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Excl: watch pair accused in leaked report boast of commitment to Labour and Labour govt – at leaving ‘do’

Former Labour staffers Tracey Allen and Julie Lawrence have locked their Twitter accounts – but a public Facebook album includes video of speeches about their commitment to Labour and Labour government
Tracey Allen, left, and Julie Lawrence pose proudly with their letters from Tony Blair

Tracey Allen and Julie Lawrence are two of the former Labour staff who feature prominently in the leaked party report that accuses a group of HQ staff of undermining the party and its leadership. Both worked in then-general secretary Iain McNicol’s office.

According to WhatsApp messages quoted in the report Allen, for example, joked about Corbyn staff being ‘ready to join the dole queue‘ after the 2017 general election – and looked forward to them being ‘ashen and in tears‘ after the the electoral collapse she was expecting.

But on polling night, according to a WhatsApp chat shown in the leaked report, she described voters as ‘bastards‘ for flocking to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour and said that the result was the ‘opposite of what I had been working towards for the last couple of years‘.

Lawrence said that a left-wing colleague’s face ‘would make a good dartboard‘, discussed launching leadership challenges if election results went badly and talked tactics for stacking a selection panel to secure a right-wing candidate.

On 2017 election night, in the same WhatsApp chat she is seen saying she was ‘stunned and reeling‘ at Labour’s surge after the exit poll showed Labour neck and neck with the Tories from being 25 points behind.

“28 days and they’ll be ashen and in tears”
Tracey Allen’s WhatsApp comment about Jeremy Corbyn’s office, according to leaked Labour report

Both former staff were part of a right-wing group in Labour’s HQ under then-general secretary Iain McNicol, which the internal report accuses of undermining the party’s electoral efforts in 2017 and obstructing disciplinary processes.

Since the report was leaked, the pair have locked their Twitter accounts – but in Allen’s public Facebook album titled ‘Tracey and Julie leave the Labour Party’ they can be seen posing proudly, in 2018, with letters from Tony Blair praising their service to the Labour Party and wishing them well, as well as with figures from the ‘hard right’ of the party.

“if we lose these elections we could have another leadership election”
Julie Lawrence’s WhatsApp comment, according to leaked Labour report

And in video of their leaving speeches, also contained in the album – which is publicly viewable even without signing into the social media platform – the pair are seen:

  • boasting of their commitment to the Labour Party – and in Allen’s case her passion for getting the party into government
  • praising the ‘loyalty’ of boss Iain McNicol, and the team he built that was supposedly ‘all contributing to a goal that will build a better country’ – presumably a Labour government. McNicol has just resigned the Labour whip pending an investigation into the findings of the leaked report
  • talking of the need for ‘gallows humour’ and the way in which politics ‘can knock you completely off course’, in apparent references to the ‘Corbyn surge’ of 2017 that left them ‘stunned and reeling’ and ‘silent and gray’ on polling night

Tracey Allen was contacted for comment about the contents of the report. She blocked further communication. Iain McNicol was also contacted but did not respond. The SKWAWKBOX was unable to locate contact information for Julie Lawrence.

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  1. Nothing will change, these people will move on and they will be replaced by like minded people selected to carry on where these frauds left off, this party needs revamping from top to bottom.

    1. Beat me to it, tc.

      Thing is, the bliarists are dug in like Alabama ticks, they weren’t booted out of anywhere near enough posts at local level, nevermind regional or national, like they ought to have been.

      The infected parts needed amputation, not an antidote.

      1. And just HOW precisely would they have been booted out Toffee? Who would have booted them out exactly?

      2. Well for a start JC could’ve shown a bit more spine by suing those accusing him of antisemiitism.

        Lead from the top. Once he’d won a case or three, that’d have had the rest of the plotters on the back foot.

        Wallasey CLP were as fast as a pirate walking the plank and missed the glaring opportunity to evict illeagle once and for all…Certain bliarists being in positions to stall the process there.

        They weren’t alone. Enfield, Sandwell, and many other issues ought to have been dealt with far better, more decisively and quicker – but (some) people insisted on clearing up the antisemitism ‘problem’ first and foremost, taking the collective ‘eye off the ball’ elsewhere.

        And when it wasn’t antisemitism, it was to make certain brexit was stymied in the full knowledge it’d turn voters off labour.

        And you’ll find it was most of the same people plotting on both fronts…The cockroaches survived the fallout they inflicted on all, and will now flourish again.

      3. Toffee, as for Jeremy suing people who accused him of anti-semitism (or of being an anti-semite), I assume you’re not aware of Tony Greenstein’s case against the CAA, who accused Tony of being an anti-semite. The reality is that if individuals believe (supposedly) THAT to be the case, then there is nothing Jeremy can do about it. And it goes without saying that the likes of Hodge would not have done so if they thought that Jeremy could sue them for defamation. So your ‘backbone’ put-down is complete and utter piffle!

        As for Wallasey etc, the Blairites and the MSM were completely in control of the narrative in those cases. Wallasey CLP were suspended as you know, and walking planks is totally disingenuous on your part.

