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Govt sends more Corona patients to Wirral but pseudo ‘quarantine’ exposed by footage, patients and Dept of Health

The government has brought patients from the corona virus-stricken cruise ship in Japan to the UK – and has driven them from their landing in Wiltshire to ‘quarantine’ them at Arrowe Park hospital in the Wirral on Merseyside.

Hundreds of patients were infected on the cruise liner, while a church in South Korea saw the virus transmitted to ‘dozens’ at a single service, demonstrating just how easily it passes among individuals. Both outbreaks have seen fatalities.

The cruise passengers are the second set of potentially-infectious returnees to be ‘quarantined‘ at the nurses’ accommodation of Arrowe Park.

Yet the UK’s version of ‘quarantine’ has been exposed, by the testimony of a quarantine patient, by footage of the patients transmitted on national news – and by the comments of the Department of Health itself:

Instead of a strict isolation and full protective measures, the Tories’ cavalier attitude is relying on patients to ‘self-isolate’ by wearing masks that medical experts believe are not an effective barrier to the transmission of viruses – and the Department of Health admits it.

The people of Merseyside and of the UK are depending on the government doing a proper job with this ‘quarantine’ to protect us from a highly infection disease that has killed large numbers of people.

The evidence suggests we are all being failed.

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    1. they have never cared. they do not care. they will never care. it is their nature. their uncaring nature is typified by the johnson peered “sir” iain duncan-smith and priti patel who should be in prison for treasonous meeting of israeli operatives without government authorisation. theresa may, as dreadful as she is, at least had a scrap of sense to dismiss priti patel. boris johnson rehired her. i believe she cannot be trusted with any important state information. neither can boris johnson be trusted as 1- he is irresponsible enough to re employ patel and in any event lacks judgement re diverse matters and any idea of care re any issue regarding the welfare of this country. nb these are my beliefs. we will see even more dereliction of duty from johnson, his home secretary and too many others of his uncaring incompetent colleagues. ps lets see if this govt last long enough to give zac goldsmith and nicky morgan, promotions without being voted in by the electorate.

      sadly, the failure of labour mps over the last four or more years to point out the country wrecking, atrocities of the tories has led to the tories being in power now. tony blair has endorsed johnson rather than jeremy. coyle, hodge, campbell have openly brought the party into disrepute because they are happy to have their fellow tories display their infinite lack of care. the likes of starmer, nandy & ian murrary are happy to carry on with tory policies. they cannot wait to wreck the the visionary policies of jeremy. blair and its haemorrhoidal nematodes starner, nandy & murray prefer the failed lib dems whose out of date 1% promoting vacuity which welcomed the now dumped luciana berger by finchley & golders green… they were not fooled by her claims. berger could not get even half of the 30,000 votes of the decent man she slandered. will she slander the 30,000 plus who voted for jeremy corbyn, who was fighting racism and standing up for jewish people long before berger or i were even born? will she? are the even greater number who voted for dianne abbott AS??? the base ridiculousness of the idea that for decades thousands of people have repeatedly voted for jeremy, ken livingstone, chris williamson, george galloway … are the likes of chukka ummuna by implication not branding the hundreds of thousands who voted for jeremy and others supporters of AS? that the basic logic crushing the lies has never been made, astonishes me. the next leader and dep must show up the illogicality of the foul accusations. especially, think of it, where is the 24hour rolling coverage and two hour discussion slots of blatant eugenicists at the heart of downing street now??? think of it. it was eugenicist who exterminated multitudes of us and still strive to do. where has the slanderers been??? have you heard them??? their absence and silence this last week, to date shows them up to be the base creatures they are. they are happy to desecrate the precious memory of others who died at the hands of eugenicists. the silence and absence this very last week of the wicked accusers of jeremy and others, and the media orgs & presenters who conspired with them, in my opinion, are beneath contempt.

    2. it is sadly symbolic of tories including blair, starmer, nandy, murray. and don’t be fooled by the empty rayner and butler either. we cannot risk those lame people make our party as a tory b-side.
      richard burgon us the only one of the candidates fit to take the party in a dynamic direction. Rebecca Long-Baily and Richard Burgon are the best option we have to keep our party alive. we don’t need weak pretenders determined to be cheeks of the same tory backside. we don’t need that. no one needs that. no country needs tory side b, like weak weak weak pathetic tea. they even lack the courage to cone out boldly as tories. at least dumpan smithy man has the courage, heartlessness, or soullessness to expose himself as what he is. starmer, nandy, murray on the other hand are prepared to masquerade to deposit more misery on the vulnerable, squeeze the nurses, teachers, fire men and women, office cleaners, prison officers, librarians, nervous employees of british steel and other industries wrecked by the tories and the tory blair b side backside, social carers, mental health workers, paramedics, bus & train drivers, .. all the many workers who literally keep the country working.

      don’t risk our party to the misterious funders of starmer’s poster! don’t risk it!! don’t risk our party to nandy who was part of the coup against jeremy, then organised the glittering campaign of … yes owen smith!!! don’t risk it. don’t risk our party to the wet, the deluded and the downright shamelessly devious. vote for richard burgon and rebecca long-bailey only. it is the best combination we have. the only one i see working in a productive symbiotic positively transformative way.

  1. FOUR Brits evacuated from the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship have tested positive for coronavirus.

    The four patients were part of a group of 32 passengers who arrived at Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral last night.

    The remaining 28 passengers will spend 14 days in quarantine.

    The four new cases brings the total number of victims in the UK to 13.

