USarmy threatning the Chinese people and the Asia \pacific region when Nato forces have enough on their plate without talking up another war against the majority of this planet.The casual manner that this government make threats to the people of China is extraordinary and obscene in the repercussions that could enfold very quickly.The inmates have took charge of the Assylum…Steve H would know.being ex Naffi in the forces.

      1. Steve H would know.being ex Naffi in the forces

        Ex naff-all, more like.

      2. That’s hilarious Joe, do you think he wore an apron?

      3. johnfrancispaul – Oh dear, the old adage is true then – Simple things really do please simple little minds – You really should make a collective effort to grow up a bit.

    2. @Goldbach

      From my meanderings in the tubes, I can get you a Stinger for $7k, and a Javelin for $30k. Haven’t seen an NLAW yet, but that could be due to them being crap, just like the original LAW was. Reports from the field confirm this.

      Have seen a Russian Alligator dodge 3 Stingers within 80 seconds (those Russian pilots are very skilled Indeed (Stinger is crap too)).

      Seems like the usual, lots of tax payers cash going on stocks and dividends for the MIC.

  7. As an aside….Another Stitch Up, this time in Stroud:

    ” This week the Labour machine offered members in Stroud, which the party gained in 2017 and lost once more in 2019, just two people to choose from for their next parliamentary candidate. One is Clare Moody, a former MEP and senior strategic director for the lobbyist Grayling (part of private healthcare company Huntsworth) who doesn’t live in the constituency.”

    Starmer is bankrolled by Chinn, Taylor and Hollick, three of the biggest Private Healthcare Investors in the World. Labour will never save the NHS.

    Read this here on Novara:

    1. From that link…

      . . In a bizarre turn of events, however, the national GMB leadership backed Moody last week.

      GMB – Opting for the smarmer decree option again. 😒

  8. The poison that is right-wing Labour knows no bounds.
    Solidarity with Apsana Begum.

  9. Maria’s earlier question about the affiliated societies goes to the heart of an important question.
    The manipulation of affiliated branches / societies in a recent local trigger ballot brought the following comment from the CLP Chair:
    ….. “Who’d have thought that USDAW would have 16 affiliated branches ?” ……..
    Who’d have thought ??? INDEED !
    I wonder if they all voted to support the sitting Staremerite MP ?.
    No doubt they all met and held a properly-constituted vote !
    No doubt !
    True member democracy in the Labour Party is eclipsed by this behind-the-scenes burocratic manoevring.

  10. I have no idea if Aspana Begum is a good MP & serious illness must make it difficult, but I take issue with anyone who accepts guilt by accusation (including Skwawkbox), but I do believe that the Zionist leadership of the Labour Party do not support Muslim MPs. I wish Aspana the best of health.

  11. There was a nasty piece in Private Eye last week implying
    Apsana had neglected her constituency … implying that was
    why she had been triggered.

    Of course they omitted the fact that all this had been going
    on since she was first elected.

    They also implied she (and others) had been lying about her
    ex’s abuse.

    Other stuff too ..

    Am glad she is supported by some women groups . .. roll
    on the adoption of “Women’s Branches” in Constituency

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