        Funny how so many posters on here relish blaming the victims of right-wing/Establishment dirty tricks! I suppose it was all Ken Livingstone’s fault for alluding to an historical fact that he got pilloried and vilified and demonised by the MSM et al and ended up resigning from the LP?! Is that right Toffee?

      4. Allan, your borderline paranoia is in danger of alienating people. I’ve noticed you’re taking an argument to all sides on the most spurious of grounds.

        As for Greenstein, he is not Corbyn, and the cases were not the same. You cannot say with any ceertainty that Corbyn had zero chance as he never once made a claim of defamation when it came to antisemitism.

        There were other slurs (Like bradshaw’s) that Corbyn didn’t pursue, neither. Cut & dried cases that I’m sure he’d have won, with the added caveat to anyone else thinking of slurring his name.

        Niceties only get you SO far…Corbyn allowed – almost to the point of encouraged by his unwillingness to act decisively – them their inch; they tookthe mile as they were always going to do.

        As for Wallasey, I’m sure I’m (slightly) better informed as to the in’s & outs as you were; being from the constituency and known to party members, indeed a ‘local grandee’. (Who let me down badly with the lack of information rather than any quality of it)

        What’s so ‘disingenuous’ about Wallasey CLP’s tardiness – other than the bliarites having some wards boxed off, as is still the case?

        As for Ken Livingstone; I’ve already made my feelings known about that…Strange how john ‘lord’ mann just so happened to have a camera crew to hand when he fronted livingstone, innit?

        Seriously Allan, you need to take five. You’re making assumptions about the wrong person, here.

      5. I’m not making any assumptions at all toffee, and needless to say, YOU are being totally unrealistic and disingenuous about the situation the left found itself in and ALL the numerous dirty tricks played on them. And how funny that you should just happen to mention John Mann being there with a camera crew when Ken turned up some three hours after the radio program, which as you know, I have drawn attention to on numerous occasions during the past couple of years or more – ie the improbability of it being just a coincidence.

        And as I said, do you really think and believe for one millisecond that the likes of Hodge would call Jeremy an anti-semite if they thought he could sue them for defamation. Of course they wouldn’t. It’s precisely because they know they can get away with it that they did so.

        And I don’t give a flying fox about alienating people Toffee, and especially those who conjure up fake and phony criticisms of Jeremy and the left membership! And ESPECIALLY devious nasty creeps who call someone’s state of mind into question!

      6. Fair enough, Allan. Have it your way.

        By the way I meant ‘assertions’ not ‘assumptions’. but nevermind.

        Reading you latest response; it’s impossible to discern what your gripe actually is

        Noticing that mann had that camera crew was not your ‘exclusive’ and confined to you alone. It was patently obvious to anyone who scratched beneath the surface. You mentioning it on numerous occasions since doesn’t make it YOUR ‘theorem’.

        While I was always a vocal & staunch corbyn supporter during his tenure as leader, it appears that not raising him to the level of infallibility appears to be a fundamental flaw almost bordering on treachery to you.

        Well it isn’t.

        Not my fault if Corbyn wouldn’t stick up for himself as much as the rest of wanted to stick up for him.

      7. It’s odd, but I don’t recall YOU ever criticising Jeremy and faulting him on here before for not supposedly sticking up for himself toffee, unlike several other regular posters who continually find fault with him, and endlessly repeat it.

        Funny though, isn’t it, that here we have a report that reveals and exposes McNicol and HQ staff conspiring against Jeremy and his supporters, and what does one of the fault-finders do……. blame Jeremy for losing the 2017 election in effect AND for being responsible for his own downfall AND describe it as ‘the longest suicide in the history of the Labour Party’!

        As for sticking up for himself, when Jeremy did just that, and denied that he was laying a wreath at the graves of (so-called) terrorists, he was just accused of lying by the MSM. And when he criticised a couple of Zionist trouble-makers who used to go round disrupting pro-Palestinian meetings as having no sense of English irony etc, albeit a year or two before he became leader, the saboteurs dug it out, and along with the MSM and the BoD et al smeared and demonised him as having said it about Jews in general. And my point IS of course, that when you own and/or control the MSM, you have complete and total control over the narrative, and they were hardly going to let Jeremy stick up for himself when their objective was to sabotage his leadership of the LP. And as Jonathan Cook said in his latest post – and has done so on more than a few occasions before – if you deny that there is a problem of A/S in the Labour Party, you are just accused and vilified as being in denial and, as such, are part of the problem. Here’s what he says:

        One of the successes of Corbyn’s opponents has been to label any effort to challenge the claim that Labour has an antisemitism problem as “denialism” – and then cite this purported denialism as proof of antisemitism.

        Such self-rationalising proofs are highly effective, and a technique familiar from witch-hunts and the McCarthy trials of the 1950s in the United States.

