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Video: Rayner refuses to say Labour is opposed to zero-hours contracts (video)

Labour deputy leader dodges question on national radio

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner repeatedly refused to say that the Labour party was opposed to zero-hours contracts – a mean by which employers exploit millions of people in the UK – let alone that it would abolish them if in government, during a Radio 4 interview today.

Rayner was pressed by the interviewer to say whether Labour was against the exploitative contracts in principle, or would even make them illegal. But Rayner shuffled around the questions, making a mockery of Labour’s supposed new campaign ‘to make Britain the best place to work’ – even though she herself raised the poverty, uncertainty and insecurity zero-hours contracts cause:

But the biggest mockery, of course, is Labour’s announcement of ninety redundancies while it is hiring temporary staff on insecure contracts to pursue Starmer’s war on the party’s members.

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  1. NeoLabour have become as masterful as The Conservative & Fascist Party at evading questions. Time to purge politics of these parasites.

    1. Hasn’t it been standard practise for many years now that Labour employs many of its staff on fixed term contracts.

      1. The community activist/organisers that were recently let go were on 2yr contacts and the extracts below below are from an article published in Nov19
        The practise has obviously been quite prevalent for many some time.
        Labour party staff on short-term contracts have been told they will be let go at the end of the year…….
        ……It is understood that up to 40 members of staff working at Labour’s National Communications Centre were informed that their contracts would not be renewed when they expire at the end of December. Some had been working for the party for more than two years.

      2. I thought the debate was about zero hours not fixed term contracts?

      3. PC – If you re read the article above you will see that it specifically refers to ‘insecure contracts’, in this particular case 6mth contracts.
        while it is hiring temporary staff on insecure contracts

      4. It is clear that political parties would hire people on fixed term contracts prior to elections and not need them after. All parties also use interns and placements as means of selection of the best on a try before you buy basis. I know something’s gone wrong because of the clique of careerist staffers who were able to undermine the leadership. So, Labour’s HR is definitely corrupted and has been for a long time.

      5. For many years in Britain child Labour was used in the mines and in everyday life in very dangerous situations .My grandmother worked in a coal mine in a Child and many of the kids had no shoes.When I was a Child it was the norm to have no hot water and a toilet outside with a long cold dash to the bog in winter somtimes in the middle of the night.Are you suggesting that because of longevity we should gobackward to a age of terror for children and their parents in the poverty of the people.You are the enemy and so is Raynure a class traitor just like the Labour party are.Never again you nasty cruel little job centre advisor upstart.Steve H and his misfits including the knight of the realm..public enemys no 1…

      6. Joseph – I’ve no idea where you’ve got this silly idea that I have ever worked for the DWP, was it the same place yougot the equally daft ideas that I have a full head of ginger hair and I live in Bristol. Why do you persist with this childish nonsense/.
        I too remember as a child living in a 1 down 2 up back-to-back terrace with an outside loo and a tin bath in front of the open fire range and no running hot water. I’m a little surprised that you remember such times, didn’t your parents run 3 shops and a cafe?

      7. You were lucky to have a HOUSE! We used to live in one room, all hundred and twenty-six of us, no furniture. Half the floor was missing; we were all huddled together in one corner for fear of falling!

      8. timfrom – Yes I know I’ve been lucky to get where I am today.

    2. @jrc21 has two video sections of Rayner’s Radio 4 interview, one re firing and hiring at Labour HQ & one on zero hours.

      Rayner evasive in both.

      Easier 2 download at twdown . Shared.

      Rayner’s evasiveness in this interview doesn’t obscure Keith’s overall responsibility.

    3. What is your point? Unison has traditionally supplied staff to Labour and vice versa. It is the public service union after all.

    1. Steve H,in a working-class area and lucky enough to serve the public ..We. as a family lived with the community and served the community despite being small shopkeepers.Yes capitalism but we lived for the community and were part of it.When the locals suffered so did we and when the mill at the end of the street closed down so did we.My parents didnt live in poverty but were well aware of it like all of us it was part of life and we thanked God that we were lucky enough not to suffer like many of my friends.We didnt pull up the ladder or despise those with less opportunities than us and as Irish immigrants to Lancashire we integrated into the community and adopted the Labour party as the mouthpiece of the working-class people.How times have changed with people like you who drag the working-class people backwards inside of the Labour party.

