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Desperate Labour lies outright to embellish drab Wakefield result

Starmer’s party (again) pretends 2017 never happened as it tries to spin straw after by-election damp squib

Keir Starmer’s Labour has crossed the line into outright lies as it rather desperately tries to spin its uninspired performance in yesterday’s Wakefield by-election as a sign the party isn’t regarded by voters as a less honest and less interesting version of the Tories.

The party has tweeted a claim that its performance yesterday – where it lost votes against a disgraced Tory party whose outgoing MP in the area was a sex offender and was completely outshone by the blancmange-led LibDems who obliterated the Tories in the Tiverton and Honiton by-election on the same day – was the best achieved by Labour since 2001:

On a near-record low turnout, where voters stayed away in droves, Labour managed 47.9% vote share last night – just over 13,000 votes.

But in 2017 under Jeremy Corbyn, despite an uninspiring candidate, Labour achieved 49.7% – and almost 23,000 votes.

Electoral expert John Curtice has agreed with Skwawkbox’s assessment the last night’s result was poor for Labour:

Curtice also noted that a single result cannot be extrapolated into a UK-wide swing, particularly as Scotland is dominated by the SNP and not the Tories. And of course, if it could then the LibDems – who achieved a swing of 30% last night – would be the party on course for a majority, which is not going to happen.

The reality is that Wakefield was the drabbest result for a badly-led, visionless Labour in many senses to the right of the Tories, unable to look good even against a disgraced and reeling Conservative party.

Trying to polish that turd has seen Labour cross the line into outright fantasy fiction.

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    1. 2022 – Turnout 27466 39.5%, Majority 4925 17.9%
      2019 -Turnout 45027 64.1%, Majority (-3358) (-7.5%)
      2017 – Turnout 46284 65.8%, Majority 2176 4.7%
      2015 – Turnout 42973 60.9%, Majority 2613, 6.1%
      2010 – Turnout 44444 62.7%, Majority1613 3.7%
      2005 – Turnout 43381 59.3%, Majority 5154 11.*%
      2001 – Turnout 41,254 54.5%, Majority 7954 19.3%
      1997 – Turnout 50486 68.9%, Majority 14604 28.9%

      1. All that the size of the majority actually tells you is how little of the fall in the Tory vote went to Labour.

      2. Ultraviolet – Perhaps you could explain how you worked that one out.

      3. Steve – very easily. The Labour candidate won a smaller share of the vote than in 2017. The Tory candidate’s vote, however, collapsed badly. Instead of those votes going to Labour, leaving them with a much larger share of the vote than in 2017 – which I am sure you will recognise they would need to be recording if they were on track to win a general election – they went to other parties. Therefore Labour has a larger majority over the Tory with a smaller share of the vote because the protest vote did not come their way.

      4. UV – Or you could just accept the fact that Labour won and stop desperately trying to spin it as some sort of defeat. Why do I get the feeling that you would have preferred a Tory win in Wakefield.

      5. The Pointless Keir Starmer – On Thursday, Labour under Keir Starmer got a lower percentage of the vote in Wakefield than they did in 2017 under Jeremy Corbyn. In 2017 Labour got 49.7%. On Thursday they got 47.9%.

      6. felix – I am struggling to understand why the small statistical difference of 1.8% is of any real significance when comparing a GE result with a by-election result. Have you considered that the stat you have very carefully picked out may have been influenced by the very simple fact that there were only 5 candidates on the ballot paper in 2017 whereas there were 15 candidates in the by-election that took place this week.
        I’m also surprised that you appear to have missed the fact that both Labour’s majority and % lead in Wakefield both went down in 2017 whilst in yesterdays election Labour more than doubled their numerical majority to 4,925 and nearly quadrupled their % lead to 17.9

      1. baz2001 – Do you have a problem with me quoting the facts, please feel free to contradict me if you can prove they are inaccurate.

      2. Never forget, Baz, that Steve is great at presenting facts. His problems tend to be major in the interpretation department.
        If it wasn’t a serious affliction for him, onecould almost say it was laughable.
        But his mispld tenacity is truly admirable.
        Err….I 🤔

      3. Ludus57 – Most of the time I initially supply the fact that add context and leave it to others to interpret them.

      4. It would also be an interesting exercise to see how selective Steve is with his facts.
        He would probably be challenged if faced with a “discuss” question…… D-/Fail….!!

