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Labour punishing councillors who voted even for REVIEW of weapons fair

Mayor and council widely condemned for allowing event to proceed – but party is punishing councillors who voted with their conscience even for a review of whether it could be stopped

Liverpool is punishing three councillors who voted with their conscience – and the wishes of the city’s people – against Labour’s ‘whip’ not to oppose the controversial weapons fair that the city mayor and council allowed to proceed last week despite owning the venue and operating company and despite mass protests against it.

Two councillors have already been suspended for a month in what observers have called a ‘kangaroo court designed to humiliate and set them up for deselection’, while a third is facing a similar farce imminently.

Their ‘crime’? Not to cancel the event, nor to condemn the mayor for saying – apparently without grounds – that she was powerless to intervene, but simply voting for a motion by the Greens that asked the council just to arrange a review of options to see whether there was any way it could be cancelled.

This, apparently, is bringing the party into disrepute – not the decision of the mayor and her cabinet to host an event to promote weapons that have been used by regimes to oppress civilians, despite having almost six million pounds of leverage over the venue company as well as the power to remove its board any time the council wishes.

The attack comes as part of Labour’s escalating war on the left-wing city, which has seen Keir Starmer interfere in the selection of mayoral candidates – eliminating a black woman who certainly would have opposed the arms event – before writing in the despised S*n and blocking all left candidates from the selection process for three council by-elections and then appointing a new ‘Liverpool officer’ who defected from the party to join the doomed ‘Change UK’.

Well-placed sources have told Skwawkbox that the situation on the council’s Labour group is ‘horrific’ with an obvious end-game of the removal of the left from the council.

But the party is in danger of a serious miscalculation. By leaving so many councillors with nothing to lose, Labour could easily find itself losing a large enough section even to outnumber the LibDems and become the official opposition on the council.

And if the people of Liverpool see that there is a genuine and principled alternative to voting Labour, the prospect of the city becoming a Labour wasteland as happened in Scotland looms far larger.

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    1. Mainly because some of there policies are good. BUT many are bonkers and not socialist so why should we compromise it whould be better if we had a socialist only Labour movement with no right wing and set up right with the unions backing and helping rather than all sitting back staying silent and all waiting for the explosion or final destruction of this party.

      1. Two reasons, the Green agenda is popular especially with younger voters. An influx of socialists to the Green party could possibly turn the party into a Socaialist Green party.

        Secondly, it’s a ready made opposition to the Labour group. If other councillors follow it could be very damaging to Starmer.

        May not be a perfect solution, but better than just having your “legs broken” and doing nothing.

      2. DG, Could you name some of the GPs policies you claim are bonkers? Cheers

        PS Funny you should say that, because I just happened to come across an article in the Sun a few months ago about the Green Party in which they used EXACTLY the same term regarding their policies. But needless to say, they didn’t elaborate! I’m pretty sure it was posted in the run-up to the 2019 GE.

    2. The greens under Sian Berry pointedly said they didn’t want any ‘racists’ who’d been kicked out of Labour joining them. Another point, there are lots of green eugenicists and green fascists.

      1. Indeed.

        That view expressed by Siân, then echoed by other Greens, put me off supporting that party as an alternative.

        Anyone who simply accepts the MSM narrative on Labour’s alleged antisemitism problem, without questioning it and without investigating the claims to see if they stand up, isn’t worth supporting.

      2. Funny, isn’t it, how just about any time a group or an organisation that’s on the left politically gets mentioned, the shills on here falsely discredit them. Sian Berry is pretty much out on her own in many respects, and contrary to her wishes, the Green Party voted AGAINST adopting the IHRA definition, for example

        As for there being ‘lots of green eugenicists and fascists’, could you provide proof of your claim lundiel. Yeah, right, Friends Of the Earth and Greenpeace are just teeming with them aren’t they lundiel/! What complete and utter bollox!

        It’s amazing that there just happens to be someone – ie some poster – who just HAPPENS to post such poisonous garbage shortly after someone happens to mention the Green Party. And it happens EVERY time someone DOES!!

        Warning: Black Propagandist shills at work!

      3. Here’s the Green Party’s 2019 manifesto, and a short clip from it regarding the NHS:

        Increase funding for the NHS by at least £6 billion per year each year, until 2030 (a 4.5% increase on the 2018/2019 NHS Budget), and a further £1 billion a year in nursing higher education, allowing for nursing bursaries to be reinstated. This will constitute a programme of sustained investment, bringing spending of health services in the UK up to northern European averages.