      1. Joseph – Well thanks for the potted history but you aren’t that exceptional. Many of us continue do what we can to help out those in our communities who are vunerable and also do what we can to enable people to advance themselves through passing on our skills.
        I must admit I’m struggling to understand what it is in you that compels you to constantly make feeble attempts to denigrate others who you self evidently don’t know anything about.. It’s all a bit weird.

  2. ZeroHour employment contracts should provide a worker with a significantly higher hourly rate (at least 10 – 15%). When imposed on a worker without choice they are simply reducing cost and overhead for an employer, and when it becomes a de-facto standard for some jobs is disgusting – as is any Labour party that will not say so and commit itself to improving workers’ rights and interests on the matter.

    Shame on you Angela Rayner! Shame on you Labour!

  3. Shame the presenter didn’t say to Raynor “is Labour’s announcement of ninety redundancies while it is hiring temporary staff on insecure contracts the reason why you won’t say Labour are against Zero Hour Contracts?

    1. Doubt even that question would have embarrassed her.

      The left put her in as deputy leader hoping she’d hold Starmer to his word and his 10 Pledges. He’s broken all those and veered right, and she’s said absolutely nothing.

  4. She’s alienated the left who put her there, and Labour’s RW can’t stand her. When Evans and Starmer give her the order of the boot (post rule changes at conference?) will anyone care? Maybe that’s the whole purpose of increasing her media appearances?

  5. SteveH, fixed term and zerohour contracts are not a single thing. They are each v different to the other. One typically produces poverty and precarity, the other does not, as HMQueen can attest. She gets her £13,000,000 p a from a fixed term contract (the termination date is “at death”).

    No, they’re very different entities, zerohour and fixed term contracts,

    1. ooops, i meant that to be a reply to steveh’s point earlier, sorry, my mistake

      1. qwertboi – I’m well aware of the differences and I referred to fixed term contracts because the article also specifically refers to them.
        The problem is not fixed term contract per-se but how ubiquotous they have become. With employees in some sectors being given no choice.

    2. Yes indeed, especially when applied in the education sector where many new staff are not paid for holidays. This has been agreed by relevant Unions, including UCU. Staff who do the same work with a sub-standard contract – call that equality..

  6. Some suggest Ms R is a Right Wing Labour careerist s… who plays the working class card but as a left wing working class democratic socialist I couldn’t possibly comment. Scottish Labour calling Right Wing Labour!

  7. I’m sure I read in an article a month or two ago that Starmer said he was opposed to zero-hours contracts, and said so in a speech he gave to some union. I don’t recall WHEN he gave his speech, but I suspect it may have been during the leadership election campaign!

    Well, he WOULD, wouldn’t he!!

  8. AR is a good example of someone who bends with the prevailing wind
    When Temporary Embarrassment is challenged MP’s will support who they think is going to win, which is why he won’t be allowed to stand
    He has no support outside the PLP and even that’s debatable
    We bankrupt the party and buy the name from the Receiver

    1. Doug – It was well established during Corbyn’s tenure that a challenged incumbent party leader has an automatic right to be on the ballot paper. It is there in the rule book for all to see.

      1. You have committed one of the worst sins any decent human being could do Speaking in criticism of the recently dead. “I couldn’t care less” was your comment to the death of doctor Chand.And that in a nutshell is what you push in your warped ideology. “I couldn’t care less” Steve H centrist Dad with centrist ideology.and a cancerous philosophy.

      2. Joseph – “Speaking in criticism of the recently dead. “I couldn’t care less” was your comment to the death of doctor Chand”. Joseph you are a liar
        Why do you insist on telling lies and making stuff up. Are you really that desperate to interact with me.

  9. SteveH27/07/2021 AT 2:27 AM
    winndchime – What’s the hold up them. As for me being disappointed, not really, Just idle curiosity,I don’t much care whether it is shown or not.


    Almost an hour after the first comment on the Dr Chand obituary thread.

    …And you’ve previously volunteered that you get alerts for new threads/comments, so any claim to have been unawares of the reason behind the socialist telly article not being broadcast is (your usual) lying bollocks.

    There’s only one liar on this forum. It isn’t Joseph.

