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Labour share collapses in Liverpool by-election as left independents hoover up votes

Party clings on in Fazakerley but suffers massive fall

Labour saw yet another vote collapse as it managed to hold on last night in the Fazakerley by-election, falling 26 points compared to the party’s performance in the last election in the ward – votes that were hoovered up by the left-wing ‘Liverpool Community Independents’ candidate.

The party’s fall came despite ‘desperate’ measures involving shipping in canvassers from as far away as Blackpool and whipping Labour councillors to go door to door after local members showed little interest in coming out to campaign. The final results were:

Labour 58% (-26)
LCI 27% (+27)
LibDems 12% (+8)
Greens 3% (-1)

The party had already seen big falls in the city’s mayoral election and in by-elections since, as the city’s residents turn their back on Labour over Keir Starmer’s decision to write for the hated S*n, the party’s war on Liverpool democracy and the protracted arms-fair betrayal. Next May’s ‘all-out’ elections covering the whole of the city promise to be a ‘different ball-game’, as Labour will not be able to pour all its resources into every ward in the same way it did in Fazakerley.

And while Labour can lose 26 points in parts of Liverpool and still cling on, the results bode ill for Starmer’s brand of right-wing dronery and Stalinism in the rest of the country and make a mockery of his rather desperate attempts to spin last week’s poor Wakefield result as a sign of some kind of revival.

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    1. Across Liverpool, Labour members will be thinking “many more “victories” like that and we are undone “. #StarmerOut

      1. This magnitude of Labour desertion in Labour’s most loyal city is extremely bad news for Starmer. That some would try to talk up Labour’s pyrrhic victory in Labour’s heartland of heartlands as some kind of positive sign for Starmer is even more in our favour. Those who take this line are busy destroying themselves before our eyes.

      2. Brian – Which bit did you misunderstand? Despite the best efforts of ‘the left’ in what is reputed to be one of most ‘socialist’ neighbourhoods in the country Labour still won a decisive victory with an overall majority. If ‘the left can’t win a council by-election in Fazakerley where can they win.
        Let’s see how the LCI councillors do when they come up for re-election and they are not standing as Labour candidates.

  1. Or to put it another way, despite the best efforts of ‘the left’ in one of the most socialist constituencies in the country Labour still got twice as many votes as their candidate and Labour still won a substantial overall majority

    1. Reply to Steve H
      The LCI came from nowhere – it didn’t even exist a year ago -and took 27% of the votes leaving Starmers Labour with 58%.
      If Starmers Labour can only achieve 58% in a Labour stronghold in local elections, MPs in all constituencies but particularly marginal ones must be shaking in their shoes. They will be able to see, even if you can’t Steve H, that if the Tories off load Johnson and they are stuck with Starmer most of them will be out of a job after the next General Election.
      Of course most of us will have no sympathy for them as their stupidity racism misogyny and sheer vindictiveness will have brought this about .We’ll save our sympathy for the poor and vulnerable who are suffering the consequences of their well orchestrated campaign against Jeremy Corbyn and a Socialist government.

    2. Hmmm…

      What was that about lost deposits?

      Sneer all you like, soft shite. We know your lot (especially around here) will be shitting bricks. You and your lot are typical of the mandelslime set; those that delude themselves with the very much mistaken belief that the people of Liverpool will vote for a fucking lamppost, as long as it has a red rosette.


      Just continue on the course you lot are heading and witness smarmerite labour losing LCC soon enough.

      (Not that they havent handed it over to the ‘rags already, mind).

      1. Toffee – You’ve some way to go yet.
        The LCI currently has less than 10% of the seats.
        Let’s see how they do when they come up for re-election when they are not standing as Labour candidates.

      2. Toffee – ps – There are no deposits to be lost in Local elections.

  2. I am afraid that the only thing that matters to LOTTO is to win, by how much isn’t a consideration. Hence, the left needs to organise better. Did the local Cllrs that deserted Labour canvass for this candidate? If no why no? What about officers from Liverpool’s CLPs suspended from the Party.
    I am sorry for been negative but this is a by-election that should have been won by the left or at the very least no allowing the LP to take double the vote.
    Still a good warning for the Labour’s rebel Cllrs that quit the Party and the need to no take anything for granted and organise from now.

    1. Reply to Maria V
      I think the LCI did extremely well for a new group of Independents – 27% of the vote is a fantastic achievement in the circumstances. The Left can build on this great start – Starmer has alienated and disappointed so many – and if we can get funding and the right backing Starmers Labour will be finished.

  3. Labour! You cheated you swindled and you conned your way into controlling the party now known as the party of betrayal. Now sip up the Kool-Aid You scab collective…The people have spoken…Love Liverpool…

    1. Andrew – “The people have spoken” – How right you are, and twice as many of them (58%) voted Labour.

      1. Andrew – Will the LCI be fielding a parliamentary candidate at the next GE?

      2. As a proud Trot Andrew, I am not sure which offends me more, being considered in the same company as BlueSteveH or that BlueSteveH is considdered to be a Trot in the first place! 😉

      3. I wish you lot would make your minds up and decide whether I am a trot, a Nazi or a Stalinist.

  4. Activists just have to push harder, that “Labour” is Labour no more. To be fair it wasn’t since Blair gnawed his way into parliament via the TORY sewers, dragging Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Neoliberalism, pacaged in The SUN and The SUN in lambskin aka guardian, in behind him with his infamous ‘any Labour Party is better than a TORY Party’ means nothing, as New-Labour and Neo-Labour Party TORIES out-TORIES the best of the TORIES!

