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Liverpool Labour group loses two thirds of remaining officers as vice-Chair and treasurer quit party in disgust

Withering resignation letters handed in at annual meeting

A scene from Liverpool’s Riverside constituency

Liverpool’s St Michael’s branch Labour party in the Riverside constituency lost two thirds of its remaining elected officers at its annual meeting last night when the group’s vice-Chair and Treasurer resigned their membership of the party in disgust at the conduct of Keir Starmer and his coterie of right-wingers. Skwawkbox has obtained the resignation letters of Ian Kyffin and Karen Fletcher, which are published in full below. Fletcher also posted on Facebook to further explain her decision:

I resigned from the Labour Party last night at my branch AGM, my heart has not been there after how they have treated Jeremy Corbyn and jeopardised his campaign in the 2019 election, then witch-hunted good socialists from the party.

Starmer has been no real opposition to Boris Johnson largely remaining silent despite numerous opportunities to give harsh criticism and a viable alternative to the privileged, lying, sexist, racist, misogynistic Prime Minister.

Although I leave the Labour Party I will remain an activist in the Labour Movement, supporting grassroots campaigns, strikers on picket lines and those fighting for workers rights and against injustice. I will support socialist candidates who are prepared to not make cuts affecting working class people already struggling with cost of living, food, fuel and energy increases.

Labour has lost a large part of its presence on the city’s council earlier this year after councillors resigned rather than support the Labour mayor’s swingeing budget cuts that would hit the most vulnerable, with eight of them forming an independent group on the council – the second-largest opposition group. Keir Starmer has essentially declared war on the city and Liverpool Labour democracy, writing for the hated S*n, rigging candidate selections and forcing remaining members into unrepresentative meeting structures.

So many party members have quit or disengaged in disgust that the St Michael’s annual meeting could not even muster a ‘quorum’ and so was unable to elect its delegates to the constituency party meeting, though it remains to be seen whether right-wingers and their friends among the mayor’s allies will simply assume the official roles without being properly elected according to the rules – another branch activist left the party last week and the constituency party’s disability officer resigned last year.

Fletcher’s resignation letter noted the excitement and prospect of real change that Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership had created – in contrast to the drab and ineffective performance of Starmer as well as Starmer’s war on members, their democracy and specifically on the St Michael’s branch, which has been the victim of smears and leaks by the party right to the hostile press.

But her comments also reflect badly on the supposedly-left hangers-on around the mayor and the local MP and the bullying she reports has been targeted at those trying to make the branch a success:


At the close of this meeting, I am formally resigning from the Labour Party and it is with great sadness and much reflection that I make this decision. 

Originally a Labour Party Member from aged 17 during the Thatcher years, I re-joined the Party over 5 years ago as I was energised and given hope by Jeremy Corbyn that we could have a Labour Party with socialist values and policies, which could mean real change for the working class of this country. 

I enjoyed my activism, campaigning, canvassing, leafleting, representing my branch at demonstrations and sharing information on Social media to assist in the cause. 

Since the defeat at the 2019 election and the way in which the Labour Party turned on Jeremy Corbyn, the then Leader of the Party, to discredit him and actively work against him, jeopardising and vilifying him, disappointed and disgusted me. I was prepared to stay in the party and fight, but since 2019, I have seen and experienced a lack of democracy, both nationally and locally. 

Despite a consensus of many members that our branch has functioned well over the last few years, holding zoom meetings to keep members engaged during the lockdown, we had members and officers heavily invested in supporting vulnerable members of the community Covid Support Groups and returned the highest increase in vote share for the last local elections, I find it extraordinary that our branch has frequently been smeared both inside and outside the party.

We have also seen our secretary retrospectively expelled for supporting a now proscribed organisation, Labour Against the Witch-hunt in where his only crime was to offer support to members who had been caught up in what is now broadly seen as a political witch-hunt. This is only what a trade unionist would do for colleagues and members.

I know there are some good people who remain in the party and are doing this for the reasons of not ‘giving one faction what they want’ and being present to support any left candidates in future NEC or leadership votes. 

I would prefer to put my energies into the wider Labour movement and not the Labour Party in its present guise. I will be supporting those grassroots causes of workers on strike or demonstrations against injustices, cost of living crisis or attacks on worker’s rights or anti racist and anti-fascist demonstrations. I want to take the opportunity to thank my comrades within the party and the other branch officers who have always acted professionally and in the best interest of St Michael’s branch and in my opinion have behaved impeccably despite the barriers and hurdles placed in our way.

