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The blog’s last impact report laid out a number of ways in which the SKWAWKBOX had a major impact on the news and political narrative in the UK – most notably in revealing the identity of the white-shirted man who initiated physical conflict at a Jacob Rees-Mogg event when the media was insisting left-wing protesters were responsible for violence – and subsequently the fact that the same Rees-Mogg supporter had worn an SS uniform to a party.

These revelations forced the much of mainstream media (MSM) to cover the same facts – though without giving credit to the source.

Since then and with the support of its readers, the SKWAWKBOX has continued to set or change the political narrative. In the last nine days, we have revealed – either exclusively or when most of the MSM was silent – the following:

  • the ‘racist ad’ sent by Labour MP Stella Creasy to a parliamentary WhatsApp group used by over a hundred people
  • Ms Creasy’s subsequent reaction
  • the use by the well-known Tory Spectator magazine of year-old fake news to smear the Labour Party
  • the scandal of key mental health services running at half the recommended staffing levels
  • ten failed private NHS contracts worth £2.5 billion – long before the Carillion disaster
  • a 1980s newspaper report claiming Jacob Rees-Mogg ‘heartily approved’ of an Oxford University Conservative Association event involving two strippers – one of which later became known as ‘black cab rapist’ John Worboys
  • an extraordinary outburst by a Sky News presenter accusing Momentum of wanting to keep people poor
  • the 18% rise in homicide rates in just two years, against a backdrop of further Tory police cuts
  • the debunking of Tory race-discrimination smears against the Labour Party
  • left success in one of the UK’s largest unions, Unite
  • that record levels of poor A&E performance in the NHS took place in spite of falling demand
  • a sinister attempt to gain unauthorised information about the location of a key union conference
  • the threat by Labour’s NEC to suspend a key West Midlands Labour campaign organisation over alleged sexual harassment and anti-democratic behaviour

and more. In addition, the SKWAWKBOX made Labour’s 2018 rulebook easily accessible for members and others.

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  1. …done…..my 3rd or 4th donation….keep up the good objective work and please don´t quit…

  2. Best of luck with fundraising, Steve.
    I will increase my monthly contributions next time I visit my local town (I live in a small village).

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