      5. Ludus57 – If only we were all as clever as you think you are, you need to get over yourself. 🤨

  1. War is Peace, White is Black and Poverty is Wealth and a strike is an inconvenience, the world according to Sir Keir Rodney Starmer.

    1. Oh boy, if he ever becomes PM and the reality of Pseudo-Labour hits home, we will see a National strike I reckon. BlueKeef and Co will be doing backflips with exploding heads 😂🤯😵🤯😂

      1. He’ll be in charge of GCHQ, MI5, MI6, SAGE and Cobra by then. The whole country will be well-and-truly f**k*d by that point.

        They’ll put Klaus Schwab on the throne, and build an nuclear generator on Karl Marx’s remains in Highgate – ohh, and invite Volodymyr Zelensky’s Foundation for Democracy to take over running our trade unions and N Ireland (the UK’s Donetsk, if anywhere is).

    2. His article in today’s Observer is a classic.
      Like a broken record, he goes over his achievements, although I struggle to see them, and tells us how we would all be better off with a Labour government. I can overlook the lack of policies – after all, we don’t want to give any ideas to our clueless government, but it’s OK to give the country Labour’s intended destination. But he and his shadow cabinet are useless. They either say nothing, or face both ways because they have nothing there.
      Some members of the Shad Cab are, however, starting to wake up and look around. Heaven help them!
      We urgently need someone to tell the country where the Tories are taking us, which is into a full-blown, authoritarianism that will enable full spectrum fascism. Just look at their policing, voting, human rights – destroying bills.

      1. Scratch a centrist, and you soon uncover their right wing leanings. Centrism is by far the narrowest band on the political spectrum, generally occupied by ultimately dishonest politicians, as my opening sentence states.

      2. Jeremy Corbyn already told us about all that, nobody listened.
        We have a pandemic of epic proportions. A lack of decent education and awareness of Manufactured Consent and MSM Propaganda.
        Sadly people are more interested in the latest iPhone than the reality snapping at their heels! They will all come down with a major thump, because reality is fast snapping pretty high up that ever faster climbing breadline!

  2. ‘Look at all that fake left garb!’
    I bet the “real left” Novara, Owen Jones, Michael Walker, LabourList, Momentum, etc , etc are full of it!

    1. nellyskelly…..Did you see that Zelensky did an address on the big screen in Glastonbury today ? No doubt appealing for more funds to stick up his nose, or more recruits to add to his Nazi Army.

      1. They actually think that, that ‘not Nazi’ AZOF “Comanding” buffoon is the new Che Guevara, of the Extreme Far Right and charlie/crack heads. It is all insane, that bloody vaccine made the world go insane. I wish I had the damned thing, the next is more shocking, might try that one, Pharma announced they already have the vaccine ready for the next magical mystery pandemic, the Covid 19 vax is still under fricken development, how is this one ready if we don’t even know if it’s fighting a virus or bacteria!? These Designer Virusus are also probably thanks to Vlod and the USA, in their mad coke hesd scientist biolabs.

      2. I thought the Appeal was to help Israel pay their pickfords bill once the brave never-been-fascist Ukrainians sell their empty space to the zionists who see in Ukraine a possible second Israel (and make the possibility of a free Palestine stronger). No?

      3. Corporate fun for wankers with loads of pervert pensioners prancing and preening to sexually entice teenagers. It’s a shindig for pretend hippies and degenerate has beens. Pure BBC and Guardian rebels.

  3. If you look at the combined votes for the 2 constituencies in 2017 the Labour candidates polled 38,657 and the LibDem candidates 5,312. The figures for 2022 are 14,728 for Labour and 23,045 for the LibDems. The Labour vote last night in Wakefield was the lowest since 1924. In Tiverton, the poor woman who was Starmer in pursuit of some mythical ‘progressive alliance’ (she also stood for Labour in 2019) polled a mere 10% of the 2017 Labour vote when Labour came 2nd, well ahead of the LibDems. Desperate spin indeed.

    1. labrebisgalloise- Jeez. and you think that’s a valid comparison, the last time there was a by-election Wakefield was 1954

  4. Hmmm….Not hearing much about ‘LOST DEPOSITS’ from the resident you-know-what.

      1. And yet smarmerite labour has lost deposits in two by elections since keef shithoused his way to the leadership.

        Two…From how many elections? Five or six? And only barely managed to reclaim one seat and hold on to another.

