Video: C4 News confirms London hospitals say death figs understated. But whistleblowers say it’s by HALF

Programme understating scale of misreporting

On Sunday evening, Channel 4 News revealed a message sent out to staff at King’s Hospital advising that the hospital – and others in London – were seeing the number of coronavirus deaths at their facilities understated in government reports.

But Channel 4’s report did not do justice to the scale of the misinformation:

Whistleblowers at a different London trust – Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust – say that the number of victims of the virus are being under-reported by half or more.

When the death toll communicated around the trust’s hospitals reached 33, insiders at the trust said it was at least 67 – and not even the 33 were being included in the official figures.

If that pattern is being repeated at London’s other acute trusts, the situation in London is even more dire than is being reported by the government or the media.

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  1. My key concern here is the veracity of NHS data. The emergency COVID19 bill that passed through parliament WITHOUT any review and amendment allows COVID19 to be cited as cause of death even where it is NOT.

    Dying WITH coronavirus present in the body and dying OF a covid19 cause are deliberately being confused. This capability (in itself ‘unscientific/ANTIscientifuc) can – and probably will – be used for political purposes.

    1. Isn’t it more likely the politicians will go with underreporting deaths so they can claim ‘success’?

      1. Whether they ‘under ascribe’ or over claim, they will make sure it suits their project.

        Two things:

        I), are they reporting infections or disease? One can cause immediate illness or death, the other does not. Corona viruses have been at around for at least 16 years and will possibly be present in a significant number in humans. Is there consistency in method between countries?

        II), arguably, higher numbers (infection not disease/ death) will justify draconian responses.

  2. Someone should research the link between CENTERFORHEALTHSECURITY.ORG
    they held a Global Pandemic Exercise in October 2019
    It was entitled EVENT 201.
    Apparently The World Bank issued $500milion worth of PANDEMIC BONDS ?
    Is there still such a thing as COINCIDENCE or

  3. Johnson’s rag bag government has already retreated to its bunkers and one wonders which figures they’re seeing? The aim of the Govt is clearly to keep the death totals as low as possible so they can crow about how fantastic and wonderful they are. No surprise the best way of doing that is to fiddle the figures and lie outright. Par for the course?

  4. Playing with figures from the go to hide the politics behind many of the decisions made in the NHS.ITs all becoming a little desperate,will Johnson’s luck hold and will the NHS continue to be privatized for a warped political ideology….I think he will get lucky again and we can be sure that the knight in the so called opposition will run a parallel party.

  5. Just what do they think there is to gain here other than even more public mistrust of an already proven liar and his Govt.
    Simple now , from here on in all death figures are to be doubled that will then give a reasonable estimate of the truth .
    Its just appalling that even here in the midsts of a National emergency and pandemic the xxxkrs cannot bring themselves to issue the truth .
    This is not a word war , we are not going to be concurred by a foreign power so there is no need for propaganda etc .

    And Yes Joseph I despairingly agree with you over Starmer ( if he wins ) , it will simply be Nu Labour Blairite Mk2 , mind you some will be very happy with that .It will be interesting to see how the membership holds up this time next year , up or down I wonder . Depends how many he purges from the Party at the behest of the bullshit JLM and LFOI as he is well in their pockets IMO

      1. Maybe him just winning will have that same effect , either way I think Labour is now heading for irrelevancy under his questionable leadership

  6. As far as Johnson and Hancock are concerned, for “self-isolating” read “cowering.”
    Like Trunt they’ve been unfeasibly wrong on just about everything, prematurely ejaculating the necrotic contents of their shrivelled brain sacs, leaving the corrections to minions and the consequences to the rest of us.

    Some woman from Mercedes Formula One on BBC News said “We’ve been incredibly clever” when all they did was dumb down and copy an existing positive pressure breathing aid and promise “thousands soon.”
    I could build a working breathing aid from a windscreen wiper motor and a hot water bottle.
    Still haven’t fixed my compressor yet – the last minute’s way more fun than all the boring ones leading up to it.

  7. My understanding is the holders of these bonds will potentially lose al of their investment if a pandemic is declared.The World Bank decided that it would tap private investment in order to try to make relief efforts more efficient. In 2017, it issued two sets of pandemic bonds with slightly different provisions. Class A bonds with par value of $225 million paid a 6.9% interest rate — far above regular interest rates for three-year debt at the time the bonds were issued — but were designed to leave bondholders with nothing if 2,500 people died from a pandemic in a single country and at least 20 more deaths occurred in a different country. Class B bonds with par value of $95 million paid a higher 11.9% interest rate, but the triggering event required only 250 deaths from a pandemic illness, with scaled defaults that vary by how many countries worldwide see at least 20 fatalities from the outbreak.

    1. SteveH, “It is baffling result but today’s latest poll shows that BJ and his cohorts are trusted and admired by the electorate.”

      It just proves how gullible large sections of the population are and how we got Brexit!

      1. Brexit! I wrote it down Comrade Jack. Neither a 2nd; nor a 3rd; nor a 4th Referendum would have been enough for you… would not accept it because everyone else is either too stupid or too emotional. You can’t trust the population to always agree with you, so everyone is gullible………except you.

        BoJo’s Brexit is the worst possible outcome, but JC’s vision of accepting the Referendum result you rejected….now we have Starmer. Well played Comrade.

  8. Apparently RENT STRIKES are taking off in America. Thousands can’t pay anyway but there is strength in numbers. One for the UK maybe?

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