    1. Toffee – You’re wrong, you’ve forgotten to include yourself alongside Joseph.
      You are making the false assumption that I had read the post about Dr. Chand at the time I was posting in the early hours shortly before I went to sleep. Although I saw the earlier email notification I read the headline and the first few lines of 1st paragraph given in the email before I quickly decided that as I didn’t know who Dr Chand was the article wasn’t of any interest to me. I was prompted to read the article about Dr. Chand for the first time mid morning. You can bleat all you want that in your opinion I must have read it earlier but that is all it is, an opinion. The fact is I didn’t and I would contest that this would be obvious to anyone who cares to read the whole thread from when I initially asked why the program had been delayed. Not that it makes much difference whether they do or not, my conscience is clear.
      Why you were fussing so much about my comments that this program had been delayed at 4 in the morning is a mystery. A program which you had self evidently not even attempted to watch yourself.
      Your constant attacking of others on the basis of misquotes and selective half sentences taken out of context isn’t a very edifying spectacle. Why do you constantly belittle and denigrate yourself in this way.
      I do wish you would grow up a bit.

  10. I think that those who know will judge whos the liar and its not only me that detest collaborators like you…ITs probably bed time mr Hall centrist Dad steve h Steve H davidh in your Caribbean bolt hole.But remember just how low you have sunk from the mainstream of the working-class movement and the support you give the enemy of the people The knight from Surrey. How you can sleep is another mystery for another day.

    1. Joseph – As I said earlier you’re a liar
      The most notable thing about your little rant above is that you have made no attempt to provide any evidence to refute my accusation that you are lying. Notable, but not surprising because, as we both know, you haven’t got any evidence to back up your lies

  11. I quickly decided that as I didn’t know who Dr Chand was

    And yet, this is you, commenting on a Chand thread not so long ago…

    SteveH19/04/2021 AT 6:26 AM
    Boris and his chums are on the ropes over this
    NHS England chair faces demands to explain role in Greensill lobbying
    The Conservative peer who chairs NHS England is facing demands to explain why he helped arrange for Greensill Capital to lobby senior health service bosses, with Labour describing his role as “shocking”.
    David Prior is facing questions over a meeting he organised between the now collapsed finance firm’s founder Lex Greensill and the overall boss of the NHS and its chief financial officer

    Want further more recent proof of your bullshit?

    See my next post…

    1. Toffee – Why would you imagine I would remember Dr Chand’s name just because I commented on an article months ago is beyond me. I’m looking forward to your next instalment..
      Have you worked out what you are trying to achieve yet and to what purpose.

      1. Steve H there are a couple of people who have called me a liar,ones a nutjob and can’t help himself …Whats your excuse for not apologizing or even showing sympathy to the family of DR Chand a forthright defender of the NHS.Dr Chand leaves a legacy unlike you who leaves only poison lies and propaganda from the knight and his misfits. I fail to understand why its so difficult and your stance makes you a lesser human being .Apologies please??

      2. SteveH davidh Mr Hall SH Caribbean Bolthole Branch, you ask – “Why would you imagine I would remember Dr Chand’s name just because I commented on an article”.

        The Toffee said exactly as i thought, above. You have commented on Dr Chand’s articles. Moreover, Dr Kailasch Chand has responsibly shared his sound views on often enough for any of us to know of him. In fact, there is always a photo with the article. His face is in mind as i type. How could you of all people have such an unreliable memory❓

        And since your memory is so decayed, why should anyone trust anything you say❓ I know a few people in their nineties and even two, over one hundred years old. They each have wonderful short term and stunning longterm memories. You are therefore unreliable, dishonest or most likely both.

        ALSO you state – “I quickly decided that as I didn’t know who Dr Chand was the article wasn’t of any interest to me.”

        WOW‼️ The casual insensitivity is shocking. Plus SHs, you all are twisting as ridiculously as WFM AHs twists. Hence their elderly man left on toilet floor cock and bull twisting. You all are afflicted with scammer’s fraud-finger i.e. several people pretending to be one person round the clock. None r up to speed on what the others said during their shift.

        Just this year there were recollections of the MILLIONS who mourned the manslaughter / murder / strange death of Diana the man now shacked up with Mrs Parker-Bowles whose husband was having an affair with the sister of the tampon sucking brother of Air-miles Andy.

        The vast majority of those people never “knew” Diana, yet they wailed because they felt something. Many people see a funeral cortege, then bow their heads / make the Sign of the Cross etc, or just spare a thought for the deceased and their loved ones. We need not “know” someone to care, sympathise empathise.

