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16 big calls SKWAWKBOX made right this year. If you’d like to support, here’s how

The SKWAWKBOX has continued to offer exclusive information and analysis to Labour members and to the nation and has been shown to be right on multiple occasions this year, even when its opponents have attacked it or tried to dismiss exclusives as false.

Below are 16 examples. If you would like to support the SKWAWKBOX and can afford to do so without hardship, details on how to do so are at the end of the article:

Labour politics

  • when the left at the top of the Labour Party pushed Rebecca Long-Bailey as the sole left candidate, the SKWAWKBOX warned that not giving members another option would gift victory to the right – a warning that proved correct
  • SKWAWKBOX warned that Rebecca Long-Bailey’s pursuit of centrist votes would be disastrous and drive away Corbyn’s huge support base – and was attacked by both her campaign manager Jon Lansman and communications head Matt Zarb-Cousin. After the results of her dire campaign were confirmed, Zarb-Cousin – while still trying to justify the decision – told Novara media that he had badly misread Labour members and failed because he had tried to appeal to ‘soft left’ centrists:
  • SKWAWKBOX warned that Momentum’s determination not to unite behind a ‘slate’ of left candidates for Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) deprived Labour members of a clear set of candidates to back and called on members to vote for Jo Bird and Lauren Townsend, because they were by far the most popular among members, while Momentum‘s and CLPD’s decisions to back different candidates would split the left vote disastrously and allow the right to win.

    Bird and Townsend came far ahead of the other left candidates – but the split vote allowed two unpleasant right-wingers to gain the vital seats
  • Momentum founder Jon Lansman attacked the SKWAWKBOX’s warning about the NEC elections- but the reaction of Labour members showed how out of touch he was, as the result of the by-elections also proved
  • when an internal Labour report showed that fully a third of antisemitism complaints against Labour were being made by a single individual, the SKWAWKBOX broke the news – news the ‘mainstream’ media largely chose to ignore
  • a SKWAWKBOX exclusive revealed that up to 90% of the evidence in many antisemitism complaints had to be rejected because it was irrelevant or unfit – a revelation that the Labour right immediately attacked. The leak of an internal Labour report confirmed that even right-wing Labour staff found much evidence in such complaints unusable
  • SKWAWKBOX revealed exclusively that right-wing Labour HQ staff had diverted funds away from key seats during the 2017 general election campaign to protect right-wing MPs in safe seats. The leaked report last weekend proved that this was true
  • when SKWAWKBOX pursued information about a right-wing Labour councillor’s housing fraud, Greenwich council denied there was an investigation. The fraud prosecution subsequently exposed the cover-up – and the councillor was convicted of fraud and perverting the course of justice
  • when members of a Liverpool CLP were smeared as antisemitic by the Labour right and the national media, the SKWAWKBOX pointed out the real situation. Press regulator IPSO – hardly known for finding against its members – was subsequently forced to conclude that the Jewish Chronicle had made up its claims and tried to avoid exposure

National politics

  • when the Tories first floated their ‘herd immunity’ plan, the SKWAWKBOX was attacked for pointing out that it would cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of lives. But that fact is now undisputed, with the government’s own advisers eventually admitting it – and the Tories have publicly u-turned, although the u-turn is a pretence
  • when the government told the nation that passengers brought back from China in February were being quarantined, the SKWAWKBOX exposed the reality that they were allowed to move freely with no effective isolation and that this laxness showed the Tories were putting the people of the UK in danger. Tens of thousands have now died here, while the government hides the scale of its guilt by only reporting deaths in hospital – and under-reporting even those
  • when the Tories claimed to have delivered millions of masks and other protective equipment to NHS staff being exposed daily to the virus, the SKWAWKBOX warned that the claims were nonsense and that staff were still left unprotected. That situation continues
  • the SKWAWKBOX was attacked for exclusively revealing that the government was understating even hospital death figures by half. That fact is now common knowledge seeping even into the Establishment media’s coverage
  • as those death figures mounted, the SKWAWKBOX warned that deaths outside hospitals were not being included in government updates. The government has now been forced to start including that fact in its bulletins
  • a SKWAWKBOX exclusive showing that the government was telling hospitals not to test NHS staff was attacked as fake news by the right. That fact, too, subsequently became common knowledge and the government is crawling toward testing some NHS staff
  • when the government’s failures forced the NHS to start sending coronavirus-infected elderly patients back to care homes, the SKWAWKBOX broke the news exclusively. Now at least 2,000 homes have outbreaks – and many have lost numbers of residents in double figures