        Fantastic form, that. Downing Street awaits, eh? 😏

      2. Toffee – You seem to have conveniently forgotten that Corbyn lost 60 seats

      3. With lunatic MPs like the woman who lost the Wakefield seat in 2019, doorstepping with a barrage of Anti-Corbynisn, I am surprised it was not 180 seats lost, as we will hopefully see at the next GE and not even a bit of organised, premeditated Propaganda. Just a nation of very desperate, very angry people and a ballot paper. That is of course if the Old World Order doesn’t step in again, as they may have done in 2019.

      4. Reply to Steve H
        But Labour lost its deposit in Tiverton and Honiton- Starmers cunning plan to win over fed up Tory voters clearly didn’t work there.

      5. Reply to Steve H
        Agree that nobody expected a Labour win but a LOST DEPOSIT – bit of a kick in the teeth that was especially when Starmer’s strategy is to win over disillusioned Tory voters.

      6. Smartboy – I admit that in an ideal world Labour would have romped home in Tiverton as well as in Wakefield but they are vastly different constituencies and we both know that was never going to happen The fact is that the Tories have lost yet another solid Tory safe seat. It’s becoming a bit of a trend.
        Incidentally the LibDems lost their deposit in Wakefield. In the circumstances I’m not overly concerned that Labour lost their deposit in Tiverton.

      7. Reply to Steve H
        If your views are genuine then you are burying your head in the sand. Starmers Labour did not “romp home” in Wakefield and while Starmer continues impose candidates, lose CLPs i.e. activists and offend and alienate lifelong Labour members and voters it is unlikely to “romp home” anywhere.

      8. Smartboy – You are of course entitled to your opinion but it is undeniable that compared to 2017 Labour more than doubled their numerical majority to 4,925 and nearly quadrupled their % lead to 17.9%.

      9. Reply to Steve H
        Starmers Labour won in Wakefield against the worst government in living memory and a PM who is widely regarded as an unprincipled liar and charlatan.
        In these circumstances and after 12 years of Tory government Labour should have “romped home”- it didn’t because in my opinion Starmer (who many Labour see as an unprincipled liar ) has little appeal to either Labour voters or disaffected Tory voters. Thats why so many didn’t bother to come out to vote(61%). If that is replicated in a Gen Election -if those who normally vote Labour stay at home – the party will sink without a trace.

      10. Smartboy – What’s your excuse for what happened at the 2019 GE when we had the same Tories in office and lost the Wakefield seat to them.

    1. Yeah.

      Seats like Wakefield. 66% leave.

      Weren’t owt to do with smarmer’s second ref shithousery – oh no! It was Corbyn. 😴

      1. Toffee – You may well be right about Corbyn, by the time he’d finished pissing all over his own USP by hiding behind ‘constructive ambiguity’ for month after bloody month too many of Labour’s supporters on both sides of the Brexit argument didn’t trust a word he said.

      2. Toffee – Don’t let him wind you up. It clearly feeds something in him. Just remember this from the poem The Desiderata.
        “Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.”.

      3. Yeah.

        And FAR too many people were thoroughly pissed off with out-of-touch, devoid of ideas cunts like greasy keef; telling them they’d have to vote on something they’d already decided on.

        And worse remain centrist cunts like creagh stabbing their leader at any & every turn.

        2017 = No second ref. Creagh returned with biggest majority it ever had.

        2019 = Second ref shithousery rigged and implemented.(Where was YOUR vote?) Creagh (And just about every other remain labour marginal) thoroughly binned.

        Not because of Corbyn, but because of know-nothong shitbags like YOU.

      4. Toffee – “2017 = No second ref. Creagh returned with biggest majority it ever had.

        Don’t be silly, the voting records for Wakefield clearly show that is untrue. Do you just post whatever random thought pops out of your head without checking your facts first?

      5. Oh! Well excuse ME!

        The most VOTES creagh ever got. Over 4000 more than in other elections it contested.


      6. Toffee – Oh Whoopee!

        2005 Votes 18.802 (43.3%) Majority 5,154 (11.8%)
        2010 Votes 17,454 (39.3%) Majority 1,613 (3.7%)
        2015 Votes 17,301 (40.3%) Majority 2,613 (6.1%)
        2017 Votes 22,987 (49.1%) Majority 2,176 (4.7%)

        I guess you failed to notice that both her majority and % lead went down in 2017 whilst in yesterdays election Labour more than doubled their numerical majority to 4,925 and nearly quadrupled their % lead to 17.9

      7. And you’ve failed to notice that the turnout was shote because people would rather not vote at all than for any of the three conservative parties.