        And needless to say, Jonathan has never-ever criticised Jeremy or found fault with him for not standing up for himself or not ‘fighting back’ because he completely understands that THAT is impossible when the whole of the MSM is ranged against you AND intent – as they have been ever since he was elected leader – on destroying him. And neither have the guys at medialens, who have documented the smear campaign against Jeremy (and the left membership) since he became leader.

      8. Funny, isn’t it toffee, how Jeremy had no problem with his spine when he threatened to sue Tory MP Ben Bradley when Bradley alleged in a tweet that he, Jeremy, had sold secrets to communist spies:

        ‘Jeremy Corbyn demands damages from Tory MP Ben Bradley over spy claim’

        And I have no doubt whatsoever that if Jeremy thought he could successfully sue Hodge (or anyone else who has called him an anti-semite), and been advised by his legal team that he could, he would have threatened to sue her for libel, and demanded an apology and that she make a donation to a charity, just as he did with Ben Bradley. And he would have done so with the very first person to accuse him of being an anti-semite (which I believe was in fact Hodge), and she would have apologised and made a donation if she knew that he would win a libel case against her. And needless to say, THAT would have deterred anyone else from calling him an anti-semite.

        And that’s the whole point – ie he didn’t, because unlike Bradshaw’s allegation, someone doesn’t have to PROVE that he – Jeremy – is an anti-semite, but only that they believe him to be an anti-semite. So please take it back Toffee re Jeremy being spineless for not doing so, because it’s tantamount to a slur and a smear AND totally groundless and unwarranted.

      9. Why were all those failings made to deny the membership crucial information? The wrongdoings did not just happen in the last year. They spanned at least FOUR YEARS. Why was the election not called off? The membership deserves clear answers. We cannot pretend happy families now. No good will come of it. It is misguided to make excuses. There was action to expel members on flimsy excuses. Where was the action to expel the clear gross elements in the 800+ report⁉️⁉️⁉️

    2. Ferrchrrristsake look at starmer’s record at CPS! How did he get elected leader…he’s the diametric opposite to corbyn; dju think we gunna get a root and branch upheaval in the way LP does its business or a wholesale reversion to the toxicity which dominated under Blair/Brown?

    3. REPORTS should have been released at the first coup. At the second coup. And IMMEDIATELY After the 2017 election. Mandelson openly oozed that it was working night and day to bring Jeremy down. It, Mandelson should have been expelled on the spot. Why was it not expelled then? Why has it still not been expelled?

      Reports of the gross wrongdoings should have been released at EVERY stage of the racist and other bullying, not saved up until after thousands of members were expelled… one i heard was expelled for praising the Foo Fighters. Worse yet, a leadership election was called, allowed to run, DESPITE an unprecedented pandemic!

      Thus A TOOL of racists, misogynists, arms dealers, pursuers of Assange, the TOOL, part of the problem Keir Starmer is ALLOWED to DECEIVE our membership.

      Some members gave their votes because Starmer was enabled. By deceit, Starmer was allowed to grab the position. Only then, evidence that should have been available widely to the membership, to inform their confirmed, only now the report is exposed. Why❓❓❓

  2. CORBYN. . New what was going on .Why were the majority of the membership kept in the dark.Our strength was and is in the membership and we let a good man fight a battlehe could never win without us the membership .Another note on the longest suicide in the history of the Labour party?

    1. Kept in the dark about what Joseph? And what precisely is this battle you refer to, and how precisely could JC have won it if the membership were with him?

      You make the assumption that Jeremy knew what was going on, but how do you know that he knew? How would he have known?

      And it was NOT a ‘suicide’ Joseph, Jeremy – and the left membership and the Many – were stabbed in the back and democracy, yet again, subverted by the Few. Big Time!

      1. The battle with the right that only the right were fighting.As for Corbyn knowing,that hardly seems to be the case,and it is fairly safe to assume he didn’t know.What is true is he failed to fight against the right and their Zionist friends when he did know.He is still not doing so,”for the sake of the Labour Party no doubt”.It is far too late for that kind of “loyalty”,and this leaked report underlines why.

      2. Corbyns strength and hope was always in the membership.We all knew something did not fit the picture of a growing and socialist partyCorbyn needed to use the membership to fight back against the enemy embedded . within and it never happened.ITS all water under the bridge now and sharing a dirty secret of treachury and black ops inside the Labour party could have saved the dream of a Labour government . I can only say that the leader of any organisation should know what’s going on in the organization he’s responsible for. All of our lives have been devastated by the Tory government and the public schoolboy that runs it. THE gutless PLP and our HQ were behind a dirty war against the Labour party and nobody knew….?It’s not believable or credible and waiving the white flag is what has inevitably led to a genocide Tory government.and the hypocrisy of a knighted member of the establishment running the Labour party and destroying it.

      3. John, how can you fight back against the right when the only way you can do so is through the corporate MSM and the semi-corporate BBC, who ALL conspired in the smear campaign against Jeremy (and left-wing members)? The very fact that most of the MSM have spun the report AGAINST Jeremy is testament to THAT. The JC ‘article’ in respect of the report is a perfect example:

        In many of the articles they quote McNicol as saying the following, which is ironic to say the least given what happened when Jeremy was the hot favourite to win the leadership election:

        Lord McNicol told Sky News: “The energy and effort that must have been invested in trawling 10,000 emails rather than challenging antisemitism in the party is deeply troubling…….”

