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Greens win seats and huge vote share gains – so Labour tweets S*N link calling for ban on eco-campaigners

Party’s plunge into ruin, shame and outright idiocy under Starmer goes faster and deeper

The Greens won seats and hugely increased their vote share in local by-elections last week and Keir Starmer never knowingly strays onto the right side of history – about the only area where he doesn’t lean right – so of course Labour followed that up by tweeting a link to an article by the hated Murdoch S*n calling for a ban on protests by environmental campaigners:

The tweet was, all too predictably, ‘ratioed’ with many more comments and quote tweets than shares or likes – and the @ToryFibs activist account summed up the idiocy of the Labour right nicely:

With environmental concerns growing ever greater and not just among young people, Labour’s obvious route to success is to push the green plans that Labour formulated under the party’s previous leader – but Keir Starmer is terrified of his predecessor and manically chasing unwinnable votes from the entrenched right, so it was always obvious he was going to crawl even further up Rupert Murdoch’s hind passage and amplify right-wing attacks on those trying to save the planet for future generations.

Under Starmer, Labour has plunged headlong into shame, ruin, hypocrisy, irrelevance and a fascism it hopes will impress those unwinnable die-hard Tories – and to all this Starmer has added idiocy: the party can’t now even make rudimentary calculations about where it can cynically position itself to fool voters into lending Starmer their support.

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  1. If anyone hadn’t noticed Starmer restricting freedoms, including freedoms to protest, they haven’t been paying attention!

    1. ruin, diSASter Shhhaaaaaaame!!!

      Jacqui Smith (of mps expenses scandal. husband had his fix of 🅿️🔴rn at 🅿️ublic expense) … anyway, without any praise from anyone, Smith offered that Sir Keith Starmer is a Neil Kinnock. (ie try to 🅿️urge Labour of its 🅿️urpose… its meaning… its value).

      btw, meant to bring to attention, that last week or week b4, WMD Blair hissed approx, Labour link with unions, was an ACCIDENT AT BIRTH. … i kid u not. Rentatool seemed to agree with the creature.

      That’s the type, some thought should not be “impeached”, and we should “work with” its tentacles for something THEY call “a Labour government”.

      Our only passage to hope is to use any method of strategic voting, even the Greens, to bring the parasite ridden edifice down. REPEATING the past desperation of crumb hunting… EVEN while watchin WMD Blair types 🅿️****** on the crumb, and bashing them over the head, MUST ST🔴🅿️ STOP SIR KEITH SMARMER b4 it’s too late. Easily predictable. In fact too BLEEDING obvious to be called a prediction

      1. apoligies: RUin! diSASter !! SHHaaaaaaaame !!! !!! !!!

      2. “We must stop Sir keef starmer before its too late “?…I couldn’t agree with you more and that possibility is coming much sooner than many on here realise.When Sinn Fein take power in Stormont after the election next month there will be a Political earthquake not only the fact that a Predominantly Catholic membership takes control but the fact that its a democratic socialist government in Ulster
        Ulster was was set up to exclude the Catholics centuries ago will now bring democracy to the British establishment who will not aceppt Catholic nationalist democracy.Leading from the front with the DUP and the rest of the” flat earth society “will be the labour party under the jackboot of Sir keir Starmer.This result could not only blow the labour party apart but the conservative and unionist party collaboration with the USA
        Boris will as Britains first Catholic PM since the laws of exclusion go into hiding under the banner of the overplayed” covid isolation ” .Unless the ballot boxes are rigged like the whole concept of partitioned Ireland will collapse.under the rule of the democratic socialist Sinn Fein of Stormont.
        WE are in for a very interesting time with the British \USA relationship in the next few weeks….and the knock on effect of the New world order in the Ukraine \China plans…..The knight will have to be extremely lucky to survive the politicians “graveyard of gerrymandered Ulster with the original nine counties of Ulster becoming one again under the mandate of the Good Friday Agreement brokered by our very own Tony Blair and co Ltd

        We may well see that there are political consequences far beyond the shores of what seems a minor distraction in Ireland and of no concern for the green and pleasant land of England.and its colonys.Scotland and Wales.?

      3. Be Careful Joseph, ousting BlueKeef might give us an even worse prospect of Sir Iron Lady 2.0 Reeves!
        Just as ousting the Inbred Ogre BoJoke, might give us Psycho Polly Patel, or Mogg, Gove, Raab, etc, etc!

      4. Joseph
        Scotland are a knocking bet for Independence as things stand
        Next move should be devolution for regions with the Kingdom of Northumbria joining Scotland

    2. some may have remember me repeating “anything can happen at anytime”. It was inevitable that after a while, the electorate would forgive our being taken for granted, then turn on Johnson. Alas some encouraged Jeremy to step aside despite no suitable replacement. In fact no replacements were developed. When the issue was raised in my CLP, it was slapped down by the LEFT who hog control. Even after Jeremy declared he was standing down, just mentioning Burgon was met with rage.