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  1. Some people have no shame

    Labour Party staff in the union GMB have backed a motion saying they have no confidence in general secretary Jennie Formby after a controversial leaked report on anti-Semitism named staff and Jewish complainants.

    The report – commissioned by Formby – concluded that “factional” opposition to Jeremy Corbyn among party workers worsened Labour’s failure to deal with anti-Semitism complaints and contributed to its election defeat in 2017.

    The motion reads: “Staff can no longer be confident that the general secretary has the safety and welfare of staff as her top priority, and [she] has allowed the mental and physical wellbeing of staff to be put at risk with the creation and leaking of this report.”

    1. Remember how adamant the huff post were that Skwawky had ‘bullied’ the laughably self-titled #noshittakingmp stella (Wots casual racism, again?) greasy?

      F**k them and f**k the gmb.

      1. Toffee – More to the point, in the context of the above report what is the relevance of your comment.

      2. You’ve just been told. But then again you always did have a problem with basic comrehension.

        By the way…Still up for the challenge I presented you with last week?

        Y’know? The one you’ve once again dodged like a slightly awkward question?

        The one where you claimed you’d never once referred to the 38% or what have ya that didn’t vote in the referendum?

        If I find an instance, will you sod off from the site forever?

      3. Oh and if you want to go harping on about irrelevance, I suggest check your own post history over the last few years where you’ve posted off-topic ‘newsflashes’.

    2. Oh and f**k (the amnesiac when it comes to casual racism) greasy (and her definitely NON-racist boyfriend, too)

    3. I agree some people have no shame – no savvy either it seems. While Keir Starmer and others are busy trying to shut down the report which clearly shows that staff maligned Jeremy and others and worked hard to prevent a Labour victory in 2017, these same staff or their colleagues are now highlighting the issue by condemning Jennie Formby for not prioritising their well being over the people who have been so wronged by their malicious unprofessional and totally disloyal behaviour.
      You couldn’t make it up

  2. WOW!!! Is it twice in as many days, that i am thanking you Steve H for providing useful but startling info? This really is a long crazy dream. It brings to mind two, on two days last year with a GMB person who may be a bit high up. Though very pleasant, the individual embodied some of the observations i’v shared here.
    Wow. Goodness gracious….Not good news at bedtime. Though sad, it is not a surprise. Much less a surprise when one joins the dots. Everyday things get murkier … and yet clearer at the same time. To be positive, my reserves of sadness are now zero. Now, the only way is up🌹🌹🌹

    1. You may also find this interesting. Not many people realise how precarious the immigration status of first generation medics and their families is. If an immigrant doctor dies whilst in service with the NHS there is the very real possibility that their families may be deported and they also don’t have the same death in service and pension benefits as medical staff with a more settled status.
      Claudia Webbe is trying to get Priti Patel to fix this injustice.

  3. If it was Jennie Formby who commissioned this report, it has come back to bite her. She should certainly be criticised, not for commissioning and/or leaking it but for not nipping the activities of the traitors in the bud right at the start. She let good people in the Party go to the wall and even signed their suspensions/expulsions knowing they had been witch hunted.

    This is exactly what happens in any organisation when you don’t do the right thing, you end up carrying the can.

    Neither of the two unions mentioned have anything to be proud of. They too will have known that Corbyn was being targeted for removal and did little or nothing to put a stop to it. Some of the executives even jumped on the bandwagon to criticise Corbyn when they thought his critics were winning and they could score points by joining in.

