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Front-bencher McDonald rebels against Starmer over NHS pay

Andy McDonald has publicly ‘absolutely’ contradicted Keir Starmer on NHS pay

Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald has ‘absolutely’ contradicted Labour leader Keir Starmer on pay for NHS staff. Where Starmer has said NHS staff should receive a pay award of only 2.1% – allowing himself to be ‘outflanked on the left’ by Boris Johnson’s improved but still woefully inadequate 3% – McDonald told LBC radio that nurses and other NHS workers should receive ‘as close as possible’ to the 12% demanded by the Royal College of Nurses and that he would ‘absolutely give [NHS staff] my support’ in the campaign for a big enough rise to reverse the real-terms cuts imposed by successive Tory governments:

Other unions, NHS campaigners and some back-bench Labour MPs are demanding 15% as the minimum required to address the injustice, so Andy McDonald is still some way short of the mark – but as the first front-bencher to stand up against Keir Starmer’s entrenched timidity, he deserves applause for standing firm for the wellbeing and interests of NHS workers and the whole country.

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  1. Lying skinflint Johnson was free to display bogus “lefty credentials” whilst selling off UK healthcare, beating Starmer and exposing him as a tight-fisted TelAviv controlled Tory twat.

    1. Good video from MacDonald. Shared.

      Hold MacDonald to this. He’s already shown more clarity, consistency and commitment than Keith.

  2. Could we be seeing the worms turning against Starmer. They’re scared stiff that they’re going to lose their cushy job and allowances. Starmer is making that more likely day by day. Latest opinion poll suggests a Conservative lead of 6% and the GMB for once hitting councillors and MP’s where it hurts. We might be seeing the end of Starmer as well as Rayner in the coming weeks or months ahead.

  3. I believe that anything under 3.5% is a pay cut. Starmer is desperately trying to attract business donors and Tory voters now his attempt to get the working class onboard with flags and patriotism has failed.

  4. Starmer’s failed attempt to “Look reasonable from every angle and suggest 2.1%” was triangulation that would be Blairite in the extreme. He could and SHOULD have said that 15% was a reasonable pay rise …. and even added “awarded in stages” which would have satisfied every aspect. I fear his worry is that he (foolishly” believes that he will be PM one day and might be held to such a promise. I have news for him. He’ll never be in power, so he could have offered 150% and it would have had the same effect.

  5. I don’t know very much about the unassuming Andy McDonald, I saw him once look at Corbyn in a room filled with Lavery, Gardener, Trickett, etc I think JC was doing an interview, whilst everyone else was all about JC Andy was just in earshot but far enough not to be involved/noticed, let’s just say the look was one you would want from someone watching your back, in a room full of Maccabees!
    What I like about him is even though he is unassuming and never in the limelight, when he is he speaks for The PEOPLE! I also like that he stumbles and carries on in interviews, shows that he is real and not pretentious, but one with The PEOPLE!
    I might be wrong, but to me he is an Ian Lavery/John Trickett whom I have no reservations over. As much as I like IL/JT, I just wouldn’t trust them entirely with my back in a room full of Dagger Bearing Maccabees, well not as much as I would Andy, based on vibes and feelings alone!

      1. Do you mean hes an Actor or a stuntman plain Citizen.I seem to have lost touch with corrie,and a lot of other things with my exile in the jungle?

  6. The harmer will likely be having secret, high-level talks with private healthcare companies keen to introduce smart, AI solutions that do away with thousands of costly doctors and nurses, but need maintaining by an influx of a small number of highly paid blank slate managers waiting to be scrawled upon and blind to the social consequences. The harmer cannot be seen to be rushing to the aid of the NHS and its workers if he wants to stay on the greasy path to ermine-clad ennoblement and a polished red seat for life amongst the nation’s most dedicated wreckers of this caring society that took many centuries to carve out and create.

    1. The chatter around The Trilateral Commission’s Round Table is pretty intense right now! All eyes are on Apartheid Keith and his next move!
      If ever there was a time that all, even the remotely Socialistish MPs rebel and cause some serious mutiny and gross insubordination, NOW would be that time!
      Just for Kicks Really, Politically we are already screwed, so it would be some light entertainment to see the Apartheid Keith Empire burn to dust! Then The Nazi loving Reeves Empire, Then the giggling private schoolboy Ashwood Empire and then the Remaining Trash of The Neolabour Party TORIES in one Big Bonfire of Socialist Bliss and we will all sing Together:

  7. If its not new money then it will result in cuts-recycling and also the changes to tendering process-the role of Integrated care groups should be part of any negotiations. If a service is taken out of the NHS then those people will not be subject to same terms and conditions after TUPE expires. The pay rise is not the only issue. Words escape me to how to describe the Starmer!!!

  8. The DNA of tories causes them to instinctively pursue two macro-economic objectives in Government: First, they reduce Labour costs to the maximum extent possible; Second, they stimulate and increase Asset prices.

    It’s in their genes, their class interest. Make the working people poorer and weaker and maximise the wealth of asset-owners.

    So, for a Labour leader to be outflanked on a wage increase for NHS staff (after more than a decade of Cameron’s public sector wage freeze) tells us that the current incumbent should not be in the Labour party, much less its leader.

  9. When are Labour supporters going to realise the role of Labour’s RW is to frustrate change. Basically they are the Tories’ Praetorian Guard. Protecting the one-party state led by the Tories and pushing back against even modest reforms. Starmer is just a servant of the powerful.

  10. For me, McDonald always came across well enough (although not quite Barry Gardiner ‘well enough) in interviews, and knew his brief.

    Given the dearth of talent in that shadow cabinet, he’s worthy of a far bigger part than he’s got now, despite my reservation that he’s not quite ‘left’ enough….

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