      ANYWAY, i’m convinced that Jeremy, even without the changes i consider necessary, a TRUE Labour party would have been thirty points ahead at least. Even with the dispiriting mumbling, throat clearing, lacklustre, off the cuffs, long absences from the fray of REALITY.

      ANY party like the Tories now, run out of “steam” partly through complacency and demob happy snouts in troughs.

      These are BASICS. Common-sense. But common sense it appears to me has never been valued. It is stunning in my own CLP despite all the national happenings, NOTHING that affects the many in a basic way holds any traction. They’re still reading, in a much diminished group, but the topics are NEVER meant to appeal to the many. ZILCH re P&O, Child Q, Horriblye treatment of Wind rush people etc. Nothing on the banditry of non dommery etc

      Anyway, just as Red Tory Sir Keith welcomes and protects his namesake Keith Vaz, Blue Tory Crispin Blunt is excusing Imran Ahmad Khan, freshly convicted this afternoon. It would be surprised if that gets the PUBLIC approval of other Tory MPs except the sneering Mogg one. But it’s spectacular that compared to the Blue Tory extraordinarily lamentable goings on, Sir Keith’s PERSONAL polling very NEGATIVE while the Conservative 13th understudy he’s made with SH’s “Mandy” & WMD 45minute Blair, is regarded equally repellent as Sir Keith’s chums in Crispin Blunt’s branch.

      1. Signpost I once interviewed Crispin blunt for the Reigate and Banstead news in my office in Reigate high street.Hes a very complex character and for a dyed in the wool conservative a bit of a rebel especially when he turned up in Reigate impossed on the local conservative party after Sir George Gardiner defected to the Goldsmith party.I bumped into Crispin blunt in Tescos Horley Gatwick after flying into Gatwick for the Friday the thirteenth stitch up. and we chatted about his future in Horley and the fact that the local conservative party didn’t fully understand or aceppt him even after all these years
        .He told me that they didnt like him leaving his wife and children to set up home in Horley with his male partner.I reccomended he join the labour party were Gay marriage was not a problem.and he mentioned AS as a problem.for the labour party.He was suprised that so many labour mps and councillors believed it.and couldn’t understand what they were playing at with the General election campaign.
        I said that I was appalled and even then he thought that the writing was on the wall for the labour party and was suprised that I was still even a member.A matter of months later I walked away from the labour party.and the rest is history.for hundreds of thousands of us.Jeremy Corbyn could have stayed on but he listened to his “soothsayers” and did the “honourable” move that participated the end of democracy in the labour party.and the rise of fascists.I don’t blame him for it especially in his seventys but I still say as I did then stay on and fight for the party as he was our very last chance for socialism…

  2. Perhaps they are concentrating on getting back the mass of voters who deserted Labour for the Tory Party at the last election rather than chasing the relatively small number of Green Party voters who may be persuaded to switch from Green to Labour.


      Says the oracle that told us labour’d haemorrhage votes to the libtards if keefs’ second referendum shithousery hadn’t gone through.

      …How’d that one work out again, genius?

      Gobshite’s doing his best to alienate the electorate as you’ve done on here. Trouble is, he needs votes off EVERYONE, and acting like a prick the way as he does isn’t gonna get them.

      Not that the population’d be any better off even if he did.

      1. I get my facts (not opinions) from asking people, rather than from opinion polls.

        And you haven’t denied that you told us the libtards would gain labour votes of shithouse smarmer hadn’t shithouses the precious second referendum through.

        …Nor have you told us about the alternative keefs’.meant to be offering.

        And no fucking wonder. You can’t because keef isn’t. You know less than fuck-all about voting intentions of people here, because you’re on the other side of the planet swallowing the shit the political classes are churning out.

        One thing I’m quite sure of, and that is the smarmer-imposed *ahem* labour candidate won’t be winning New Brighton ward. Nobody I know is going to vote for her, and even less know who she is. None of the people I’ve asked have even seen a canvasser or had a leaflet through their door. (But then again when you’ve spunked £13m on your mates…)

        Even the former ward councillor, mayor of Wirral and Wirral labour group leader pat hackett told me he wants nothing to do with (smarmerist) labour anymore.

      2. Toffee – Who are you trying so hard to convince, yourself? 😏

      3. SteveH12/04/2022 AT 12:54 AM
        Toffee – Who are you trying so hard to convince, yourself?

        I don’t know… You and your woefully fucking shit, bingo card responses that you repeat perpetually.

        But at least you’ve managed to find the question mark key, so well done on that score.

