Tory outrage re Lab equality event hilarious. No ‘straight white men’ at THEIR event either


The Tories are currently in full fake outrage mode about a Young Labour equalities conference that invites invitations from young people who identify as female, BAME (black and minority ethnic), LGBT or disabled:

faux outrage.png

As well as ‘CCHQ’, the usual ‘faux-outrage’ suspects are on display of course, including:

  • Ben Bradley of ‘sterilise unemployed wasters’ infamy, who still appears not to have retracted a previous race smear against the Labour Party after it was debunked by this blog
  • James Cleverly – who squirmed on the BBC while trying to defend Bradley’s ‘eugenics’ comments.

Of course, the accusation is completely false anyway – disabled people can be straight, white, male or all three.

The ‘straight white men’ line has clearly been identified as one to outrage a certain section of the population and is being repeated, with barely a variation.

If anyone is struggling to identify which section of the population they’re trying to appeal to, a glimpse at a SKWAWKBOX image from an article last year that has gone viral as shorthand for it will illuminate:


Of course, the Tories are anything but strangers to cynical hypocrisy – as a glance at the website for the Conservative Women’s Organisation (CWO) will show:


Not unreasonably, the CWO only accepts women as members. And it organises a conference for its members – its women-only members:

cwo conf.png

The CWO’s ‘about’ page includes, among the purposes of the organisation:

  • Campaigning on issues of particular concern to women both nationally and internationally
  • Encouraging women to be politically active and to get elected at all levels

Of course, nobody could reasonably argue that no men can be interested in ‘issues of particular concern to women’, or in ‘encouraging women to be politically active’.

But only women are invited to register for the conference.

No ‘straight white men’ allowed.

Yet again, the Tories have embarrassed themselves in trying to portray a perfectly sensible measure – to ensure that those most affected by inequality are able to discuss their issues among people who understand best what it’s like to be so affected – is some kind of unfairness, when they do exactly the same.

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  1. Bradley Fawkes Cleverly or Cleverly Fawkes Bradley I reckon.
    Even with the well-known Tory propensity for perversion I bet nobody Fawkes Fawkes.
    Sorry for the infantile innuendo – but at least I never use “straight”
    when I mean “heterosexual” – not like those ignorant arsewipes.

  2. Can we just put a pin in this whole ‘self identify’ thing? I cannot legitimately ‘self identify’ as BAME, because I am not BAME. I cannot self identify as disabled because i am not disabled, yet if Labour top brass go ahead with support for gender self identification I will be able to claim access to female only spaces and shortlists even tho I am in fact male.
    The current system recognises people with genuine dysphoria who wish to transition and it is right to make concessions in some areas for those who commit to the ‘gender’ they wish to be recognised as, but if the Tory proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act are passed to recognise ‘self ID’ then ANY many will be able to argue for access to those protected spaces and opportunities. ‘Trans’ is a wide field encompassing a range of identities and motives for assuming the label, not all are dysphoric, not all wish to be thought of as literally female. There are also autogynephiles and sex offenders who have tried to claim ‘transwoman’ status in order to be given access to women for their own nefarious motives, sees the recent stories of male sex offenders requesting to be moved to women’s prisons for example. We dont have to abandon facts in our drive to accommodate the feelings of men who claim to feel like women. Truth isnt hate, many transwomen are also arguing against gender self ID being law, pointing out that the current systems of support and recognition already provide a path for genuinely dysphoric people to have their ‘identity’ recognised.

  3. Anything the Tories do best, it’s getting their knickers in a twist!
    How they love to shout wolf, when there isn’t one!
    Its gone past being a laugh, they, the “HYPOCRITES”, should check the facts first, before writing or muttering their lies, on the pretext, they think they know better, when they don’t!
    Bradley, Cleverly, Symonds and the skidmark on humanity Fawkes! Everyone of them, are guilty of being stuck up their own narcissistic selves!

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