      4. Oh I see Joseph, so Jeremy should have known that McNicol and many LP staff were conspiring against him and the left membership, should he, and it was all his fault that the LP lost the 2017 general election, was it. Funny how you’ve managed to ‘transform’ incontrovertible proof that McNicol and Co were doing all they could to undermine Jeremy and sabotage his leadership into HIM committing ‘suicide’!

        So in less than TWO weeks after Jeremy stood down as leader, it’s become ‘the longest suicide in the history of the Labour Party’, has it, and nothing whatsoever to do with all the forces ranged against him AND the might and the power of the MSM!

        Anyway, you’ve managed to spin it BOTH ways, initially saying that he DID know, and THEN (when responding to what I said), saying that he SHOULD have known. So first off he knows according to you, and then if he DIDN’T know, he should have known! Hmm, and you claim you’re a Jeremy Corbyn supporter, and yet you are, in effect, blaming HIM for not winning the 2017 election AND for being responsible for his own downfall. Is that right?

      5. Joseph said that:

        ‘Corbyn needed to use the membership to fight back against the enemy embedded…’

        And just precisely HOW would Jeremy have done that? And WHAT is it that the membership – the left membership – could have done? The vast majority of the left membership knew for a long time, for example, that Jeremy was being smeared and demonised (as THEY were TOO), and yet knowing and being aware that it was happening didn’t some-how lead to the left membership being able to do anything about it, so could you elaborate Joseph as to how his supporters could have done anything to prevent McNicol and Co from undermining Jeremy’s leadership – ie how Jeremy could have used ‘the membership to fight back against the enemy’?

        And THAT’s assuming that he DID know, and THAT’s an assumption on your part.

      6. Regarding the JC article I linked to above, note that the JC (supposedly) quote ‘One former Labour special adviser…’ and then (supposedly) quote a ‘source’. Now what possible reason would a ‘former Labour special advisor’ and the ‘source’ have for not putting their names to the quotes. Could it be because it’s fabrication and both are inventions of the JC! Perish the thought!!

        NB I must check a few other ‘articles’ to see if any other outlets quoted ‘them’……. I just this minute quickly checked the BBC News coverage – ie the ‘article’ on their website – and it is absent any quotes from the two quoted in the JC. AND it is ALSO absent any details about what was said by various people quoted in the report AND mainly consists of quotes from the CAA deriding and dismissing the report:

    2. Last November I attended a local CLP meeting. Along with some of the Labour plus trade officials (none of the city’s 4, at the time , Labour mps were present although they were all present when Gordon Brown came prior to the 2017 GE to listen to him giving mainly a eulogy for New Labour) John Mc Donnell was the guest speaker along with the “ reformed Blairite) Liam Byrne. During the course of the meeting every attempt by members to raise the fabricated AS lies and witch-hunts was suppressed by him.

      Moreover, Byrne was given free rein to waffle about how much he was in solidarity with the plight of the poor, the homeless and the most vulnerable but no one was allowed to put questions to him about his Blairite associations.

      By this stage it was becoming very clear that Mc Donnell was there solely to promote this rascal for some obscure West Midlands apparatchik post. When a member asked Mc Donnell about the Labour Lords refusing to acknowledge Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the democratic socialist Labour Party, he responded not by defending JC or reprimanding the Labour Lords but by side stepping the question and saying he would “ abolish the House of Lords “. He then proceeded to keep repeating the mantra of “ unity”. It was patiently obvious he and I strongly suspect Jeremy Corbyn has sacrificed their principles on the altar of this nebulous word “ Unity “ from.

      Furthermore , it was clear as water that they refused to recognise that the “ moderates, centrists “, Blairites, Progress and Labour First doesn’t comprehend the term unless it’s on their terms. Why else would Jeremy Corbyn plus McDonnell allowed such a snake as Keir Starmer in the shadow cabinet knowing full well his track record as the head of the prosecution service, ie pushing for the continuing persecution of a political prisoner Julian Assange, his part in the Chicken coup and so on.

      As Galloway said at the meeting of international dissidents protesting about the trumped up charges and illegal detention of Assange, “ Jeremy sacrificed his principles believing it would bring unity “. It didn’t and the majority of the membership is now paying the price.

  3. It’s not just that these people in the report are right-wingers/Blairites, they are sociopaths/psychopaths, who on the one hand regard themselves as superior beings, and on the other hand revel in slagging people off, in this case Jeremy and the left membership.