Kyffin’s makes similar and equally damning observations as well as reminding readers that Starmer broke every one of the promises on which he campaigned to become the party’s leader:

Ian Kyffin (Former Treasurer – St Michael’s Labour – Liverpool Riverside)

After much consideration, I have decided at the close of this branch AGM to resign from the Labour Party.
With the ever increasing shift to the right of the party, it is evident that Labour no longer offers an alternative to the failed system that the working people of this country have endured for too long.

The party leadership and shadow cabinet have no solutions to the problems that face working and vulnerable people. Keir Starmer and the Parliamentary Labour Party seem more focused on attacking their own members than attacking those who make life for our neighbours so unbearable. Keir Starmer reneged on his pledges to those who voted for him as leader and he has failed to make effective progress against the most corrupt and incompetent government in living memory. Not only has he failed in this regard, but he has also extinguished the life changing fire that
existed until recently, in part thanks to Jeremy Corbyn.

Democracy in Labour has now become an afterthought, with members simply expected to churn out the vacuous policies of an out of touch metropolitan elite, obsessed with an era gone by that left us with PFI, a million dead in Iraq and subsidies for bloated companies who refuse to share their profits with the workers who deliver them.

I am proud of what some of us in this branch have achieved over the last years. Particularly proud of the work we did with vulnerable residents in South Liverpool in our collective efforts to ensure they got nutritious meals throughout the lockdown. It is notable that not a single Labour councillor came forward and helped with the fragile finances that underpinned that operation, often with volunteers using their own money, savings and even benefits to pay for the raw materials that would make the day’s food deliveries a success. It was frankly an embarrassment to Labour that
only the Greens pulled any levers to get us access to funding from the local authority, despite our efforts covering many Labour wards.

As a member of one of the founding Trade Unions of the Labour Party, the Baker’s Union (BFAWU), I was appalled at how our president, Ian Hodson was treated. Ian has dedicated his life and work to improve the pay and conditions of our members and in solidarity, our members rightly voted to disaffiliate from the Labour Party last year.

I have only remained in post since then, in order to hand over to the new treasurer and will be more than happy to honour that after my departure, this evening from the Labour Party.

I wish members well for the future and hope you can continue to deliver for the many, not the few.

Skwawkbox understands that at least some of those departing in this latest exodus are now campaigning for Laura Wharton, the candidate standing for the Community Independents group in the Fazakerley by-election in the north-east of the city, where Labour is standing a right-wing candidate who had already quit the party in pique after failing to win selection in another ward, but whose membership was somehow mysteriously reincarnated in time for the new selection. The Community Independents group consists of councillors, who quit the party whip because of the mayor’s budget cuts in collaboration with the exorbitantly-expensive commissioners – welcomed by Starmer – imposed on the city by the Tories,

As a result of the party’s appalling treatment of members in the city, St Michael’s and all Liverpool’s other branches and constituency groups are now forced to operate under a delegate system that prevents most party members having a direct say in local party decisions and policies – but how is a delegate system meant to function when member engagement is so poor that some branches can’t even get enough people to meetings to elect those delegates?

The excuse of Starmer and his sidekick David Evans was that it was done in response to the ‘Hanson report’ to the party’s national executive – but the report was supposed to focus on the poor running of the local authority and had nothing to do with the city’s party units and how they operate or organise, making the travesty yet another naked attack in the war of contempt on Liverpool and Labour’s own members in the city.

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    1. Guess who posted 34 of the 88 comments (I didn’t include a ‘correction’ he posted, so that’s why it’s out of 88 comments). And THAT of course is about average for the little Nazi shill – ie that he posts around a third of the comments every day on average. And he will of course be responding to this shortly!

      So when are you due to retire?

  1. When he was in office as party leader Jeremy Corbyn made his opinion on councillors setting illegal budgets very clear.

    “Jeremy Corbyn has written to all Labour council leaders calling on them to resist calls to set illegal no cuts budgets.
    In the letter co-signed by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Local Government Secretary Jon Trickett, Corbyn points out that failure to set balanced budgets could see “Tory minister deciding council spending priorities”, and warns that “their priorities would certainly not meet the needs of the communities that elected us”.
    There have been some calls from Labour’s left for councils to reject cuts to local government spending, and for Labour councillors to refuse to vote through budget cuts – including in the past from the Labour Representation Committee, while John McDonnell served as chair. However, this letter makes clear that McDonnell does not support that view.

    You can find a copy of the letter here

    1. As leader, Jeremy needed his people to follow his strategy of ridiculing and reducing the political choice called austerity. It was succeeding. Sir Keir Rodney Starmer and his Reeves-ettes have no such strategy.