        Still doesn’t alter the fact that you are unable to provide keefs’ legions of detractors with a single policy that isn’t tory.

        So whoever you’re trying to convince, isn’t buying a fucking word of your bilge. That’s why you’re continually getting your arse handed to you by everybody. on a post-by-post basis.

        And bear in mind the next time keef says he will set aside money to insulate homes, that he’ll be bowing to the demands of Insulate Britain’, and their terrorist demonstrations.

    2. SteveH, apologies in advance for been rude but you appear to be deluded. More people vote Labour in 2017 and in 2019 that in the 2001 General Election.
      Corbyn gained voters and the ones that he lost between 2017 and 2019 was due to people like you pushing for a “People´s Vote” and the “Constructive ambiguity”.
      You clearly lack insight. Starmer isn´t going to win the next General Election and Labour could even go below 200 seats.

  3. And this is only the beginning of the collapse of the SteveH asshole party!. I am loving every single moment…

    1. Andrew – But you and your ilk have absolutely nothing to offer
      Come back when you’ve grown out of the Tooting Popular Front phase of your political journey and you can offer a credible alternative.

      1. FALSE HOPE is far worse that NO HOPE, at least with no hope you know what it looks like, however, you are whining a lot for someone so convinced that that TORY Party of yours will be a winner! I am saddened to say that I agree, because the Omnilateral Commissions have decided BlueKeef will be the next PM, voting will be available, but is optional and futile, as it has been since September 2015, when Non-Existent Democracy died (again?) and the onslaught on HOPE began!

      2. nellyskelly – You are the one that is proclaiming that you are a bunch of no hopers.

      3. How about keef offers people an alternative?

        Or you do so, on his behalf?

        You’re the one demanding people give keef their vote, so you’d best give them a reason to, instead of sneering at them and the plight they find themselves in – with your dear leader giving as many fucks about those people as you have scruples. .

    2. 6th May will be an all-night (morning) popcorn event as the election results show how deeply distrusted Starmer’s Labour has become.

      After that, Sir Keir Patsy Starmer’s friends in a different clique of the LabourRW will have him removed and – if we are lucky – appoint Rachel Reeves or Yvette Cooper as new, new management.

      1. qwertboi – So unlike nellyskelly, who is without hope, you have managed to cling onto a few last straws. What are you going to do when it doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped?

      2. BlueSteveH, not me without hope, there is hope in many more places than The Utterly Hopeless and Useless, Neo-Labour Party TORIES and as QwertBoi says ‘if we’re luck’ – appoint Sir Iron Lady 2.0 Reeves or Dear gods and fairies Cooper, who are both as Utterly hopeless as the Parasite Neo-Labour Party they represent! The Neo-Labour Party TORIES are The HOPE removing Machine of The UK Parliament, they can destroy HOPE and can never offer HOPE, just as their contemporaries across the aisle, and we will knock them down as they knocked us down, whether it was Sir Lawd BlueKeef, Sir Iron Lady 2.0 Reeves, Ohhhh Boy, oh boy Cooper, Eagle, Benn, etc, etc, etc or any of the other TORIES who destroyed HOPE and killed The UK Labour Party for their Commission Elite Masters.

      3. nellykskelly’s ‘no hope’ is in Starmer. Mine too. I do have hope in the electorate. It’s Starmer and his leadership of Labour that’s hopeless.

      4. You don’t honestly believe it would get better under any of those bastards who destroyed and killed The UK Labour Party, The Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORIES?
        There is absolutely NO HOPE of a Democratic Socialist ever getting elected again, in the remnants of what used to be The UK Labour Party?
        Those People are Toxic Thatcherite Neoliberals and a Polar Opposite of what the UK Labour Party should be, they are a Parasite infestation and a Polar Opposite Party, you are getting enticed by the Brand Name QwertBoi, don’t do that, Comrade, it is just a name now abused by a Polar Opposite Political Faction to what you are HOPING for. We have to accept that The UK Labour Party is dead, The New-Labour and Neo-Labour Party Killed it.

  4. How did Labour’s sister party in France do.
    I heard they had a strong candidate, the Mayor of Paris no less and a moderate program. Not as right wing as Starmer but near enough.

  5. but Keir Starmer is terrified of his predecessor and manically chasing unwinnable votes from the entrenched right…”

    He’s not terrified of his predecessor the way he should be. Afterall, he’s working for the enemies of Democratic Socialism- globalcapitalism, the World Economic Forum, David Rockefeller, the Trilateral Commission, the Establishment ‘elite’, GCHQ, MI5, MI6 and the PTB behind them and Klaus Schwab.

    He is intent on the destruction of democratic socialism and the prospect of a Labour party being “For the Many, not the Few”.