  5. We see the predictable sneering and spiteful comments from SteveH …. the fraud.

      1. Two Cheeks
        The Reality is even the War Criminal is telling your man there appears to be NOTHING on offer
        Red Tory Blue Tory
        Two bald blokes fighting over a comb

      2. Doug – I see you are still relying on playground taunts to make your point, whatever that is.

        Lets see how the LCI councillors fare when they are not standing as Labour candidates.

  6. LOL Try winning a GE on this shitshow of support! Labour is destined for the rubbish dump where is belongs and the sooner it gets there the better…

    1. Andrew – The MRP polls are predicting that Labour will be the largest party by a substantial margin.

      1. Pat – Please feel free to post links to any credible evidence that you have to the contrary. 🤨

  7. SW: “And while Labour can lose 26 points in parts of Liverpool and still cling on….”

    Once it starts, the speed at which these things can progress at can be alarming. Even an exponential collapse seems moderate and manageable at the very start. Starmer’s probably taking the line that SteveH took above. “Nothing to worry about here”

    And that almost every deserting vote went to a single “new’ party should worry Starmer – and encourage every angry former Labour member (‘the dearly departed’).

    Moral: Work hard at developing those community bonds.

    1. @qwertboi, How brilliantly put my friend. We all know The Party of Betrayal is now dying fast and nothing will stop the deserved demise of this dreadful collective of Scabs. The new parties are growing just keep watching 🙂

  8. 10 years prior to winning the Greek Election Syriza polled 4 percent .No real change can be gained in the Labour Party ,the Party is now owned by Mandelson .Blair in his comments last night is embarrassed by trade Union action so it’s a waste of time now .Like the US ,we have a one Party state ,both branches full supporters of the project to start War in Europe ,so its a case of building something new ,but dipping out of winning for 10 years .Labour are not an alternative so the start has to be made to turn your back on the MS State Parties ,who are anti Union and pro war .

    1. Jeffrey – …and in the meantime whilst they wait for you get your act together the vulnerable will just have to suck it up for a decade or so. Will there be anything left of the welfare state to save..

      1. Two Cheeks
        2017 hasn’t gone away
        PR not a fan, see Israel
        Accompanied by votes for 16 year old, compulsory voting and political education in schools should push us towards a progressive future
        When it happens it will happen very quickly, always does

      2. Doug – FFS give the childish taunts a rest. It’s pathetic in a man of your age.

      3. Labour built just 8000 council houses in 13 years of so-called radical government ,which has contributed in large part to the housing crisis.,hardly moved the measurement on inequality between the top and the bottom ,never repealed a single piece of draconian Union legislation in 13 years ,so we can pretty much say they have little to offer anymore than the Tories,and have offered very little in radical policy save the Corbyn years. .This is the argument of fear used all the time ,that if you don’t vote Labour you get the Tories ,but it’s flogging a dead horse that .If the Advocate is so appealing why are you too bothered about those who don’t see the Labour Party as a vehicle for change anymore ,and I say that as a Voter for 40 years and former Party member up to October 2020 .

      4. Oh do tell us, what the fuck did Blair and the fucking rest of the filthy right wing ever do for the vulnerable? Answer you slippery bastard!

    2. It’s pathetic in a man of your age.”

      Not half as pathetic as a supposedly educated person failing to recognise (or at least respond to) Jeffrey’s main point : that UK Labour and US Democrats are simply illusions of independent political parties, but simply different franchise /branches of neoliberal capitalism’s one-party system.

      This is the real reason they had to get rid of Corbyn – the coronavirus ’emergency’ lie/scam* and the war in Ukraine would not have both been pulled of quite as effectively if he were even just the leader of the UK’s official Opposition.

      * a 99.2% – 99.8% survival rate, yet the ‘front page’ of the BBC News has to keep promoting covid fear-porn with obviously made up numbers of hospitalisations and pro-experimental drug/’vaccine’ nonsense that people are beginning to see through (now that a two thousand plus deaths been associated with “vaccine” ‘adverse reactions’ – and remember in UK, only 1 – 4% of ‘adverse reactions’ to medication is reported through MHRA Yellow Card (adverse reactions) Data.

      1. qwertboi – How do you manage to cope? I feel sorry for you.

  9. A quarter of all votes in a low turnout (21%) council by-election. Well done Laura Wharton and new kid on the block, Liverpool Community Independents.

    The seat will be re-fought next year. Laura Wharton, the runner-up in last Thursday’s by-election, said she would like to stand again for the seat in 2023 on behalf of Liverpool Community Independents.

    Next year improved visibility will mean they’re sure to get more than 26% of the vote.

    1. Chris – I’m surprised that you appear to have missed the fact that despite the Corbyn surge both Labour’s majority and % lead in Wakefield both went down in 2017 (Labour lost the seat at the 19GE) whilst in yesterdays election Labour more than doubled their numerical majority to 4,925 and nearly quadrupled their % lead to 17.9%

      The stats are interesting.
      2022 – Turnout 27466 39.5%, Majority 4925 17.9% Labour regained the seat
      2019 – Turnout 45027 64.1%, Majority (-3358) (-7.5%) Labour lost the seat to the Tories
      2017 – Turnout 46284 65.8%, Majority 2176 4.7%
      2015 – Turnout 42973 60.9%, Majority 2613, 6.1%
      2010 – Turnout 44444 62.7%, Majority1613 3.7%
      2005 – Turnout 43381 59.3%, Majority 5154 11.8%
      2001 – Turnout 41,254 54.5%, Majority 7954 19.3%
      1997 – Turnout 50486 68.9%, Majority 14604 28.9%

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