  2. Only the rats remain on the sinking “socialist” ship called chameleon

      1. Keef’s got 430k members.


      2. Toffee – As you’ve said yourself so many times in the past, it is the opinion of the electorate that really counts.

      3. Toffee – As you’ve said yourself so many times in the past, it is the opinion of the electorate that really counts.

        Bugger me! You’ve actually got something right. 😲

        Except when it’s in a referendum, or a (rigged) vote on whether to include a second referendum as policy (Like the one you didn’t get a vote on, mister OMOV)

        Still, it’s not like Yougov have been told to keep schtum about keef having a lead in a (former) diehard labour seat is it? If it weren’t for a(nother) filthy toerag pervert in Wakefield, the seat wouldn’t even be being contested…Nevermind that it should ever have been lost with it being a 66% LEAVE seat, but keef just HAD to shithouse his way to a second ref, didn’t he?

        And just how far ahead is keef (And his 430k membership 😂) in Tiverton? 😗🎵 Another former toerag perv-held seat?

        If keef was SO popular as you claim he wouldn’t be striving to keep his deposit there this time instread of labour being the runners-up in the last election.

        Maybe some of his 430k membership need to move to Devon to give him a hand to hod on to second place…

      4. SteveH11/06/2022 AT 3:35 PM
        Toffee – I’m not claiming anything, I don’t have to.

        Youare and you do.

        You’re the only one here consistently promoting the bullshit about keef while looking for (what you think is ) a favourable comparison to Corbyn (but Corbyn [allegedyl lost members [he didn’t] )

        Youre the only one here consistently harping on about this supposed twenty point lead in Wakefield (A 66% leave seat which explains why it went blue. It should NEVER have been lost on the first place) but you are totally reticent and silent when it comes to Tiverton.

        Why’s that, wee gobshite? What aren’t you banging THAT drum, hmm?

        We all know what will happen there. While it might not turn out to be as bad as chesham, smarmer won’t even come second in a seat that they really ought to be taking, given the shite performance of the rags.

        They might win in Wakefield. But it will be DESPITE smarmer, not BECAUSE of him.

        Wakefield is NO yardstick. That was always a labour seat.

        Tiverton however, is. If smarmer doesn’t gain votes there, he won’t be gaining many of his target seats come the general, no matter how muc shiter the rags can get (IF it’s possible)

        *Awaits some sort of reference to Corbyn yet again* 😴

        So go ahead, punk…. prove my point. 😕

      5. Ah, poor wee fellas lost his shot again; and it’s out with the desperate Tory boy slur.

        The toerags (And the greens) are doing more for the poorest than labour, as both this article, plus keefs’ proposals on the windfall tax and help with energy bills have proved.

        The toerags have out-laboured smarmerism. A sad indictment.

        I note you didn’t bother to answer why I should vote labour??

        But then again you never address the issues.

        Not because you can’t, but because you don’t give a fuck about people like me, just like the greasy, torier-than-tory bastard.

        Promoting keef over the toerags when he’d do less for the poorest and most disadvantaged than what the rags are doing for them.

        And you call ME tory boy? 430000 members 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

        Now, off you go and take out your frustration on those young goats, you sad bestialist.

    1. Terry Norman….Chameleons?I didn’t realise that the labour party were trying to copy the lib dems as well as outdo the conservative and unionist party in collaboration between all of the three main political party time parties.Talk about moving the deck chairs as the ship goes under?.How does it work when the whole bunch of parasites and misfits need psychiatric help and yes I am absolutely serious about the whole bunch of parasites apart from the few newcomers in parliament that havnt caught on yet like ian byrne and one or two others especially the independent thinker Jeremy Corbyn.whos been shafted by so called friend’s.
      ..I expect SH hillbilly has gone to drown his sorrows after cuddling the goats in his Caribbean bolt hole.?….

      1. Joseph – Why do pretend socialists like yourself have such a predilection for supporting corrupt and authoritarian dictatorships.

  3. What’s the difference between Skwawkbox and the Labour Party?
    Skwawkbox allows dissenting opinion.

  4. News from Bulgaria.
    Bulgaria was already suffering high inflation and the Ukraine war has exacerbated it. The Bulgarian PM has committed to fully support Ukraine, including with weapons. One of the coalition partners has pulled out citing the dire economic situation and the unquestioning support for Ukraine. A second coalition partner has threatened to pull out. The government could easily fall and an election called. Who knows what the outcome would be?
    When you drop a stone in the water, you get ripples.

      1. illegal wars “…All wars are illegal idiot Steve H….Since when have your lot worried about how you bomb human beings into the stonage any more than the Putin carnage.?.And proxy wars are even more obscene hiding behind a deranged Nazi regime and a second rate comedian \actor whos” legged it “to Miami beach 🌴.whilst ordinary people across Europe and the western world suffer the consequences of your warped ideology and Wars.