    And whilst the report mainly focuses (election-wise) on the 2017 GE, and despite the fact that McNicol and many of the others were not LP staff anymore come the 2019 GE, you can be sure that others working in the party machinery were doing their utmost to sabotage the leadership and demonise him and the left membership AND that McNicol and Co were still beavering away behind the scenes likewise:

    1. I posted this yesterday on another thread, but in case you didn’t see it here it is again:

      ‘The People Have Spoken. Bastards’: Leaked Labour Report Shows Party’s Own Senior Staff Acted To Keep Corbyn Out Of Power

      NB I did a search yesterday to see how widely the report had been covered by the MSM etc, my thinking being that many outlets will have probably just ignored it completely, but most of the MSM (and the JC) DID cover the report, but most of them managed to spin it negatively AGAINST Jeremy, and had nothing or very little to say regarding the saboteurs.

      1. The only outrage in Labour apparently is that someone has leaked the report!

        Says it all really!

  4. Imagine being Jennie Formby and having to see all this evidence when you have put your heart and soul into trying to get a Labour govt, battling against the haters whilst also undergoing cancer treatment. My heart goes out to her. JF should not be the scapegoat here and we should do our upmost to show solidarity with her. A vote of confidence via the members/affiliated members and supporters should be motioned.

    The haters may have the biased media on their side but we have social media and must keep up the support for those needed and the pressure upon the LOTO & the party to suspend & rid the Labour party of the haters and racists. THIS WILL NOT GO AWAY !!

    Skwawkbox, Novara & the Canary seem to be the only media sites keeping up the pressure. Thank you !

    1. Well there are a few other left-wing sites Foggy, not the least of which is Voxpolitical and the Electronic Intifada and medialens and Jonathan Cook and the jewishdissident and Kitty Jones (Politics and Insights) to name a few of them, but between them, they probably only have the ‘reach’ of about a twentieth of the MSM, if that.

      1. Are you arguing we should give up the fight because the BBC and the rest of the corporate media are against us.Joseph was quite correct to point out that Corbyn’s greatest asset was the membership,and that he utterly failed to use them to fight back.He made the constant mistake of thinking that trying to win over the right wing scum,in the name of “party unity” came before leading the members in a fight back,a fight that many of them were desperate to have.As I have said,even now he is silent when it is laid out in black and white the depraved lengths the right were prepared to go to to prevent success.

      2. John, you are so disingenuous it’s both laughable AND pathetic beyond words, and I KNEW that someone or other was going to spout such complete and utter garbage when I posted my comment. Of course it couldn’t just be that I am pointing out the massive advantage that the Establishment have over the left in terms of ‘reach’, which is just a fact of life.

        Yeah, yeah, yeah, so your buddy Joseph is right, is he, but he still hasn’t explained what the membership (or the left-wing membership to be precise) could have done had Jeremy ‘used them’ to fight back. So perhaps YOU could elaborate, cos it’s all complete bunkum as far as I’m concerned, and just an additional spurious and fabricated and baseless criticism of Jeremy.

        I mean how do you think it is that in a poll of around 1,000 people (commissioned by the authors of Bad News For Labour) that, on average, respondents believed that 34% of LP members had been reported for A/S? Couldn’t be anything to do with the thousands of articles during Jeremy’s four-and-a-half year tenure as leader that painted them as such, could it, let alone the thousands of TV and radio news items etc on the subject?

        Be real for for heavens sake!

      3. Allan Howard, white flag man, 10/10 for stating the obvious regarding the rw media.

        What you refuse to accept is the other obvious reality which is that Jeremy Corbyn could have stood up for himself and others. Please don’t come back to me and ask me how he could have done it, which is one of your favourite responses to me and others. I have given you that answer on more than one occasion. The fact that you just keep asking the same question is an indication of a certain childishness on your part.

    2. Foggy, Jennie Formby is far from innocent in all this, in fact she is culpable. She is the General Secretary and the buck stops with her.

      She knew, as we all did, that people were being suspended left right and centre without good reason. In fact Chris Williamson had to go to court to win his case against the Party. The Zionists/right wing, even when Chris’s case was being fought, were plotting to suspend him again even if he won his case, which he did. Formby knew all this but did nothing other than go along with the witch hunt.

      She also knew that the core of the Party’s investigation unit was staffed by supporters of the JLM who were implacable in their opposition to Jeremy Corbyn. Do you remember at the time reports in the news saying that LP staff think that Chris Williamson should face further disciplinary action? These are some of the same ‘staff’ who are feaured in the leaked report, a report which should have been ordered years ago.

      Jennie Formby was complicit in the corruption at the heart of the Party and without doubt she should be replaced, not I hasten to add, by someone who appears to be Starmer’s first choice and who was one of the ring leaders.

      1. I have a horrible feeling she was following Corbyn’s orders Jack.

      2. John Thatcher, whatever the case, the ‘solidarity’ which we all espouse was in short supply.

      3. I agree with you. As someone who became a Labour member in early 2017 to support Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the party, I humbly submit to you my own reaction to the smear campaign against him. My gut feeling since the beginning was that unless the party as a whole could unite around Corbyn, our chance of winning was going to be a slim one. After 1979, my vote was always for labour, though I will never forget how Blair dragged us into Bush’s war. A war the majority of British people were against.

