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Javid, Hartley-Brewer tweet support for RNLI against right-wing attack – but not Starmer

The far right has been making despicable attacks on the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) – the voluntary service that mounts rescues of people in distress at sea in even the most horrendous weather – since former UKIP leader Nigel Farage criticised its role in the rescue of drowning asylum seekers. Farage was responding to Home Secretary Priti Patel’s claim that the asylum system is ‘broken’ to defend her racist legislation that could criminalise RNLI volunteers for rescuing asylum seekers in danger of death at sea.

So far, even right-wingers such as Julia Hartley-Brewer and Sajid Javid have spoken up on Twitter for the RNLI against attacks on its by racists and ‘little Englanders’ – but at the time of writing, ‘Labour leader’ Keir Starmer has said nothing on his social media.

His silence has not gone unremarked, with many comments attacking his lack of principle and his fence-sitting:

The RNLI, meanwhile, is rightly defiant that it will continue to do its job and obey international law and the law of the sea:

Labour is a hollowed-out husk of the great party it once was, now afraid of upsetting racists and riddled with racism itself – and it has taken Starmer and his cronies not even a year and a half to do it.

If you wish to donate to the RNLI, you can do so here.

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    1. Starmer (SIR) definitely does politics. NASTY politics, it’s all MAX HEADROOM (sir) does since toadying his way to prostrate himself at the toes of the Establishment. Ask Julian Assange and the rest of the victims of injustice eg the falsely convicted post masters and mistresses.

  1. Skwawky
    They are in the wrong party , time to come off the fence
    Does anyone disagree ‘off they must fuck’

  2. Well, it seems to me that he is lacking a basic human instinct and compassion: that a humane being helps others in times of trouble, rescues anyone in a precarious situation at risk of losing their life, ie drowning.

    1. Sabine I have always thought that the right wing “lack a basic humane instinct and compassion” .Theres no longer any excuse that they are decent human beings,not if you are sorounded by the History of the Labour working-class movement and choose to ignore it.Second rate Torys belong to another party unfortunately they have spent half a century “digging in” and now control the Labour party like a bunch of fascists.

  3. They are your base Prime Minister, Tory Proud Boys
    What next kick a blind man’s 🐕

  4. He’s too busy boring people with tales of how he prosecuted criminals and terrorists (But NOT tories).

    What a yeller-bellied dullard he is. No wonder people can’t stand the invertebrate.

  5. I’m not going to lose any sleep over this. For starters, no one will be arresting lifeboat people and isn’t the RNLI the richest charity in the world? I’m sure I read about them having a fine-art portfolio.

    1. Lundiel, you are correct. I spent most of my working life at sea and I was surprised when certain senior people with whom I sailed said they would not contribute towards the RNLI. Apparently, which was not known to me at the time, it was run as some sort of private club with very little democratic input accepted.

      1. Jack I sometimes wish more people on here would tell us more about their experiences in work and as the elderly and also working generally.We can learn such a lot from real life experience and somtimes it can be better than any book.Tell us more about the sea Jack and where you travelled..Real people are the lifeblood of any Society.

      2. Joseph, it would be easier to tell you where I haven’t been 🙂

        One story you may be interested in: I was ashore in Poland watching a group of brilliant Irish dancers, the – Riverdance type. It was out doors in the town square and I heard a guy next to me speaking with an Irish accent so I asked him if he knew the dancers and where they were from? He said they were Polish and he had trained them.

        It turned out that he owned a bar not far away and invited me for a beer. Naturally I agreed and when we got talking I asked if he’d had any problems since being there. He said he’d had a few skirmishes with local gangsters who wanted protection money from him but he soon sorted them out. How? I asked. He said that when one of the thugs was trying to intimidate him he picked up his phone, made a call and handed it to the heavy who asked who it was? He said ‘Gerry Adams’ and he never heard from them again :-).

  6. I remember an article in some paper or other (Might’ve been the daily excess if memory serves) many many years ago (At least 20, maybe 25+) by the perma-tanned, smarmy get, kilroy-silk, mentioning that the RNLI were sat on assets worth over £500m. As I say, it was 20+ years ago at least .

    Anyway, it was that article put me wise to the CEO’s of charities ‘earning’ their six-figure-plus sums for doing sod-all. Something that has only dawned on a lot of other people since…

    It’s the poor sods who volunteer to go out in all conditions who I feel sorry for – before any politician’s view or any immigrant’s plight. The immigrants put them in danger of drowning themselves while gobshites like falange and ugly pathetic play to the neo-nazis.

    Damned if they do, and damned if they don’t for the crews who go out to rescue someone who might just be fleeing justice in their own country as seeking asylum.

    Imagine what sort of scenario the crews might face in future if they go out on a call to something like these?

  7. His reasons will be one of his millions of loopholes in the law! He will have them banged up next to Julian Assange for saving lives “illegally”!

    1. JO BIRD has proven AGAIN like Marc Wadsworth that they can fight and win against liars, even habitual ones like the deceitfully named Chronicle.

      1. MARC WADSWORTH and now JO BIRD have proven that no one had to do as John McDonnell cried was done, i.e. “EVERYTHING THEY ASKED”.