  6. No surprise that it’s the Azov Battalion that’s reporting chemicals causing respiratory difficulties dropped from drones over Mariupol. Truss is crowing about it. We are being suckered into WW3.

    1. Or more to the point, will anyone be surprised if Putin the corrupt dictator uses chemical weapons again.

      1. Jesus wept. Just who are you supporting in this war in a foreign field? Please think clearly before you answer. Posters on this site are like elephants. Who are you cheerleading for?

      2. These are the idiots of our times who call themselves left wing!. Not one of you ever got so excited about the <mass murder of the USA. Why the fuck do you all fall to your arses when the president of all assholes and it's media tell you to join in on it's fake war footings? Why? Why do you all do this every single time? I am sick to death of what is the gormless left in the UK! No wonder we lost Corbyn etc etc etc you deserve to lose.

    2. I wonder if it may have something to do with Nazi Ukraine shelling Chemical Factories in Mariupol/Donbass! I get a distinct flavour of the insanely idiotic Zionist IDF style of Propaganda, from everything going on in Ukraine. Everywhere explosions happen fleets of rusty old scrapyard crash/vandalised cars appear, and the obligatory tank or two, but no soot, flame, shrapnel damage on the building or windows where they are parked right in front of! It has Frank Luntz stamped all over it!

    3. It’s covid. Best ask Ferguson what their chances are. Better to die from covid than face the courts of the victors. Whoops, might be omricon, then they will face justice. We do want the truth to come out don’t we?

    1. Dorset Council, a by-election in west Dorset which saw a seat taken from the Conservatives .

      Yahoo news reported “”The people of Lyme Regis and Charmouth have cast their votes and the results are in following the by-election yesterday (7th April, 22).

      “Belinda Bawden from the Green Party has been elected as the new Dorset Council councillor for the ward. The by-election was called after the resignation of Conservative Daryl Turner who since the creation of Dorset Council in 2019 had served as the first Dorset Council Councillor for Lyme Regis.

      “Four candidates stood in the by-election including Belinda Bawden for the Green Party, David Hart for the Labour party, Cheryl Reynolds as an independent candidate, and Vicci Stocqueler for the Conservative Party.

      “The former Conservative councillor for the ward Mr Turner endorsed the new Green Party councillor to take over his seat.

      “A total of 1,357 votes were cast in the election, two ballot papers were rejected, and the turnout was just under 33 per cent.”

      1. So – Sir KalamityKeir isn’t even attracting right-leaning and unthinking voters, despite that being his strategy. In fact, he repels them.

        Well worth democratic socialists re-reading a Leftie Stats article on the subject from August 2021 (here) and celebrating/regretting how entryist Starmer can’t even fix that incompetence in himself – and then – next month celebrating/regretting how much worse his inadequacy has become!

        Me? It’s a celebration. No regret here. Anyone who does what he does to the Labour party is an enemy, and not a regular one, a Klaus Schwab/WEF-endorsed ‘class’ enemy.

      2. qwertboi – ….and now Labour is consistently in the lead. Why are you focussing on old polls when the current polls have shown that Labour is in the lead and has been for months.

  7. Greetings to all. Sorry that a little medical attention has kept me away for a couple of days.
    I post this link to Patrick Lawrence’s perspective on the lack of awareness of reality in the US (and, by extension, here).
    It largely focusses on perceptions of the Ukraine situation, but it is equally well applicable to SH’s perspective on UK politics, or to the official narrative of Salisbury.

    1. goldbach
      Welcome back, hope you are well
      You have kept me sane, another great post
      Still journalists out their worth their salt

    2. ‘So far as I know, this is the first war in modern history with no objective’

      thanks goldbach, but i think the big pretend goes beyond russian territory on the yellow brick road

      1. Pandemic followed by Nuclear Annihilation followed by ? and on and on
        It’s all a front for kleptocracy to cover up their wholesale ransacking of economy
        The spivs and thieves have gone global
        Now they don’t know how to get out of it without losing their heads
        Obama is alleged to have said to Bankers in 2008 ‘I’m the only person between you and the folks with the pichforks’
        I don’t believe it, he did have them by the Sir John Halls but did nothing
        How this ends no one knows

      2. It seems to me that the objectives are quite clear.
        On the part of the US and its’ lackey – to weaken Russia.
        On the part of Russia – to establish a buffer against NATO.
        On the part of Ukraine – whatever the objective was it was a very, very big miscalculation.

      3. Good stuff Goldbach.
        Talking to people I know and looking at the BBC Comments page sadly a significant number seem to have been taken in, hook, line and sinker though I try to get people to think more critically and offer counter arguments.
        Apparently John Lennon wrote ‘Just Give Me The Truth’ because of the lies about Vietnam and this song is now more relevant than ever!

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