    1. Hopefully these wider details will be revealed by the enquiry. We can but hope.

  4. I found it a shock to read Rebecca Long Bailey had chosen Jon Lansman as her campaign manager, I’m so sure she lost a massive amount of votes because of it. My own CLP is riddled with right wing & breaking rules is commonplace, to go as far as handling out leaflets at the door for RLB’s opponents at our last meeting.

  5. “SKWAWKBOX revealed exclusively that right-wing Labour HQ staff had diverted funds away from key seats during the 2017 general election campaign to protect right-wing MPs in safe seats.”

    The fact that HQ staff – presumably paid employees – were ABLE to divert crucial funds stretches credibility.
    Either they were authorised to do so or they were not.
    Diverting funds without authority may constitute theft but I’m no lawyer.
    I’d have thought either John McDonnell or Karie Murphy would have had oversight of the proportion of available funds to allocate to which seats for best electoral advantage.
    If one or the other did indeed delegate those decisions to subordinates that would be inexplicably negligent.

    1. Oops – looked at 2019 for who ran the campaign, should have looked at 2017, but the principle stands – staff shouldn’t be able to screw the leader like that.

      1. Karie Murphy was responsible for the failed strategy in 2019 and ran the GE campaign. She is reported to have declared at the start of the campaign that they were going to run a different type of campaign and ignore the polls instead they would be concentrating on winning [unwinnable] Tory seats and ignoring the key marginal seats. This strategy was eventually abandoned just 2 weeks before election day when they finally cottoned on that they had totally fucked up the campaign.

      2. I’ll think you’ll find your messiah slimeball starmer – in collusion with fatberg watson – fucked up the campaign when they went against policy that would’ve won tory marginals.

        for someone who claims to have supported Corbyn you’re doing an awfu lot of complaining about the policies and the team now he’s gone and your messiah’s finally in.

        But we were all onto you from the start so it surprises nobody.

      3. Reply to Steve H
        As we now know the party hadn’t a chance of winning in 2019. We had the combined forces of the establishment, MSM and PLP and our own (well) paid employees working against us. Jeremy Corbyn was vilified every day by the MSM and we even had the Chief Rabbi making an “unprecedented” attack on him. Nobody ever queried why it was unprecedented. The reason of course was because no other religious leader, including any former Chief Rabbi , ever considered that a full frontal assault on a party leader in the run up to an election was the right and proper thing to do. The fact that the Archbishop of Canterbury supported the Chief Rabbi was more grist to the mill.
        We also had attacks on Jeremy by the likes of former “intelligence” chief John Scarlet (of Iraq dodgy dossier fame) who happily joined in the vilification and of course don’t forget Emily Oldknow’s husband’s contribution. As has been highlighted previously she is married to John Ashworth who had a very “unfortunate” conversation with a Tory friend who leaked a tape of it to the press.As far as I am aware the Tory friend has never been identified
        So lets not blame Karie Murphy for the loss of the election. We were really up against it and she did as well as anyone could be expected to do in the circumstances

      4. Smartboy – None of which alters the fact that Murphy screwed up the strategy for the election campaign, it was her direct responsibility. She also screwed up big-time when she defied Jeremy and went behind his back to orchestrate the farcical and embarrassing inept attempt to oust of Tom Watson just before conference.

      5. I don’t agree Steve H. I am not disputing that Karie may have made mistakes but I truly believe with the benefit of hindsight and seeing the extent of the hatred and vitriol directed at Jeremy and the left in the leaked report that we never stood a chance.

  6. Gross Misconduct
    How many employees should be sacked on the spot
    GMB – Trident I’m all right Jack’s
    Like Unison, underneath the leader are they a decent union or do we let them leave with rest of Cockwombles

    1. I didn’t vote for Starmer.

      As is stated in the article, he didn’t break any rules.

      So change the fucking rules for next time. Full disclosure of donors within 48 hours of donation.

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