        Jo and Marc prove that WFM’s claims are the most destructive defeatists lies. That should has no place in ANY movement for change.

        Attackers attack. Those attacked like Jo Bird and Marc Wadsworth, defended themselves. A failure to do so, obviously encourages even worse attacks.
        Jo has proven that she’s in it to win it; not to whine for sixty years. Those r the leaders we need.

      2. CORRECTION -… that should HAVE… 🌸🌸🌸

      3. Wah, hah, hah, the way things are going MANY of us could retire early off the back of 2015 to 2020 from a great number of organisations, groups, publications and individuals!
        They thought we would vanish after the 12/13 December 2019 robbery, we’ve NOT! We’ve multiplied and we are even more vocal albeit slightly and temporarily divided, which goes out the window in times of need in any case!
        If you have the resources/fundraiser/time and you’ve been libelled/harmed in any way shape or form and still have the proof from 2015 to 2020 sue the bastards dry!
        I wish Jeremy would start, he could buy his own private Island and still do his work from there! I think however, that if he did and got big payouts Every Homeless/Temp Accommodation Person, Child and Family would have a home for life!

      4. Twas interesting she called for IPSO to take it the next level
        What does it take to trigger a standards investigation
        Keep it clean lads and lasses

      5. Doug no need for more investigations and inquiries which drag on for forty years or more even. Note Shirley Oaks, Hillsborough, Morgan… u name it. Legal action must be THE option. Sue for maximum costs and damages.

        The evidence of wrongdoing eg re the Chronicle is overflowing. We shall be rid of such ONLY by suing them into bankruptcy.

        Free yourself from conventions of how business has always been done. The many did not design those. They were mixed and fixed by the few for the few.

      6. It also proves that the law needs amending to prevent fake news vendors with extremely deep pockets from purposely smearing people in order to ruin their reputation and gain converts to an extremist political cause.

  8. You should be inspiring. Instead you remind me of magnolia paint. – — Dan Roach (@DanielRoachLFC)

    Our eyes are sensitive to a narrow band of electromagnetic waves known as the visible light spectrum. If Labour’s antileader, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer, were a colour, it would probably be as a non-visible light. It would certainly be hazardous to human health, like ultraviolet light, which can burn unprotected skin, infrared light, which can emit thermal energy that harms a body or microwave and gamma rays, which can warp the body’s cells and devastate moisture levels.

    Magnolia doesn’t begin to convey the danger that Sir Keir Rodney Starmer presents to any living organism that interacts with him, or depends on him for any reason. (just ask J Assange, J Corbyn or )

    I see the colour that Labour’s anti-leader emits as a colour of death, a sort of Trilateral crimson, although many have described it as “Dr. Josef Mengele Blue” – aka BlairBlue.

    One thing’s certain, whether visible or invisible, it destroys the Labour party and neuters its productive and progressive instincts.

  9. The RNLI usually gets donations of £7,000 a day but yesterday after the Far Right’s intervention this rose to £200,000, so they can keep calm and carry on saving the lives of human beings. Shh……..! Starmer’s still asleep!

    1. With a rate of return like that, the RNLI ought to bung a few fifties to Farage & his mates on a regular basis to smear them all they like! 😉

  10. Why are they building a Holocaust memorial outside Westminster? There were plenty of groups who died in concentration camps: Russians, Gypsies, homosexuals, Communists, disabled, the largest group were Slavs (7 million). I don’t understand the reasoning, the focus only on one group, the position or the timing.

    1. The Porajmos (the devouring) estimated killing of half a million gypsies ignored by history in the ‘Final Solution’. Strange how the lessons of history are never learned & ‘a Final Solution’ is being enacted in front of our eyes, but we do not see.

  11. I am now a dedicated ‘little Englander’ as opposed to a globalist internationalist neo-liberal. Inward looking & local, my concerns are anti-Blairite; anti-Thatcherite globalisation that started with entry into the European Union & Richard Millhouse Nixon taking the dollar off the gold standard destroying the value of money & handing power to ‘international’ banking conglomerates.
    In an international world of world trade with markets created all over the world, cheap labour dictates where; China & India being the preferred sweatshops. Manufacturing is a thing of the past in Western Society with ‘Service Industries’ replacing them. We have a low-skill; low paid economy based on poor conditions of employment such as zero hours contracts. The gig economy is the Tory dream, but they prefer to call it flexible labour force.
    In a brave new world of climate change, ever expanding economies & population will destroy us; but politicians can only promise a better world tomorrow delivered by ever increasing economic expansion & growth. Trade Agreements with Australia & USA involve transporting goods thousands of miles & corresponding amounts of pollution are never mentioned’ not by politicians nor journalists, not a factor for consideration. The manufacture of cars & aeroplanes is spread far & wide throughout Europe involving huge transportation costs & a corresponding price to be paid in pollution.
    In Liverpool, as the docks expand, so too the destruction of inner city green areas & massive increases in air pollution killing local working class people who live in Bootle & Litherland. Lip service paid to the Greens but it’s the economy stupid.

  12. It’s a big world & a lot of worlds in one sentence……..apologies.

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