        Or do those non-voters count as labour voters…Like you claimed the 37% (or what have ya) who didn’t vote on the referendum made it invalid?

        Don’t even entertain the idea of asking- I’ve proved it on many occasions.

      8. “pissing all over his own USP by hiding behind ‘constructive ambiguity’ for month after bloody month…..”

        The ‘U’ bit of USP includes that he (the wonderful Jeremy Corbyn) wasn’t Sir Keir Weasel Starmer, the forensic mind that made Labour’s position ambiguous – and then some!

      9. qwertboi – Don’t be ridiculous, have you seen the polls, Labour are consistently in the lead.

      10. @steveH /8.15pm – and as of 8th June, 2022, 458,003 ‘Yellow Card” records from NHS Doctors report 1,498,991 adverse reactions and 2,182 fatalities from covid vaccines, but neither (vaccine deaths, nor Labour leads) are necessary and inevitable.

      11. qwertboi – Unless you are going to supply a detailed breakdown of the stats you have provided they are meaningless.

      12. It would be great If Steve gave us his considered opinion on press bias, with respect to the dirty tricks played on Jeremy Corbyn.

    2. Everyone – before an inference can be drawn
      about the result(s) last night BOTH bi-elections
      need to be taken into account .. viz positive
      and negative ..

      and that is what Curtice is about ..
      … which is why he said what he did…

      and the point is that people have voted
      strategically and that trend is likely to
      increase as people become more and
      more cynical about the main-stream
      parties. It is evident that the Lib Dems
      are now regarded as a main-stream party.

    3. SteveH, like you, I don’t think the lost deposits mean much. Except for one thing. I keep reading that Starmer needs to win over Tory voters. I keep explaining that he does not – Corbyn did not win 3.5 million more votes than Miliband by appealing to Tory voters.

      But that remains the strategy. Not only is it failing to win over Tory voters, it is alienating people who were willing to vote Labour in 2015-19. This makes it a lose-lose strategy.

      Now you will no doubt tell me that Corbyn’s policies did not win. That is true – despite the fact that they always polled very well even among Tories when detached from Corbyn and Labour. But sometimes arguments don’t win the first time you present them; and more people are struggling a lot more now, who are likely to be receptive to Corbyn’s policies.

      New Labour is dead. Starmer can’t flog that dead horse back into life. Corbyn showed a positive way forward that is likely to be Labour’s only chance of being successful again.

      1. On the current strategy of Starmer, voting Labour is a total waste of time if you want positive, progressive change.

      2. Ludus57 – Are you aware of Labour’s current policy platform or are you just waffling?

  5. @goldbach.

    I take his bullshit as a personal insult. An affront to any form of intelligence. I would happily deny the fucking idiot the right to breathe, nevermind the right to procreate and further contaminate the planet.

    I simply cannot allow meself to stand by and allow his bullshit to proliferate. That happened many decades back in another country, and we know how that ended.

      1. Because of toerag-enabling helmets like you, it’s hard to get a GP appointment around here.

        Not that I need one. I’m not the one suffering from delusions of keefs’ grandeur. Nor am I a compulsive bullshitter.

        I possess the ability to count, and have at least a basic comprehension.

        What’s your excuse?

      2. That’s right… You don’t need an excuse.

        You need a psychiatrist. Preferably one with the patience of job, and the capability to perform the almost impossible by instilling a charisma and a sense of morality into you.

        But I wouldn’t be on the least bit surprised if they lost their shit immediately and inserted a fucking red hot poker up your khyber.

      3. Toffee – Who knows, maybe someone out there will be impressed by your histrionics.

      4. Histrionics? Oh! My aching sides!

        Alright div, If you say so.

        But remember this is coming from someone treating a regain of a formerly die-hard labour seat – with well over half of the electorate not even bothering to turn out, as well as only 13,000 0f the eligible 69,000 voting labour – as a susbstantial, monumental victory. A ringing endorsement of keef.

        It’s far from it. It’s the equivalent of Everton winning a penalty shoot-out against a local alehouse side after a replay.

        So DO desist from throwing one over the thumb, you disgusting little creep.

      5. Toffee – The result in Wakefield confirms the projections of the MRP polls which are consistently predicting that almost all the Red Wall seats that were lost at the 2019 General Election will return to Labour at the next GE.

  6. Lost Hartlepool – for the first time ever.

    Lost deposits in Tiverton AND Chesham.

