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Southampton dockers refuse to unload vessels diverted from picketed Liverpool docks

Shipping bosses and government ministers who have attempted to bypass the strike by Liverpool dockers have wasted their time, thanks to a superb show of solidarity by Southampton dockworkers.

The Southampton workers have refused to unload vessels diverted to them from Liverpool:

Dockers image by Neil Terry Photography

Congratulations to both sets of workers for a show of determination and solidarity, in stark contrast to betrayals by the so-called ‘Labour leadership’, that will benefit working-class people all round the country.

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  1. I would have expected nothing less from the comrades in Southampton. That is what trade Unionism is all about -solidarity unity and having each others backs.

    1. Real ones. This is militant trade union consciousness, at last. Damn my disability. I know as does Julie where we should be. Solidarity!

  2. Can we go to the Docks and Picket Lines to pick our MPs for a new Party for The PEOPLE? I think we’d win all 650 seats on the first go!

  3. Roll on a general Strike…..We cannot avoid this long awaited confrontation so we might as well make the first move……Well done comrades in Southampton.

  4. But, but, but…What do they hope to achieve?

    Oh….it’s not another article about keef and his shithousery.

    My bad.

    1. Time we were all told what the polls indicate about this show of solidarity. Its not the pickets that count its what the polls in Mapp and Lucialand say.

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