MSM use SKWAWKBOX scoop – again. Without credit

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Over the last few days, the SKWAWKBOX embarrassed the mainstream media (MSM) three times.

First by publishing analysis of the ‘scuffle’ at Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg’s speech last Friday that showed clearly that the only violence at the event had been by a right-wing Rees-Mogg supporter, making a nonsense of the Establishment’s preferred narrative that it was done by ‘left-wing thugs’.

Second, by uncovering the identity of the man who struck a female protester in the face twice during a Jacob Rees-Mogg appearance in Bristol on Friday.

Third, by uncovering the fact that the man had dressed as a nazi ‘SS’ officer at a party.

Various mainstream publications used the SKWAWKBOX’s identification of the man at the weekend, without giving credit to this blog for the discovery.

And today the Times, followed by the Mail and S*n (so far), have published stories that use the SKWAWKBOX’s ‘nazi uniform’ revelation – and gave no credit to the SKWAWKBOX:

One of them even used images taken directly from the SKWAWKBOX exclusive, as can be seen from the exact replication of blacked-out areas we used to obscure the identity of bystanders in the images:

mail pt pic
One of the images as it appeared in one right-wing MSM publication…
townsley naz
…and the SKWAWKBOX original


It’s long been the case that the MSM are eager to attack this blog as ‘fake news’ – but equally eager to use our stories – and sometimes even lift material directly – when it suits them.

One Twitter user spotted a pattern:

diog msm.png

All of these publications will profit from using our material or discoveries, either via a paywall or by means of click-based advertising revenues.


All of this points to the fact that, while the mainstream media are eager to foster a narrative that says independent news is fake news when it suits them, it’s a deeply cynical ploy to protect their own interests – and they’ll switch without a second thought to using material from the same sites when they think it serves those interests.

Often without even the integrity to acknowledge the source.

The ‘new left media’ are vital for those who want to know what the MSM won’t tell them – and for getting ‘inconvenient’ news out to a national and even global audience. Which, no doubt, has a lot to do with why the government and social media platforms like Facebook are looking to gag or hide them in favour of so-called ‘trusted sources’ that are in fact the main source of actual fake news.

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  1. Typical ‘copy & paste’ lazy journalism, Steve. Bollocks to the entire press industry as far as I’m concerned. They’re all the same. Small wonder they’re all haemorrhaging readership. Even private eye’s slowly-but-surely toeing the establishment line.

    Get someone else to do their legwork, then slate them as ‘untrustworthy’…And they even expect us to PAY to be fed their bollocks??

    No thanks.

  2. Isn’t it strange that an arch-brexiteer – who no doubt complains about how Merkel & Germany ‘rule the EU’ – would dress up in the uniform of those that tried to rule Europe by force?!

    Although I guess that’s right-wing, martial art afficiniado, woman-assaulting, riding crop-carrying weirdness for ya!

  3. The really interesting part though is whilst first saying Momentum and hard left wingers attacked Rees-Mogg, they are now showing the person who was the actual thug, dressed up in Nazi uniform. I think its called shooting yourself in the foot.

  4. Keep up the good work Steve. It must gall, but also allows a righteous gotcha, too, every time they do this.

    I still wonder who those masked hecklers were, being of a suspicious mind about generating news on a day of mass anti govt protests. ( Also having seen agent provocateurs at work several times – including the Grunswick picket line.)

    1. Yes, Steve should put a ‘Reuse this material’ facility on his website like the Guardian etc.

    If you can’t fight wear a big hat!
    The Tories, bleating all the time about the Labour Party being anti semitic!
    When the evidence is blatantly clear and out in the open!
    MOGG for sure, as hired a MINDER WHO IS ONE!
    MOGG, would be the Tories next PM?
    What a joke!
    He’s just ruled himself out of the running, or maybe not, he may have ruled himself in by showing his true colours to his far-right “NAZI BLACKSHIRT BUDDIES”!

  6. Steve, how would you feel if the MSM did start cuddling up and treating you as a colleague?
    Dirty, no?
    Listen hard enough and you’ll hear their knees knocking.

    The MSM are like Whiteshirt and every other steroid-fuelled arsehole desperate to be a hard case.
    After they’ve picked their fight and had their beating they turn craven as omega dogs.
    The only thing they’re desperate to be then is your best friend.
    Makes your skin crawl.

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