      2. Joseph – Putin can solve this tomorrow by taking his invading troops back home to their barracks.

      3. Says StevesHill, knowing full well that if the US/Nato had agreed to Russia’s proposals it could have all been prevented. Many experts and others have been warning for years that the continued expansion of Nato eastwards would end badly, but the Western psychopathic elite don’t give a flying fuck about all the death and destruction and carnage and devastation that’s happening in Ukraine, because their objective is to ruin Russia economicaaly, and if and when they succeed, it’ll be China next of course.

      4. Allan – You claim to be on the left but you support authoritarian dictatorships. You’re weird.

      5. The following is from an article in May of last year on the WSWS:

        ‘NATO begins massive Defender 2021 military exercises aimed at Russia’

        The United States, at the head of the NATO military alliance, is continuing its military and diplomatic drive to encircle and subjugate Russia. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact in 1991, NATO has absorbed much of Eastern Europe and, with the Euromaidan coup of 2014 in Ukraine, expanded its sphere of influence up to Russia’s border. This is the context in which the huge NATO military exercise beginning this week, Defender 2021 Europe, unfolds.

        Since March, NATO has amassed over 28,000 soldiers from 26 allied nations to practice for war.

        The Defender 2020 exercise practiced the mobilization of the US-NATO war machine along the northern approaches of Russia through Germany, Poland and the Baltic. Defender 2021 approaches Russia from the south and the Black Sea.

        One hardly dares imagine Washington’s apoplectic response if a “strategic competitor” were to hold war games within striking distance of US shores, yet the largest mobilization of NATO since the end of the Cold War has gone largely unremarked in Western media. Instead, its pages are packed with lurid, misleading and mostly unsubstantiated anti-Russian propaganda. Every military or diplomatic move by the United States and its NATO allies against Russia is invariably attended by a media campaign framing Russia as the aggressor.

      6. Allan – The intel they had on Putin’s imperialist ambitions has been proved right. The NATO exercises were probably intended to serve a dual purpose, a deterrent and preparedness. Nobody in NATO had any intentions of invading Russia to claim otherwise would be nonsensical.

      7. Here’s an excellent and very informative article I just came across, which is well worth taking the time to read. And it was posted in May, 2011:

        ‘Encircling Russia with US Bases’

        Moreover, the Pentagon has an expanding network of 1,000 or more global bases, including secret and shared ones for greater control. In fact, at a time no nation threatens America, trillions of dollars are spent anyway for what military planners call “full spectrum dominance” over all land, surface and sub-surface sea, air, space, electromagnetic spectrum and information systems with enough overwhelming power to fight and win global wars against any adversary, including with nuclear weapons preemptively.

        Encroaching Belligerently Near Russia’s Borders

      8. And here’s another article, posted in May, 2016:

        ‘U.S. and NATO escalate, plan bases on Russian border’

        The misleading accusation that Russia is using its nuclear arsenal to destabilize Europe is an amazing distortion of reality and must be called out for what it is, an attempt on the part of the United States to dress up an offensive maneuver—massing fighting forces on a country’s border—as a defensive maneuver.

        The State Department and the Pentagon have also used as justification for the troop buildup a recent incident in which a Russian jet flew over a U.S. warship in the Baltic Sea. The U.S. media characterized it as “provocative” and “aggressive.” This is a ridiculous interpretation.

        The U.S. warship was a guided-missile destroyer, the USS Donald Cook. The Baltic Sea borders Russia. Let’s think this through. If a Russian guided-missile destroyer was “patrolling” in the Gulf of Mexico, wouldn’t the U.S. military dispatch warplanes (and perhaps much more) to intercept the destroyer? In fact, let’s be honest, the U.S. military would most likely either assault, capture or destroy a Russian warship that merely attempted to enter the Gulf of Mexico, whether or not Mexico invited the ship. The U.S. would say that the very existence of the warship in the gulf was an act of aggression.

      9. Please have a read of the following article on Jacobin’s website. Here’s a passage from it:

        The history of Western tensions with Russia over Ukraine is long and complicated, with many overlapping and competing analyses. Reasonable people can disagree over solutions like those put forward by groups like Stop the War.

        But to simply dismiss them as the lies and propaganda of Western traitors, Putin apologists, and dangerous fringe figures secretly in league with the Kremlin is false to the point of being Orwellian. These are mainstream arguments that have been made for years by current and former US diplomats and foreign-policy thinkers across the political spectrum, along with figures from the ranks of the Western establishment.