        Roll back privatisation of the NHS, through repealing the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and abolishing the internal market. This will hugely reduce private sector involvement in the NHS, which has proved to be a costly and dangerous distraction from universal healthcare provision.

        And Andy, how do you know that the Green Party HASN’T questioned the A/S allegations/smear campaign and concluded that the whole thing has been massively exaggerated. One thing’s for sure though, if they ever said anything publicly to that effect the Green Party would be smeared every-which-way as anti-semites by the CAA and the BoD and the MSM and the Jewish newspapers et al.

        And YOU know it!!

      4. Maybe Allan Howard should follow his heart and soul and I am sure he will be a dynamic addition to the green party..Miss posh frocks takes a lovely photo in Balcombe W.Sussex when she forced the fracking police to eject her then shot off in the open top triumph stag waiving to the unwashed camped out in tents.I was there that day and what a performance of the greens only mp from Brighton.

      5. Oh dear Alan’s gone off on one again. I doubt that any here haven’t come across green warriors wanting a centralised and strongly ‘eco’-policed state and I’ve heard greens calling for an end to immigration on ecological grounds. Poverty and homelessness are money wasting distractions from tackling the environmental crisis for some. I know the green party doesn’t hold any of those views but some of its members do and green philosophy is about family, clan, country. I just don’t see the green party as an alternative to Labour. Even though, green warriors are a small minority in the party, what’s left is a majority of middle class people I can’t differentiate from LibDems.

      6. And posting one green policy is meaningless. I notice they aren’t for banning tuition fees.

      7. And another thing. I’m all for a green Socialist party, but would never consider joining a green party. Too much of a broad church for my liking. Also the smallest cohort in the green party is the working class. Not an ideal start.

      8. Oh yea, and Caroline Lucas signed a letter calling for the sacking of David Miller.
        What more do you need.

    3. Green party is nothing more than lib Dems into recycling.

      Brexit, and other examples here show that they are just another cul-de-sac for hope to become lost in.

      Hopefully, true grassroots change will come. It’s the only way out of this trap.

      1. News to me that the greens are to the left…now that is as big a fairy tale as the knight representing a left wing Labour party..Still if a person like Allan Howard wishes to remove is talants to the green party or any other he has my best wishes.

      1. No. I hope he does & want to be there to greet him.

  1. But you can fuck off, join the dribbling, swivel-eyed, tongue lolling Tory Tinge Party, return with your tail between your legs and be promoted, all because you’re needed in the ongoing drive against bogus, rampant ‘anti-semitism’ that exists only in the minds of the most ardent, toxic anti-semites… #MURPHYSLAW

      1. Hearsay, passed to the Huffington Post. So I’ve got absolutely NO IDEA if it’s true or made up…

        “Change UK cited how one of Labour’s top officials in the north, Sheila Murphy, joined their party on Wednesday night, however.”

      2. She didn’t need to join. Even if she only expressed support that’s enough. Many of us were expelled/suspended for simply expressing support for others or their policies.

      3. Jack – Apart from the the fact that she’d already resigned from the party when she expressed this view.

      4. SteveH, using that logic, Chris Williamson who resigned or anyone else who was suspended and then expelled for expressing support for others should be allowed to rejoin??

      5. SteveH well we know your version is Starmer’s version, do I’m afraid you lose.

      6. Jack – My version is based on the NEC’s decision which was based on the rule book, what is yours based on

      7. SteveH keep up please I shouldn’t have to keep explaining things to you. As I said, I based my comment on YOUR ‘logic’.

      8. 😊 Lie down SteveH and accept you’re dead and hoist by you’re own petard.

      9. SteveH o.k. I get that you have no answer to justify your comment but as you are so fond of quoting the rule book, where does it say that despite supporting someone outside the Party, you can only re-join if you are a right winger or a Zionist? (often one and the same).

      10. Jack – It doesn’t (you are being silly again) but it does say a whole load of stuff about standing against a Labour candidate in an election. Didn’t CW do well.

      11. Jack – Well apart from her not being your favourite person can you think of a reason why not.

      12. SteveH, we may be getting somewhere now. So was Starmer justified in accepting Sheila Murphy back in to the Party?

      13. SteveH ‘Apart from the the fact that she’d already resigned from the party when she expressed this view”

        To what view were you referring when you said the above?

      14. Jack – Sorry to disappoint you but I’m not going to get involved in what we both know is a nonsense argument. When you can tell me which specific rule Murphy broke and which rules were broken when she rejoined the party and when she was subsequently appointed by the NEC to her current post then I’m not going waste my time.

