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Starmerite rigging backfires as Stroud members overwhelmingly reject lobbyist parachute candidate

Members choose local and reject regime’s favoured outsider

Labour members in Stroud have defeated an attempt by the party regime to rig the constituency’s parliamentary selection.

Local favourite, left-wing district council leader Doina Cornell quit the party yesterday in disgust after the party removed her from the ‘long list’ of candidates to clear the way for the Starmeroids’ preferred option, a lobbyist who lives seventy miles from the constituency, but 64% of members voted for local Simon Opher instead.

One Facebook announcement of the result described the party ‘shooting itself in the foot’:

The ‘Amplify Stroud’ local news page decried the party’s ‘anti-democratic’ attempt to parachute in a right-wing outsider and said it had ‘blown up in the face’ of the Labour regime:

The Labour right has no interest in democracy beyond maintaining a sham and such rigging has become commonplace since Starmer conned his way into the party leadership, but just occasionally the members can still successfully send them packing. Given the right’s record few would be surprised, though, if the party comes up with a pretext for suspending Mr Opher to re-open the contest.

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  1. I am not going to be surprised if LOTO find something “wrong” with Simon Offer and before the GE gets a candidate of its choice.
    The Tories have a majority of less than 4000. Thus, LOTO could see it as a targeted seat for Labour to take from the Tories. After all Labour took the seat in the GE of 2017 from the Tories, after Labour losing the seat to the Tories at the GE 2010.
    Thus, the definition of the type of seat Labour needs to win if Starmer is to stand a chance to form a government.

    1. Reply to Maria V
      I expect he’ll soon be denounced as an ” antisemite” by one of the usual suspects

  2. What do we know about Simon Opher? The only thing I can find out is that he has directorships in 4 different GP practices in the area.

  3. No doubt the leadership will be trawling the gutters of social media to look for an excuse to suspend Simon Opher.

  4. One of the reasons we are where we are is we are not as ruthless as them
    There will be a huge job of cleaning out the stables if miracle of miracles unions and members say Enough and kick the fuckers out
    Principles and Fair Play are great in a democracy, but we are not living in a democracy

  5. The way forward is clear, if Starmer attempts to foist an alien onto the Stroud party the local candidate must stand at the GE as ‘Local Labour’. It is only then when Starm sees how the vote will be split will he change tack. All local supporters should canvass for the Local Labour candidate. If Starmer HQ threatens expulsion, so what? It’s like being booted out of a club you don’t really want to be a member of anyway.

  6. The previous Labour MP for this constituency was David Drew who was generally very sound in his views.

    1. Tony, David Drew was a Corbyn supporter and a very nice guy. I know Stroud very well. This has been a marginal for quite a while. In 2019 the Greens and LibDems stitched Labour up and let the Tories in. It was a well co-ordinated scam. They could have kept the Tories out quite easily.

  7. Watched War Criminal on Newsnight, only thought afterwards was, you can see how they lost 6 million votes, bankrupted party and let the Chinless wonder in
    In one breath he assured us rejoining EU was not going to happen for a generation but on the other hand we had to appeal to LibDums to support us in government
    Will leave it to Toffee to explain politely how that strategy will play out
    Dont think he answered Red Wall question, if you cannot support the Workers and Unions then what is the point of the Labour party

  8. Will leave it to Toffee to explain politely how that strategy will play out

    I (politely) refuse to provide masturbatory material for the resident gobshite.

    Good day, sir,.

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