        Corbyn was a dream come true for the party. Together with all those new members who joined because of him, we were united, even if the rest of the party was not. We nearly won in 2017. In 2019 I witnessed the expulsion of good people like Chris Williamson and Jackie Walker, due to weaponisation of anti-semitism, championed by the party termites and other ‘dark forces’. The dream has been mercilessly smashed. So, divided yet again, we have fallen. We failed.

        I have lost my faith in Labour’s ability to win as a party championing social democracy. I cannot understand why Corbyn did not stand up for himself. He is no more anti-semitic than a domestic cat. Since he stepped down, I haven’t renewed my membership. Can’t stomach the prospect of having to share my chosen party with conniving, disloyal careerists who belong elsewhere. It’s over. Where to go now? How many others feel the same way I do? Maybe thousands.

    3. Why Jennie Formby as General Secretary hasn’t push for the immediate suspension of these individuals, pending a full investigation? The NEC recently suspended people standing for the NEC bi-election over twitters.
      Why hasn’t she confronted Starmer and Rayners about their double standards? So socialist can be suspended for the Party on the spot, but these individuals aren’t.
      JF didn’t hesitate when it came to Chris Williamson, didn’t she? I am not going to sign a letter of support just because she is left, for her to comply to whatever the right desires.

  5. Why was Chris Williamson thrown under a bus by Corbyn & Formby? Where were the Socialists in the Labour Party when the writing was on the wall?

  6. I don’t know that Jeremy could have “used the membership” more but I wonder if we as members could have organised ourselves more and been seen on the streets more.
    Demonstrations, marches, surrounding Parliament or flash mobbing Southside might have shown them we meant business.
    The media being completely London-centric though, I think that’s where we’d have to be visible en masse and too many of us live in the North.
    Make a point of keeping the traffic moving too if we want to win support instead of antagonism.

  7. Jeremy Hunt was just asking Matt Hancock tougher questions than the BBC ever do – guessing personal rather than political animosity?

  8. Steve Richards, Chris Williamson was one of the sacrificial lambs used to try and appease the Zionists who had no intention of letting up on their smearing of members until they had reached their target of Jeremy Corbyn. They knew that they had to demolish one by one, those around Corbyn who were protecting him. Due to the many naive tactical mistakes Corbyn made, they eventually succeeded in removing him.

    Where were the Socialists in the LP when the writing was on the wall? Good question. Those in the membership who spoke out were steadily being lined up against the wall and being ‘shot’. Those, if there are any in the PLP, were either part of the circular firing squad or watching from behind the wall.

    1. That mention of “being lined up against the wall” has given me an idea. I’ll give it some more thought & refine it if needed.

  9. The vile right wingers that condone the racist and haters behaviour will be pissing themselves laughing and doubling down whilst we, on the left, are somewhat ripping each other to bits.

    We need to come together to pile on more pressure. Please. Think about this. We need justice don’t we. 5 days on and not 1 suspension but here we are, fighting amongst ourselves when we should be organising to get justice.

    I have no idea of how we are going to get justice from this scandal but I sure as hell know we need someone to take the lead & bring us together – this is just how I see things, maybe others see it differently ?

    When we have a morally intact figurehead leading from the front we, the left, stand by each other like a bloody brick wall. This is what we need right now

    1. Just exactly how is the left ripping itself to bits Foggy? And what precisely will the ‘vile right-wingers’ be doubling down on? Genuine questions.

      And I have to say that I didn’t have any sense of the left standing by each-other like a brick wall during the last several years in relation to Brexit. Entirely the opposite. Not to mention the endless spurious and unfounded criticism of Jeremy Corbyn by commenters on this site!

      1. Allan, remember the coup in 2016 ? JC’s leadership was under threat, the mass MP resignations ? THAT is when the left stood by each other like a brick wall. We came out completely united & gave JC a massive majority on his leadership win in 2016, more than in 2015. We need that spirit again. It is obvious that not all commenters on this site are/were Corbyn supporters, each to their own but respectful I will remain.

        JLM have already doubled down, their letter ignores what was said & done by the staffers in the leaked report and no mention of the hate speech; they are asking for CLP’s to censure members in regards to the leaked report !

      2. Oh do shut up Howard.Corbyn is not above criticism anymore than anyone else.He made big mistakes when not taking on the right and the Zionist scum.You post all kinds of stuff here,i suggest you read some of it and try and understand it.

  10. A breath of stale air… Lord Mandelson rejected that analysis.

    He said: “The report leaked the other weekend, into the party’s internal workings, I regard as an attempt to rewrite history. It offers a very partial picture of the culture and breakdown that enveloped Labour as a result of the Corbyn leadership.

    “I don’t think it reflects a factional dispute; I think it reflects the state of the Labour Party that was an abandonment of the party’s effective internal working and election-winning capability, which I lay directly at the door of Jeremy Corbyn.

    “A lot of the party’s current staffing were brought in to reflect the sectarianism of Corbyn’s leadership. They were appointed not to serve the party as a whole, but to serve him, his cronies, and the very narrow ideology which they advanced.”