    Conceded 2nd place in N. Salop, losing almost 9000 votes in the process.

    Maintained second place on old Bexley but with a reduced vote of >4000.

    Held erdington with less votes than previous sitting labour MP – again on a piss-poor turnout.

    Held Batley with a reduced majority of 90% and a mere 323 majority.

    Didn’t contend Southend West.

    But hey! Keef’s doing a sterling job! All hail the greasy one 🥳🥳🥳

      1. But of course he is. Of course.

        The ballot boxes are simply bursting with votes for keef aren’t they?

        Even the projection on the telly say keef’d be a seat short if results yesterday wee translated into GE.

        And then of course, there’s all that income he’s literally drowning in from subscriptions, eh?

        At his current rate he’ll be entering 10 downing st in the year 4354, unless the toerags take up Corbynism., Then it’ll be a few centuries more.

        After all, the rags have already outwitted and out-laboured smarmerite labour on the cost of living assistance. Taxing and giving more than keef was prepared to.

      2. It’s certainly an improvement on the loses that Labour has recently endured.The Tories losing safe seats is becoming a bit of a trend, long may it continue.

      3. The ‘rags are only losing seats (more to the libtards than to smarmer) because they’re so utterly shite.

        Not because keef is anywhere near popular. Ffs most people don’t even know who he is. And NOBODY – not even his own shadow lickspittles – knows what his policies are.

        DESPITE keef -not BECAUSE of him.

        There isn’t one single pundit, not one, career-suicidal enough to tell people otherwise, like you’re desperately and fruitlessly trying to.

      4. Tofffee – Your self imposed ignorance is your problem, not mine.
        I do however find it perplexing that you dedicate so much of your time and effort pontificating about something you proudly declare that you know nothing about and that you have no intention of informing yourself about.

  7. Agree with this analysis. Little in Wakefield to suggest much voter enthusiasm for Labour.

    Reports that Labour were running campaign ads throughout Thursday’s polling day on Youtube. Isn’t that banned under the Electoral Commission rules that apply to TV, Radio etc? Or have Labour found a loophole?

    And.. any word on how much Labour spent in advertising on Wakefield; literally saturation advertising on Youtube for weeks prior to polling day.

    And at the count on TV I noticed a few people walking around the count wearing backpacks. One bloke, unaware he was on camera grabbed a pile papers off the table, put them into his large backpack and walked off. Maybe nothing, with a perfectly reasonable explanation? But how open are Uk elections to fraud when someone isn’t even asked about why he’s wearing a backpack at a count?

    1. Andy – If you are concerned then you should report it to the electoral commission. We all have a duty to protect the integrity of the vote

      1. SteveH

        It may be nothing. It just looked sketchy as hell because the guy looked around furtively before grabbing them, then quickly pushed the pile into his backpack. Imho, no one should be carrying backpacks around at counts.

        Not necessarily a partisan point either, as i. idk if there was wrongdoing and ii. if so it’s uncertain which party or candidate it may have been in aid of.

        A more general point – I do think we are far too slack in the UK in assuming votes will be carried out free and fairly. The postal vote is wide open to manipulation. Apparently, in 2019’s GE postal votes made up 34% of all votes cast! Remember Laura Kuenssberg saying she’d been told about postal vote openings and things were looking grim for Labour prior to polling day? Previously it had always been much lower, usually the teens.

      2. Andy – As I’ve already said I think we all have a duty to protect the integrity of the election process but balancing the different demands of security and inclusivity is always going to be a complex balancing act. Unfortunately the Tories seem to be determined to copy the GOP policy of trying to deter as many people as possible from voting.
        Personally I’d prefer to have the option to vote online. I also think that voting should be made compulsory.

      3. SteveH

        I’d support voting online if you could opt to keep your own digital voting record. That would allow independent researchers to verify via random sampling obv with voter consent. And/or some blockchain-based voting application – the advantage being a blockchain’s database of transactions is incorruptible.

        Look at the current situation, with up to 34% of all votes in a GE now postal – at least in 2019. Once a voter sends in their ballot unknown mischief could be going on; changing votes/forging signatures etc. A few thousand flipped votes could make all the difference in a marginal or referendum. And the postal voter would remain blissfully ignorant.

