82.5% of respondents want Gardiner to stand in Labour leader contest

Short SKWAWKBOX poll suggests high level of support

Barry Gardiner

A short poll run by the SKWAWKBOX ahead of Barry Gardiner’s decision on whether he will run for the Labour leadership suggests a high level of support among members for him to stand.

The poll, which ran for four hours last night after news broke that he was considering a bid, showed 82.49% of respondents in favour:

Gardiner is expected to announce his decision by the end of the day.

The poll question asked whether Gardiner should stand, and therefore does not mean that all who responded ‘yes’ would necessarily back him as leader.

However, while some may simply wish to broaden the options for supporters of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, it would probably translate into a considerable degree of support among the grassroots for the Scot with a record of frightening interviewers and who warned all along about the consequences of abandoning Labour’s commitment to Brexit.

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    1. Indeed, john thatcher . No one denies that Barry Gardiner is an excellent media performer. But if that was the single vitally important criteria for getting support from the Party’s Left, we would have supported Tony Blair too throughout his toxic reign as Leader ! Barry , credit to him, did indeed take his Shadow Cabinet responsibilities seriously and stick to the official Party line during Jeremy’s period as Leader when so many other MP’s didn’t – even in the Shadow Cabinet. BUT, a huge but, Barry Gardiner is no sort of Left Winger at all , even a radical Left Liberal one , in any aspect of his wider politics or voting record.

      So this Skawkbox sudden lurch to Barry Gardiner fanboydom just shows how (correctly) desperate the Labour Left now is at the dearth of talent on our Party’s Left in the PLP. As for that fanatical Second Referendum supporter, Clive Lewis, who just spent all his political time since the 2017 Manifesto commitment to ‘respect the Referendum result’ , manoeuvring and campaigning to shift Labour to its now proven suicidal Second Referendum and Remain 2020 Manifesto position, why on earth would anyone want this vacuous opportunist as Deputy Leader ? Choosing a Leader and/or Deputy Leader who supported second Referendum and Remain will be a clear message to our millions of lost working class heartland Leave-supporting voters from our middle class EU-loving membership that they can collectively fuck off ! At least Barry is a great media performer and absolute maestro at whistling the Red Flag !

      1. The majority of both the Labour Party’s membership and voters supported staying in the EU. There is a multitude of evidence to support this (even polls that were commisioned by the Leave campaign). Do you have any evidence to the contrary.

      2. And that tiresome troll, Steve H, is still banging on about dodgy polling pre the actual General Election real poll, claiming to show that the majority of Labour voters voted Remain ! We just lost 58 seats, 56 of em in Leave majority seats, loony. Our 2019 reneging on our 2017 commitment to respect the Referendum result has destroyed our vital heartland seats you nutter, and destroyed Labour as a potential party of government . Cease your bogus stats-based nonsense you tiresome Mandelson troll.

      3. The fact, Steve H, is that you are talking utter bollocks as usual – using now utterly discredited claims based entirely on bogus guestimates from weaponised small sample polling for the entire three years leading up to the 2019 Election, which claimed that this bogus ‘ most Labour voters favour Remain’ nonsense would win Labour the election. You surely noticed — We LOST by 58 seats , Dummy. Whereas in 2017, with our ‘respect the Referendum’ promise we held the Tories to a hung Parliament. Try that for a real fact, troll. The only poll that mattered was on 12th December, and that real poll crucified us, and your entire destructive Remainer Troll position as boringly promoted day in-day out here on Skwawkbox by you and your quartet of fellow paid trolls. .

      4. jpenney 09/01/2020 at 9:53 pm

        Only a numpty would believe that the fact that we lost seats and the fact that the majority of Labour’s members and voters supported staying in the EU are mutually exclusive.

  1. He’s often good but, just as often lost for words and evasive. Furthermore, I am reluctant to support a candidate who is on LFI – I’m not making this a single issue thing but, it’s going to be very difficult to put the whole antisemitism rubbish to bed if the leader is in LFI. And, AS is the one thing that seems to be best at deflecting everyone from all other problems and issues, to the detriment of the party as a whole.
    The difficulty I have is that I’m not keen on any of the candidates, TBH.

  2. With his voting for the Iraq war, then voting against an enqiry of the then seeming (late in the day, I thought) to support Jeremy Corbyn smells of oppertunism on seeing Corbyn’s huge ground swell of support (He is not on the list of 35 MPs who originally nominated Corbyn in 2015 for the leadership contest, apparently, he did not nominate any one, shrewd?). It could be thought that he is now trying to cash in on his belated support for Jeremy.
    He served as a minister in Blair’s government from 2014 to 2007 (despite ‘that war’) before falling out with Brown.
    Never seen him speak at an anti war demo (unlike Corbyn, Abbot and a few others). Not to be trusted I think.