    …and eagerly awaiting comments from Lord Faulkner of Worcester (Shadow Attorney General) to be published in due course.

    1. Where and when is the Mandelson diatribe from?

      Oh, how the saboteurs just lurve turning reality on its head! And the reason they can get away with it is because they know that the vast majority of people are not aware of the key points and factors in the report, precisely because most of the MSM is with-holding said information from their readers and viewers and listeners.

      1. Absolutely agree Allan & there is another classic case of the vile right wingers doubling down………….all that hate speech, it was all JC’s doing, he made them do it etc etc etc

    2. So the malevolent Mandleson’s notion of trying to uncover and expose history is just that it’s being rewritten? There will be/is a lot of that sort of reaction by those who’ve been caught red handed.

  11. Peter Meddlesome the man who freely admitted that he spent every day working to undermine Corbyn’s leadership.
    The facts will however prevail in this case either these email exchanges (of which there are so many) are authentic or they are not.
    It’s always hard to accept Peter’s take on these things – Remind me was it once or twice that he was obliged to resign for financial impropriety?

  12. McDonnell was recently interviewed on Murdoch’s Sky TV. The main message from the interviewer was to claim that the timing of the release of this report during the Covid 19 epidemic was troublesome & irresponsible, perhaps the report should have been released prior to the Leadership election?

    If accusations made are substantiated, I wonder what the effect will be on decisions made by Ofcom, who rejected all complaints about the partiality of the Panorama programme & current legal events as BBC’s John Ware (Jewish Chronicle) is suing the Labour Party & other journalists for ‘defamatory’ remarks. If the BBC even pretends that is an impartial & independent arbiter it needs to ensure that there is another Panorama expose into MSM defamation of the Labour Party & Jeremy Corbyn? And pigs might fly, as allegations made will never be investigated by any institution, especially not the EHRC to whom this report was addressed.

    Contents of the report will be kept hidden as Starmer orchestrates damage limitation. Legal threats are being made by the Labour Party, even now, to prevent publication. An inconvenient truth?

    1. We can only hope that those named in the report who are considering legal action actually take legal action so that their disgusting, malicious behaviour, foul language and infantile name calling is exposed in open court – won’t happen of course – they know better than to subject their appalling behaviour to public scrutiny in the courts.

  13. Steve Richards, correct. The BBC Panorama episode has been debunked beyond all doubt. It was a direct and some would say, a criminal attempt by the right wing/Zionists to overthrow the leader of the Labour Party.

    When you look at the number of Zionists employed by the BBC in positions of great influence, is it any wonder they take the position they do, even sectioning programmes detrimental to the racist Israeli State. Peter Oborne, no Socialist, pointed it out and when does he now ever get a look in on main stream TV?

    Representatives from the Jewish Voice for Labour are very rarely allowed on the BBC to comment. If the BBC want a ‘Socialist’ view they will more often than not, go to someone from right wing Labour.

    1. With all this evidence from the report, why isn’t Jeremy Corbyn suing Panorama for defamation?

  14. This this report needs to be in the public domain and therefore is in the National and Public interest because the public have the right to know.The. Public will be then better informed to make decisions about who represents and governs them in the future.
    Transparency,Honesty and integrity will eventually reveal itself.

    Public Interest v GDPR

    Truth never damages a cause that is just.
    (Mahatma Gandhi)

    1. The report is actually in the public domain and its contents well known and reported on left wing media such as Skwawkbox. This begs the question – why has the Equality and Human Rights Commission who are conducting an investigation into antisemitism in Labour not sought a copy for inclusion in their deliberations? It does not engender confidence in a fair outcome to their investigations if they know the document exists but are not prepared to consider it.

      1. I am sorry to say that I think you are right Doug – it really looks that way doesn’t it.

      2. Smartboy, I think the very fact that the EHRC has refused to take up the complaint about Islamophobia in the Tory Party, as the Muslim Council of Britain urged them to do getting on for a year ago, tells us all we need to know about the so-called Equality and Human Rights Commission, and how much they REALLY care about racism. As for the leaked report, I think we can be absolutely certain that the EHRC have had a good look at it, and that the contents of the report won’t make the slightest bit of difference to the outcome of their so-called ‘investigation’. As Jonathan Cook said in his latest post:

        ‘Various surveys have suggested that Labour and the left have less of a problem with all forms of racism than the ruling Conservative Party. For those reasons alone, it was highly improper for the equalities commission to agree to investigate Labour. It smacks of the organisation’s politicisation.’

  15. Getting rid of Cockwombles
    Tim Roache GMB General Secretary elected on 3% of membership on a 4% turnout
    600,000 GMB members this report will persuade a lot more than 3% of them to vote for a socialist
    Give me a candidate, repeat with Unison and NEC
    FFS it’s not rocket science

  16. Where do you honestly begin with the party formerly known as Labour.

    1st… Never take heartlands for GRANTED…

    I can honestly say… The Party is unrecognisable, in denial & close to being irrelevant….

    The party for the few & not the many…..

