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Watch: ‘Where are ya, Starmer? Dockers march on Labour conference to call out ‘scab’

‘If you won’t stand on a picket you’re a scab!’

Liverpool dockers furious with Keir Starmer’s betrayal marched on the Labour party’s conference yesterday, demanding to know where Keir Starmer is and describing him and other front-benchers as ‘scabs’ for their betrayal of workers on the picket line.

Only around fifteen of a march of at least two hundred workers were allowed access to the area in front of the ACC conference venue, but they made enough noise and impact to make up for it:

Outside the venue, some suited drones swore at the workers, but many were willing to be photographed standing in solidarity with them – including, of course, Skwawkbox’s Steve Walker and proudly so.

Unsurprisingly, Starmer did not dare to appear to discuss his shortcomings. After their protest, the dockers returned to their fellow marchers and were joined by other well-wishers for speeches about the kind of Labour party this country really needs, compered by local Audrey White who famously told it to a paralysed Starmer to his face last time he was in the city.

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    1. Showed keef up for the squalid, spineless shithouse that he is.

      And his suited drones were brave enough to hide behind the old bill and security goons, no doubt.

      Wouldn’t surprise me to hear they buy THAT rag when they’re not in this city…

      1. nellyskelly – The same polling organisations that SW quotes. 🤔
        The polls very accurately predicted the outcome of the 19GE

      2. PS Occasionally they cock up, easily done when dealing with the public, that is usually the crumbs SW, et al get to quote, the true reflections. Still that means nothing other than they fucked up.

      3. Really?

        It’s still touted on vox pops – and from many, many pundits – on news/current affairs programmes that keef is (in no particular order):


        Again, not an exhaustive list.

        Show us an MSM column from a journalist that claims keef to be any different WITHOUT inserting at least one of those character/personality/political flaws.

        And while you’re at it, show us all a vote where keef has whipped to oppose the toerags.

        …Y’know? As is his job description?

        Were waiting…

      4. ……then occasionally when despite their very best efforts to twist and bend the demographics, they still end up with a bad result for their client.
        In those cases when you see this, you can be guaranteed that the subject and their client sucks shit.

      1. Dave – Thanks for your non answer confirming that you couldn’t think of anything tangible either.

      2. Dave – Thanks for your non answer confirming that you couldn’t think of anything tangible either

        Gonna answer my (or anybody else’s) questions?


        Then by all means make an even bigger knobhead of yourself** by demanding every answer you.

        **Once thought impossible, now a post-by-post occurrence.

    2. I’m surprised so many of you still reply to SteveH. He’s trolling and your feeding him.

      What’s more important- HE’S SNEERING AT WORKERS IN STRUGGLE.

      This is a socialist paper,everyone who posts here knows this. SteveH knows this. His purpose here is to wind you up. Ignore him.

      Support the dockers on Meseyside! Support the dockers at Felixstowe!

      1. John – I’m not sneering at anyone, I’m simply asking what the strikers achieved by parading around the conference venue chanting “If you won’t stand on a picket you’re a scab!”.
        It isn’t my fault that the other contributors who supported this aspect of the dockers protest are unable to identify any positive outcome from their actions.

    3. Two Cheeks
      Real people making themselves clear what they think of PWC
      Who are your mans core voters in these tame polls
      Because I’m fucked if I can see where his base is

      1. Doug – I see you’ve resorted to childish taunts again to try and bolster your non existent argument. Given that you don’t have a credible alternative to offer what are you trying to achieve with your continual attacks on the Labour party, another 5yrs of Tory rule.

      2. Two Cheeks
        So he doesn’t have a natural base, which means the polls are very shakey
        First 2nd Referendum broadside should blow the fucker clean out of the water

      3. Doug – It’s sad that you have so little faith in your own drivel that you feel compelled to resort pathetic taunts to try and bolster your non existent arguments.
        On the contrary, Labour have been consistently ahead in the polls since Nov21.
        Please feel free to check it out for yourself.

  1. Well done Liverpool Dockers – the salt of the earth.
    However I fully expect that any of them who are still members will be expelled very soon for “antisemitism”

  2. Makes a shithouse sneering comment them runs away like the snivelling little toady that he is.

    Sneers at those with the bollocks to fight the toerags, but makes all sorts of excuses for keef ordering labour peers to ABSTAIN against giving hungry kids a meal at school…And cannot even state a solitary instance where keef has whipped his members AGAINST a toerag motion/policy.

    That’s the measure of the nonce apologist wee stevie h.

  3. I bet all them FBPE Friday Night Soirée “Socialist” Middle-Classer posh-totty, who’ve replaced us “UNDESERVING POOR” scurried for hiding off the Streets of Liverpool!

    1. There’ll be shitloads of the centrist and right wing delegates at lime st station right now, unable to get outta town quick enough, and say how ghastly Liverpool and it’s people are – without having spoken to anyone on the street or walked around the town

      Of course, the (mainly southern, but ALL the centrist) MPs will “have surgeries to attend” 😙🎶

      It’ll the plebs who hang around and spend a few nicker in the local bars and alehouses and stay the extra night or two.

      1. Wah hah hah! Talk about nicker, I bet there are a few, including SteveH’s, frilly polkadot knickers in a right old twist, with all them rowdy ‘peasants’ about town.

  4. So the racist Turd Polisher skulks away tail between his legs……

    Well said Nelly.

    1. baz2001 – I’m still waiting for you to provide some credible evidence to support your pathetic lies.

      1. Where is he then? Practising kissing the King’s hand?

        Starmer is a thoroughly inappropriate leader of Labour who I hope never becomes PM of my country. Yes, even the most repugnant tory would be preferred than Starmer, an entryist ‘moderate’ pretending to be Labour.

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