  2. I think at the end of the video the guy says “as and when there are symptoms they become [more] contagious.”
    32 evacuees, all said to have tested negative, carried on three coaches apparently.
    Wirral Globe said “As with the previous coachloads brought to Arrowe Park, the bus drivers were not wearing any protective clothing but Public Health England said seating arrangements ensured they were never in close contact with passengers and therefore not at risk.”

    Given airborne transmission the closeness of contact required to pass a viral load sufficient for infection must presumably be variable – is it possible the health authorities might be trying to avoid panic I wonder?

    Transmission rates on the cruise ship seem to suggest “close contact” might not be required.
    And then there’s god’s emissaries on Earth to consider 🙂

    1. Unfortunately 4 of these 32 have now tested positive and have been transferred to specialist treatment and isolation units (see above).

    2. “Transmission rates on the cruise ship seem to suggest “close contact” might not be required.”

      Cruise ships are notorious as the perfect breeding ground for infectious disease.

  3. The delay here is even more annoying than the delays on TV interviews over Skype or whatever it is that causes those.

  4. I assume the coach company was contracted by a DoH / NHS Agency. Whom? PHE, NHS England or a local Trust ? And what instructions were given to the contractor ? A timely FOI or a PQ from a Wirral / Merseyside MP would perhaps be helpful.

    1. with starmer nandy & murray we will have more of this tory behaviour. members need act urgently to stop these merchants of the same old same old.

    2. To be honest I am reasonably confident that the relative authorities have carried out a very comprehensive risk assessment around this repatriation and have put the appropriate safeguards in place..

      1. I’ve heard no adverse comment from our relative authorities on the shipboard arrangements and I saw passengers on adjacent balconies without masks and just a clear polycarbonate partial barrier between them – the same footage showed other passengers strolling on deck without masks greeting others with only a few feet between them.
        With this virus maybe it’s possible for the viral load to build in the lungs over a number of exposures to apparently healthy infected people where one exposure wouldn’t result in illness.
        Veiled complaints about personal inconvenience from one or two people suggested they might not be abiding by the self-monitored quarantine as carefully as they might.

        The way this is spreading the chance of the asymptomatic infected not being able to pass on the virus seems vanishingly remote to me, otherwise it would already be disappearing.
        For that theory to be true a large number of visibly sick people would have to be wandering around in public unnoticed.
        On “the appropriate safeguards” face masks can be made safe to drive in and I think the drivers and attendants wearing them would have been appropriate.
        We’ll know soon enough.

        Cumminge will already be calculating what other Tory screw-ups they can blame on this if it keeps festering.

      2. As a ps to my last comment – coach drivers can be in relatively close proximity to fifty-odd people every working day – 14 days for symptoms to appear equals 700+ contacts to trace.

  5. If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.

    Also, (off topic) the magistrate dealing with Julian A. is taking yank bribes

    1. The Labour Party’s quiet acquiescence on this profound injustice is disturbing.

      1. Neither does this:

        Extraditing Julian Assange would ‘damage UK’s democratic standing’ says John McDonnell

        WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange should not be extradited to the US because it would “damage the democratic standing” of the UK, shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said.

        The Shadow Chancellor made his remarks after his two-hour visit with Assange at Belmarsh prison, where the Australian is awaiting the start of an extradition hearing next week.

        Speaking by the prison gates, Mr McDonnell said: “I think this is one of the most important and significant political trials of this generation, in fact longer.

        “I think it’s the Dreyfus case of our age.

        “The way in which a person is being persecuted for political reasons, for simply exposing the truth for what went on in relation to recent wars.”

      2. “The Labour Party’s quiet acquiescence on this profound injustice is disturbing.”

        Disturbing. But not surprising given current subservience to power and the security sevice’s agenda.

      3. Is THAT really the best you could come up with? But so typical never-the-less!

        Yep, attacking the person is straight out of the Sun/Mail/Express playbook.

        So much for Steve’s Big Lie and the THREE people who supposedly gave him Likes (who are presumably visiting from another planet!) AND your ‘endorsing’ his Big Lie.

        Oh, right, but anything to discredit Jeremy with, eh. Just like the rest of the falsehoods you disseminate on here!

  6. Myself and family were in lockdown in Shanghai for three weeks then did a run for the airport and got to London two weeks ago. As the plane arrived we were given a leaflet which basically said “If you have been to Wuhan recently and have any of these symptoms (images of sneezing, runny nose etc) then please get in touch with us” That was all. After being health checked four times on the hour road trip to the airport in China we had nothing in the UK. Everyone on the plane passed through border control, took off their masks and headed into the UK!

  7. I did notice that the PM here in Cambodia when greeting disembarking passangers from a cruise ship (turned away by 5countrys)shook hands and gave flowers to the ladys and did not wear a mask.,which is a sign of a leader with a little humanity and courage.The fact that its a communist virus seems to be the trigger for mass hysteria and propaganda.Hun Sen our PM here as shamed many countrys with their treatment of the elderly on these cruise ships who have been forced to stay at sea..and suffer.Japan has usual led the way in cruelty and I am sure many of the older generation will not be surprised by that.Long memorys maybe.

    1. Oh come on, Joseph : “Japan has usual led the way in cruelty” … which criteria might be applied also to Cambodia if you think about it.

      … which is why I wouldn’t use such generalised prejudice.

      1. Chanting further bollocks is no answer – it just doubles down on the initial bollockspeak.

  8. This play-acting government’s ‘pseudo quarantine’ not only compromises the ability TO CONTAIN this deadly, novel coronavirus pneumonia (Covid 19 also known as 2019-nCoV), the government is also providing the only thing that matters to them – the blessed free market and its big-pharma benefactors, to develop a completely unnecessary multi-billion$ vaccine as a profit opportunity against the viral pneumonia.

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