  17. What a joke – suing any of them for false anti-antisemitism accusations. Even if he was proved innocent ‘in law’ the collateral damage and manufactured publicly felt sympathy for the ‘victims’ would far outweigh the judgement. Are you so stupid that for a moment you think the legal establishment, national media and undoubtedly some ‘comrades’ who would’nt do their Blairight duty and piss on him from the dock? Wrestling with pigs is ill advised.

  18. UNISON has two of the people mentioned in the report working for them.Dave Prentiss gives them his full support.

    Did UNISON make a contribution to KS?

    KS received the report the day after he became leader.

    The report was released as a leak because……

    At least a dark cellar will have room for another report which needs to be buried

    1. REPORTS should have been released at the first coup. At the second coup. IMMEDIATELY After the 2017 election Mandelson openly oozed it was working night and day to bring Jeremy down. It, Mandelson should have been expelled on the spot.

      Reports of the gross wrong doings should have been released at every stage of the racist and other bullying, not saved up until after thousands were expelled. Worse yet, a leadership election is called, allowed to run, A TOOL of the racists, misogynists, arms dealers and other evils Keir Starmer is ALLOWED to DECEIVE the electorate , and only then, evidence that should have been available widely to the membership, is confirmed. Why?

      Why were all those failings made to deny the membership crucial information? The wrongdoings did not just happen in the last year. They spanned at least FOUR YEARS. Why was the election not called off? The membership deserves clear answers. We cannot pretend happy families now. No good will come of it. It is misguided to make excuses. There was action to expel members on flimsy excuses. Where was the action to expel the clear gross elements in the 800+ report⁉️⁉️⁉️

      1. Signpostwindchimes…And the response from our Leadership was to ignore and forge unity ,that was just impossible and pissing in the wind.4years of cover ups and sacrificing comrades….thats why I said previously The Longest Suicide InHistory…..And all for nothing!

      2. Exactly Joseph. All the tosh about Govt of nat unity!!! Our system is rightly set up as Govt and Opposition. ie DEBATE. Not nice cosy agreement of deadly errors!!!
        We need rigorous scrutiny, how else will they stop making their basic errors over and over?
        Have u noticed how the MSM esp BBC radio 4 & 6 always seem to dig up some embarrassing parrots to regurgitate “we need them to get together”. Where the MSM finds so many mindless parrots, only they know. Though i suspect some are paid. 🌹🌹🌹

  19. Those who refused at every opportunity to expose the unforgivable undermining of the party, had good intentions i feel. Yet the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It is not enough to feel we are good or right or virtuous. We must achieve our intentions.

    It is also breathtakingly confused … inconsistent to have shown kindness and endless forgiveness to the likes of Hodge, Twatson, Phillips, Ashworth, Thornberry, Starmer, Rayner, Mandelson, Baroness Hater, Owen Smith, Hillary Benn, Yvette Cooper Harriet Harman, Lisa Nandy, Trevor Phillips, The Faulkner, Iain McNicol… gift him a peerage… offer Twatson a peerage… and yet have not one milligram of USEFUL kindness for Chris Williamson, Wordsworth, Livingstone, George Galloway and THOUSANDS of members. That is not due to being bad. It is a failure to stop and ask, are we being consistent? Are we being effective? Are there things we could do differently? Are we failing TOTALLY due to bad others or any habits WE urgently need changing. Changing is living. Living is changing. We cannot change the world if we cannot change our country. We cannot change our country if we cannot change our party. We cannot change our party if we rewards saboteurs with peerages. We cannot change our party if we throw the likes of Chris Williamson under a bus of parasites. We cannot change parasites by allowing their verminous wicked acts to continue for FOUR YEARS, deny the proof from the membership. BETRAY the membership, then allow Keir Starmer and the right wing to grab the leadership and control of the NEC. That must never happen again. It is not easy but it must never hapoen again.🌹🌹🌹

  20. But we all know that it will, if SIR Stamer doesn’t act; the signs aren’t good to date. So, possibly an emptying of the LP of people who don’t want to be part of something that’s so rotten at the core,
    It seems unlikely that the LP will ever be elctable again, though currently we still have the same program; I read it in the rules. I also read in the rules about values of the LP, its committment to membership and democracy. Well this hasn’t been in place, ever,
    Words are cheap, actions speak louder. If the leadership doesn’t act to restore faith then the games over I think. It’ll be another useless Liberal party, with well paid reps of course.
    We should be discussing what we do if SIR Starmer refuses to use the rule book, and the courts, against the guilty. There’ll be a vacuum, and we all know what can happen in these situations as shown by ‘Populists’ and fascists all over Europe.

  21. A lot of wealthy Labour donors are asking for refunds – I am seriously very worried that the party will go bankrupt. These are existential times.😢

  22. potatoclock….Your words are spot on and we really do need to know were we go from here.The country by now must start to realise that they sacrificed themselves to vote Tory .We desperately need an opposition but has a party member and ex councillor O do not see it coming from the leadership or HQ.I want somthing to happen ,but short of a miracle O dont see it coming from the leadership.

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