        As for what SteveH said in a post last night – ie that ‘Putin can solve this tomorrow by taking his invading troops back home to their barracks’, well Biden and his Nato buddies could bring it to an end tomorrow if they wanted to by addressing Russia’s security concerns. But then they could have done that months ago and prevented military action by Russia in the first place. But then they could have done so YEARS ago, but they didn’t, and they just kept right on provoking Russia, and finally got the outcome they wanted, so that the US and the EU et al could justify waging economic warfare on Russia.

      10. Which one are you talking about steveH?

        Presumably you mean the one which has been going on since the illegal 2014 coup in which a Western backed nazi dominated regime targeted ethnic Russians in the East and South of Ukraine;

        – attacking and murdering civilians – eg. burning people alive in the Union building in Odessa and beating them to death as soon as they hit the ground after jumping out of windows to escape the flames.

        – cutting off water supplies to civilians in Crimea.

        – shelling and murdering civilians with sniper fire and mines in the Donbass – including hundreds of children. Even the corrupt OSCE recorded increases in civilian deaths from illegal attacks on civilians by the nazi dominated and Western controlled regime in Kiev.

        – massing troops on the contact line with the Donbass to invade the area and complete the ethnic cleansing of those the nazi dominated regime consider to be untermenschen.

        But that’s not what you mean is it steveH. In your warped tiny mind they don’t count. Protecting those civilians (R2P) under attack from illegal war waged on them is ringed fenced for exceptionalists. Those who impose rules on others but break them with impunity to suit themselves and their own convenience.

        So the question which really counts here steveH is what term does one use to describe those such as yourself who deny people the right to protect themselves from illagal war waged on them by nazis and who, in all practical effect, morally support those same nazis?

        When the time comes to denazify the West there will certainly be plenty of people here pushing the case that it should not just be the decision makers who should be tried and appropriately sentenced but also their useful idiot cheerleaders and supporters.

        No matter which Caribbean island they purport to live on.

      11. @Allan H

        Talking of the gulf of Mexico, according to Telegram sources, the Russians have been invited to help Nicaragua. Should be seeing things happening in the next 6-8 weeks.

    1. Goldbach, expect the West to start isolating themselves from Coke Head Zelensky, as it’s starting to become obvious they are seeing the writing on the wall. Nazi Ukraine has lost the war and the EU, UK and US will see the prospect of their economies tanking as the year progresses. The prospect of food and fuel shortages with ruined economies will concentrate their minds wonderfully.

      Zelensky will be their fall guy.

      1. “The EU, UK and US will see the prospect of their economies tanking as the year progresses”.

        But the people will think it was all worth it in order to Stand Up To Russia and will bear the consequences stoically, so there’ll be absolutely NO rioting! Oh no!

  5. So within seven minutes of Terry Norman posting a comment, SH posts a reply to it. And then within four minutes of goldbach posting a comment, SH posts a reply to it. Oh, but he’s not a shill constantly monitoring the site every day, fifteen/sixteen hours a day!

    Yesterday, whilst doing some research, I came across a post by windchimes from eleven months ago spouting his fascist garbage about me, and so I posted a response to it, and then several more, BUT, within thirty minutes of me posting the initial response….. yes, you guessed it, StevesHill dives in with his usual B/S and posts a ‘reply’ to it. Here’s a link to windchimes’ post (and my responses etc):

    PS When I just went back to the page to copy the link, I see that the SteveH shill later posted a ‘reply’ to each of my OTHER posts. Yes, he’s such a clever cnut!.

    1. Allan – What’s with this weird obsession that you have for trawling through ancient posts to leave sneaky little comments Have you tried doing something more constructive like pissing off back down your 🐰🕳️ to play with yourself.

      1. Says StevesHill, lying through his nasty little fascist teeth. As I said on the page in question, I was doing some research in relation to Kerry-Anne Mendoza and the skwawkbox article about her came up in the results, and in looking through the comments, came across signpost’s post in which he smears me. So I responded to it, albeit with the intention of posting a link to it in a current thread at some point.

        So on the one hand SteveH – like the little piece of Nazi shit he is – tries to make out I was trawling etc, and on the other hand he doesn’t think that I have a right to respond to someone smearing me. And the joke of it it that HE is the guy that hardly EVER lets a poster say something about him without posting a ‘reply’ to it, and USUALLY within a matter of minutes!

        NB JVL posted an article about Barnaby Marder who, as I was to learn, was the founder of a group called Socialists Against Antisemitism, so I checked out his website, and the top article in a list of articles on one side of the page was an article about The Canary and, as such, Kerry-Anne, and that led to me doing some research and, among OTHER articles, the skwawkbox article came up..

