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Video: former BMA deputy chair makes emotional plea on behalf of NHS workers and warns NHS in worst state in its history

Dr Kailash Chand makes statement direct to those who love the NHS and calls on government to start taking proper care of those who work in it

Former BMA deputy chair and award-winning GP Kailash Chand has made a video speaking to everyone who loves the NHS, warning them that the health service is in the worst state in its history and calling on them to campaign for the government to properly look after those who work in it:

The Tories want NHS workers to make do with claps and a badge. It simply isn’t good enough.

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  1. The TUC should get off its fat fucking arse for a general strike to demand 25% payrise for ALL keyworkers!

    1. I think we need to go a few steps further and Tools Down the entire Nation, a Stay at Home National Strike until ALL demands are met, From NHS Funding to Child Poverty, with or without the Neoliberal infested Unions!
      I am sure we can organise basic health care, provisions, etc within a community network?






  2. This is just utterly devastating and heartbreaking!
    2015 to 2017 Democratic Socialists, The People begged and pleaded on MSSM, almost enough heard us. 2017 to 2019 as the MSM, Internal Sabotage, Anti Socialist MSSM, Zionists, Blair/Campbell/Blair Propaganda Spin Machine, Galloway/Farage Vote Leave at any cost, etc, etc, etc, etc started making a hell of a lot of noise and were pulling The People apparat we Democratic Socialists, The People begged, warned that there was ONLY two possible GE19 winners Labour or Conservatives. I am tired of the details of our fight 2017 to 2019, as it appears we are mocked about it now in the face of the devastation as we were then, warning of this devastation!
    All I have to say about it, is ALL those who did not vote Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party 2019, for whatever reason, here, this is the beginning of your consequences, the NHS will only be a minor fraction of what we will loose in the future, unless we somehow get Democratic Socialist Representation for The People, pretty sharpish!
    I hope we can ALL overcome Mistakes Made and Guilt of The Past and work our buts off to Stop This Neoliberal Political Machine that has come to devastate us The People!
    We can NEVER FORGET!
    But we can try to Forgive!
    No One without a Massive Tax Haven Account stuffed full with many Millions are safe from this Neoliberal Devastation!
    Good Luck Comrades, Brothers & Sisters!

  3. From The Times front page –
    ‘Greensill (the company David Cameron was lobby government for) went into administration leaving taxpayers liable for hunderds of millions in loans’. It goes on to say – ‘Cameron is facing new questions after it emerged that an American company he acts for as a paid advisor secured 123millon pound contract with the Department of Health. He has denied lobbying on behalf of the company’.

    1. Re-My above coment , The Times article, billions of pounds of tax payer money are being syphoned off to these companies who, we are constantly being told, can run everthing more efficiently while paying extortionate pay packets and bonuses to CEOs and dividends to share holders.
      This is public services are collapsing and the tax payer is on the hook for the massive losses incurred, yet we are told ‘nationalisation does not work’. Of course it doesn’t, if you starve that service of funds, run it down to create an excuse to privatise, and then, pump millions of tax payers money in (fattenig up) just prior to sell off, creating a bonanza for the privateers when the shares are sold at well below market value. Now I wonder who plans these things?

      1. The nation is being looted and they see a health crisis like covid as an ‘excellent oportunity’ to make money while the bodies are piling up. “Now how can we profit out of this? “.. The looters are running the country while Starmer is holding us down as they mug us. More and more people can’t feed their kids and they deny then 15quid a week for school holiday meals. “Ah, but if we don’t look after the rich, they’ll leave the country…. ‘ and ‘wealth trickles down ya know….. ‘

      2. *I tried and failed, not quite as wicked as before :)*
        It’s not The People, not the woken People at least! How do we get The Mind Controlled People to see what is happening?
        Our voices are getting buried deeper and deeper, while they fill the Mainstream People with False Propaganda, Commercialisation, Materialism, Militarisation so The People end up Paying for The Machine’s recruits’ mistakes/corruption, then paying The Machine for it’s junk products while being made addicted to wanting their crap in the first place, The People are practically paying The Machine for it’s Existence and Domination! The People are plundering themselves in service of The Machine!
        We can say NO MORE!
        I have a feeling that we are already the Majority, and that we were the Majority in 2019, but it would be helpful if MORE of The People woke up! We don’t have to do a thing! No Uprising/Revolution just literally, tools down, stay at home, look out for each other within Communities, don’t give them the opportunity of Propaganda! Let THEM come to the streets and beg us with permanent resolutions instead!
        I was thinking about The Machine/Establishment running scared yesterday, and these Wikipedia warning reminded of that when they first started coming up, Interesting to see that left wing UK Media like Canary don’t get the treatment any more, PressTV has been banned yet again, wonder why, what major events happened the last time they were banned by YT!
        Makes me wonder if they are pulling rank and making us pay for their cock ups to keep us scared and toeing the line!?

      3. I hope you don’t mind me asking skelly, but what medication are you taking?

  4. A very true, very moving, and angering, warning on our rapidly dying NHS from the always excellent Dr Chand !

    On another, directly related, issue: given that the recaptured for the Right, Starmerite Labour, is not going to lift a finger to help resist the now quite blatant plan of the Tories to accelerate the privatisation of our NHs under cover of the covid crisis (not surprising, as Ashworth and co are also avid privatisers too !) , shouldn’t Skwawkbox at least publicise the only significant (if still tiny) nationwide political force offering a neo-Corbynite socialist policy platform in the May various local and national elections , ie the CPB (Communist Party of Britain) ?