  3. NO NO NO!!!!! More Blairite than Blair! Not only did he vote for the Iraq war, but when Blair was lying to Parliament about it and whipping up the hysteria – Barry Gardiner clapped! Voted through the increase in tuition fees, the reactionary terrorist legislation. He has also shown support for MODI in India. The Left would be nuts to vote for any other candidate than RBL. Totally nuts – do you want to destroy the left for ever? https://twitter.com/MattChorley/status/1214981419690278912

    1. Blair claimed that he had not lied.

      And that statement was false as well.

      Blair, Hain etc fell back on the excuse that the intelligence was wrong. But it was only wrong after it had been falsified. To scapegoat the intelligence analysts was absolutely disgraceful.

  4. Out of all who have put their names forward it’s definitely a yes from me. He’s made a few mistakes but corrected them quickly. He comes across well and I believe he’s understands and wants to continue the Socialist ethos. If I had one bone to pick with Jeremy it was his acceptance of the bile thrown at him which encouraged even more of it and his lack of kick-back. I doubt Mr Gardiner would. Ideally, Andy McDonald should stand in the Deputy contest now.

  5. he is very articulate ….BUT look at his voting record , he is a Tory at at heart , we have to many of those in Labor as is…looks like many selfservaives responded

  6. “A short poll run by the SKWAWKBOX”

    … and the MSM runs self-serving polls?!

    Another bit of frantic campaigning masquerading as a poll.

  7. How many votes were there? I estimate about 1302, reasonably impressive, but out of a party membership 500,000 not that indicative. Given that this is about a quarter of your readership (recent court case figures) so a self selecting sample from an already self secting readership is really no indication at all. More a case of using the stats like a drunk uses a lamppost, more for support that illumination.

  8. If BG is serious
    Make a bold gesture of future intent by
    Resigning from LFI and stating ‘We will be tough on Anti Semitism and even tougher on vexatious claims of AS within the party’

  9. So far nor a single acceptable candidate has come forward. And there is a reason for this, for years socialists and radicals were barred from standing for Parliament by the NEC and, during the Corbyn period any of those who beat the odds and got themselves elected-Chris Williamson being the prime example-were surgically removed by abuse of a disciplinary process that is an affront to natural law. (A matter of indifference to the barristers who have now briefed themselves to run for election.)
    CLPs should unite around resolutions calling upon the NEC to postpone the leadership contest until after the next Conference at which reform of the disciplinary machinery, disavowal of the ridiculous IHRA definition of anti-semitism and automatic reselection of all candidates and MPs should be on the agenda.
    So long as the Blairite stitch up of the PLP is allowed to stand there is no chance of the membership’s choice for leader being honoured by the PLP falling into line behind it .
    The current leadership contest is bound to produce a Blairite or neo-Blairite field of candidates and therefore a leader who will lead the Party into oblivion. Members can make no greater mistake than to pick and choose among a field composed of cowards and traitors. It won’t matter which is elected within months the PLP will be back to its old tricks, doing the bidding of the US, applauding Israel for killing Palestinians, betraying strikers, pursuing neo-liberal policies and watching as the NHS is dismantled and given away to foreign insurance companies-just the way that they went along with the Thatcherite privatisation programme during 13 years on New Labour ‘government’.

    1. bevin – Clive Lewis has put the democratisation of the party front and centre of his campaign.

    2. Bevin
      Keep JC as caretaker and let the blood flow, then hand over to next generation,
      The membership is not the PLP and the PLP now contains some very good candidates

  10. Now would be good time to go to war with MSM and toilet papers, looks like we are in good company,
    Also supports case for clean out in party then hand overtones next generation,
    Set in stone JC legacy

    1. Just heard that the Harry and Meghan are going to vet the press, t
      That’s one way of neutering these scrap yard dogs

  11. We haven’t got the luxury of waiting in case you haven’t noticed politics is a tad unpredictable in the UK. We have t get in place a leader who for the present can take on the MSM and win and Gardiner can. The next election will be much sooner than 2025 and this country will be in dire trouble. If I had one wish I wish Labour people would stop demonising our own MPs. People say they like JC well if they do then listen to the man, because he is all about reconciliation and talking and unifying. All I’ve read above is how to lose the next election. FGS let’s carry on the Corbyn mantel if he wanted Gardiner in his cabinet he wanted him there for a reason. I don’t bloody care what he or Starmer did before what I care about is what he has done in the recent past and will do in the future.

  12. The simple truth is that not one of the candidates is worth voting for.Where are the genuine left wing candidates?Whichever one of them eventually wins is matter less ,they have neither the charisma of personality to get people out voting for them in a general election.They will never attract the crowds,the new members,the passion that Corbyn achieved.Ironically this seems exactly what the plp want.

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