        SH it’s more evidence u r a bad news. To not just think in a heartless way like WFM re dear Dawn Foster’s tragically early passing; but to think nothing of showing off your heartlessness, says everything we need to know about why u all plot with Starmer SIR. Very few people would be so unfeeling … dismissive, disrespectful and dishonest as u & WFM AHs.

        We have no power to damn you all. You damn yourselves.

  12. Still denying knowledge of who Dr Chand was, or any interest?

    Well, this post is only just over three weeks old…

    SteveH05/07/2021 AT 2:27 PM
    We need a Labour government that will bring the NHS back into public ownership
    This is what Keir said to the GMB a month ago
    [Labour will] deliver the biggest wave of insourcing in a generation. And bring public services back in public hands for the benefit of all of us.

    Well? Are you telling us you weren’t interested in who he was, despite at least two recent occasions when you’ve posted on threads concerning him…

    Or just that you weren’t interested in the fact the man’s passed on?

    As I said, there’s only one liar here.

    1. And here’s another example… This time from March2020.

      Our leaders are terrified. Not of the virus – of us
      You can almost smell the fear-laden sweat oozing from the pores of television broadcasts and social media posts as it finally dawns on our political and media establishments what the coronavirus actually means. And I am not talking about the threat posed to our health.

      A worldview that has crowded out all other…(continues)

      For someone who claims not to know of who Dr Chand was, you’ve been posting on threads directly linked to him for over sixteen months.

      I wouldn’t bet against the being further, older examples of it, neither.

      Only the one liar, here. It’s not Joseph, and it certainly isn’t me.

      It only took a simple search to prove you’re a snivelling, lying little shitehawk.

      No more wriggling.. unless it’s on the end of a stout hemp rope.

    2. Toffee – Is that it, is that really the best you could mange after promising so much?
      Well not particularly, I was responding to someone else’s comment.
      It is worth noting that your numerous posts (24 out of the 112) on the page that you linked to not one of your comments references the subject matter, they are all a silly rant at me. What is this weird fixation you have. What is it that motivates you to behave in this needy way. You obviously need to get a grip of this saddo stalking obsession that you have.

      1. You’re a tory enabling shitehawk, a hypocrite and a LIAR. And you’re obsessed with the labour party leader, who’s every despicable trait you embody.

        And I dislike you intensely. You’ve admitted you go out of your way to get a rise from me, and how you find it ‘entertaining’ But then you complain I’m ‘obsessed’ or that I’m ‘trolling’. And now I’m stalking you.

        Therefore, shut your fucking whinging, and be prepared for being called out at every opportunity you hand out (Which is just about every post you make).

        Don’t like it? Tough titty. Nobody likes you. Least of all, me.

    1. Toffee – Are you still at it, isn’t it time you went back to bed.
      What’s really weird is that despite all your faux outrage your weird obsession with me has made this all about you rather than Dr. Chad.
      You are the one who is actually showing disrespect to those who are grieving his loss. You are the one piggy-backing on their loss just so you can selfishly pump up your own perverse attacking me. What on earth are you trying to achieve, or is your goal still at the work in progress stage. You really do need to get a grip of yourself/

      1. Your own words…not mine

        I read the headline and the first few lines of 1st paragraph given in the email before I quickly decided that as I didn’t know who Dr Chand was the article wasn’t of any interest to me.

        Right, let’s get this straight.

        You claim not to know who he was… But I’ve PROVED you’ve posted on several threads directly naming or about the good doctor.

        Therefore, that makes your claim bullshit.

        Then you’ve freely confessed you weren’t interested that the man had passed on (see bold in the quote).

        Then of course you claim not to have seen the OP and went to sleep, but it has been up for best part of an hour and you were still making snide remarks on the other thread. Yet you’ve freely admitted you get alerts for new posts/comments.

        Another load of shite.

        But to cap it all, you’ve gone to great lengths to plead your case this time instead of your usual curt dismissals when you’re found out.

        Reason? You’ve been collared bang to rights and your hubris means you’ll do anything to try to save face rather than admit your shameful guilt; even going as far as to try to belittle those who have seen what you’re really about by claiming THEY have shown disrespect to the deceased.