        Boris Johnson’s Government handed out a £1.7 million for election management services just before the 2019 election – without a competitive tender – to controversial electoral services company IDOX – afaik, they handled the postal votes. The company is closely asociated with Brexiter and former cabinet minister Peter Lilley. In Scotland it’s been alleged tens of thousands of postal votes were binned by IDOX, as ‘invalid’ – these weren’t counted in the official spoilt ballots count that applies to votes cast in person on the day.

  8. The suspicions about the integrity of Elections
    have been soundly refuted.

    However having said so – if there is something suspicious
    on YouTube it should be reported.

    As for voting online – some countries do exactly this with
    nom problems. However there should be an opportunity
    for people to have the option of voting in person
    because our broadband is unreliable and
    speeds can be poor too. It is reliant on broken lines being
    repaired and response can be poor.

    Incidentally the period(s) when we in lockdown
    underlined the importance of good internet connections
    and the 2019 Manifesto encompassed that.

    1. HolbyFanMw

      Not on Youtube on the news from the live count BBC iirc – in the background as the reporter spoke. The only query I had about Youtube is why was Labour pumping out campaign adverts for Simon Lightwood all throughout the day of the election?

      From the morning all day to 10 PM, isn’t that in breach of UK election rules?

      1. Andy

        What you say about Youtube adverts is very possibly true –
        but I was talking about fraud in online voting intentions –
        which is very much more serious

  9. have you seen the polls, Labour are consistently in the lead.

    So why didn’t they win by a far healthier margin in Wakefield, and why did they lose their deposit – again – in tiverton, genius?

    Why did they only gain 104 seats in the locals from the 4000+ that were up for grabs?

    After all, they’ve consistently been leading in the polls

    Polls…pffft! They’re not elections. Just like your preciious 70% of labour membership is NOT the electorate.

  10. 3.7% vote.Starmer doesn’t know where Honiton & Tiverton is which may explain the contempt shown by Starmer’s Labour Party for the people of this constituency as ‘the leadership’ didn’t support the campaign. A government in waiting…………joke!

  11. Two Cheeks
    Remind us how 2nd Referendum Poundshop War Criminal is going to sell an alliance with LibDums in Red Wall at next GE
    Make Brexit Work
    We have no plans to rejoin EU
    Trust me I’m a man of honesty and integrity
    No I wouldn’t say one thing to win an election and then shit in your custard
    Whats his cunning plan for Scotland, we will campaign alongside Tories

  12. The result in Wakefield confirms the projections of the MRP polls which are consistently predicting that almost all the Red Wall seats that were lost at the 2019 General Election will return to Labour at the next GE.

    Oh. It DOES, does it?

    ALMOST all the red wall seats, eh?

    Tell us, O! genial one – Did labour have enough seats to form a government prior to the 2019 GE?


    No. (And we all know why, don’t we?)

    And those three seats that are predicted to stay blue were formerly held by tories….sorry. ‘labour; MPs that were openly anti-Corbyn, and tow of them (mustin & mann – to no-one’s surprise) told their constituents to go out and vote tory in ’19..

    …Never hear any criticism of that from you, though, do we?. But I’M supposedly ‘tory boy’ for saying I’d be no fucking worse off under them than under smarmerism, and that there’s NO difference betwixt them.

    And you’re the imbecile continually telling us keef’s done – and is doing – far batter than Corbyn? Turn it in, you complete cretin. The fucking state of you, crowing about a projected shortfall as if it was the fucking landslide you keep telling us smarmer’ll deliver.

    What a complete genital wart.

  13. steveh; “qwertboi – Unless you are going to supply a detailed breakdown of the stats you have provided they are meaningless.”

    They’re updated twice a week, here’s a link to the current published synopsis. “View the MHRA Yellow Card Covid-19 Adverse Reactions Data”

    1. qwertboi – The MHRA are quite clear that there is nothing much to worry about.
      Following widespread use of these vaccines across the UK, the vast majority of suspected adverse reaction reports confirm the safety profile seen in clinical trials. Most reports relate to injection-site reactions (sore arm for example) and generalised symptoms such as a ‘flu-like’ illness, headache, chills, fatigue, nausea, fever, dizziness, weakness, aching muscles, and rapid heartbeat. Generally, these reactions are not associated with more serious illness and likely reflect an expected, normal immune response to the vaccines.

      The expected benefits of the vaccines in preventing COVID-19 and serious complications associated with COVID-19 far outweigh any currently known side effects. As with all vaccines and medicines, the safety of COVID-19 vaccines is continuously monitored and benefits and possible risks remain under review.

      It is comforting to know that the situation continues to be constantly monitored and reviewed.

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