Oxford paper: “Black-cab rapist stripped at uni Con club. Rees-Mogg ‘heartily approved'”

Cherwell“, the Oxford University student paper named after a local river, is one of the oldest student publications in the UK, dating back to 1920 – so it was around during the 1980s when one Jacob Rees-Mogg studied at Oxford.

A January article on the Cherwell website has made a remarkable allegation about Rees-Mogg, now a Tory MP known for his eccentric manner and traditionalist, socially conservative views as much as for his dedication to what most would call a ‘hard Brexit’.

A claim that appears to have escaped the notice of the ‘MSM’.

Rees-Mogg was in the news recently after ‘antifa’ protesters disrupted his speech at the University of the West of England (UWE) and an audience member – exclusively revealed by the SKWAWKBOX to be a Bristol-based Rees-Mogg supporter and martial artist – initiated a physical altercation, striking a female protester twice in the face.

But that incident was not, according to Cherwell, Rees-Mogg’s first brush with controversy around an audience event.

The January Cherwell article shows an old front page from 1989, when Rees-Mogg was an Oxford history student already involved with (later president of) the Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) – decrying a performance at the OUCA’s ‘West One Cabaret‘ of two strippers, complete with audience interaction:


The article claims that John Worboys, later to become known as the ‘black cab rapist’ and currently the subject of much controversy over his possible early release, was the male stripper at the event under the stage name of ‘Terry the Minder’ – and that he performed suggestive acts with at least one female audience member.

The OUCA’s current president described the nature of the event as “disturbing” and “quite inconceivable today“. At the time, the Senior Proctor of the university was so outraged that he banned the OUCA from using ‘Oxford University’ in its title.

But Cherwell alleges that, according to contemporary reports, Rees-Mogg was not only aware of the event but “heartily approved“.

Today’s Daily Mirror carries a front page story about “braying young Tories” molesting women at a “disgusting” event at an Oxford University club with “links to Jacob Rees-Mogg“.

There is no suggestion that the Tory MP was involved with that event – but according to Cherwell, his connection to an earlier ‘sick’ event at the club is more direct.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Jacob Rees-Mogg for comment on the Cherwell allegations last week. So far, he has not responded.

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  1. I really think you should leave morality policing to the Saudi government and faux prudish outrage to the latter-day Mary Whitehouses and the gutter press; stick to the real bread and butter issues of real people or one day you might get hoist on your own pétard. David Cameron may or may not have shagged a pig’s head but that wasn’t what finished him politically; being a stupid, miscalculating right-wing toe-rag was sufficient.

    1. You’ve misread if you think it’s about morality. It’s about conflict between perceptions and reality

  2. Somebody is doing some advance campaigning for the Tory leadership, clearly. And they don’t support Rees-Smugg… Btw, why does he affect to be an aristocrat when his father was just an inky fingered scribe? Dodgy.

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