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Video: govt ‘just’ realised plan means 100s of thousands of deaths, as Skwawkbox said early March. But Johnson STILL not enacting all WHO steps

Johnson and his advisers now admit what SKWAWKBOX was accused of scaremongering for saying early this month – but Tories’ newest plan is still ignoring key parts of WHO plan to defeat coronavirus

When the SKWAWKBOX warned readers in early March that the Tories’ approach to coronavirus would lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths in this country, this site’s critics accused it of ‘scaremongering’.

But on Monday, Boris Johnson announced more extensive ‘social distancing’ steps – because his advisers had only just realised that Johnson’s plan was going to kill hundreds of thousands of people.

Johnson and the Establishment media are frantically spinning these new steps as ‘extreme’, as if the Tories are going to the limit of what can be conceived to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

But as the World Health Organisation’s director general made clear earlier on Monday, Boris Johnson is still not following some of the most important steps it recommends to countries who want to defeat the virus: closing schools and comprehensive testing of all suspected cases, combined with tracing and testing of all contacts of those who test positive.

As the WHO boss said,

You cannot fight a fire blindfolded and we cannot stop this pandemic if we do not know who is infected.

No amount of spin changes the fact the Johnson is still dragging his feet – and is still on course to cause huge numbers of needless deaths.

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  1. Just seen a frightening report on the BBC. One market which is booming in the USA – the sale of guns!

    1. And Trump’s trying to buy a German vaccine manufacturer’s entire output, too. Hopefully the German government will be able to block that (as I understand it, they have generous “national security” powers).

      The cretin demanded an American-produced testing kit, that turned out not to actually work, rather than the one the WHO offered to provide. Almost every press conference he gives seems to be followed by people who actually know what they’re talking about having to correct him.

      Sad thing is, there’s probably a good chance he’ll be re-elected.

      1. We are told that Trump and Bozo are not good on detail. One way they could help is to keep themselves off our screens. The very sight of them is nauseating.

      2. Not good on detail is putting it mildly. I’d go for fucking clueless, personally.

  2. Astonishing to hear all the warm words coming from the government for the social care workers who they dismissed as “unskilled ” only a fortnight ago.

  3. Care work is held in low regard not just by government – to change that a year or two’s care work could be made a course entry requirement for nursing and medical school.

  4. We forget cheap and nasty Tory party Eton mess that rewards millionaire disaster masters
    They can smell money, they only understand two things, Greed and Fear
    They fear No Deal Brexit will be denied
    So close and yet so far for the horrible bastards
    I’m with Jack T on circumstances and bitterly shit poor choices for leadership means JC should stay on
    Only the state can manage the collapse of capatalism and provide the public services to deal with Covid 19 and all future health threats
    At very least a war government should be formed followed by a landslide GE victory for socialism

    1. ”I’m with Jack T on circumstances and bitterly shit poor choices for leadership means JC should stay on.”

      Strange that, because jack was on watson & starmer’s side about the 2nd ref and he allowed the pair of twunts to undermine him.

      The party’s already started the ballot for the next leader and starmer’s way out in front if polls are to be believed. It’d be wrong to deny starmer by cancelling the vote.

      Now there’s an existential crisis, and the MSM are STILL blaming Corbyn or criticising him at every turn (Twas ever thus) and jack wants to keep Corbyn in situ. Don’t be fooled behind jack’s reasoning. It’s almost as if he wants to shield starmer from this shitstorm and test of mettle, rather than he has any faith in Corbyn.

      The party wants starmer – well they should get him. Take the count NOW rather than cancel or postpone it. Gotta give the 70% what they want.

      …I mean, it worked fantastically well last time, didn’t it?

      1. Toffee “jack was on watson & starmer’s side about the 2nd ref”

        No Toffee, it’s about time you took off your Zionist toffee wrapper and accepted it was the Israel Lobby who damaged Corbyn the most. Watson and Starmer, the two pseudo Socialists above were merely reflecting the views of 80% of LP members about giving voters a chance to confirm or change their original ref. vote.

        Sometimes even the devil can whistle a good tune – get whistling and prove me wrong!

      2. I agree with Toffee that the Leadership election shouldn’t be stopped. In fact, I’d probably support the idea of bringing forward the closing date (as there’s no meetings etc going on anymore) to get the new Leader in position sooner.

        1: The PLP and membership are openly in their Long-Bailey/Starmer/Nandy camps (although the Nandy camp is one tent in the corner of a field), so it’s an open goal to portray Corbyn as leading a divided Party.

        2: He’s already said he’s stepping down, so he’ll just be painted as a lame duck clinging to power.

        3: Bluntly, he’ll have to self-isolate for several months, if reports are true about what’s going to happen to the over-70s. If he doesn’t, he’ll be attacked as “reckless” or whatever.

        And, as Allan Howard has said in other posts, frankly, he’s taken years of abuse and it’s almost cruel to ask him to take another year of it.