    Instead Skwawkbox publicises the daft, totally marginal, petty regional nationalism of purely social media based grouplets demanding ‘northumbrian’ regional independence on a “Left platform” ! This ‘regional Leftism’ is all too familiar to those who recall the early years of the Italian Northern League , which for years managed to persuade the gullible that it too was ‘of the Left’, but turned out to be more akin to neo Strasserite fascists, in its toxic scapegoating of immigrants, in the end .

    I personally have very deep overall political differences with the old neo Stalinist ‘tankies’ of the CPB*, with their unreconstructed Soviet era foreign policy positions – but on domestic policy – the relevant issues for the May elections , their policy ‘offer’ is spot on , radical Corbytnite Left reformism – potentially with significant electoral appeal , now that NuLabour2 is once again captured by neo Blairite neoliberalism.
    * The currently fast-growing, Morning Star-linked, Communist Party of Britain (CPB) shouldn’t be confused with the miniscule, 30 or so in number, obsessive obscurantists, of the so-called, Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) , which pinched the ‘CPGB’ name during the chaos of the break-up of the old CPGB !

    1. Let’s face it Wolfie, you have very deep overall political differences with everyone and no wish or will to compromise.

    2. ITs taken you a long time to see the light j penny.Communists are the only level headed organisation that can be a vangaurd of the true left.All sorts of people are communist in Britain today and they are united in a common cause of defeating the old capitalist system and stopping the mutation of Neo liberalism.Small steps after years in the wilderness but survivors of the Labour party may wish to consider the only solution to stopping the enemy of the people The Communist party of Britain…

  5. I fear it is already too late. The NHS will stay a public funded Goliath for a decade or so more, but decline will be such that there will be no public consensus to keep it. The real damage was done by the Lansley to’reforms’, we were warned, I recall reading an article by an American detailing the trajectory and time line they had already experienced. We are now in the position with commissioning groups where as GPs retire practices are assimilated, and like the Borg saying, resistance is futile. Already an American health care giant has commissioning power over 500000 Londoners. This means less personalised care, more harassed low paid locums, exclusive deals with hospitals, drug companies, scanning facilities, phlebotomists etc; a myriad of ways to extract profit from public funds. And post lockdown, I fear our relationship with doctors will be changed forever. We will be customers rather than patients.

  6. Every government since the banking crisis of 2017/08 has underfunded the NHS. Massive Top-Down reorganisation of the NHS as a result of the 2012 Health and Social Care Act worsened the effects of this underfunding. Under Theresa May economists and clinicians were reporting (2014) that bed capacity was almost 30% lower than in France and Germany.

    ‘Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste’

    SARS-COV-2 and the Johnson Government’s “mitigation and suppression’ strategy is wrong (scientifically and medically) and unachievable. It imposes large costs on the already over-stretched NHS and diverts the NHS from providing effective health care.

    Zero covid, i.e. the ELIMINATION of all ILLNESS and harm produced by coronavirus, would be a better, actually achievable strategy and would protect the NHS and its staff. This Government is deliberately pursuing a dangerous and unachievable covid objective to further harm the NHS and the people who rely on it and provide massive amounts of public money to private businesses.

  7. The aim for the Torys is to starve the NHS of funding so it can be privatised these bastards only see £signs fuck the poor that cant afford private health let them die Starmer has the same values as a tory who will probably agree with anything they say as for standing up for the working class he is a fucking joke

    1. Yes, he is ‘For the Few, not the Many’.

      In that sense he is the leader of the anti-Labour party.

      A wolf in sheeps’ clothing. Dangerous and bad.

  8. Raise the skull and crossbones…Piracy is now legal and flourishing in Britannia now the establishment rules unopposed.This is the Legacy of a Sunken Labour party and a treacherous captain at the helm Sir Keir Rodney Starmer the knight from Surrey ,ably assisted by the crew of the doomed ghost ship to the bottom of the sea…Was there ever a party more guilty of self distruction. than the membership that built this ship.and voted for the knight from Surrey…you absolute plonkers…!just look at what youve done ✔to the vulnerable people of Britain.

  9. And whilst we mourn the loss of the opposition,the knight turns on his shadowy cabinet and castigates them in the Huffington post.And the complaint he has?….briefing against the lotto staff in the Huffington post and other right wing neo liberal papers.That little criticism will cost the membership even more money when the knight puts out the fire with more ransom money to the staff.Now its become clear that the tail wags the dog 🐕.

  10. Dear Skwawkbox Visitor ,

    Centene is guilty of not providing enough doctors to their patients in the US.

    Centene is also guilty of stealing wages from doctors in the US.

    A UK company owned by Centene, Operose Health, is responsible for closing GP practices because they weren’t profitable.

    The billion pound question is, why is your MP standing by as Centene is buying up our NHS GP practices?

    Ask your MP to back Apsana Begum’s motion to kick Centene out of our GP practices now.

  11. Boris and his chums are on the ropes over this
    NHS England chair faces demands to explain role in Greensill lobbying
    The Conservative peer who chairs NHS England is facing demands to explain why he helped arrange for Greensill Capital to lobby senior health service bosses, with Labour describing his role as “shocking”.
    David Prior is facing questions over a meeting he organised between the now collapsed finance firm’s founder Lex Greensill and the overall boss of the NHS and its chief financial officer.

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