SKWAWKBOX report: turning round the media narrative

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The SKWAWKBOX continues to have a material impact on the UK’s political landscape and narrative. Over just the last week or so, we’ve exclusively revealed that:

  • outgoing Haringey council leader Claire Kober, whose allegations that she is leaving because she was bullied and targeted have been enthusiastically and uncritically promoted by the BBC and others, sent an email to local Labour officials admitting that she had prepared dossiers against prospective anti-HDV council candidates
  • mainstream media smears against Jeremy Corbyn over his appearances on Iran’s Press TV are baseless
  • rumours about Ms Kober’s appointment to London mayor Sadiq Khan’s team were emphatically rejected by the mayor’s office
  • that this blog had obtained a written commitment from the Department of Work and Pensions that no Personal Independence Payment claimants will be worse off as a result of reassessments carried out after a landmark court ruling

Most notably, however, the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed the identity of the white-shirted, Rees-Mogg-supporting man who struck a female protester at the Tory MP’s event last week in Bristol – and that he wore a nazi SS officer’s uniform to a party.

Until the SKWAWKBOX’s revelations, the mainstream media – and the Tory party – had claimed that violence was caused by the protesters. Oddly, while the identity of protesters was broadcast almost immediately by right-wing media, the identity of ‘white-shirt’ – in spite of abundant video footage of the incident – had remained undisclosed.

Because of information revealed by this blog, by yesterday even the most right-wing of the ‘MSM’ – including two Murdoch publications – were running stories on the man and his uniformed appearance.

Within the space of a few days, the narrative had been turned on its head.

Novara Media co-founder Aaron Bastani observed the significance of the change – and a number of respondents elaborated:

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In these and other ways, the SKWAWKBOX has succeeded in changing the prevailing political narrative.

Twitter user @MetalNerdMaster displayed considerable prescience:

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As he foresaw, when the mainstream press published the news, no credit was given to the SKWAWKBOX for uncovering the information they used – including, in some cases, lifting images directly from this site.

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John Traynor linked the effectiveness of the ‘new left media’ (NLM) to Tory plans to try to cauterise ‘fake news’ sources – or what their supporters would call effective, independent, real news:

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The ‘MSM’ and the Establishment often work hand in glove and would love to reassert control over the information that reaches the people of this country – and it’s rarely hard to see why.

If you value the NLM and the access they provide to information that the ‘powers that be’ would rather keep from you, please support your favourite source(s) to help them combat Establishment efforts to deprive them of resources or stigmatise them as fake. If that happens to include the SKWAWKBOX, we thank you.

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