        But isn’t it SOo hilarious that I should respond to signpost’s vitriol and lies, and then SteveH in turn dissembles MORE vitriol and lies. But that’s paid fascist shills for you!. Anyway, just for the record, here’s the Home page of Marder’s website with the article about The Canary at the top on the right-hand side:

  6. ITs all about politics and fascism in the labour party and thats why the majority of the activists have walked away whilst their reputation remains intact.Smearing and character assassination and no attempt to halt the conservative ideas on punishing the working class,and in fact joining up with the destruction of the country by being even more slash and burn and noses in the trough.Those that support this labour party obscenity need their heads examined because even the idea of a mini social club of people who are comrades and likeminded as gone away with a massive exit of “decent people” .You only have to glance at the financial markets to see that our system is broken and even the money men and women who prop up the system are badly rattled.and beginning to pannick.Get your cash out the system(if you have any) because we are in for a rough ride without any drivers….Steve H is just as desperate and were he his will be just has bad as Britain and probably worse,No one walks away unscathed from the coming reset especially the elderly and vulnerable people of Britain.Help your community and those who can’t afford to feed themselves and thats the only club worth joining…..not the labour party obscenity.

    1. Joseph – Oh dear, unfortunately those fine words and the fighting talk all seem more than a little empty when they come from someone who has chosen to live in a country that is ruled over by a corrupt and despotic authoritarian dictator.

  7. Desperate now down to spreading the message for the CIA.Very sad really stevie h when youve sold out your once fine principles on palastine and racism for a bought and paid for new world order “Plant”knight
    shame on you for attacking once again the beautiful land of Cambodia exploited by the warmongers the USA and still seeing daily the legacy of millions of tons of chemical weapons used in a war against the ordinary people of Cambodia..Thank God that we have a strong allie and neighbours China and Vietnam who have had to deal with your aggression before and very likly again..S.East Asia \Pacific have had enough of western exploitation and get back to your Bunker comrade.!

    1. Why do pretend socialists like yourself have such a predilection for supporting corrupt and authoritarian dictatorships.

      1. There’s an extremely high level of projectiononto others of one’s own position and approach going on with that effort steveH.

        I take it there are no mirrors wherever you happen to be.

      2. Dave ………and you answer to the the question I asked is?

      3. Well if you want it Janet and John terms (yet again) the answer is that you are confused as to who it is supporting authoritarian regimes.

        Its you son. But don’t fret. When the West is denazified nazi cheerleaders like yourself will have nowhere to hide.

      4. Dave – It’s a simple enough question, that you apparently can’t or won’t answer

      5. Simply because it is a question which is not congruent with reality. A question to which you have offered not a shred of credible and viable evidence to substantiate other than your subjective opinion that it is so because you delusionally think it is so.

        Whereas your unstinting support for authoritarian nazi regimes is clear for all to see in everything you write.

        You are merely projecting your own position onto others to deflect your own guilt on the matter. But, don’t fret. When the West is de-nazified people will be queuing around the block to testify against the supporters and cheerleaders of authoritarian fascist regimes such as yourself.

        No matter how deep the hole you try to hide in.

      6. “Why do pretend socialists like yourself have such a predilection for supporting corrupt and authoritarian dictatorships.”?

        Because the regimes which the synchronised press calls “corrupt” and “authoritarian” are usually the administrations that either,
        i) pose most threat to the oligarchy behind the hegemony which the synchronised press serves, or
        ii) their resources become geo-political factors in the exercise of Power by said globocapitalist hegemony.

        Neither Putin nor Xi Jinping are friends of socialist democracy, i.e. of the Many. In fact, they’re both WEF-advocates and personal buddies of The Most Dangerous Man In The World.

      7. qwertboi – Which makes one wonder why so many of the self appointed guardians of the left who comment on these pages appear to support these corrupt and authoritarian dictators.

      8. stevieH at 3.38pm. How can opposing a war be the same as supporting any of the aggressors of a particular war?

        You’re not a very good shill SteveH. Good shills need to understand the scam that their confidence trickster or swindler boss is undertaking, how else can s/he delude the innocent between reality and propaganda? You’re buying the scam like a victim.

        FWIW The Ukraine war is wrong and entirely created by the USA and laterly NATO. Putin is, nevertheless, still a WEF-enabler and therefore an enemy of “the Many” and me as a democratic socialist.

      9. and yet many self proclaimed socialists on these pages continue to express their support for Putin and Xi

    2. @Luke

      China and Russia are more democratic than any western countries.

      Prove me wrong. Better make sure you have lots of knowledge on all systems!