  13. You are the one who is actually showing disrespect to those who are grieving his loss. You are the one piggy-backing on their loss just so you can selfishly pump up your own perverse attacking me.

    Oh, really?

    All that, and yet I’m not the one who knew about his sad passing and used it to have a pop at skwawkbox for not broadcasting socialist telly that night.

    And then lied about your reason for doing so, and called those who called you out ‘liars’.

    Now THAT’S disrespectful, you godawful reptile.

    1. Toffee – Like you I;m still trying to work out what you are trying to achieve.

      1. Steve H …I’M still trying to work out what you are trying to achieve “?Well youve been asked by comrades to apologies mr Hall centrist Dad and probably you are incapable of remorse or anything resembling contrition.Youve permanently shot what little respect anyone had for you.Late now for you at robbers roost sweet dreams and hope that the reaper doesnt steal you away in the long night…?

  14. And on another story that as made the news HRH has recently used her powers to protect her and her families assets by forcing a change of law to make it illegal to issue writs to compulsory purchase any of the queens and descendents property..Nice when the leader of the establishment one percent club can change the law to suit themselves or on a whim?Who says we are a democracy and how can a country with no constitution ,no Opposition parties and No ability to pass laws without consent of the almighty Royals..And of course the two knights of the realm leading the Opposition parties for the benefit of our “Betters” Talk about privy council,House of lords and twisted versions of representatives of the people…God save us!

      1. Strangely enough I read it today BBC and previously in the Guardian on line Carlene.The Royals have always done this and until we have a pledge of loyalty to the country in all positions of power then it will remain a UK bannana republic.Ps I refused on being elected as a councillor in Surrey to put my hand on the king James bible and swear allegiance to the House of Windsor and all their descendants.I was given the opportunity to swear on the Roman missal to the people of the United kingdom…unlike the members of parliament armed forces,goverment officers ,police and the majority of civil servants..Basically anyone thats considered to be strategically important.The monarchy have played this game for centuries using anything available including the Church of England and Scotland in keeping the peasants down..

  15. Labour pledges same rights for all workers from day one of jobs ..
    BUT its a Starmer pledge so does not really count, in fact as such expect the opposite of what is stated, namely Doublespeak( Eric Blair)

    1. Apartheid Keith Oswald Starmer the Nr1/Leading/Top NASTY TORY, in today’s Parliament, surpassing The Inbred Buffoon and his Gang of Thugs by a Mile!
      Sweet Words with EVIL Thoughts and Intentions not much different to The Dangerous Blair, Macron and Biden, for example! That is so much worse and dangerous than straight up predictable Nasty Bastard TORY!
      The PEOPLE of The World need to UNITE and SAY NO MORE!

  16. What’s important about this report and, therefore, about the discussion is Rayner’s inept burbling in response to a direct question – something that is typical of those who, according to what it says on the tin, lead the LP.
    Certain running arguments on this site lead nowhere.
    I believe that, in the Christian tradition, there is a tract called The Desiderata which advises, amongst other things to “avoid those who are a vexation to the spirit”.
    As for Rayner, she is also a vexation to the spirit but we can’t avoid her because of her position in the LP, so we do need to constantly expose her ineptitude.

  17. we do need to constantly expose her ineptitude.

    In fairness, a few Tv/radio presenters have done that, recently. It hasn’t been difficult, neither.

  18. Its not the race to the bottom between Red and BlueTories but the fact the fuckers are in the wrong party
    We are subsidising poor employers, time to balance the books, how much we spend and on what is upto us
    Close inequality gap by freezing salaries in the public sector, set a budget for next 5 years to cover pay and conditions
    Put money where it is needed most then what is left is split per head equally amongst workforce, do that annually
    The biggest Con in Conservative was the move to percentage pay rises, if I need to explain that then your on the wrong site and in the wrong party

  19. Rayner is a grifter. It was obvious a few years ago when she refused to condemn the privatisation of schools and commit to getting rid of the CEOs and putting them back under LEA control. She was forced into by 2018, three years after Corbyn’s education policy was formed, and she never meant it.

    1. Her craven abstention on the welfare bill opened my eyes to Rayner; even then I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

      But no more.

      Snake charming careerist.

  20. Perhaps the answer is ‘confidential’ but we can be re-assured that discussions have taken place at shadow cabinet, as revealed was the answer given by Jonathon Ashworth when pressed by the BBC.

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