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Labour MP Amesbury resigned front bench over rail picket ban

Usual language of resignation letters doesn’t quite disguise real issue

Weaver Vale Labour MP Mike Amesbury stepped down yesterday from Keir Starmer’s front bench – and both Labour sources and a close reading of his resignation letter show that his resignation was driven by Starmer’s ban on front-benchers participating in picket lines in support of striking workers.

Amid the usual padding about electoral success and best wishes, Amesbury’s resignation letter pointedly tells Starmer:

As inflation bites, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with all whose only ask is a fair deal for them and their families. I intend to provide this support and voice from the back benches.

(Emphasis added)

Amesbury has not yet responded to a request for comment, but Labour sources told Skwawkbox the issue was indeed Starmer’s foolish instruction not to show solidarity with workers fighting resolutely for their jobs, pay and families and against Tory and corporate exploitation. Starmer has failed to discipline MPs who ignored him, but Amesbury has stepped down to stand with the workers.

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  1. He’s having a bad start to his weekend.

    There are other bits and pieces floating around, and people – surprising people – are staring to shift from foot to foot.

    I wonder if he’ll be attending the Durham Miners’ Gala, next week. Mick Lynch is. 🙂

    1. My advice to him would be to give it a miss. If people hear the names, Lynch and Starmer, they might get the wrong idea, especially if the Mackems turn up.

      1. Now have we forgotten that Red Wall Tories were telling everyone they would now be attending The Big Meeting
        Don’t know who will be more embarrassed, cheap and nasties or the fuckers that voted for them
        ‘Ancestors spinning in graves’

    2. Drove by Durham the other day and the tin roofs of the outhouses were packed with eggs and vegetables. I wondered what they did that for?
      Wah hah hah, just kidding, but I hope there will be at least one rotten egg and one rotten, worm wriggling, tomato in that bunch.
      Oh the saga that will follow, because people weren’t speaking kindly to him nor with the respect he thinks he deserves. It will headline on/in MSM and MSSM, for weeks, from Eilat to Utqiagvik (gord, the yanks must hate that name)!
      Kitty Gloves on Durham, this is no Corbyn comming to see you!

  2. Ooooh! Are we seeing the mass exodus that we’ve been waiting for, so that we can ‘torch’ that parasite infestated old house that was once “Labour”? I sure as hell hope so!

  3. He is a member of the UNISON and GMB trade unions and he won his seat from the Conservatives in the Corbyn bounce of GE 2017. Credit to him for that!

    1. No, he’s a rat polluting the party. Hang on, no he’s liked by some T.U tops, so sorry. He’s a working class warrior.

  4. Off subject but I do hope that Jerry Hall takes Rupert Murdoch for every penny she can in the divorce courts

    1. Off topic, but I do hope Everton can contend for a piece of silver this season, without Richarlison…

      OH, LOOK!!!!! A SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!

      1. Off topic, the Lions have signed a young Toffee on loan. He has spent a year with the Jambos. The Dens gonna be rocking.

  5. Steve H….off message is your politics.Now on a serious matter of criminal behaviour I think that The knight of the realm should be stripped of his pathetic knighthood and along with R ..Angela hand in the resignation letter and begone from the labour party as own up to the drunkeness and god knows what else in the partytime politics in Durham..To avoid admitting his Durham outing and fines for breaking the Covid lockdown that he voted for he must go and quickly.Pathological liar is no excuse for them any more than the Johnson criminal.whos hanging in there whilst the country goes down the plughole..Look at the financial markets and the collapsing economy and its time to get real about serious problems facing the UK people and neither Tory mps or the tory tribute act starmer can fix the severe meltdown facing UK PLC.

    1. Look at the financial markets and the collapsing economy and its time to get real about serious problems facing the UK people

      Do you think that Brexit may be partly responsible for the UK’s current financial woes.

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