      @Dave Hansell

      Some nice posts. I find myself imagining if Luke was a Doctor or Nurse? Maybe the Plod? Or a Teacher.

      Just imagine that professional…

      As for article, I doff my hat once again to Liverpool and their morals. Kudos.

      1. NVLA – It’s not my problem that you are a deluded f’wit

      2. @el chupacabra

        What this about goats?

        Also, great reply. I was really impressed on your knowledge of democracy.

        Soundbites, headlines and attacking the player instead of the game.

      3. NVLA – “China and Russia are more democratic than any western countries.
        Prove me wrong. Better make sure you have lots of knowledge on all systems!”

        You’re the one making the big claims, the onus is on you to impress us all with your ‘lots of knowledge’ by justifying and evidencing your statement. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  8. All this understandable Local party unhappiness at the arrogance of Labour’s Ivory Tower leadership, and its truly outrageous abuse of process. But, it’s like that old truism,’ a bully can only bully you if you consent to it’. It may be better not to get angry, but to get even.

    The #Masongate emails revealed their concerns about the likelihood of Corbyn fronting a party along with Laura Pidcock, he and his fellow anti-left conspirators were already rehearsing their approach aimed at destroying it.

    Doing precisely the thing Mason was against suddenly seems more sensible.

    1. I’ve yet to see any confirmation that Jeremy has any intention of standing at the next GE never mind forming a new party. Has anyone thought to ask him.

  9. Just off to Kampot and a onward shopping trip to Shinoukville for some westernized shopping Mall nostalgia.I wonder how our comrades are getting on rebuilding the ream ex USA base might nip in to have a look.and feel reassured that our comrades are helping to make the S.China sea safe from invasion by foreign aggression from the other side of the planet
    …Sweet dreams stevie boy and don’t keep bothering the sheep.

    1. Joseph – Is it your familiarity with forlornly bleating from the next field that has prompted your latest obsession.

  10. Off topic:

    Great speech from Michelle O’Neill.

    Michelle O’Neill slams Boris Johnson and the British government in major speech to party activists

    1. Thankyou PW for shining a light on the continued move to democracy in N.Ireland by Sinn Fein and first minister elect Michelle O’NEILL(not deputy of sinn Fein as the BBC like to call her)..Most people are not interested in the country the other side of the irish sea and hear very little real news about exactly what games the conservative and unionist party are playing with the electorate and the GFA..Please watch a group of dedicated socialists in action as it is quite refreshing and inspiring.Thanks again PW.for the clip.

  11. Anyone here who doubted the justice of the Russian campaign to free the Donbas from Nazis massacring Russian speaking civilians (in a region in which more than 80% according to Gallup are Russian speaking) and restore the right of choosing their own government to them, should note that Steve H, now stands with the US, Johnson, Starmer, NATO and the forces of darkness in supporting a government in Kiev which has banned all opposition, removed all Trade Union protection from workers, lowered living standards in a once prosperous country, cut life expectancy and put up statues to Nazis and blood stained collaborators- all of whom kill socialists on sight, as the Odessa massacre showed.

    The Russian ‘invasion of eastern Ukraine came after the government there refused to honour the Minsk agreements which would have brought peace and was massing an army to invade the two Peoples Republics and commit genocide. Since the Kiev government took power, violently, in a coup in 2014 more than 14,000 people almost all of them civilians have been in Kiev attempts to impose their fascist government, with all the horrors it brings, on the working people of eastern Ukraine.

    There has not been a more justifiable war in modern memory. This is the front in the war against fascism- no surprise that Steve H and Starmer and Paul Mason are on the fascist side, as are the same media which covers British politics. It is sad that so many on the ‘left’ in the Labour Party seem to be inclined to let it pass.

    As to the hypocrisy of those who supported invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen calling the action in Ukraine ‘an illegal war’ it beggars belief

    1. bevin – …and here was I thinking that corrupt dictators like Putin who steal there own people’s wealth are the antipathy of socialism. You and your weird opinions are a bit of a joke.

      1. Are you claiming that the events detailed by Mr bevin never occurred steveH?

        Or are you once again desperately trying to make excuses for your very clear cheerleading for authoritarian nazi regimes and their elite Western string pullers.

        On the subject of ‘pulling string’ one recalls this is the appropriate sentence for such people. No matter where they try to hide.

        Tick tock steveH. The clock is running down for the miles behind the lines useful idiot nazi cheerleaders. It won’t just be Ukraine subject to denazifiucation. So keep posting the evidence that will be used against you and your fascist supporting ilk when the time comes to denazify the West.