      3. You REALLY ARE a jew-obsessed imbecile, aren’t ya?

        You were repeatedly warned that you’d alienate up to 4m labour voters if you went ahead with the 2nd ref remain option.

        You allowed it to go ahead anyway; and in doing so alienated those voters (Or at least a large proportion of.)

        But, adding insult to injury, it was done WITHOUT ANY VOTE ON THE MATTER.

        And don’t bother giving give us your bollocks about ‘pseudo-socialist’ watson & starmer’ after what you’ve done, gobshite. You’re kidding NOBODY.

        YOU gave them carte-blanche and said & did fuck-all about it.

        So don’t pretend you’re a socialist OR a democrat.

        You ARE, however, a jew-obsessed whining little fuckwit.

      4. The way replies to comments rack up, Toffee, I thought you were going at me there…

      5. Toffee, it’s more than obvious now that at last you’ve outed yourself as a Zionist shill.

        Do not insult Jews by trying to disguise your deep hatred for Jews and others who do not follow the Zionist’s smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn.

        By the way, I’ve noticed it is generally Zionists who use such gross language as you. Is that what they teach you in Hasbara school?

        And to those who say it is wrong to ask JC to stay on as Leader. I would remind them that he is staying on as an MP and is the only one, compared to the other three who has genuine Socialist credentials. If he doesn’t want the job, fair enough but there is no harm in us asking him!

      6. Yes jack.

        I’M the zionist shill because even when there’s been NO news over this antisemitism palaver, I’ve been the one making repeated posts on threads that don’t even relate to the subject.

        But you DO. You have to shoehorn ‘zionism’ into eveything from this leadership election to HS-fucking-2

        And by doing so, YOU kept it in the spotlight as much as the jews and toerags with their incessant hyperbole.

        Any zionist jews reading your posts on here have been given a fucking arsenal to fire at socialist Labour as well as Skwawkbox. Small wonder Steve (Skwawkbox) doesn’t allow comments on antisemitism articles whether the accusations are evidently fabricated or not.

        We’ve got the likes of YOU to thank for that. Oh, and you’re the biggest complainant about that, too. Why’s that jack? Is he denying you a platform to spout your usual overzealous, overt dislike?

        There’s a fucking existential crisis happening right the fuck NOW, and all you can do is post about jews and zionism. And how because I swear that somehow makes ME a zionist.

        Well if that doesn’t demonstrate your OCD, I don’t know what will.

        The ONLY reason you go on about zionism and this antosemitism nonsense is to deflect from the fact you want the, bliarite, zionist starmer in charge; and antisemitism gives you the opportunity to at least appear pro-Corbyn.

        You protest TOO much about it for it to be anything other than the case. It’s a poor distraction attempt, and it’s fooling nobody because you’re just not savvy enough.


    2. Dammit Doug, I thought you were going for a new take on the Spanish Inquisition sketch 🙂

  5. Twas the ‘bitterly piss poor choice for leadership candidates ‘ I wanted to ram home
    Plus JC has called every major event in last 40 years correctly, man of integrity badly needed by country at this moment
    Its WW2 coalition government all over again
    We were all banjaxed by Twatson and Lansman

    1. I appreciate that, Doug, and it wasn’t me having a pop at yer good self.

      But I simply cannot abide someone who has supported people who have undermined & stymied Corbyn at every opportunity then calls for Corbyn to remain in post where he’ll continued to be misreperesented & pilloried, while one of the main protagonists of Corbyn’s demise is sheltered from a crisis of existential proportion.

      THEY partook in the scheme against Corbyn via their silence on starmer & twatson’s shithousery, let them have the rat who got them what they wanted. i.e. their 2nd ref/remain option.

      At least there’s been a vote for the leadership. There wasn’t one when this alleged 70% wanted their 2nd ref. policy. Oh they cried about the original ref being undemocratic but hypocritically didn’t utter a peep when sleazy, slimeball starmer bulldozed it through without a vote.

      They’re not even posting on here to express they want to press him to publish his donors list – THAT’s how desperate they are for him to lead while they publicly cry for Corbyn to remain, the sndes..

      starmer thinks he’s billy big bollocks, he’s ignored what people voted for previously, so take the count NOW and put him up as the frontman.

      The fella’ll shit a brick because he’s worse than fucking useless, and people will finally see what they’ve got.

  6. Now Johnson is trying to catch up with Trump’s new policy. Does he have an original idea in his head? Will we only ever see him at the Press Conference bumbling in his incomprehensible upper class English? It was unwatchable the first time, twice would be an imposition let alone every day for ever. For many it might be the last TV they see. “Britons dying fantastically, World applauds”.

  7. 0.7%=225,0000 deaths current 3.5%death rate 5*225 ,000=1.25million this would have been the result of herd immunisation. Collateral damage the intellectuals of Boris the bunker Sage group and ‘nudge’ group -Behaviour Insight Team.
    Crimes against Humanity may they make piece with their higher power.

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