Blow for Mail as South Bank Centre abandons ad plans after pressure over bigotry

This morning, London’s Southbank Centre was one of a number of businesses to come under public pressure after the Stop Funding Hate campaign highlighted their advertising in the Daily Mail alongside a Mail article condemned as bigoted and hateful for its stance on gay couples parenting – in this case, diver Tom Daley and his husband:

sfh sbc.png

mn sbc.png
A typical social media reaction 

The pressure was clearly felt at the arts centre, which less than five hours later put out a tweet distancing itself from any future prospect of advertising in the right-wing paper:

sbc mail.png

The announcement provoked predictable outrage from right-wingers about advertisers ‘appeasing’ the left – but left-wing commenters were not exactly fazed:

rmc dm.png

The welcome decision is another blow for the right-wing press, which has lost a number of advertisers and has seen agencies so desperate to sell advertising space that they have been offering cut-priced deals even to left-wing organisations – and has recently seen even further falls in circulation.

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  1. I’m not sure why Daily Mail readers are complaining. This is literally how a free market is supposed to function.

  2. The Guardian 16/2/2018 online edition is reporting that SBC didnt have any plans for future advertising, which rather lessens the impact of the item. You may want to clarify?

    ‘The spokeswoman clarified that the UK’s largest arts centre had “not pulled any ads from the Daily Mail, existing or future, we had no future adverts planned”.’

  3. Ms. Newley clearly states that she’s seen an advert of the SBC’s in the Mail and asks that they reconsider their advertising policy.

    Not having ‘pulled any ads’ and having ‘no future adverts planned’ is not the same as declaring that their policy has not changed as you imply.

    Nor does the Guardian piece in any way detract from the impact of the item – in fact the more publicity it gets the more advertisers will consider where best their own budgets can be spent.
    And so they should.

  4. I know, two male gay couples, who have adopted babies given them a home with everything they need while growing up, they are well balanced and loving! Those bigots out there, who may have been brought up with bad parents, should look inwardly at themselves and maybe wonder why, children of gay couples are so happy and don’t have any problems with having gay parents!

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