      2. You and your weird opinions are a bit of a joke.

        You and your weird opinions are a LOT of a joke. And a very shit joke at that. Go away and pester your livestock, you utter wrong’un. 😒

    2. Well said Bevin, spot on.

      Two days ago the Pentagon confirmed the rumours that had been going around for some time that the US had been operating BioWeapon Labs in Ukraine. Anybody reporting this rumour was called a conspiracy theorist. Well they finally admitted that they had 46 such labs in Ukraine. This allied with Ukraine’s refusal to honour any part of the Minsk 2 treaty, and their continued massacre of Ukrainian Russian speaking people in Donbass is what caused this war.

      If you keep poking a bear with a stick expect it to retaliate. The US/NATO caused this war and they will suffer the consequences. And in the last few days Biden has even started threatening China over Taiwan. The Coming War With China was predicted by John Pilger years ago, and he is very rarely wrong.

      The US Dollar empire is crumbling.

  12. I saw an interview a few weeks ago with a commentator from the US. Was it by Chris Hedges, Ray McGovern or someone else who has effectively been banned from the MSM? I can’t recall who it was, but he was asked about why he was no longer given a voice. He put it down to the fact that he still operates like a CIA analyst/journalist from way back, collecting data, analysing and seeking to understand how foreign countries view events, rather than chanting a simplistic mantra like the MSM do these days. He said that this had reached a peak over “Ukraine” but had been manifested for a long time in the closing down of anyone critical of the actions of the Israeli government – that, if they are unable to engage an argument you are advancing, they simply chant “anti-semite” or “Russia-sympathiser” and ignore the points you are making.
    I see, from the “debate” above, that this is a perfect description of SteveH when “Ukraine” is mentioned. He simply churns out a set of stock, simplistic comments. Didn’y even deign to say whether he believes that the eastern and southern Oblasts have the right to self-determination.
    Don’t feed the stock comment generating machine.

    1. Whoops. No, I haven’t become Scottish. It should say “Didn’t” not “Didn’y”. Keys too close together.

  13. It was frankly an embarrassment to Labour that
    only the Greens pulled any levers to get us access to funding from the local authority, despite our efforts covering many Labour wards.

    And people like me should vote smarmerist labour – WHY, wee gobshite?

    To stop the toerags?? The toerags who put a bigger rate on the windfall tax than smarmer proposed? The toerags who are doling out MORE than smarmer proposed?

    Out-laboured by BOTH the toerags AND the greens. THAT is how completely shite smarmerist labour is. I’m NEVER voting for someone who demonstrably gives less of a shite for people like me than even the ‘rags do.

    430k members 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Well the Guardian has spotted that theres real problems with the starmer performance at PMs question time when a wounded pm was able to brush aside the knights questions with ease.This prompted worrys from the starmerite “team” laughingly called regarding his strange behaviour before standing to address the conservative flop Johnson.The guardian remarks that he looked like he’d just come from the pub “…? The roumers that I first saw eighteen months ago look to be endorsed soon and the need for” isolation “cannot be used anymore as code for drying out.Maybe Steve H can advise on the habbits having one or two himself other than the fondness for goats and sheep?


    Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner has been sacked from her role as chairman

    1. Ooops – Please ignore the above – I was repeating a headline warning that flashed up on my screen, Unfortunately I neglected to check the date before posting it.

      1. The bot is a bug Toffee. A parasitical one that will become extinct once the denazification of the West gets under way.

    1. Martin Taylor made his first donation to the party in October 2012 and over the following 3yrs donated nearly £600k

  16. This is how organicnew parties suddently appear. Organic in the sense they connect with, and are the product of real people’s situations and needs: A group of councillors form an ‘independent’ group, it quickly becomes the key focus and tool for the communities it represents; party executives and members of the former party examine the ‘new’ ‘independent’ group and re-align themselves.

    Labour Realigned. Thank you Liverpool.

    1. Would they have been elected in the first place if they hadn’t stood as a Labour party candidates?
      I guess we’ll just have to wait and see whether or not they loose their seats the next time they are up for election. However it is worth noting that in a letter to all of Labour’s Local Authority leaders Jeremy Corbyn very sensibly made his opposition to LAs setting illegal budgets very, very clear.
      If you have any doubts about the veracity of what I’ve said you can read JC’s letter for yourself here –

      1. As I said above:
        “As leader, Jeremy needed his people to follow his strategy of ridiculing and reducing the political choice called austerity. It was succeeding.
        Sir Keir Rodney Starmer and his Reeves-ettes have no such strategy.”

        Starmer the tory and Corbyn the democratic socialists. You think they’re both the same? Figures.

      2. qwertboi – You’re right they are not the same and yes the figures do prove it. Look at the polls.

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