      15. SteveH. As you often do you made a comment which was intended to justify a decision by Starmer. In this case Starmer’s acceptance of Sheila Murphy back into the LP. Other than prevaricating you’ve not been able to support your comment. THAT is the nonsense of YOUR position. In other words, time after time, Starmer makes decisions blatantly designed to go against Party democracy yet you still support him!

  2. So What? Sorry these scum will deselect you anyhow because of your ideology all this cling on stay and fight is pointless and this is where I get so mad these people will lose be deselected and then nothing. The unions sitting there doing nothing, the so-called socialist MP’s nothing all knowing what these right-wing cult of new Labour 2.0 plans and WILL DO. and….Nothing!

    FFS we should be setting up a socialist only Labour movement. getting these courageous councillors and mp’s to join while they are still in office and fight back. give voters a choice between hope socialist Labour and these right-wing tory-lite clown and let us see what happens!

    Sitting back, staying and fighting and keeping your head down is a losing proposition and it’s time to fight back..

  3. Keef thinks that the rest of the country will be enough. Thinks he doesn’t need Merseyside at all. Thinks he can throw us to the dogs.

    He thinks he’s seen ‘our type’ before when he was a prosecutor in court. Like the avaricuious and unscrupulous john straw, he thinks ‘scousers are ALWAYS up to something’

    Keef thinks he can appeal to s*n-‘reading’ knuckledraggers in the south who may be tempted by the scouser-bashing as well as the mail‘reading’ classes who think they’ll have their alloy wheels off their 4×4’s stolen if they park anywhere in the city region for more than 45 seconds.

    Thinks he can appeal to the torygraph toffs who lapped up every word of de piffle’s crap about ‘wallowing in their victim status’

    Well please continue, keef. If you already weren’t, you’re now certainly in for a MASSIVE FUCK RARR OFF. from round here.

    Although I expect, like in the mid-80’s, those other regions will sell Merseyside down the Mersey, once again.

      1. Even if my legs were made of weetabix that useless twunt couldn’t put a dent in them.

        14 labour mps around here (allegedly – I count 3, maybe 4). How many of them are gonna tell this monumental bellend to go and ride himself?

        I won’t hold me breath. Time for the CLPs to start gettin’ creative…IF they purport to be socialist.

    1. Toffee I bet degsy would stand on a platform with Chris Williamson,unfortunately although a recent member of the Labour party Degsys membership only lasted a day.Now about this mythical rule book?

  4. Starmer was desperate to allow the Arms Fair to go ahead because one of the major exhibitors was the Israeli arms company ELBIT Systems which makes the drones used to kill Palestinians in Gaza. Starmer and his lackies are Zionists who dare not upset the Israel Lobby which gives them their lead. The Liverpool councillors who obeyed Starmer are accomplices in this evil arms trade and should be shunned by all decent people.

    1. Cherie Blair advises the Israeli company that made the software Trojan used by the Saudis to track Jamal Khashoggi before they cut him into little pieces.
      It’s a small evil world.

      1. Yes but it’s a world where the rich can enrich themselves. Lovely, vote Max!

  5. In order to bring the party into disrepute it has to be reputable to start off with. Given that the party is now firmly in the gutter with most people horrified by its disgusting racism, lack of democracy, censorship, control freakery and blatant unfairness I fail to see how the Labour Councillors could, by voting against a review of the Arms Fair, bring it into more disrepute than it already is.

    1. Any of those persecuted by the smarmites; Smartboy’s just given you the perfect riposte to their spurious charge(s).

      Well done, sir. 👍😉

      *Doffs proverbial*

  6. Call a strike against the party
    Members walk out of every RW CLP
    Cancel direct debits, unions freeze any payments
    It all needs to result in a Leadership contest

      1. Toffee
        If there is not 40 LW MP’S to challenge the fucker then its a no brainer

  7. I did not understand the logic used to expel Chris Willamson; he was eventually expelled for standing as an independent in an election against an official Labour candidate? If your Labour Party membership is suspended then you are no longer a member & therefore it’s not Labour Party business?

    1. Steve – According to chapter 6 of the rule book a suspended member is still a member. Only most, not all, of their rights are suspended.
      eg – voting in all member ballots,

  8. They suspended Chris W AGAIN straight after they were forced to re-admit him..
    No reason given for the suspension so far as I know..

    I guess a person can only stand so much ..

    Let us hope the recent court action concerning EHRC is successful

  9. We really should campaign as a new party against these wa kered fools

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